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Sunday Soliloquy: You Can’t Handle The “Truthers” or “Deniers” December 13, 2009

Last Friday night as always, I tuned in to TRU-TV to watch my favorite show Forensic Files. The episodes are fascinating and I love to see what forensic scientists can do with a tiny speck of rubber left from skid marks and such. While watching an episode on a peeping Tom gone awry, TRU-TV ran a promotion spot for former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Vetura’s new show Conspiracy Theory. When I hear the words “conspiracy theory”, the first thing that enters my mind is all of the green martian men hanging out at the Grassy Knoll with Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur. Despite the idiotic premise of the show, I decided to give it a chance and watched the marathon aired by TRU-TV Saturday afternoon.

In one episode Gov. Ventura is actually chasing after a magic weather machine created by a big evil Alaskan corporation HAARP and submitting himself to mind control.

The episode succeeded on it own terms in that it was great bait for conspiracy hounds to come back web crawling and begging for more.  I was mildly amused after all it is meant to be entertainment. However, given my bitterness over the way the media treated Sarah Palin, I wondered if Jesse Ventura would have been treated with the same contempt and disdain had he been John McCain’s pick for vice president.  Watching Jesse Ventura in full frontal lunacy, I felt gripped by the urge to strangle the people of Minnesota for electing him to the governorship in the first place. Now like Al Fraken, this loose cannon has clout and credibility. As I attempted to watch Conspiracy Theory episode on 9/11 cover-ups by the government, I began to see the danger of Jesse Ventura’s credibility.

Yeah…..”Truthers” …make me sick.

Truthers, make a mockery out of one of the most tragic chapters in American history. Jesse further goes on about the missing flight recorder boxes from the four air crafts involved in the 9/11 attacks. Apparently the 9/11 Commission Report claims that the black boxes were never recovered. Jesse has dug up deep throat style witnesses to prove otherwise.

I will go out on a limb here and say that if the FBI indeed is lying about the recovery of the black boxes… I really do not give a damn.  Perhaps the FBI is concealing the truth because ummmm, they do not want to reveal everything that happened in the cockpit because….they do not want the information to be used wrongfully by terrorists… Just a thought.

Addled, by the joke that is his governorship, Jesse proceeds to badger an FBI employee and scare the shit out of the friends of some poor informant  to the extent that they fail to show up for a clandestine meeting at a diner.He then questions their credibility “Why would they drag us out here to cancel” etc, etc…

It is at this point that I realized I could not handle the “truthers”.   The knowledge that such people exist is proof that there are gullible people willing to find inauthenticity in anything…Slavery, the Holocaust, 9/11 you name it.  I do not entertain truthers anymore than I would allow a “birther” to guest post on this blog.  “Trig” is not Sarah Palin’s son, “Obama is not American” blah, blah, blah. While O’s policies may call for the decline of America, I will accept that he is unfortunately American and our president.  The best I can do about it is to vote against him in 2012 granted he man up and run for re-election.  The best we can do about preventing another 9/11 is being vigilant and not succumbing to hyper political correctness or allowing GITMO detainees to have a OJ Simpson-esque trial in New York City.

That is what the people want. Here is a moving clip from Sean Hannity’s show with actual 9/11 survivors and families of the victims. They do not want the terrorists to be tried in civilian courts, steps away from Ground Zero…Here Gov. Ventura. Handle this truth. The father of one young victim point blank calls President Barack Obama “a liar” for backsliding on his promises to the 9/11 families. His testimony is very moving.

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5 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy: You Can’t Handle The “Truthers” or “Deniers””

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    Jesse should get an award for his acting career.. Professional wrestling (acting), Acting as a Governer, and now back to television acting again to make some cash off a target audience of kooks..

  2. We have far bigger problems than Obama not having a birth certificate. It’s like worrying about a hangnail when you have cancer.

    • afrocity Says:

      And even if he didn’t the point is now moot. Obama I believe actually likes the controversy.

      • I have to agree with you there Afrocity. He’s an attention whore if there ever was one.

      • Maggie Says:

        As an outsider, I have to agree with you, that Obama likes the drama.

        Even if he was born in Hawaii, and I do think he was born there, the question should not be about the place of birth but about what constitutes a natural born citizen….. from what I have read I do not think that he qualified as a natural born citizen, and the long form certificate probably shows that he was adopted by his Indonesian step father…. the other issue is the age of his mother at the time of his birth as this would have impacted on his status as well….

        Regardless, it is too late right now to worry about that issue.

        There were other records that he should have produced. Many claims were made and not backed up by documents, including graduating as Magna cum Laude from Harvard Law. He most definitely was not a law professor since that is a tenured position, being nothing more than a mere part-time law lecturer. (yeah I have a degree so the mere is deliberate). On top of that he produced nothing in the way of writings for Harvard Law Review since the work was done by the sub-editor, not him. He did almost nothing in the law office where he was employed. The list is quite long.

        You could say what is relevant is the fact that the image that was created is nothing more than one big lie. I think this is one reason that some continue to push the birth certificate issue (to death).

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