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Blackhanded Compliments: Plenty of Room at the Shelter for Battered Liberals January 12, 2010

Have you ever been slapped in the face by the most wonderful compliment?

There you were minding your own business and BOOM. Ka-pow !!!  You were bitch slapped with a compliment. It was so beautiful and star appeared before your eyes.  You were so mesmerized by its sheer generosity that you hardly noticed the black eye you had the next morning.

Sad and shameful is the black liberal attempt to drive home the point that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is on the right side of history.

I recall with some crystal clear clarity that it was a year ago when the liberals were in an uproar over comments which alluded to Barack Obama as the “Magic Negro”.

The hunt for racists continued with Rev Al Sharpton’s tirade against the monkey cartoon which appeared in the New York Post.

Now as Democrats rush to squash media attention on Harry Reid’s unfortunate words, this latest chapter in liberal hypocrisy only serves as a further demonstration in the danger of identity politics. Some group is always going to get hurt while hoping their needs will be met. When hurt does occur, they keep coming back for more and more and more.

Black America has come to accept the worse from the Democratic Party.   Like a secret society, liberals like Harry Reid can say that our president is the “Magic Negro” .  That is okay because Harry is down with our history and he is one of our peeps.   This characteristic of African Americans is in keeping with the unspoken rule that only blacks can call other blacks the “N-word”.

“What’s up my nigga?”

Harry Reid’s comment was certainly welcome by the liberals as a compliment…

My, my, my the topsy turvy definitions of racism we weave.  From my first hearing of the Harry Reid light skinned comments, I immediately recognized them as racist which fall into the “well meaning white people” category.  Only someone who is arrogant, ignorant or both would perceive Reid’s comments as a compliment.  I should know, I was one of those people. I was ignorant.  During a work situation, in which a Caucasian colleague was assessing my potential, I was referred to as “articulate” Being the daughter of a woman possessing only a GED and a monthly welfare check, I smiled and lapped up my “compliment” Afrocity had arrived.

A white person said I was articulate.

I was not ghetto like the lessor blacks.

I am educated. I have a masters degree damn it and white people notice me. I am sorta young (ahem), gifted and black!!!

Articulate Afrocity was queen of the mainstream white world!!!!  Until a colleague of color informed me of my erroneous black thought patterns.

“Afrocity,” she implored. “That was not a compliment. It implies that you speak well for a black woman while other blacks are ignorant hood rats. It was a pat on the back for being educated- something that every person should be.”

My colleague’s version made perfect sense.  I felt like an idiot.  Selfish with the cocaine like powder of compliment whoring all over my mouth.

From the " Far Side"

She continued, “Think about it. Do you ever hear white people telling other white people that they are articulate?”

Good point. I never ever heard a white person give that particular compliment to anyone except when referring to a person of color.  Shame continued to grip me as I recalled every moment that I did not correct someone for giving me compliments such as the following:

“Afrocity, I am so glad that you are not like other black people. You don’t sound ghetto.”

“Why do you act like a white person?”

“Afrocity is black but I don’t think she knows it.”

“You are the only black person I can be friends with because you don’t act like a nigger.”

“Afrocity, you are proof that all blacks need is a good education and to stop acting black.”

“How come your skin color is so nice and not all black and chalky?”

“Afrocity when I call someone a nigger, I don’t mean you because you are special and different- not like other blacks”

Yes, readers these are all actual statements made to me during my life. Statements in which I was somewhat inclined to speak out against but remained silent because after all they were complimenting me. I was different from other black folk. A treasure among whites who were tired of hearing about black on black crime, teenage pregnancy, and the rising high school drop out rates among black youth.  I was a “Magic Negro”.

"And He's Clean Too"  cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n' Change

"And He's Clean Too" cartoon by Stilton Jarlsberg, Hope n' Change

In each case, the compliment giver was someone who like Harry Reid, was “on the right side of history”.

All except one, was a liberal Democrat. They stood alongside me at Bill Clinton rally’s.  I was their only black friend and that made me special.  I was teaching them silently that blacks were not all alike.

I was wrong.

Now I know better. What I do not understand is why President Barack Obama does not know better.

When one is abused and so used to hearing derogatory comments, sometimes we are not aware when we are being verbally beat down.  Someone is kind to you.  They give you food and shelter. Nevermind if they step on your tail from time to time. They did not mean it. They are on the right side of your history.  You defend them when they deserve a sharp tongue, chastising them and saying they cannot and should not speak to you in that manner.

You lash out at the likes of GOP chairman Michael Steel.  “That brutha is not with the program. Republicans are not on the right side of history.”

Liberal women are no stranger to battered liberal syndrome. Sarah Palin was a shock to their culture of brow beating conservatives for sexism while turning the other cheek when such transgressions were made by liberal men like Bill “Bubba” Clinton. Nevermind that your “on the right side” of feminist history Svengali master DNC was kicking the shit out of Hillary Clinton when she ran against Barack Obama during the primaries. You dressed your wounds in laughs at lipstick on a pig comments.

Liberals when will you ever learn that racism means racism and sexism means sexism.

Understand the difference between party loyalty and co-dependency.

Start a  publicity campaign against  “Silence of the Libs”.  Help conservatives and liberals fight racism and sexism.

