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Diversity Fatigue Friday: (No Pun Intended) Country First not Political Correctness November 6, 2009


From I own the world

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Fort Hood Massacre. We cannot begin to realize the depth of your sorrow.

The miracle in this piece is that the shooter Nidal Malik Hasan is alive and can face punishment for this heinous act. Thank you to the female soldier who brought him down.

My brother was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas for six years. I lived with him there for three of those years. I fondly remember Fort Hood as a close knit military community.

I made friends with the local teens, often babysitting for the Army wives.

The Gulf War was taking place during that August of 1990. There was that familiar and understandable presence of tension and worry throughout the community. Fathers, daughters, partners and husbands leaving but not for Reforger exercises this time. They were going to a land we were unsure of.

A lesbian couple lived next door to us in Killeen, Texas which was the town surrounding Fort Hood. Tony and Toni were their names. We called them the two Toni’s.

One Tony was in the military, the other Toni was a school teacher.Their poignant goodbye kiss was a memorable event in my life. Both women had survived their own personal wars.

Toni had a fifteen year old son from her dissolved heterosexual marriage. Like most teenagers, Toni’s son had trouble adjusting to his mother’s life without dad…and life with another woman. There was a relative decaying of the emotions between mother and son which negatively impacted the couple.

The other Tony being an officer, had worked hard to get beyond the harassment she faced in the military. The little cottage in Killeen was a new start for her. Now she had to leave for the Gulf War.  I could see the acute anxiety Tony was facing as she wanted desperately to stay home and nurture her new relationship with Toni and possibly win over the teenager. She played hoops with him several times, they worked on cars together in the garage…maybe if they had more time…

Being a just a neighbor, I only saw Tony through our “good fences” as she tossed marinated meat on the backyard smoker or mowed the St. Augustine lawn. There were several times that she spoke to me about life in the Army and discrimination against women- particularly lesbians. She just wanted to rest, to stay home. Her loyalty to her country constituted a gift for America but a curse for her personal life. One Toni demonized the name of George H.W. Bush. The other Tony did not.  She was a servicewoman, an officer in the United States Army. It was her duty to go to Kuwait.

american-female-soldierThe goodbye of the Toni’s served as tangible proof of their caring relationship. As lesbians living in a military community, the women never displayed affection for one another publicly.

On this day  of their parting, things were different.

I watched shamelessly as the cab came for Tony.

Toni was sobbing endlessly while her son stood at the driveway motionless. He watched as his mother kissed a woman, her lover and partner in life. Tony waved at the boy. He only nodded which angered me. In his lack of emotion, this child was denying his mother and Tony the possibility and comfort of his empathy. More importantly, a denial of their desire to be seen as a couple being torn apart by one’s duty to her country. They were real people, real Americans. Tony was a patriot.

I mention this story of the Fort Hood community because many of my liberal friends fail to see that soldiers are people that carry tremendous burdens and a deep sense of honor, especially towards their fellow servicemen.

This is why I find it difficult to understand the actions of Major Hasan.  The mainstream media spin is now attributing his behavior to his fear of deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan. My liberal anti-war friends are blaming the incident on Bush and the consequences of America’s sins in Iraq.  For most if not all of us, expressing sympathy for the victims should come naturally. NOT THE SHOOTER. Remember who the victims are. Innocent people. Nidal Hasan is a coward.

Before Thursday’s shooting, Hasan reportedly gave away all of his furniture along with copies of the Koran to neighbors, KXXV-TV reported.

Sounds to me as if he knew he would not be coming home…Much like a suicide planning. He could have went AWOL and spared the lives of others. While it is difficult to assess Hasan’s true motives, make no mistake that this man is NOT A GOOD AMERICAN contrary to what his cousin said on Fox News last night.

Nidal’s  cousin offers the excuse that he was harassed by his Army colleagues due to his Middle Eastern ethnicity: “He was dealing with some harassment from his military colleagues.”

