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Sunday Soliloquy: You Can’t Handle The “Truthers” or “Deniers” December 13, 2009

Last Friday night as always, I tuned in to TRU-TV to watch my favorite show Forensic Files. The episodes are fascinating and I love to see what forensic scientists can do with a tiny speck of rubber left from skid marks and such. While watching an episode on a peeping Tom gone awry, TRU-TV ran a promotion spot for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Vetura’s new show Conspiracy Theory. When I hear the words “conspiracy theory”, the first thing that enters my mind is all of the green martian men hanging out at the Grassy Knoll with Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur. Despite the idiotic premise of the show, I decided to give it a chance and watched the marathon aired by TRU-TV Saturday afternoon.

In one episode Gov. Ventura is actually chasing after a magic weather machine created by a big evil Alaskan corporation HAARP and submitting himself to mind control.

The episode succeeded on it own terms in that it was great bait for conspiracy hounds to come back web crawling and begging for more.  I was mildly amused after all it is meant to be entertainment. However, given my bitterness over the way the media treated Sarah Palin, I wondered if Jesse Ventura would have been treated with the same contempt and disdain had he been John McCain’s pick for vice president.  Watching Jesse Ventura in full frontal lunacy, I felt gripped by the urge to strangle the people of Minnesota for electing him to the governorship in the first place. Now like Al Fraken, this loose cannon has clout and credibility. As I attempted to watch Conspiracy Theory episode on 9/11 cover-ups by the government, I began to see the danger of Jesse Ventura’s credibility.

Yeah…..”Truthers” …make me sick.

Truthers, make a mockery out of one of the most tragic chapters in American history. Jesse further goes on about the missing flight recorder boxes from the four air crafts involved in the 9/11 attacks. Apparently the 9/11 Commission Report claims that the black boxes were never recovered. Jesse has dug up deep throat style witnesses to prove otherwise.

I will go out on a limb here and say that if the FBI indeed is lying about the recovery of the black boxes… I really do not give a damn.  Perhaps the FBI is concealing the truth because ummmm, they do not want to reveal everything that happened in the cockpit because….they do not want the information to be used wrongfully by terrorists… Just a thought.

Addled, by the joke that is his governorship, Jesse proceeds to badger an FBI employee and scare the shit out of the friends of some poor informant  to the extent that they fail to show up for a clandestine meeting at a diner.He then questions their credibility “Why would they drag us out here to cancel” etc, etc…

It is at this point that I realized I could not handle the “truthers”.   The knowledge that such people exist is proof that there are gullible people willing to find inauthenticity in anything…Slavery, the Holocaust, 9/11 you name it.  I do not entertain truthers anymore than I would allow a “birther” to guest post on this blog.  “Trig” is not Sarah Palin’s son, “Obama is not American” blah, blah, blah. While O’s policies may call for the decline of America, I will accept that he is unfortunately American and our president.  The best I can do about it is to vote against him in 2012 granted he man up and run for re-election.  The best we can do about preventing another 9/11 is being vigilant and not succumbing to hyper political correctness or allowing GITMO detainees to have a OJ Simpson-esque trial in New York City.

That is what the people want. Here is a moving clip from Sean Hannity’s show with actual 9/11 survivors and families of the victims. They do not want the terrorists to be tried in civilian courts, steps away from Ground Zero…Here Gov. Ventura. Handle this truth. The father of one young victim point blank calls President Barack Obama “a liar” for backsliding on his promises to the 9/11 families. His testimony is very moving.

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Political Holiday Wish List: That Feminists Would Know What A Feminist Looks Like December 10, 2009

Vintage Cover of MS. Magazine

Growing up during the 1970’s persuaded me to swallow the huge bitter slow time released pill of feminism. Housewife bad. Career woman good. Armed with birth control pills and college degrees as women, we marched in step the women’s liberation movement. By the time I was a teenager, something shifted. A good woman could now balance everything– work and family.  Drive a Land Rover to her corporate job in New York City while making Juicy Juice popsicles for her artificially inseminated triplets.  Magazines such as Working Mother went into circulation. Nannies, the Today sponge,  Wonder Bras, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin…Yes Sarah Palin.

How does feminism solve a problem like Sarah Palin???  A conservative, gun toting candidate for the 2008 vice presidency. She is pro-life, Alaskan governor, five kids, former beauty queen. Has a gorgeous husband who loves her. Mother of a special needs child… What is there not for feminists to like. By all accounts, Sarah Palin is a remarkable woman, living the feminist dream.

