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Sunday Soliloquy: Maybe What’s Good Gets A Little Bit Better October 18, 2009

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norma_rae_1979During the cold weather season, I like to stay at home preferring good home cooked comfort food to loud restaurants with volumes of wine lists.

As much rent as I pay to live in a big city, I should get out and enjoy all that comes with $1850 a month. The cultural events, the shopping, sports teams. I can do all of that when it is warmer, now is the time to actually enjoy the home I pay to live in.  Blockbuster is my entertainment provider. I get three movies at a time with in store exchanges.  What to watch tonght, I wondered as I walked the wall of new releases. He’s Not That Into You, Good Dick, Ghost of Girlfriends Past”    …Nah…Then you have all of these remakes. Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine, Land of The Lost.

The stuff that future nostalgia is made of was all ready absent in the movie titles…Judging from the blurb on the DVD cover, I could see that Good Dick, was no Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

Why can’t  someone produce movies like they did during the 1970’s?? Remember the great 70’s movies, like Julia, The Deer Hunter, Marathon Man or The Godfather Part II?

Movies that made you cheer like Breaking Away or Rocky?

Movies that tackled real nitty gritty issues of America’s social underbelly  such as Taxi Driver, Klute, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Cornbread Earl and Me? The Omen, The Conversation, The Exorcist, The French Connection and anything else that began with “The” made you jump out of your seat. A romantic comedy that was not a cookie cutter Meg Ryan film but rather one that would live in your heart forever. Annie Hall and Heaven Can Wait are two that come to mind. The songs you hummed of movies like Carbaret, Fiddler on The Roof and Grease.


Actress Sally Field with based on the life and struggles of Crystal Lee Sutton, the real "Norma Rae". Crystal lost her battle with brain cancer on September 11th, 2009.

I was a huge fan of the actress Sally Field having watched her on re-runs of Gidget and The Flying Nun. Mother did not want to see the film but let me have my way because she made a mistake and took me to see The Deer Hunter.

I cried during the Russian roulette scenes so from then on, I got to choose which movies we saw. In all honesty, I thought Norma Rae would be another Sally Field comedy in the spirit of Cannonball Run.

Instead, I witnessed an outstanding portrayal of a woman who risked her own job at a North Carolina textile factory in order to form a union thus improving working conditions for her fellow employees.  Who could ever forget the scene where Sally Field stands on her workbench table holding  a white sign with the black letters spelling UNION?
To a ten year old girl, a union seemed like a great concept that was very complicated and could make you very unpopular. The union organizing aspect of the movie was not what made the film endearing for me. It was Sally’s portrayal of a woman who obviously wanted to be larger in life than her social standing would allow.

Unions being enormously liberal in concept appealed to my mother who loved to stir trouble.  The subway ride on the way to grandmother’s house began with a mother-daughter conversation about fighting the good fight. All 70’s movies contained a teachable moment of some sort. Mother wanted mine to be fighting an unjust and corrupt system that was against the “little guy”.  She decided to use the unfairness of the Illinois welfare program as an example. I should preface this by saying that my mother had gone all “Norma Rae” in a Chicago welfare office on several occasions. She has cursed out at least two caseworkers and several poor clerks at the currency exchange where web received our monthly check and food stamps. I do not care to elaborate on what she said but let’s just say that a security guard was once involved. Embarrassing indeed.

NormaRaeAs the subway conversation progressed mother became annoyed with me when when I asked what was in her mind a dumb defeatist question:

“Why didn’t Norma just find another job or get a better one?” I asked. Made sense to me, she could have went to college and did better than folding clothing.

“Because she wanted to make her job better than what it was. She was not a quitter. Only quitters leave.”

It was no secret that my mother always saw me as a wimp. I would never fight back when challenged by a bully in school. Mother would yell at the child herself, once even becoming my puppeteer as she made me maneuver my hand to slap another child.  I was not the fighter in the family, she was. I could not play softball as she did. I would not be the track star in high school. good for reading books and not much else. Why fight when you could gain so much more by just finding something that was not worth the trouble?If a kid didn’t like me I would just avoid them. Last to be picked for the volley ball team in gym class? I would just show them up later by winning the spelling bee.