This is no excuse. As a psychiatrist in the Army, Hasan was well aware of the proper military channels for dealing with harassment and stress. He was a coward.

Country before political correctness. Hasan is a coward and traitor to our country.

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27 Responses to “Diversity Fatigue Friday: (No Pun Intended) Country First not Political Correctness”

  1. SYD Says:

    You are dead on correct, Afrocity. And the Liberal apologists for this man’s reprehensible actions are beyond hope.

    There is NO excuse big enough!!

    May Nadal Hasan rot in jail before he burns in hell.

    (I’m sorry. I know that is not PC. But that is how I feel.)

  2. Stilton Says:

    Very well written and thought out, as always. There is NO excuse for Hasan’s horrendous actions, and the media’s posturing is – as always – sickening.

    I also appreciate your story of the “two Tonys.” I personally have no problem with gays, gay marriage, or gays in the military. As yesterday’s sad events show, it’s not who people love that’s the problem…it’s who they hate.

  3. simofish Says:

    Wonder what “excuse” he’ll come up with for the shootings.

  4. manbearpig68 Says:

    I would like to hear what other soldiers say about how he counseled them.

    • RalphB Says:

      Wonderful hero and should be a role model for women!

      Defending the murderous slime who did this is beyond the pale. Thanks for a great post, AC.

  5. Holly Says:

    You are right, no good American guns down innocent people, especially those that are ready, willing, and possibly will die for our country. He is a coward and anyone who defends his actions is a coward.

    I immediately thought of my 23 year old brother who is based in the Mid-West. Our servicemen and women carry the weight of our Flag, the weight of our Freedom, the weight of life and death situations, while also carrying their own individual lives with them and their families carry the same burden. They do so much and then this…

    If the quotes attributed to him are true, he would be dangerous in the prison system. Islam (usually in its most radical form) is the fastest growing religion in the US prison system; I hope he is in 24 hour lockdown so as not to proselytize to other inmates. Texas allows the death penalty…Good.

  6. Janis Says:

    If harassment is enough of an excuse to start blowing people away, it’s a wonder women haven’t gone postal en masse.

  7. bob Says:

    I doubt there was much harassment. Guy was a Major. He wouldn’t be harassed from above, doubtful if he was harassed much from below.

    There were signs aplenty throughout his career that this guy might be dangerous. PC rules let it pass.

    • Janis Says:

      I was wondering that myself. He was a MAJOR for gawdzsake, not a Pfc. What’s amazing to me is how on Earth he managed to become a Major while being a … well, nutcase evidently. You don’t just send in a boxtop and get a decoder ring to be a Major — once you’re that high up in the ranks, you’ve been there for a while. How the hell could this have passed by anyone?

      And of course, don’t forget that the only word we have that he was harassed as ALL is his own, and his brother’s, who while he isn’t a murderer, is perhaps just a BIT invested in looking for excuses for what his brother did.

      For someone who supposedly hates terrorism, Hassan sure was pretty damn good at it. That lady cop who stopped him deserves a medal. We’ll see if the Bucketmouth-in-Chief can drop his golf bag long enough to give her one.

  8. yttik Says:

    Good job, Afrocity. That was great to read, i really needed somebody to say those things.

  9. Tinderella Says:

    Thanks, afrocity. Between the media’s dithering and the left’s being oh-so-politically correct, I’ve been feeling like screaming. The man got in trouble years ago for trying to convert patients and colleagues to Islam. That’s very unprofessional behavior for a psychiatrist, no matter what the religion is.

    Al Qaeda reportedly put out a call for jihad against the “crusaders” last week. Hasan’s neighbors say he had recently been dressing in Muslim clothing (white robe and hat), gave his Qurans and other possessions away, then shouted “Allahu Akbar” before blowing away a bunch of soldiers and wounding others. The FBI had been interested in him for six months due to internet postings about suicide bombings.

    But nobody wants to say this guy killed people because he was a Muslim conducting jihad or that Islam supports violence. If he’d been a black man who liked gangsta rap, they’d probably run with that meme. But Islam gets a pass, again.

