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The Bitch That Stole The Christmas Cell Phone and Other Tales of “Liberal Feminists” December 17, 2009

You’re a mean one Miss Flight Attendant Bitch…

You asked me to put away my cell phone…

Don’t you give a damn about how important I really think I am?

Miss Flight Attendant Bitch…

You better scram

before I clobber you…with a stimulus sized leg of lamb


From this article on the American Thinker

Chuck Schumer calls flight attendant ‘Bitch’

George Joyce
Politico is reporting that Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), called a US Airways flight attendant a “Bitch” Sunday after a dispute regarding cell phone use prior to take-off.

According to a GOP aide on the same flight from New York to Washington, the flight attendant approached Schumer after he and fellow Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) continued talking on their cell phones after an announcement requested passengers to turn off the devices.

When Schumer’s request to continue his phone conversation was denied by the flight attendant, he turned off his phone and began to argue with her about the rules.  Schumer persisted even after, according to the Politico report, the flight attendant had mentioned that “the entire plane was waiting on him to shut down his phone.”

The flight attendant reminded Schumer that she was only following the rules and then left.  According to the GOP aide Schumer then leaned over to Sen. Gillibrand and called the flight attendant a “Bitch.”

Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Sen. Schumer, said later that “[t]he senator made an off-the-cuff comment under his breath that he shouldn’t have made, and he regrets it.”

Wow. Back when I was a more active PUMA, I can recall several New Yorkers telling me how great Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)…Strong, outspoken, “a great woman to have represent us”. It is sad to say that her silence during Sen. Schumer’s “bitch” remark disappoints me. I have yet to see Senator Gillibrand actually live up the the good “take one for the girls” reputation that my PUMA sisters have bestowed upon her.  Of course Schumer’s  “bitch”  slip-up has earned him a huge Christmas stocking filled with mainstream media and liberal feminists crickets.

While browsing the comments on a HuffPo article about this incident, some liberals actually bashed the GOP aide who “leaked” the story, others exclaimed that they were disappointed in Schumer because they admired him so as a supporter of women. Gee, that sounds familiar…. You mean like Barack Obama being hailed by the left as a feminist while demeaning Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail???  Okay whatever works for you.

My favorite is this comment on the Chicago Tribune version of the story. They compare this incident to Obama and the Cambridge police debacle. They claim to want to know the details. Schumer called the flight attendant a bitch. Is there really much else to know?  Skip Gates was not called a “nigger” or a “boy”. The situations are not remotely the same in my book but you be the judge.

…On the surface, it appears that Schumer showed his arrogance…showed that he is above the law…showed his lack of professionalism….showed his lack of character.

As for the flight attendant…some stewardess (excuse me, flight attendants) act like they are God. The way to deal with them is to avoid any encounter. Just do what they say. And they know this…they know they have the power. So they act like the b word. Remember the incident between Victoria Osteen and Sandra Brown, the stewardess (excuse me, flight attendant), which was later proven that the stewardess (excuse me, the flight attendant) had previous similar modus operandi? Well, if this was not Victoria Osteen, this stewardess (excuse me, flight attendant) would have gotten away again with murder.

Knowing that some stewardess (excuse me, flight attendants) can be jerks themselves, it would be inappropriate to put all the blame on Schumer.

I don’t like Schumer. But to be a good judge, one cannot condemn Schumer, without knowing what happened exactly.

Don’t pull an obama, who admitted that he did not know the details, but yet concluded that Cambridge police department acted stupidly.

You’re a monster.

Miss Sarah Palin

You’re brain is empty

Like your pro-life, gun toting soul

We liberal feminists should defend you

But we couldn’t

you’re a conservative female

so we never wouldn’t

Miss Sarah Palin…

We would rather watch Oprah Winfrey

help lick Tiger “cheetah’s” wounds…


From this article in the Chicago Tribune:

Oprah Winfrey Show Reaches out to Tiger Woods

December 17, 2009

By Fred Mitchell

When Tiger Woods appeared as a guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” with his father on April 30, 1998, he was reduced to tears.

I was in the audience that day when Woods and his father, Earl, promoted the book I co-authored called “Playing Through.” Almost 12 years later, the show has asked Woods to return to the set in Chicago to face a national television audience and address his admitted acts of infidelity.

Meanwhile, several media outlets quoted unnamed sources saying that Woods’ wife, Elin, will be filing for divorce in the wake of his confessed infidelity.

“Divorce is 100 percent,” one source told ABC News. “She’s not rushing to divorce. … She wants all the dirty laundry to be out on the table before she signs anything.”

