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Christmas Eve “Wrap N’ Bitch”: Tis’ The Season For Giving and Receiving Flack December 24, 2009

Afrocity wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve at Kiwanis Club charity event

As I write these words, I am in the company of friends, family and furry pets nestled within a comfortable home during the middle of a Midwestern ice storm. Beautiful but deadly, glistening and electric I think to myself as I look out of the large bay window while stroking my smoky gray cat. Kitty is looking at a Cardinal flying about taking seed from the snow. A mug of hot chocolate is sitting by my laptop waiting for me to finally focus and write something. It is so hard to think about politics when the Christmas ducklings are in the fridge thawing for our feast tomorrow. The fireplace is adorned with feathered stockings – one green, one red both with bells at the tip of their toes. Wrapped gifts sit beneath the tall green tree. There is something special in every package for everyone, even Francois the galloping Dalmatian. Santa brought her the most adorable iced “canine cookie” treats all tied with red satin ribbon. I smile at the ironic picture of wrapped pet gifts. There was a time when mother and I could hardly afford gifts or food for us. Now I am confronted with carob coated rawhide, four paw snow booties, and catnip laced mice made of felt.

So many bows to chose from.

Earlier this Christmas Eve, I spent the afternoon doing charity work with the Kiwanis Club.  We wrapped gifts for people at the local mall. All proceeds go to help youth in shelters. Basically people come to us to with their just purchased gifts and we wrap them for a fee.  We work in shifts. I have fun doing it and frankly get a kick out of watching men scramble to Victoria’s Secret and come to us asking if we can wrap a size blush pink 34B Angel Bra with fringes.  As my wrapping shift unfolded I realized that this gift buying stuff really is not a man’s forte. Most looked nervous and uneasy with their purchases.  I think paying us to wrap the gifts made them feel better about the Lucky Brand purse they bought for grandma.   It felt good to help others on both ends. Rather than sticking curling ribbon to their heads, people got to have their gifts nicely clothed in Christmas paper and we got to make money for a good cause.

There were only four of us and we got an afternoon rush of people wanting their gifts wrapped. We could have used more help...HINT

There were only four of us wrapping when we got an afternoon rush.

Especially the young adults–you know the demographic that voted for Barack Obama in record numbers?  Whenever I volunteer at one of these charity events, I wonder where are the Kool Aid drinkers. I am usually the youngest person there—and at my age that is sad.  Most working alongside of me are senior citizens. Most are Caucasian. .. Many are conservatives and independents.  Of the four people I volunteered with today, only one person voted for Barack Obama.

Ooops there I go again. Darn! I was trying to keep a safe distance away from politics this Christmas Eve and the risks associated with Afro-Grinch opening her mouth.  Otherwise I may get another email like the one I received last night:

Dear Afrocity:

Obama is our last and best hope to pull this crumbling mess up from destruction. And you Republicans who would rather watch the country fail than see it succeed right now…well… you are selfish pigs, basically. It’s all about money for you, and who gets it, not about people. Go polish your fucking gold.

Nothing personal, of course.

So this is my shrine of Christmas spirit from Afrocity , the selfish Republican pig who polishes her gold after she volunteers at Kiwanis.

I will take my lumps of coal from the liberal reader along with  the ice storm, the cocoa, the fireplace. ..the wrapped gifts under the tree and the ones which required no wrapping in my heart.  I may be a conservative PUMA, but I have my peace of mind. I have my health, my family and most of all I have my freedom.  I am thankful that our troops are fighting for our safety and the freedoms of others.  I remember those soldiers giving their time and service so we may have a safe holiday season. After seeing this clip of President Obama neglecting to give a Christmas shout out to the troops, I pray that my president also remembers our service men and women.

I pray to God that they are watched over and kept safe in order to return to their loved ones

Merry Christmas!!!!
Autographed Letter Signed,


28 Responses to “Christmas Eve “Wrap N’ Bitch”: Tis’ The Season For Giving and Receiving Flack”

  1. soupcity Says:

    Merry Christmas, Afrocity! I may not always comment but so love your writing, it is a true gift to all us fans. You are appreciated and admired for all you do. Screw ’em if they won’t see that. God Bless and Happy New Year!

  2. PaladinPhil Says:

    Thank you AfroCity for another great post. I have made it a mission to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” this season that has wished me happy holidays. May you grow and reach great heights this coming year.

