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Political Effigies: Color Chart Determines Whether or Not They’re “Art” January 4, 2010

Effigy of Adolph Hitler

Just as I Afro-damus, predicted, “race” will be the word in 2010. Ah, liberal hypocrisy has made its appearance for the shiny new year as well. From

Obama Effigy Hung in Georgia Town
Large Black Doll on Noose Reportedly had Sign Bearing President’s Name in Jimmy Carter’s Hometown

(CBS)   The Secret Service is investigating after an effigy of President Obama was found hanging in the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter.

It was a disturbing reminder of another era, reports Tara Mergener of CBS News affiliate WALB-TV; a large black doll hanging by a noose from a building on main street.

It appeared right in front of a red white and blue sign that says, “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter our 39th president. According to a witness, the effigy had President Obama’s name on it.

Local residents worry this incident will give their town a bad name. But at least one prominent African American scholar says he’s far from surprised.

“I think there’s this notion that we’re in a post-racial period in America because of the election of the first African American president,” said Dr. Anthony Samad, an associate professor of African American studies. “However, this president has received more death threats than any other president in the history of America.”

The effigy was removed quickly but the image may remain in people’s minds for some time.

What’s the fuss all about? After all isn’t this just freedom of expression? Isn’t it “art”? Call me insensitive but I am just taking my cues from the liberals that said Chad Morrisette was expressing his right to freedom of expression when he hung a political Halloween effigy of then GOP VP Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin . Sarah Palin was just some gun toting female and even worse a Republican. Nope, no problem here.

The overlapping preoccupation liberals have with expressing freedom of speech and fighting racism and hate crimes seems to have come upon a stumbling block. My mother always used an expression that I hated but in adulthood I learned that it is very true…You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  The fight against racism, sexism, hate crimes etc will never be taken seriously unless the liberals cease the dynamics of inequality and hatred in the way they approach and define such situations. Take for instance the Rush Limbaugh chest pain drama which occurred on New Year’s Eve.  Wikipedia, a site which is more liberal than not, declared the conservative radio talk show host dead before he was even ….dead:

Rush Limbaugh accidentally declared dead by Wikipedia

December 31, 8:30 AMDallas TV Examiner-Matt Carter

Rush Limbaugh was hospitalized on Wednesday for “chest pains” in Hawaii, but the controversial radio host (who also had a syndicated TV show at one point) is not dead contrary to a post made by Wikipedia early Thursday morning. The commentator’s page was edited briefly to say that December 30, 2009 was the day of his death, but it has since been changed back to say that he is alive and recovering.

Rush Limbaugh has of course received his share of criticism in 2009, including a failed bid to be a part-owner of the St. Louis Rams. In addition, many of comments geared towards race has lead to mass criticism from numerous media outlets.

The mistake on Wikipedia can’t really be blamed on the site; rather, it was probably just done by someone trying to make a joke or asserting the power of free speech (even when it’s factually incorrect) over the internet.

If you saw some of the comments that I saw coming out of some of the liberals mouths, you would think that liberals were not so kind and “open-minded”.  Comments ranged from “die, Rush, die” to “God willed this.”   Then you have You Tube Videos like this:

The hypocrisy is evident.

Remember This??? This wasn't racism either. It was "art"

Had the comments and videos been about Barack Obama, these people would have been racists. If the effigy was Sarah Palin, George Bush, or Rush Limbaugh these people would be expressing freedom of speech.  Got it! Stay classy liberals.

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10 Responses to “Political Effigies: Color Chart Determines Whether or Not They’re “Art””

  1. CapeCoddah Says:

    Hi A/C.. Happy New year.
    Sadly, not everyone is protected under the hate crimes laws.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    I bet it was Jimmy Carter himself that hung the Obama doll!! He wants to make sure that he has backup for his statements last year about how Obama is really confronting racism not just disagreement.

  3. Race was a huge determinant for a lot of voters in the 2008 election, so really it is not rocket science that race would and will be the dominant factor in this administration and for the Dems for decades to come.

    • Pejup Says:

      Depends on who you ask really…..generally speaking, you’ll get completely different opinions if you ask someone who is black vs. someone that is white.

  4. One of the ironies of the whole affair, as illustrated by one of the posted pictures. is that Ted Rall actually highlights the hypocrisy. He better watch out or he will be drummed out of the Liberal Collective for such truths being expressed.

  5. scoutt Says:

    Hey Afrocity,
    I recognize your name from TC. That’s you, yeah? Like your blog.
    I’m a lost in the wilderness dem…like so many out there. Thanks for your effort and time here.
    take care.

  6. Patti Says:

    …said Dr. Anthony Samad, an associate professor of African American studies. “However, this president has received more death threats than any other president in the history of America.”

    This is a false statement. The professor is spreading lies.

    The director of the Secret Service today disputed widely-reported claims that President Obama is receiving more death threats than previous presidents.

    • boldandbald Says:

      That statement jumped out at me as well. Thank you for finding the clarification so I didn’t have to.

      Great post AC. Sorry I have not been posting much lately. I have been very busy. However, I have been trying to stop in and read, even when I don’t have time to put together thoughts worthy of posting here.

  7. Patti Says:

    BTW, Afrocity, I love your blog, have been lurking for awhile now. Keep up the good work!

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