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The Continuing Saga of Fox News Derangement Syndrome November 7, 2009

2-minute-hate-Obama-I do not have much time to write today but I wanted to make sure that everyone has seen this article in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times concerning the Obama administration and FOX News:

Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox News

‘We better not see you on again,’ the strategist says he was told by a White House official. Obama aides have taken an aggressive stance against the network and may be seeking to isolate it.

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Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox News

‘We better not see you on again,’ the strategist says he was told by a White House official. Obama aides have taken an aggressive stance against the network and may be seeking to isolate it.

By Peter Nicholas Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
November 6, 2009 | 8:59 a.m.

Reporting from Washington – At least one Democratic political strategist has gotten a blunt warning from the White House to never appear on Fox News Channel, an outlet that presidential aides have depicted as not so much a news-gathering operation as a political opponent bent on damaging the Obama administration.

Political consultants are a staple of cable television talk shows, analyzing current events based on their own experiences working on campaigns or in government.

One Democratic strategist said that shortly after an appearance on Fox, he got a phone call from a White House official telling him not to be a guest on the show again. The call had an intimidating tone, he said.

The message was, ” ‘We better not see you on again,’ ” said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to run afoul of the White House. An implicit suggestion, he said, was that “clients might stop using you if you continue.”

In urging Democratic consultants to spurn Fox, White House officials might be trying to isolate the network and make it appear more partisan.

A boycott by Democratic strategists could also help drive the White House narrative that Fox is a fundamentally different creature than the other TV news networks. For their part, White House officials appear on Fox News — but sporadically and with “eyes wide open,” as one aide put it.

David Plouffe, the president’s campaign manager and author of a new campaign book, “The Audacity to Win,” was scheduled to appear on Fox’s “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren Thursday night as he promotes his book. His appearance, preempted by the breaking news of the shootings at Ft. Hood, Texas, has been rescheduled for Monday.

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn said Thursday night that she had checked with colleagues who “deal with TV issues” and they had not told people to avoid Fox. On the contrary, they had urged people to appear on the network, Dunn wrote in an e-mail.

But Patrick Caddell, a Fox News contributor and a former pollster for President Carter, said he has spoken to Democratic consultants who have been told by the White House to avoid appearances on Fox. He declined to give their names…


And here we thought blacklisting was over with after the McCarthy era.

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11 Responses to “The Continuing Saga of Fox News Derangement Syndrome”

  1. bob Says:

    They’re all a bunch of thugs, the whole administration is filled with thugs from top to bottom. Some truly crazy people in there, too. Check out the ‘czars’.

  2. bob Says:

    —@DanRiehl per Fox news, GWB and Laura spent a couple of hours at Ft. Hood, no photo op, no fuss, just their support to the families.—

    While Obama is off to Camp David to play golf.

  3. He’s just showing his compassion for the caddies. Doesn’t want them to go without their tips…

  4. Swannie Says:

    this thug/man cannot be re -elected

  5. Thugs is the right word for them. Thugs in nice suits with soft smiles, but thugs nonetheless.

  6. yttik Says:

    It’s scary to see a president try to control and clamp down on the media. On the other hand it’s kind of funny to watch them try. Every time he slams Fox news people run over to watch the channel and see what all the fuss is about. That drives up their ratings. It inspires and motivates the reporters and pundits who caused a reaction. It makes other journalists stand up and take notice, wow, these guys are really rocking the boat.

  7. joanelle Says:

    We’ve turned into a banana republic – I thought this was bad but tonight on cspan I watched as they shut down the women who were trying to speak in the Congress.

    It was totally surreal – BB at TC has a thread real time of what went on.

    They a throwing all women under the bus – Stupak noted, is in fact more restrictive than the language he had previously agreed to include in the bill. The pro-choice crowd, demanding the right to vote their consciences, Stupak said, overplayed their hand and look to be handing him a bigger victory. Stupak’s amendment is extremely restrictive — any individual or any business that gets any subsidy or tax credit — which will be most people in the country — will not be able to purchase a health care plan that covers abortion, even with their own money. They can, however, buy supplemental coverage from a separate plan. Stupak’s amendment would represent the most significant rollback of reproductive rights in decades. Oh, and pelvic exams and pap smears are questionable.

    this is a total nightmare

  8. IslandLibertarian Says:

    What I’d like to say about our President is not suitable to be written at this fine blog.

    Power to the Correct People!
    (They don’t lie.)

  9. Peter Says:

    I could understand it all if they were real thugs, most unarmed and sane people are naturally afraid of a 250 pound feller with a twenty inch neck, one eyebrow all ‘cross his low forehead and a nose showing evidence of multiple breaks.

    What to make of pencil necked, big headed punks who had to stay close to the teachers during recess so they wouldn’t get their lunch money stolen and their pants run up the flagpole?

    Thugs? Mean little weasels is more like it. If a real thug came anywhere near this bunch they’d cry for mommy.

  10. boldandbald Says:

    And here we all thought that this administration didn’t have the balls to stand up to our enemies. Clearly they have the balls to stand up to their enemies. Unfortunately the two are not the same.

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