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Sunday Soliloquy: By their fruits ye shall know them November 22, 2009

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From Contra

By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

-Matthew 7:13

Some Obama supporters may be disturbed to find that there is much truth in the above verse from the Bible.   In 2008, as I was looking at Obama the man,  I examined his character by his record, his actions and his accomplishments.

In some instances I saw a man that was well spoken and obviously ambitious. Similarly, I thought the same of his opponents. You may  know that I supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary. After she was “removed” from the competition, I was faced with a choice.   A choice that was a helluva lot bigger than just Barack Hussein Obama.  Prior to the 2008 campaigns, the Democrats left me cold.

I was changing. They were changing.

This shift in part, reflected attitudes that I had buried for some time.  The “liberal agenda” was no longer something I was interested in pursuing.  Pro-choice advocacy  and gay rights were like two little children keeping me in a bad marriage.   After taking a hard look at Barack Obama and a sad look at the DNC, I could no longer stay for the sake of the kids.

Today as I reflect on that decision, it has become obvious to me that while I left the Democrats, I could not have voted for Obama even if I had remained loyal to the party. This brings me back to the subject of one’s character and the fruits they bear. After looking at Obama’s character, there was no dilemma for Afrocity. I could not in good conscious vote for a man who:

1. Sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years. Said he could not disown him, then throws him under the bus once it was politically expedient to do so.

2. Bought his home from a criminal.

3. Accomplished nothing in the Illinois Senate. Voted present most of the time.

4. Ran for the presidency after promising Illinois voters that he would not, yet decided to run after 150 days in the U.S. Senate. Thus spending most of his time on the campaign trail.

5.  Promised not to take private campaign funding then went back on his word.

6. Said misogynist things about Hillary Clinton during the primaries.

7. Said that his grandmother was a typical “white woman”.

8. Is someone who uses race as means to cause political unrest and advance his career.

9.  Has associations with slum lords and domestic terrorists. (birds of a feather)

10. Throws anyone under the bus at the moment they become a threat to his career or no longer useful.

11. Really had no record or experience of doing anything in his past except leaving one office to run for another.

12. Could obviously never be humble, never admit he made a mistake which equals arrogance. For example to say ” You can put lipstick on a pig…” ,  yet never apologize for it and move on rather than accuse those who were offended by it of  “phony outrage”.

13. Failed to call the liberals out for the things they said and wore about Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.  If I were he, I would have said to my supporters as McCain did to his, “chill out” that sort of behavior is not what I represent. Instead Obama seemed to revel in it and used their emotions to his advantage. Sure it won an election but it says a lot about one’s character.

14. Yelling “I have a bracelet too”  during a debate with John McCain.

15. Dragged his own daughter down the streets of Chicago  to go trick or treating as a photo op. The look on his face showed that he obviously did not want to be there. It was such a contrast to Sarah Palin taking Piper trick or treating in Pennsylvania. Palin actually wanted to be there and was enjoying herself, it was not a campaign afterthought.

16. Obviously suffers from a messiah complex,  Greek temples…

17. Joe the Plumber. Obama was busted. When you are busted shut up and move on.  I did not like him putting Joe down afterwards in his campaign speeches. It was tasteless and immature.  That also goes for Obama’s use of any human campaign prop such as his stories about the Republican diner owner who did not sell sweet potato  pie.

18. Phony stories about his history i.e. his parents meeting at Selma, Alabama. Uncle at Auschwitz story when it was Bergen Belsen I believe.

19. Not going to Hawaii after Toot died. It was strange. Very strange.

20.  The way he begins a statement with  “look”  after someone asks him a challenging question. You know that the next thing out of his mouth is bullshit.

21. Making up his platform on the fly. Stealing health care initiatives from Hillary Clinton.

22. Not knowing Jack about foreign policy. “I will be tough on Afghanistan”   Now we see where that has got us. Surprise, surprise . He lied.

23. Would employ general communistic propaganda tools during his campaign.

24. Arugula. Need I say more?

25. I will not wear that flag pin. Need I say more?

From I Own The World


I will stop here. Definitely, I could go on with 99 other problems but for the sake of my readers I will stop.

The things I listed may seem trivial to some however in my view, those actions spoke volumes about Obama’s character.

Let’s take for example Afghanistan. It was clear during the campaign that Obama did not give a vegan cupcake about foreign policy. There was no feeling or depth to his words. This behavior of yesteryear corresponds nicely with his “dithering” on sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Still not convinced that past deeds and behavior determines present experiences?

Let’s take a look at patterns exhibited in Barack Obama’s radical associations. Why are we surprised that he would choose crazy radical czars when he associated with the likes of Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers? Why the sudden surprise ACORN that he threw you under the bus when he did it to his own grandmother?  Go away ACORN, he is done with you.

Why the surprise when Obama announced on CNN this week that he may not necessarily seek re-election in 2012. This is a set up in case his poll numbers are in the tank. If we do not re-elect Obama in 2012 according to him it is not because he is a terrible leader, it is because we are not ready for change and his ideas are unpopular. Sounds like a bad break up is coming in our future.

Also sounds like some one who runs for one political office, leaves and jumps to another…say something with the UN?

What you see is what you get. You just have to see it. It was there all of the time. If you decide to disapprove of it now after having voted for it once, daddy may punish you by not running again.

Before voting, look at the candidate’s past deeds and character. You may learn something.

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