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Thank You Booker T. Washington: Afrocity Named in Top 25 Bookeristas!!! December 22, 2009

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Santa came to Afrocity’s blog a bit early this year as I made the top 25 Bookeristas of the year by the hair of my moderate Republican chin. Booker Rising is one of my favorite conservative news sites.

I would try to explain what they do but I think this paragraph from the website does a better job of it:

…This is a news site and media watchdog for black moderates and conservatives, regardless of party affiliation. It’s particularly geared to those ages 50 and under, the post-Civil Rights Movement generations.

Booker Rising was begun to counteract negativity, victimology, and defeatism, which is too often thrust upon black Americans by schools, the media, and so-called leaders. We’re concerned about eroded values, hopes, and dreams, even though overall we’re living better than ever. Booker Rising wants to help stop the sacrilegious assault of our grandparents’ (and ancestors’) legacy, as if little to no progress has been made and the civil rights movement was almost for naught.

Inspired by Booker T. Washington’s work, this website will promote self-help, education, enterprise, democracy, and society as the seeds for Black America’s future. We won the civil rights movement. It’s now time for Stage II: further propelling black American success in this increasingly globalized era, via our “seeds.”

Booker Rising will provide commentary, highlight our progress and achievements, and discuss moderate and conservative solutions to our communities’ challenges. We have love for and faith in black folks. We deserve better, our ancestors deserve better!

Please visit the Booker Rising site, even if you are a liberal.  I find that Booker does an outstanding job of remaining conservative loyal while being informative and poly-partisan (if there is such a thing).

Thank you to the folks at Booker Rising. I am happy to be #25 and cannot believe that your viewers would place me in the company of such African American conservative greats as Thomas Sowell and Michael Steele.

Becoming a conservative is one of the most liberating acts I have committed to  in my entire life. I am proud to say that only welcomed arms have met me on the conservative side…and yes liberals that does include Caucasian southern conservatives as well. I am not a token in the Republican Party. I am home. Where I want to be, where I should have always been. I am free.

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