Autographed Letter Signed,



21 Responses to “Blackhanded Compliments: Plenty of Room at the Shelter for Battered Liberals”

  1. Sean Brown Says:

    Brilliant. I LOVE Your blogs. 😀

    • Trish Pollock Says:

      Is what Harry Reid said considered a backhanded compliment ? Since I woke up to the world of politics, and before I even knew what political slot I belonged to, I soon became aware that it seemed to be the dems who were the most racist. Oh, I know its on both sides, but they seemed to use it constantly as a weapon against their opposition. I saw that for what it was, and didn’t want any part of them. Saw too much racism as a child in Mass where I grew up. I have sickening memories.

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        There is no racisim in Massachusetts. Cough, cough. At least to hear most Bostonians review their history.

  2. liontooth Says:

    What other Reid comments has the media been hiding? I’m surprised this one even saw the light of day.

    And afrocity, since you have left the democratic fold and I imagine been exposed more to conservatives, libertarians, republicans, etc., which group(s) do you feel accept you simply as person, not a __-__-__ person? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • afrocity Says:

      Liontooth, the answer is simple. People who are center right, treat me as a person. As Afrocity–not a black woman. It is refreshing.

  3. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Kick me if I’m wrong, but I’m tired of color and census debate. I’m just flat out thrilled that we don’t look or sound like the person next to us. No variety would be purgatory.

    • afrocity Says:

      Janelle, Obama is in office. You think it is over? I only hope that the DEMS shut the hell up now that they have been publicly outed as race baiting hypocrites.

  4. manbearpig68 Says:

    Michael Myers had it right in the video when he said that all people that cannot get past race should be condemned. I hope that people who voted for Obama just because of his race see how he threw them under the bus by claiming that Reid’s comments were a compliment.
    Vote for a person that is going to really make a change and not someone who is so deeply involved in the machine that he would sell his first born to Satan to meet his goals….

  5. Janelle Humbert Says:

    No, gorgeous lady, it’s not over. I just try to remind myself and others that the wrapping really isn’t the gift. The best ones are those we enjoy and relish, the ones who shine.
    Keep sparkling and don’t take your eye off either party.

  6. Never heard White People call another white person “articulate”?

    It happens ALL the time.

    Also calling them “inarticulate” (or “barely” articulate).

    (Perhaps someone is too much looking at everything through a “race” prism)

    • liontooth Says:

      As a white man in my 40’s living in the Chicago area, I know I’m not hearing White People calling another white person articulate “ALL the time.” The use of articulate is to focus on the manner of speech and the enunciation. The organs of speech are the articulatory organs.

      If you wanted to describe the impact of a speaker the common term I have heard would be to say someone is “well-spoken”.

  7. buzibi Says:

    Afrocity – If “Interesting” was a colour then you would be coloured a rich bright hue of it – because you think for yourself, and that shines out in your writing for all to see 🙂

  8. manbearpig68 Says:

    I haven’t heard it used very much at all for describing Caucasians. I’ve heard eloquent and quite a few other descriptive words for Caucasians. Why wouldn’t a person be articulate when he/she graduated from a university, has a post graduate degree, etc, etc,? When a race as a whole is stereotyped as not articulate and you call someone of color an articulate person, what does it sound like? Sounds like you’re saying “Oh he/she is a good one, different from the others”,
    Negro Dialect? same thing…

  9. Boots Says:

    ManBearPig68 is right, “articulate” is the default setting for Caucasian. The only time “articulate” comes into play with any other race is when the person speaks english as a second language.

  10. yttik Says:

    Beautiful post, Afrocity.

    Reid may have been trying to compliment Obama, but he insulted millions of other people in the process. For President Obama and the Dems to say the matter is closed is pretty darn self centered. The offense in the comment wasn’t about Obama, it was about all the other people Reid insulted in the process.

    Someone else I enjoy reading said they believed that Reid was just saying what many white people feel. Oh, I strongly disagree. Most people don’t think in those terms at all. Those who are completely obsessed with race and white guilt and never, ever, ever let you forget it, are usually liberals.

  11. WOWOWOW!!! Great post!!

  12. swanspirit Says:

    I know about these kinds of comments… I am a blonde haired blue eyed italian /jew . Some comments I have heard… well you dont ACT/ look … jewish / italian … well you dont have a big nose … you arent greasy … you arent rich …
    wow your house is so “clean”…. the list goes on… not to mention some of the more horrendous comments made by people who didn’t know my heritage …. and I love saying I Am italian / jewish and watching them squirm…and inevitably Well I didnt mean it about YOU … YOU are different

  13. Brilliant. A true masterpiece. And I’m with you!

  14. BaldManMoody Says:

    A the wonders of a back-handed compliment. Bringing initial delight then a aching lip shortly thereafter.

  15. Anyone who believes “articulate” to be the default setting for Caucasians will revise that after meeting some (caucasians).

    I suppose what you are referring to is “perception”. Even the most hidebound perception does well to survive contact with reality.

    Etiquette dictates that all people be presumed to be articulate, and referring to someone as “articulate” in their presence is patronising, at any time. Exception: When a third party has called into question your companion’s “articulateness”.

    Experience also tells me that just because someone has been to university does not automatically mean they are smart/intelligent/wise/articulate/sensible/motivated, though one would expect a uni graduate to be all of those things.

    Is calling someone “articulate” in their presence patronising? Yes. Is it bad manners? Yes. Is it a sign of racial discrimination? Not necessarily.

    Do people who see a “racial” angle where I don’t see one, need to get a life? Almost certainly!

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