Or so one would think…

Sarah’s view of her duties as a politician is surprisingly free of snobbery. Moreover she has the rare ability to actually blend in with her constituents in a way that makes you feel she understands your needs because she has been there.

So why did feminism throw Sarah under the bus for Barack Obama? Because she is conservative that is why.

Remember this is the same movement that took sides with Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky.

Ultimately what is most important to feminists is supporting a leftist agenda and not the true rights of women.

How can women be treated as equals among men when the very movement that claims to support us does not see Republican and conservative women as equals among women?

In the end, we all lose as women.

What is it saying about tolerance and acceptance when the only commemorative postage stamps of great women are liberals? Are we not free to think for ourselves without ridicule from those who share the same genital parts? If Afrocity can be African America and conservative, she can also be a woman and conservative. Right?  If this is true will someone please tell me why I have been given the pink slip from each group. I have been stripped of my gender membership as well as my racial membership cards.

Is This What Feminism Looks Like?This Christmas there will be no visit to Afrocity from the Feminist Santa. Fine!!!

I will not put any tampon shaped cookies and birth control pills by the fireplace for Feminist Santa on Christmas Eve.

Upon being abandoned by my race and gender, I do occasionally read what I am supposedly missing. Just yesterday, I happened upon this review by Ms. magazine of the newest Twilight film New Moon:

New Moon, Same Old Sexist Story

By Carmen D. Siering and Katherine Spillar

Sure, the film New Moon is breaking box office records, and both tween girls and their moms are swooning over pale-faced vampire Edward and hunky werewolf Jacob, who both vie for the attention of our ostensible hero, Bella. Isn’t it romantic?

Well…. with just a moment of critical analysis, feminists can’t be too happy about how the latest episode in the Twilight series, adapted from Stephanie Meyer’s popular books, represents a young woman and her place in the modern world. In fact, the New film is really just more of the same, only worse.

Where director Catherine Hardwicke, who helmed the first Twilight film, subtly tweaked the characters of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson), creating a somewhat more equal relationship between them, New Moon director Chris Weitz seems content to let things stand as Meyer wrote them. Edward reverts to his overbearing ways, dictating the direction of the relationship—in this case, ending it—and Bella quite literally lies down and takes it.

In fact, just moments after Edward leaves her, Bella stumbles in the woods and refuses to get up, lying in the muck until a strong, bare-chested man carries her out. Later, we see her sitting in her room, staring out the window, as the months roll by. When she isn’t sitting and staring, she is in bed having nightmares. Very empowering.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, then Sarah Heath, holding the 1980-1981 Wasilla High School Girl's Cross Country Running championship trophy in Wasilla, Alaska.

Ms. give me a break. How do you expect for anyone to take you seriously about the lack of female empowerment in the Twilight series when your writers cannot accept a that a conservative woman running for the office of Vice President of the United States could possibly be empowering to young women everywhere?

Sounds like you are the ones who do not know what a feminist looks like.

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The Twelve Days of Obama Christmas December 8, 2009

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Here is a new twist to an old holiday classic…Hat tip: James L. Guest of Purple People Place Program on Blog Talk Radio.

♪♫ On the 12th day of Christmas Obama gave to me: 12 KSM Jurors, 11 $Trillion Debt, 10% Unemployment, 9 Communist Czars, 8 Adoring Networks, 7 Bush Blamers, 6 Death Panels, FIIIIIVE Wars on FOX……… 4 Years of Hell, 3 Crashing Polls, 2 Teleprompters and a Marxist Ideo-lo-gy! ♫♪ ~


Sunday Soliloquy: Let The Kids Have Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza… December 6, 2009

I enjoyed making Christmas crafts in grade school.

Today’s post is actually Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List #3 but it is also a Sunday Soliloquy of sorts. I was watching Bill O’Reilly the other day when I saw his report on a school in Massachusetts that would not allow Christmas or Hanukkah items  in a gift room.

Many have called Bill O’Reilly’s “War on Christmas” fake and manufactured only in his mind.  I am here to say that it is not fake. Increasingly, over the last decade or so I feel that Christmas has become the “C” word–even having an acquaintance call me bigoted for having a Christmas pin on my sweater.  I simply asked why is it okay for non- Christians to celebrate Hanukkah, Holi   yet I cannot say “Merry Christmas” or bring Christmas themed cookies to the staff “holiday party”.  For that question I was called narrow minded.