  3. WMCB Says:

    Merry Christmas! And anyone who thinks all conservatives are selfish is just stupid. Sure, some are, but most that I know personally are very giving people.

    Why can’t people get that a difference of opinion as to whether the govt should be responsible for one’s fellow man has little to do with whether one thinks one’s SELF should be responsible? All that I am and believe does not have to be expressed through the vehice of the State.

  4. liontooth Says:

    That was so sweet of you to volunteer. Merry Christmas!

  5. NSangoma Says:

    I am thankful that our troops are fighting for our safety and the freedoms of others. I remember those soldiers giving their time and service so we may have a safe holiday season. After seeing this clip of President Obama neglecting to give a Christmas shout out to the troops, I pray that my president also remembers our service men and women.…eceiving-flack/

    Wars are about land and natural resources.

    Is it a U.S. Constitutional requirement that the POTUS give a Christmas shout out to the troops?

    Does Afrocity think that the POTUS should give a shout out for Candomblé, Hindu, Buddhist, …, festivals and hoildays?


    • afrocity Says:

      Merry Christmas Moonbat!!!

      And to answer your question…YES it should be a constitutional requirement that our president give a shout out to our troops. Especially our current president who could take the time to give a shout out to everyone else on the day the Fort Hood soldiers were killed before he bothered to mention the tragedy.

      Spin it how ever you want Obama supporters. The guy you voted for is pathetic.

    • McJenny50 Says:

      What land and natural resources does Afghanistan have that we want? Does it even have any natural resources?

      It’s not a Constitutional requirement for B-Rak to give a shout out, however, he is supposed to be the C in C of our armed forces. That’s a pretty large segment of our society.

      Since we are a Judeo-Christian based country and about 85% of the population identifies with Christianity, it would seem appropriate to acknowledge one of the two major holy days for said Christians.

  6. yttik Says:

    Merry Christmas, Afrocity! Thank you so much for being one of those present wrappers. Besides being able to donate to a good cause, people like you have saved me from the Christmas rush. Several times this year I’ve had to duck into a store for a last minute gift on the way to visit somebody who really needs some Christmas cheer. Without wrapping stations, I’d be struggling on the seat of my car with kids climbing all over the place.

    One of these days I’m going to have an entire room in my house dedicated to nothing but wrapping gifts. I want a big long table, buckets of bows to choose from, big rolls of paper……

  7. McJenny50 Says:

    Merry Christmas to you! The world could use a lot more people like you. Hope Santa left you some polish for all your gold….

  8. No WAY–you are so NOT a grinch!! 🙂

    Merry Merry Christmas to you and Francois!!!

  9. Peter Says:

    Hope the rest of your Christmas day was everything you dreamed it could be. I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. After all, if you are prosperous far more of your income will be channeled to the truly needy.

    Funny, though, gold is about the only metal that never needs polishing. This should give you more time to volunteer next year. Since the Obama voters are too busy feeling so superior to have any time to volunteer, it’s up to us eeeevil Republicans.

  10. RalphB Says:

    AC, Hope your Christmas was joyous and wish you a healthy, Happy New Year. May God bless.

  11. roofingbird Says:

    Merry Christmas Afrocity, may your blessings be many and your future bright!

  12. Chuck Says:


    Having just returned from “business” in Middle East. I can say without a doubt that our Service Men and Women are fighting the good fight. There are huge outpourings of letters, gifts, and love in all forms from caring Americans everywhere. I did not see one office or facility that was not blanketed in letters, cookies, cards, and prayers for a safe return.

    With or without Obama, the men and women doing our Nation’s work are in the good hands of the American people.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

    Chuck at Head Muscle

  13. Dear Afrocity, This is OT, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to look at my article and make a comment:

    I would be SO happy to hear your opinion!

  14. afrocity Says:

    Hello Ninja Kitty. I will try. I am away now and my internet connection is sparse which is why I have not been saying much.

  15. Joanelle Says:

    Merry Christmas, Afrocity!

    My husband and I – and a bunch of friends – here in Northern NJ are Kiwanians and this year we collected well over $4000 worth of new clothing, toys, toiletries and food for the local domestic violence center.

    I am amazed at the good works that this group does day in and day out – and you know what, most of them as Republicans! 😆

  16. Stilton Says:

    I’m just a bit tardy on my Merry Christmas wishes, but am still on time to wish you a very Happy New Year!

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