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Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List #2: A Day Without Phony Racism December 3, 2009

Afrocity all ready for Christmas 2009.

Afrocity would be as happy as a little conservative black girl if she could wake up one Christmas morning in a world without cries of racism from the liberals. One year after Barack Obama, our nations first president of color was elected, the liberal white folks are still waking up on Christmas morning with hunk of clean coal in their stockings.

From this article in the Wall Street Journal

DECEMBER 3, 2009


WASHINGTON — A clash between the Obama administration and the Congressional Black Caucus intensified Wednesday, illustrating how lawmakers’ unease about the economy has the potential to derail White House priorities.

Black Caucus, White House Clash

Lawmakers Skip Finance-Overhaul Vote in Protest; Testy Meeting Fueled Distrust

Ten black lawmakers refused to appear at a House committee vote on financial regulations Wednesday, a move that nearly allowed Republicans to kill a major Democratic bill.The move was the culmination of weeks of tension, including a testy meeting two weeks ago that included Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. In the meeting, Ms. Waters berated the administration for not doing enough to help minority-owned businesses, mentioning specifically a New York broadcaster that couldn’t get a loan reworked.Less than two weeks after the meeting, the company, Inner City Broadcasting Corp., said Goldman Sachs Group Inc. agreed to restructure the loan.The exchange about the company, which to some administration officials sounded like a bid to have the government intervene in a corporate matter, heightened distrust on both sides, people familiar with the matter say.Caucus members at the meeting stressed they weren’t asking White House officials to do anything improper, people familiar with the matter said. It is unclear whether any government official played a role in having the loan reworked…

White House officials plan to continue meeting with the caucus and said they remain focused on the issues that have been raised.”We share the concerns raised by CBC members about struggling minority communities, and that’s why we’ve engaged in a positive way to make progress on these issues,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.At her news conference, Ms. Waters said minorities and minority-owned institutions had been disproportionately hurt by the financial crisis. She said minority-owned banks haven’t had the same access to government capital as other banks. She also said minority-owned auto dealers, newspapers and broadcasting firms were folding because of a lack of funding. Foreclosure rates and unemployment are also higher among minorities, she said.She didn’t outline the group’s specific demands. Administration officials say the caucus wants more government contracts for minority-owned businesses and increased lending in minority communities.

The discussions could put the Obama administration in an awkward position if its actions help specific companies. The House Ethics Committee is already investigating Ms. Waters’s role in helping OneUnited Bank in Boston set up a meeting with Treasury officials last year. OneUnited, which was on shaky financial footing, secured Treasury bailout funds. Ms. Waters’s husband had previously been on the board of the bank and was an investor. Ms. Waters has denied doing anything improper.

Vogue magazine Cover accused of being racist


7 Responses to “Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List #2: A Day Without Phony Racism”

  1. joanelle Says:

    From your lips to God’s ears – it’s a wish that I can support!

    Were your ears ringing last night? I was telling a group of friends about this insightful, wonderful blog of yours.

    You are always right on the money about issues. And you share some of the most wonderful messages with us.

    Thank you AC!

  2. I still don’t see how the Vogue cover was racist. I never would have thought about the King Kong or whatever reference it’s supposed to be if other people hadn’t brought it up. And I still thought it was silly and BS. LeBron is not trying to look like an ape it’s called a “war-face”, it’s rather popular in sports and the military, it gets you mentally ready for a game (or getting shot at), hell even my high school marching band would do it.

    Another thing, I don’t remember King Kong playing Basket Ball, but if we could teach him we would finally have a player big enough to guard Shaq.

    Or am racist for thinking that…

  3. yttik Says:

    Merry Christmas, Afrocity! May all your political holiday wishes come true.

  4. The Vogue thing is silly. No matter WHAT pose they came up with, someone could have found something to link it to racism. So, ‘secrets of the best bodies’? Personally, I WOULD rather have her body than his! (heh heh)

    I’d be interested to see where Maxine Waters gets her statistics for her claims. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes them up in her head. Proof, please, Ms. Waters.

    Nice stocking! I hope Santa puts a big juicy bone in it.

  5. Zimriel Says:

    I think Vogue was being ironic, playing to a tribal stereotype. It would be like me posing in, I dunno, a kilt with my face painted blue and a massive sword. (Although it is at least equally likely that my ancestors fought against ol’ Bill Wallace. Anyway. It’s supposed to be a joke. Historical accuracy not required.)

  6. sstorm0730 Says:

    Afrocity, great post as usual.

    As a side note, the Christmas photo with your dalmatian reminds me of my grampa. He had a dalmatian named “Dotto”. She was a special friend to him and the good memories made this cold Sunday decidedly warmer.

  7. gs Says:

    1. Merry Christmas, Afrocity.

    I hope you keep blogging. I don’t always agree with your opinions, but I always respect them.

    2. When the Vogue cover appeared, an analogy with King Kong never occurred to me. I still think it’s artificial.

    3. Maxine Waters is the Congresscritter who threatened to nationalize the oil companies.

    4. I don’t want Obama to fail–because of the damage to the country, not out of any love for Obama–, but he’s in a tough spot (of his own making). Part of his coalition is defecting because his governance is dysfunctional, and part is defecting because his governance is not dysfunctional enough.

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