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Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List: An Intervention Fairy For MSNBC December 2, 2009

Now that the season of giving is finally upon us,  I am introducing a new series- Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List.  With the liberals on the hill running a muck, there is plenty for a newly minted Republican to wish for in terms of America’s political sanity. Of course my wish list will imitate the holiday wish list  I keep in “real time”. About one or two items out of the many that I requested will actually show up under my Christmas tree. However, in allowing myself to have this list I can give myself a sense of true hope for real change. For starters, I could wish for “world mainstream media peace” or at the very least the disappearance of Chris Matthews from all of television.On the campaign trail,  Obama promised to be tough on Afghanistan then dithered and apologized as our president.  Let’s face it, Democrats are lousy at foreign policy. Liberals simply don’t care who is threatening to kiss America’s ass. In fact some even believe that we deserved what we got on September 11th, 2001. When I was a liberal, this was an aspect of the Democrats that troubled me. The final chapter of Carter’s presidency was characterized by the Iranian hostage situation. I was about 9 years old and even I knew that Carter looked like a rubber chicken. Still, Obama reluctantly will send an additional 30,000 men to Afghanistan. In true Obama fashion, he must be dramatic about this by giving what is I am sure just another of the thousand peaking at West Point last night was admittedly a clever move on the part of Obama’s team.  At West Point, there would be no outbursts from anti-war liberals who felt betrayed by Obama. The cadets would be respectful and contemplative.   As Obama was reading from the teleprompter, I watched the reactions of the military brains of tomorrow. I saw black faces, white faces, Asians, and the most wonderful of all…I saw female faces. After Obama was done speaking, I saw looks of joy on the faces of youths as they stumbled over one another to get a handshake or at the very least an iPhone picture of our Commander in Chief.

Leave it to Chris Mathews to tarnish the evening as he provided his richly detailed opinions of the students at West Point.

Dear God, please send a bolt of lightening across the Upper Westside of Manhattan that will some how find the ass of Chris Matthews. I pray that it will send testicle rattling tingles of journalistic integrity up his leg. Amen.

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12 Responses to “Afrocity’s Political Holiday Wish List: An Intervention Fairy For MSNBC”

  1. sstorm0730 Says:

    I don’t think Chris Matthews HAS testicles. 🙂

    • Dan Ortiz Says:

      He did once have testicles. They are now in a jar on Obama’s nightstand next to Keith Olbermann’s and Rachel Maddow’s

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    I might go on a holiday hunting trip to the UWS. He’s easy to spot as loud and obnoxious as he is……

  3. IslandLibertarian Says:

    Chris RACIST Matthews said about Obama,
    “He was not offered a nice title like Secretary of State, like Condoleezza Rice got from the Republicans. He was not offered the title of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as Colin Powell was, or Secretary of State. ……. He is not some popular appointment or a showcase appointment.”
    I’d like more exposure of this Liberal’s true colors along with that lightening bolt you prayed for.

  4. Holly Says:

    I pray that you get your wish list!

    I don’t think Matthews listened to the speech at all, because if he had listened to it, he would have understood why their was no warmth: It was so damn boring and completely expected. Why would we cheer when we waited three months for a speech that lacked clarity, purpose, and inspiration? If he is going to be a war-time President, he better learn fast how to inspire people to unite in the face of terror.

  5. P. Burke Says:

    LOL@”I pray that it will send testicle rattling tingles of journalistic integrity up his leg.” True out loud laughter here, Afrocity. Thanks. 🙂

  6. WMCB Says:

    Afrocity, I’m not sure if you’ve seen this video, but this guy is GREAT. He’s running for the House in Florida.

  7. Kei Says:


    Hillbuzz asked for a link to this video and I am not that sharp, electronically. I am going to try, as well as direct some traffic your way. Thanks AC and WMCB.

  8. Ric Says:

    You, young lady, have a new devotee! I’ll keep my eye on you expecting exemplary things; I have an intuitive feeling that you’re going to make a difference. It’s people like you, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, John McWharton, and, hopefully, myself that will somehow be on the vanguard of opening the eyes of the “oppressed” Black population of our country to the destructive forces of the likes of Jesse, Sharpton, Cornell West, and other Black “leaders.”
    This man running for the House in Florida could be a force! I just now looked at his speech for the first time and will now spend as much time as it takes to look further into his potential. Keep the Faith Sister; WE “shall overcome.”

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