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Scary Movie: In Chicago Violence Against Women is Not A Costume November 2, 2009

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Far from hindering liberal perception that Afrocity has been kidnapped by far right wing nuts and with my connection to a city that boasts abysmal murder rates, earlier this year I secured and registered a gun. On Halloween night, I watched the usual spooky movies. After watching Jamie Lee Curtis battle Mike Meyers in the closet for the thousandth time…I thought, this woman needs a gun. This phenomenal insight never transfers over to celluloid. Who walks in with the gun to save the day??? The patriarchy of course.

Men play games with guns. Women just get beat up.  I will not elaborate much on what was happening to another womea while I was sitting in front of my fireplace watching hair raising classic horror films and sipping mulled cider.  Cozy I was, as one young pregnant woman was shot while trick or treating with her three children. From the Chicago Tribune:

decisionPregnant mom shot while trick-or-treating with kids

November 1, 2009

A pregnant woman accompanying three children as they trick-or-treated in the Northwest Side’s Avondale neighborhood was shot Saturday night, and police believe the target of the shooting was a reputed gang member walking nearby.She remained hospitalized today, Kubiak said. Her baby did not have to be delivered prematurely and did not appear to be hurt in the incident.

The woman, eight months pregnant, was walking with her child and two nieces on Monticello Avenue near Belmont Avenue about 7 p.m. when shots rang out, said Chicago Police Officer Laura Kubiak. A bullet struck the 20-year-old mom in the back, and she was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in serious condition.

Investigators believe the man is a member of the Latin Kings street gang, and that the shots may have been meant for him in a gang-related dispute, Kubiak said. Police do not know where the gunfire originated and they do not have anyone in custody.

At the same time the woman was shot, another bullet struck an 18-year-old man in the right thigh as he walked on Belmont, police said.


There was a time when I never thought I would have a gun in my home.  My mother generally spoke against owning guns. As a teenager, I  saw enough ABC After School Specials to know that a gun in the home usually meant a child would find it and shoot their little sister. But I do not have a child and frankly I would like to be able to protect myself.  It seems that other women agree.

GrannyFrom CBS Channel 2 in Chicago:

Number Of Women Buying Handguns Increasing

October 27, 2009

Local gun shop owners say they’re seeing an increase in the number of women shoppers right now. The reasons, they say, are many, including the downturn in the economy and violence on the street.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about 48 percent of people taking their first handgun seminars this year happen to be women. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports on the growing trend.

“It’s very dangerous out there. I mean, there’s people getting robbed here and there,” said Josie Santiago. “It’s just for protection.”

Santiago says she’s always thinking about the danger lurking on the streets of the Chicago area. It’s a big reason why she visited Illinois Gun Works in Elmwood Park.

Not only did she shop for a new weapon, but she also wanted to find out about taking firearms training from the pros.


Sarah Palin demostrating that she has what it takes to be top gun.

On September 30th, 2009. The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari to McDonald v. Chicago, a case where petitioners are asking to overturn a handgun ban, and other aspects of gun registration regulations affecting rifles and shotguns in Chicago.

I would like to know your thoughts on the matter. Let’s just say that Afrocity is rooting for the guy who had great fries.

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30 Responses to “Scary Movie: In Chicago Violence Against Women is Not A Costume”

  1. juandos Says:

    Afrocity, eh?

    Well why not?

    By and large (though I don’t agree with everything you say) it is a very refreshing site, chock full of common sense and well explained sense of self determination…

    Thank you for seeing and doing something positive about the 2nd amendment and your sense of self and why it shouldn’t be left to others to protect…

    The ‘two ways to shield yourself’ photo explains your point simply and elegantly…

    I shall have to pass your site onto others who I know that have much in common with your excellent grasp of the situation…

  2. Afrocity darling… You just knew that I would be all over this!

    When I still taught Gunfighter 101 in Denver generally forty percent of my students were female. They also, in general, out shot the guys!