  10. bob Says:

    Doug said…
    Obama says don’t jump to conclusions…

    CNN:) — President Obama said that female policewoman at Fort Hood, “acted stupidly” in shooting Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

    “I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role religion played,” Obama said Wednesday night while taking questions after a White House news conference.

    Fort Hood authorities dropped murder charges against Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, Friday night.

    Obama defended Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan on Thursday night, while admitting that he may be “a little biased,” because Hasan is a fellow Muslim.

    “But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Fort Hood police acted stupidly in shooting somebody when there was already proof that they were in uniform; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of crusader-infidels taunting and shooting Muslims disproportionately.”

    “We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,” Obama said in a Rose Garden statement otherwise devoted to the economy.

    “What we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the valiant men and women who came under attack yesterday,” the president said.

    • Janis Says:

      If he actually said this … well, I thought I couldn’t possibly hold that butt-ugly, jug-eared, brick-stupid son of a bitch in any lower contempt than I already did, but Yes I Can!

      • Janis Says:

        Just reread and saw that “fellow muslim” comment .. PLEASE tell me this is satire. Seriously.

  11. bob Says:

    Twas satire, but close to the truth.

  12. Peter Says:

    Unless the military has really changed since I was in, Majors do not get harassed, they do the harassing. As to how he got promoted to Major, it’s simple. All Doctors in the Army start as Captains. When they finish their residency promotion to Major is automatic.

    Now, since this clown was doing his residency at a military hospital I question whether, with his record, he should have completed his residency but nobody asked me. If they had, I would have explained that it doesn’t matter if CAIR gets a harelip over it, hold this clown to the same rules as if he’d have been aggressively pushing some form of Christianity.

    • afrocity Says:

      Right Peter. My brother was an E-7 NCO, and from what I remember the officers had it pretty good compared to the NCO’s.

  13. yttik Says:

    I think people are getting a bit ridiculous about protecting and defending Muslims as if they were a group of persecuted people. I don’t want any bigotry targeted at people because of their religion, that’s not the American way, but our constant attempts to portray them as potential victims of hate crimes is starting to get on my nerves. I can’t find any violence being directed towards Muslims in the US, some harassment at an airport and some spray painting at a mosque, perhaps. Meanwhile we’ve got crazy people all over the US doing acts of violence allegedly in the name of Islam. Five women shot at the Jewish Federation in Seattle, mall shooting in Salt Lake City, the head of the Muslim TV station decapitates his wife, another one runs over his daughter. We’ve been attacked at the WTC so long ago and again on 911. We’ve got the DC snipers running around claiming jihad and a crazy Muslim guy plowing his car into a crowd of people. And yet our knee jerk reactions are still saying, wait we don’t want to jump to any conclusions, Islam is a religion of peace, etc. We’re starting to get downright stupid about it. Reality is saying there are quite a few Muslims who don’t want to hold hands and sing kumbaya with us.

  14. joanelle Says:

    Thank you, Afrocity – this hits all the right notes. Really put things in perspective

  15. mainenowandthen Says:

    Thank you from an Army retiree. Your support for the Ft. Hood community is valued and appreciated.

  16. SYD Says:

    Linking you today.

    This whole thing about “Compassion Fatigue” being an excuse for terrorism has my bunns totally toasted.


    • You’re right about that one. Lots of people get “compassion fatigue” and even more are (allegedly) harassed for one thing or another. Only this man shot up his fellow soldiers while screaming, “Allahu Akbar!”

  17. aussie Says:

    The white Muslim clothing was the biggest red flag of them all. That clothing screamed “Jihad”…. It is all very well for the cousin to make claims about harassment, but there is no evidence that what he said is true.

    On the other hand, somebody did key his car because he had an Islamic sticker…. I would not call that harassment that leads someone to murder 13 people.

    The man was radicalized by the Imam that is in Yemen.

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