I recognize that America is a country made up of many religions,nationalities, and every possible ethnicity  Sure, we should accommodate everyone. But why should I give up my right to say Merry Christmas in order to do that? Why should my identity as a Christian be denied? There have been times when I have been silenced.

Ornaments on MY CHRISTMAS TREE!!! There I said it.

Ornaments on MY Christmas Tree. They are representative of things I love. As you can see there is an Empire State Building which represents New York City.

Afrocity the child, painstakingly waited every year for December 25th to roll around. It was the only time that I received a decent meal in many cases.  My formative years were spent in Catholic school. Of course we celebrated advent season in class. We made cone trees for our mothers as art projects, getting glitter and stars all over my uniform and face. Elmer’s glue stuck to my hands while making pipe cleaner snowmen. The nuns would give us bags of gumdrops and other goodies to take home. A black Santa Claus would come to visit us and we would each get a toy. I do not know how this was funded by the church but there was one Christmas that the school gift was my only gift.

Image from the London District Catholic School Board

Being a parochial school, the nuns also taught us the true meaning behind Christmas. For instance, participating in the school Christmas play was mandatory . I can recall singing the “Little Drummer Boy” to my classmate Kim who played the Virgin Mary. I loved every moment, however it was Catholic school. Our parents knew that religion would be a part of our daily routine. Every morning we did not say the pledge of allegiance to the flag. We said “hail Mary’s”.

In 1980, I moved to Oak Park, Illinois and entered public school. Things were a bit different in Oak Park. For the first time I went to school with Jews and Muslims. Every morning a designated child would lead us in “prayer” to the American flag.  After roll call, there was an absence of the daily catechism. No more watching “Davey and Goliath” during recess. Instead out days were filled with arithmetic, music, creating ashtrays of clay, and social science.

Still, for holidays our bodies still participated in passing around Valentine’s, pumpkin carvings and making turkeys out of hand tracings. Christmas brought with it a similar scene as it had in Catholic school. We sang our carols and had a party day – passing around candy canes and filled cookies but something was different. While practicing for the school pageant, I noticed two sad faces staring at us on stage. It was two small boys, our Jewish classmates. Their parents would not let them participate in our pageant. They were just there in an ocean of empty auditorium seats.  I felt sorry for them and wondered why we could not do something to include them as well.  At that moment for me at least, there was guilt and relief. I was glad that I was “lucky enough” to celebrate Christmas. I was also conflicted about the cute Jewish boy that I had a huge crush on. I was sure that he hated us. With a sigh, I continued caroling with my Christian classmates.

Later during recess, I endeavored to engage my Jewish crush. I wanted to know what they did for Hanukkah.  “We get seven times more gifts than you do for your one stupid day,” he said.

“Do you have ornaments or a tree? Can you watch the Snoopy Christmas show on TV?”  I asked out of ignornace.

“No stupid,” he answered.” There is no Jesus. Jesus is dumb and so is all of that shit like your trees and stupid ornaments.”

A strange sensation overcame me as I felt a bit attacked. He was also saying things about Jesus that mom taught me never to say or I would go to hell. Standing in the outdoor play gym in snow covering sand, I kicked at the ground not knowing what else to say. My hands were cold because I lost my only pair of mittens. My Jewish crush continued to play. I should have left it alone but being Afrocity, who would grow up to be a big mouth, I could not.

I reached into my pocket seeking warmth when I felt a wrapped Santa cookie cake. It had coconut flakes on top. I was allergic to coconut. Candy and cake is candy and cake right?  Wrong. I offered the cookie to my Jewish crush and he looked at it, threw it on the snow pile, continuously stomping it as he said “Stupid Christmas”.

Like a dumb girl, I laughed but it hurt my feelings.

That was the last time I spoke to him.

Was it right for me to offer him the cake? Probably not but I was a child. It was 1980, times of hedonistic Christmas heydays and debauchery. Public nativity scenes…saying “Merry Christmas” openly.  In all of this time nearly 30 years later can’t we find a way to coexist as one during the month of December? At this point in 2009, I feel like the child sitting alone amongst a sea of empty auditorium seats. Does giving voice to one group necessarily constitute silencing another?

Autpgraphed Letter Signed,



Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List #2: A Day Without Phony Racism December 3, 2009

Afrocity all ready for Christmas 2009.

Afrocity would be as happy as a little conservative black girl if she could wake up one Christmas morning in a world without cries of racism from the liberals. One year after Barack Obama, our nations first president of color was elected, the liberal white folks are still waking up on Christmas morning with hunk of clean coal in their stockings.

