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Sunday Soliloquy: What Say You Sarah? Who’s Your Founding Daddy Now? January 17, 2010

Keen to maximize on  Sarah Palin’s first week as a commentator on FOX News, the folks at MSNC morning show polished up on the illustrated art and craft of hating the former Alaska governor. They watched her FOX appearances and dissect her answers like Jack Ripper performing a Pap smear exam on Annie Chapmann.

While appearing on the Glenn Beck Program, Sarah Palin was asked by Beck which was her favorite founder as in “Founding Fathers”.

Beck:  Who’s your favorite Founder?

Palin: You know, well, all of them, because they came collectively together with so much–“

Beck: Bullcrap

Palin: –so much diverse and so much diversity in terms of belief, but collectively they came together — and they were led by, of course George Washington, so he’s got to rise to the top.

This video clip of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly includes the exchange between Beck and Palin:

Before I address Sarah Palin’s answer to Glenn Beck’s question, can I just say that I am sick to death of every mainstream media outlet becoming the couch potato psychologist for Sarah Palin. The last thing we need is FOX News doing it as well.  Sorry Bill-O, I do not agree with your characterization of Sarah’s answer to Glenn Beck as being a cop out. However,  I  do agree with your assessment of  the idiots at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”.

As we all know, bashing Sarah Palin is a life sustaining vehicle for MSNBC. Many terms in the lexicon of Palin hating moonbats derive from Keith Olbermann and his bottom feeder colleagues.

Of course , the quality of  journalism at MSNBC always proves that there will never be a dearth of dim light bulbs. Ironically, karma being the wicked bitch of the west, in her attempt to  downplay the intelligence of Sarah Palin,  dumb ditz Mika Brzezinski proved to be the dimmest yellow journalism brick in the road..

Yes, she actually believed that Abraham Lincoln was a Founding Father. Bill you gave Mika far too much credit.  Mika was not joking. I believe that she actually and truly thought that Abraham Lincoln was a Founding Father. The average American cannot name the framers of the constitution. They believe that it is anyone whose face is carved on Mount Rushmore, hence  idiot  Mika from MSNBC naming Abraham Lincoln.

Two of these men are not Founding Fathers, come on can you tell which ones???

Getting back to Sarah Palin’s answer to Glenn Beck.  I was fine with her answer as it  has some valid points. Why are we consumed as a society with ranking things?  The question in itself was along the lines of Katie Couric’s “What magazines do you read?” .  Next they will ask Sarah who is her favorite  character or what famous serial killer does she admire the most.

“oh golly gee Glenn, I choose Theordore Bundy because he was a Republican.”

This is NOT a Founding Father

I can only imagine the irritation Sarah Palin feels whenever questions of this type enter an interview.  Any answer would have been the wrong one.  Had she named Thomas Jefferson as her favorite Founding Father, a nanosecond later the NAACP would claim she is a racist because Jefferson, who had more slaves than any, was known to have played “Ride Sally Ride” in the literal sense.  Had she named Hamilton, Rachel Maddow would have went into the meta-ethics of that answer.

Sarah’s utterance  “all of them” was a safe bet.  She is right. Founding Fathers …plural…as a collective body.

After all they are all important and she would have been slammed regardless of any answer she gave. When it comes to rabid liberals, Sarah Palin is the consummate conservative bitch in heat. You can’t put protective panties on that booty.

The liberals idea of Palin Hood

In the video clips of Beck and O’Reilly,  you see a mention or two of  Founding Fathers- Jefferson, Washington, or Hamilton.  Let’s reverse a common practice here and name fathers who are long neglected in the extensive musings  and cannons of “great American  men”.  How about John Jay? James Madison? John Adams?   Adams was hardly ever mentioned until his resurgence to popularity thanks to HBO and Paul Giamatti.

How unfortunate that it took a mini-series  to finally give John Adams some historical credit within our collective memory. Adams personality and appearance being not as magnetic and attractive as Jefferson’s or Washington’s, force his legacy to suffer from our nation’s tendency towards selective amnesia.  Now he is “cool” again.  Wow, Laura Linney played his wife dude.

What about Benjamin Franklin? You know the guy who invented bifocals and created this famous  political cartoon:

If anyone asks Afrocity, which Founding Father her my favorite, you know what she will say?

“All of them”

You betcha!

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8 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy: What Say You Sarah? Who’s Your Founding Daddy Now?”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    I like the answer “all of them”, then the progression to GW. That woman on messnbc did actually mean that! I played it over about 20 times and there was nothing in her voice that sounded like she was kidding. Nobody caught it on the show because there were 3 people speaking at once. That is the level of many broadcasters.

  2. yttik Says:

    I really appreciate the way Palin always adds, “…and the founding mothers.” She specifically mentions “founding mothers” in her speeches, her book, her articles. She said it again on Beck’s show. I appreciate it because women have an invisible history, as if those men who founded our country existed in a vaccum without the help and participation of half the human race. Nonsense!

  3. SYD Says:

    I am a Betsy Ross fan myself.

    But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

    ALL OF ‘EM! And the *Mothers* too, is the correct answer!

    Go Sarah!

  4. Rose Says:

    All of them! Absolutely. Geniuses that they were. We have no one like them today.

  5. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Is Couric still on? What network is that? Beck needs to take a breath and so does O’Reilly. We have insane bleatings from the other side…….. do a William F. Buckley on them.
    It’s distracting. Need to get back to my thrice-weekly job of calling and driving my congress critters/staff nuts instead. And working locally to oust dead wood.

  6. Great post! OMG–did you see the entire John Adams miniseries? It is THE BEST!!! The last one is so sad (everyone dies–I guess I’m not giving away the ending, here, LOL!)–I completely blathered my way through it.

    What is so moving is when you think of the liberties for which THEY were willing to put their lives on the line–and then you think of the liberities ‘WE’ have allowed to slip through our fingers over the decades…. The founding fathers would not recognize this place today, and they would wonder why they risked their lives to begin to found a place free from oppression. (I know it wasn’t perfect at it’s inception, but it was a start…)

    • afrocity Says:

      Yes, Ninja I loved John Adams. It makes you really appreciate the things our founders fought for–like the right to bear arms 😉

      • liontooth Says:

        Yes Afrocity, the right to bear arms which all of the MSNBC pundits would argue is some ‘militia/state’ right. What part of ‘the right of the people’ are they having a problem grasping?

        And AC, thanks for the post and the thought, effort, and graphics you put into it!

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