    I can’t say what percentage of armed women actually do end up using their firearms defensively, but at least two of my students did.

    Now, in more than twenty years working on an ambulance I never, not once, saw a rape victim that had been armed with a firearm, not once. I did see my fair share of sexual assault victims though. Both male and female. Enough about that.

    People, don’t drink the kool aid from the Brady bunch. You have a God given right to properly and effectively defend yourself, and that pre-dates the Second Amendment. Remember that the next time some better than thou type tells you that you do not have the right, or the need to own a gun.

    As always, I’ll be staying on top of this story at CLO.

    Also, I just posted a few links there that folks here might enjoy reading.

    Shoot Straight & Be Safe!

  3. Janis Says:

    Whenever feminists give me grief about gun ownership, I always tell them, “Then why don’t you think the cops should be disarmed?”

    Simple: because these paragons of female empowerment envision cops as men, and they obviously think men are more capable than women and should do the defending. How weak and Victorian of them.

    A handgun is just a specialized piece of emergency equipment that is useful in a slice of emergency situations. That’s IT. It’s not evil, it’s not a substitute dick, it’s not a political badge, and it’s not a psychological compensation. It’s a machine. It won’t keep you frmo being attacked any more than a fireextinguisher in your kitchen will keep your house fmo burning down.

    But if you need one bad, and you have it, you’ll be damned glad you did.

    Those people put too much psychological baggage on firearms; they’re machines. That’s it. Useful in some situations.

    And if you want to keep kids safe, then you do what cops do — they have handguns and kids, and they manage to keep them safe, right? Why can’t a woman learn and apply what a male cop can do?

  4. yttik Says:

    I am all for women and self defense. I’m afraid our society is not. We do not advocate women defending themselves and often punish them if they do. However, there’s that old saying, “I’d rather be judged by twelve then carried by six.”

    I love stories about women who succeeded in defending themselves. There is a bit of a media black out on those kinds of stories, we don’t women getting uppity ideas, I guess. But last week a woman in Seattle stabbed a man in the shoulder who kicked in her front door in the middle of the night. Then she chased him down the street until the cops arrived and pulled her off of him. In a town not far from here a 68 yr old woman whacked a burglar with a block of cheese causing him to slip on her tile floor and knock himself out.

    • Janis Says:

      You know what I like about those stories?

      Reading the comments where a ton and a half of men go, “HE GOT WHAT HE HAD COMING! WAY TO GO, LADY!” 🙂

      It’s not enough to make me forget all those ones about how the rape victim of the week brought it on herself, but I’ll take my antidotes where I can get them.

    • afrocity Says:


      Great stories!!!!!

      Makes me think of that poor Yale student in the lab who was killed by that assistant.

  5. Shay Says:

    One of my aunts was able to prevent an attempted rape on her many years ago as she came home from work, thanks to having a gun with her (which my uncle, a former CTA bus driver, insisted that she have). This was before Chicago’s handgun ban though.

  6. Janelle Humbert Says:

    Ferocious, funny, honest and beautiful – winning combination!

  7. joanelle Says:

    wow, Afrocity- BB included a story in her morning news summary at TC about a young girl who was raped at 13 and then pimped by her rapist – finally at 16 she got fed up with it all and shot him – but don’t you know she’s been sentenced to life emprisonment – so be careful with that weapon young woman – we don’t want anything like that happening to you.

    • Janis Says:

      More like, “Careful with that weapon young woman. We don’t want anything like that happening to your rapist.”

      I know, preaching to the choir …

  8. Holly Says:

    The Second Amendment is so powerful and should be embraced rather than chastised and regulated to the point where gun ownership is impossible like in Illinois. The gun market targeted at female consumers is booming right now and I say, “Hell yeah!.” We have the right to protect ourselves from all enemies, whether private or government.