From this article in the Wall Street Journal

DECEMBER 3, 2009


WASHINGTON — A clash between the Obama administration and the Congressional Black Caucus intensified Wednesday, illustrating how lawmakers’ unease about the economy has the potential to derail White House priorities.

Black Caucus, White House Clash

Lawmakers Skip Finance-Overhaul Vote in Protest; Testy Meeting Fueled Distrust

Ten black lawmakers refused to appear at a House committee vote on financial regulations Wednesday, a move that nearly allowed Republicans to kill a major Democratic bill.The move was the culmination of weeks of tension, including a testy meeting two weeks ago that included Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. In the meeting, Ms. Waters berated the administration for not doing enough to help minority-owned businesses, mentioning specifically a New York broadcaster that couldn’t get a loan reworked.Less than two weeks after the meeting, the company, Inner City Broadcasting Corp., said Goldman Sachs Group Inc. agreed to restructure the loan.The exchange about the company, which to some administration officials sounded like a bid to have the government intervene in a corporate matter, heightened distrust on both sides, people familiar with the matter say.Caucus members at the meeting stressed they weren’t asking White House officials to do anything improper, people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear whether any government official played a role in having the loan reworked…

White House officials plan to continue meeting with the caucus and said they remain focused on the issues that have been raised.”We share the concerns raised by CBC members about struggling minority communities, and that’s why we’ve engaged in a positive way to make progress on these issues,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.At her news conference, Ms. Waters said minorities and minority-owned institutions had been disproportionately hurt by the financial crisis. She said minority-owned banks haven’t had the same access to government capital as other banks. She also said minority-owned auto dealers, newspapers and broadcasting firms were folding because of a lack of funding. Foreclosure rates and unemployment are also higher among minorities, she said.She didn’t outline the group’s specific demands. Administration officials say the caucus wants more government contracts for minority-owned businesses and increased lending in minority communities.

The discussions could put the Obama administration in an awkward position if its actions help specific companies. The House Ethics Committee is already investigating Ms. Waters’s role in helping OneUnited Bank in Boston set up a meeting with Treasury officials last year. OneUnited, which was on shaky financial footing, secured Treasury bailout funds. Ms. Waters’s husband had previously been on the board of the bank and was an investor. Ms. Waters has denied doing anything improper.

Vogue magazine Cover accused of being racist


Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List: An Intervention Fairy For MSNBC December 2, 2009

Now that the season of giving is finally upon us,  I am introducing a new series- Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List.  With the liberals on the hill running a muck, there is plenty for a newly minted Republican to wish for in terms of America’s political sanity. Of course my wish list will imitate the holiday wish list  I keep in “real time”. About one or two items out of the many that I requested will actually show up under my Christmas tree. However, in allowing myself to have this list I can give myself a sense of true hope for real change. For starters, I could wish for “world mainstream media peace” or at the very least the disappearance of Chris Matthews from all of television.On the campaign trail,  Obama promised to be tough on Afghanistan then dithered and apologized as our president.  Let’s face it, Democrats are lousy at foreign policy. Liberals simply don’t care who is threatening to kiss America’s ass. In fact some even believe that we deserved what we got on September 11th, 2001. When I was a liberal, this was an aspect of the Democrats that troubled me. The final chapter of Carter’s presidency was characterized by the Iranian hostage situation. I was about 9 years old and even I knew that Carter looked like a rubber chicken. Still, Obama reluctantly will send an additional 30,000 men to Afghanistan. In true Obama fashion, he must be dramatic about this by giving what is I am sure just another of the thousand peaking at West Point last night was admittedly a clever move on the part of Obama’s team.  At West Point, there would be no outbursts from anti-war liberals who felt betrayed by Obama. The cadets would be respectful and contemplative.   As Obama was reading from the teleprompter, I watched the reactions of the military brains of tomorrow. I saw black faces, white faces, Asians, and the most wonderful of all…I saw female faces. After Obama was done speaking, I saw looks of joy on the faces of youths as they stumbled over one another to get a handshake or at the very least an iPhone picture of our Commander in Chief.

Leave it to Chris Mathews to tarnish the evening as he provided his richly detailed opinions of the students at West Point.

Dear God, please send a bolt of lightening across the Upper Westside of Manhattan that will some how find the ass of Chris Matthews. I pray that it will send testicle rattling tingles of journalistic integrity up his leg. Amen.

Autographed Letter Signed,