“Is that why we stay on food stamps because you are fighting the system?”  I was really trying to understand her. “Fighting sure takes a long time and look at Norma, she ended up with no job.”

Mother crossly answered, “That is not the same thing. First of all she is white and will always have a job. Second, sometimes fighting for something means that you win by losing.”


“You can’t win and lose at the same time,” I said. ” The person who wins on the Price is Right is not losing when they get a car.”

“That is not the same kind of fight or winning Afrocity.”

Mother was quiet for a moment. I looked out at the “L” tracks. The Norma Rae theme song was in my head. I liked it, it was a pretty tune.

Theme from “Norma Rae”
Ain’t no miracle being born
People doin’ it everyday
It ain’t no miracle growing up, ah

People just grow that way
So it goes like it goes
Like the river flows
And time it rolls right on

And maybe what’s good gets a little bit better
And maybe what’s bad gets gone
Ah, bless the child of a working man

She knows too soon who she is
And bless the hands of a working man
Oh, he knows his soul is his

So it goes like it goes
Like the river flows
And time it rolls right on
And maybe what’s good gets a little bit better
And maybe what’s bad gets gone

So it goes like it goes
Like the river flows
And time keeps rolling right on, oh
And maybe what’s good gets a little bit better

And maybe what’s bad gets gone

“Afrocity, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy and Malcom X were all fighters for the people.”

“…and they are dead.” I returned. “They are not winners. Winners don’t die.”

She frowned at me. “You have too much of your grandmother in you. Passive and made a fool out of.”

A pit was dug between mother and daughter again. The same pit that she dug between herself and her mother. All I knew was that grandmother paid for my school tuition and was better off financially than we were.

Cartoon by Keith Tucker

Cartoon by Keith Tucker

“Grandma has more money than you do so how is she passive?” I asked not quite sure what passive meant but I knew it was something bad.

“She is also scrubbing Jewish folk’s floors,” she sneered. ” I would rather be on welfare than to be a white man’s maid, especially a Jew.”

“What’s wrong with Jews?”

“They use black people and take advantage of us. I wish blacks would stand up and stop letting them do it and now these Asian’s are coming into our neighborhoods opening stores while we give them our money.”

“It is food stamps not money.” I corrected her and she rolled her eyes at me. I liked the Chinese people who ran out corner store. They always gave us a few few extra slices of salami…”

“Black people she own businesses in their own damn communities.”  The steam was coming from her ears. Again I was trying to help and sound smart.

“So why don’t they open their own stuff?”

Mother did not answer me. Our stop came darkness was approaching and we still had another bus to catch. African American vagrants were about the streets. Hustling, playing shell games, drinking from bottles covered in brown paper bags. A man tried to hit on my mother. She told him to get the hell out of her face.He reluctantly walked away cursing her. There was no reason to be afraid, I knew she could handle herself.  Norma Rae’s song was still in my head.

“Momma the song said maybe what’s good gets a little bit better.”

“What song?” she asked, somewhat distracted by the our shady surroundings.

“The song from the Norma Rae movie…Maybe what’s good gets a little bit better…and maybe what’s bad get’s gone.”


“…so if things like welfare or jobs don’t get better you should get gone…so I was right.”

She shook her head “No you are not right and that is not what the song means…Only quitters get gone.”

Our bus finally arrived, as we boarded, we noticed to our surprise that grandmother was on the bus too.  I ran over to her “What are you doing here?” I asked. I rarely saw my grandmother on public transportation because she left so early in the morning to work as a maid in the Chicago suburbs.

“I am coming from work.”

“Cleaning Jewish floors?” I smiled but meant no harm.  Grandmother looked at my mother and rolled the tired brown eyes behind her glasses. She always wore a hat and nice coat but mom said it did not matter how well you dressed if you cleaned a white man’s house.

“No,” my mother’s mother answered with a twisted up lip. ” This time it was just a regular old white family.”

I sat next to grandmother. She smelled like Ammonia and Commet. Her hands were ashy. She was in her 60’s, too old to be someone’s maid. Mother sat on the opposite side of the bus. Sometimes I felt that she hated her mother. I never knew exactly why but mother always said her mother was weak and allowed their father to abuse her and her seven siblings.

Grandmother was good to me now and that was all that mattered.