In the wake of this personal turmoil, if Woods were to shed a few tears on “Oprah,” his public image likely would improve.

“We have reached out to Tiger Woods’ representatives, but nothing is confirmed,” a representative from Harpo Productions said Wednesday.

In the spring of ’98, Earl penned some special advice in “Playing Through” that was directed specifically to his son. Earl passed away in May 2006.

As Winfrey read the affectionate “Letter to my Son” from the book signed “Pop,” Woods broke down in tears.

Gov. Sarah Palin was not good enough for Oprah's couch yet Tiger Woods is. I hope Oprah covers it with plastic. Who knows what "cheetah" will do on that couch.

Poor “cheetah” now just like Chris Brown who beat up singer Rhianna we all have to rally at his side. Oprah is a bastion of feminism. This is a woman who refused to afford Sarah Palin a visit on her Emmy award winning “couch’ while campaigning “silently” for Barack Obama. Who would have thought that the world’s greatest talk show hostess with the free car under your seat and mostess, a survivor of sexual abuse and discrimination against African Americans and women would dislike a woman like Sarah Palin enough to actually sit on stage with Tina “sometimes I am a feminist for Hillary Clinton. Sometimes I am a cheerleader for the destruction of free political choice among women. Sometimes I just like to pose on magazine covers wearing little to cover my bony ass”  Fey chatting it up and laughing about Palin’s unique accent.

Now Tiger “cheetah” Woods will possibly  get a shoulder to cry on in front of a national audience thanks to Oprah Winfrey.  She would not give Sarah Palin a platform on her show until she deemed it financially expedient to do so and of course her manger child Obama was safe in the White House.  But “cheetah” sure..Americans need to hear him say it loud and proud…I made 18 hoes in one!!!

Score one for the girls.

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9 Responses to “The Bitch That Stole The Christmas Cell Phone and Other Tales of “Liberal Feminists””

  1. Janis Says:

    Then what do you say about John McCain’s not calling HIS questioner on using the word “bitch” when referring to Hillary Clinton? Gillibrand’s silence versus McCain’s chuckle seem like a bit of a comparison point to me. And I voted for him.

    • yttik Says:

      I don’t really blame McCain for his somewhat uncomfortable chuckle at a woman’s question to him. I also don’t blame Gillibrand for remaining silent. We actually don’t really know what she did, she may have said something to him. Or maybe she’s the one who leaked his comment.

      But oh yes, I do blame feminists for putting liberal politics and the Dem party before feminism. There’s no excuse for that double standard and because of it, they’ve weakened their integrity and done harm to women all over this country.

    • WMCB Says:

      Should McCain have called the woman out? Yeah, probably. He wimped out. But I saw the actaul footage, and his chuckle didn’t strike me as a “yes, I agree it’s so amusing” chuckle, but more of a nervous chuckle to cover his gobsmackedness that this woman had actually said that. He seemed embarrassed. I think he just wanted to pass over the comment and move on, without making a big deal of it

      Not the most courageous response, nor was Gillibrand’s, but sometimes you just don’t even want to deal with the crap, so you ignore. I think they both wimped out, but I don’t think either needs to be raked over the coals for it, either. I’ve done it myself.

  2. yttik Says:

    Good post, Afrocity. You always make me smile.

    OMG, I can’t believe that person is trying to justify calling a flight attendant a bitch because they are and they think they’re God, donja know. Geesh!

  3. manbearpig68 Says:

    I call Shenanigans!!! All of them (Schumer, Gillibrand, Pelosi, etc.) that are having such a fun time since Obama is in office are like a bunch of bad elementary kids….

    • WMCB Says:

      Yup. I expect them at any moment to start chanting, “Nyah nyah nyah!” and sticking their tongues out.

  4. Janelle Humbert Says:

    You have to wonder if Charles Schumer didn’t get a little something special added to his first class meal……… Rule number 1; don’t be ignorant or rude to your server.

    • sstorm0730 Says:

      Said rule should be followed by:

      Never piss off your Bartender, Tattoo Artist or Proctologist…

      I guess Chuckie has truly forgotten about 9/11 and the pressure flight attendants are under nowadays. Having been born and raised in New York, I am not surprised by his attitude. He has always acted “above it all”.

  5. As an American, I am so proud of Sarah Palin for what she is doing and saying. Have you read her book? I did and it is so informative. Do you think she will run for President? I hope so, I would volunteer for her campaign. Click here if you’d like to check out my site. Thank you again for a very educational web site. Have a great day!

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