    My friends overseas and my liberal friends in the U.S. have this stereotypical image in their heads of gun owners as a cowboy country-bumpkin. For this reason they feel they can denigrate the South and the U.S. because a sophisticated person can orally diffuse any situation. Communication works, but in the case of an attack, would I rather own a gun and shoot the perpetrator or talk him out of assaulting me? If a group of people are attacking my community, would I rather be surrounded by a bunch of hicks with guns or a bunch of hippies with words? I choose the gun.

  9. bob Says:

    Good for you. Get a concealed weapons permit. My wife, my daughter, both have them. Join the NRA. After you’ve carried for awhile, you will feel comfortable doing so. Good move, glad to hear it.

  10. IslandLibertarian Says:

    Many years ago I bought a 38 revolver as a valentine gift for my now ex wife. She loved it. Because she was the manager of a dinner house restaurant and lounge, she was able to get a concealed carry permit.
    Today, the woman I am involved with cannot legally own a firearm because she is not a citizen. And I could NEVER get a concealed carry permit in the state I live in. Getting a firearm in Hawaii is so full of restrictions, hurdles and hoops to jump through, it’s very discouraging. But I will endure, and remain an armed citizen.

  11. bob Says:

    We had a case here recently where the young woman was in her small home out in the country by herself, with her kids, when two escapees from a minimum state prison started climbing in the window. She put a gun in the first guy’s face, half way in, said, one more move I pull the trigger. He backed out. 45 minutes later they were back in custody, down the road a ways.

  12. bob Says:

    John Lott’s Website is good on guns. He’s kind of branched out lately into the wider political realm, but you’ll still see articles about the 2nd Amendment there. He’s the author of ‘More Guns, Less Crime’. He’s an academic fellow. Says he met Obama once. Obama wants your guns, no matter what he might say in public. I’ve been to a couple of his lectures. Good fellow.

  13. afrocity Says:

    Obama is a hypocrite, I passed his home today. The Chicago police guard it 24/7.

  14. Good for you, AC. It’s legal. So far, still.

  15. Melissa Says:

    At first glance, I thought the picture of “granny” was Queen Elizabeth. But then I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a big, silly hat. Anyway, thought I’d bring a chuckle to a serious post.

    Good luck with the gun, hopefully you’ll never have to use it for anything other than target practice.

  16. bob Says:

    Here is a resource about concealed carry in the USA. I do see Illinois is a tough state. My permit isn’t good there, it seems.

  17. TheRealKim Says:

    I own a gun, I know how to use it and will defend my home and my family if need be.

    What always blows my mind though is that I am constantly berated for it by my liberal friends. Shouldn’t I be able to feel safe in my home, in my car and when I am out taking care of my life??

  18. HT Says:

    Just thought I’d pop in and let you know I’m still here daily. If I lived where you do, I’d probably get a gun and take shooting lessons as well – and I’m a liberal through and through. Keep on with your delightful postings!
    P.S. Melissa, the Queen can outshoot most men!

    • afrocity Says:

      I feel your presence now that you have assured me of it. I am so blessed to have your support.

      My friend who reads the blog told me that he likes HT or “beagle lady” as he calls you.

      • HT Says:

        M’dear, I have been assuring you of my presence since you started. You aren’t going to get rid of me. “Beagle Lady” is a riot descriptor. I happen to be a “DOG” lady, but the Beagle was the gravatar that was available at the time. I’m more partial to West Highlands – loyal to a fault, tenacious, and smart. Of course, they are white, but that is only because the color was bred out of them so when they were chasing vermin (rats etc), the farmers didn’t shoot them.
        You are not blessed by my presence, you are blessed by your very nature. I am privileged to come here and read you.
        BTW, M’dear is an old celtic term of greeting to one who is a friend.

  19. Jackie Says:

    Afro- I just secured my first piece of “Jackie Homeland Security”. A beautiful Benelli H2O Marine 12g Pump Action Shot Gun. Next? A Kimber .45. You know why? Some fool invited themselves into MY home WHILE I was home…….I refuse to feel that defenseless again. I agree, get educated and get armed.

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