” Can we have macaroni and cheese?” I asked my grandmother


I nodded.

“mac n’ cheese, cheeseburgers…too much cheese makes you constipated and you will pass gas”

Speaking of gas, I smiled and whispered in grandmother’s ear. “Momma says I am passive just like you because I won’t fight and lose my job like the woman in the movie today.”

Smiling slyly at my mother because I knew she thought it rude for me to whisper, I wrapped my arm around grandmother’s

I could not see my grandmother’s face when she said this but could tell it was directed in the direction of my mother.

“We are not passive. We just like to speak softly and carry a big stick…even if that stick is the broom that pays for your daughter’s catholic school tuition.”

Our stop came. We walked two more blocks to grandmother’s house. Always nicely furnished and smelling of Glade. The two women cooked side by side as the child played, humming the Norma Rae song, then the passives and the aggressive broke bread together.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Obama’s Berlin Promise by Bellamags October 15, 2009

Barack Obama during 2008 Berlin speech

Barack Obama during 2008 Berlin speech

The following post is by Autographed Letter Signed guest commentator Bellamags.

I am going to disagree with those who believe Obama didn’t deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama deserves it. (I know, pick your jaws up off the table) One hundred and ten percent he deserves it. It makes total sense for an Obama win if we change the name of the prize to what it should be considering past and present winners.

I nominate “Global Socialist of the Year Prize” for the new name.


Now don’t go and get all absolute on me and recite a few recipients that don’t deserve this meritorious award. There are some exceptions. The fact that Obama has won should worry us, not surprise us if we look at the facts and current events around the world. The award committee afforded this as the reason Obama won the prize: “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” In other words, “Global Socialist of the Year”.

Gore tree huggerLet’s examine the 2007 winner – Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change, Al Gore. Most political junkies know ol’ Ally Poo is single handedly pushing a green agenda to change the global economy. Don‘t believe me? Check this out. (An interesting side note: I put the words “alliance for” in the Google search bar and without further prompting by me “climate protection” magically appeared completing the search string. Google is an awesome search engine, but they are a bunch of socialists).

Apparently, Al Gore’s (or as any self respecting South Park junkie calls him) Manbearpig’s Alliance for Climate Protection is working on some sweeping “projects” as they so innocuously call them. Would it surprise anyone to know that Obama nominated the CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection, Cathy Zoi, for a key position within the Department of Energy? Not the Department of Energy for the moon or the coat closet in Narnia, but the DOE of the United States of America.

Seriously, someone hand me a barf bag, preferably one from the back of a leather chair on Al Gore‘s carbon not so neutral one mile per gallon Gulfstream jet.

How do we ensure global socialism? There are several key factors or goals that must be reached. These goals differ depending on whose agenda you are reading, but it does all center on fuel and money (they are one in the same, eh?). I found so much information on this, it made my head spin and decided instead of re-writing all of it, I would just cut and paste.

The following is portion of an article written November 28, 2008 by Samuel R. Kephart which sums it up nicely:

nobel-peace-prize-cartoon“…The Bush Administration, by bailing out crooked Wall Street firms, buying into big banks across the nation, and underwriting our union-controlled Big Three automakers has already set up a rationale for and the expectation of massive government intervention in US markets. The next step, a global financial regulatory scheme, will come quickly and easily. It will be sold to us as a necessary step towards stabilizing markets. Bad enough in and of itself, that will only be the start. Next you’ll see regulations “suggested”- by the same EU crowd regarding climate change, energy supplies, food production, healthcare, and telecommunications. Saying no will be tough, because Washington will have already accepted the internationalists’ financial aid (with terms) and gulped their groupthink Kool-Aid. America will rapidly become, de facto, a regulatory “colony”- for the EU. Not a pretty picture for a country whose very foundation was based on a revolt against British colonialism….”

Next step: Mr. Kephart asserts businesses large and small will be forced to buy carbon credits to offset their “pollution”. This cost will be passed on to the customer (this means YOU). He states:

“Carbon credits, like financial derivatives, are nothing more than a shared illusion that literally creates something out of nothing. It’s vaporware that will generate tens of billions in commissions annually and transfer our wealth to others offshore.”

Recently Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia said this regarding Obama and his presidency:

“The financial crisis, climate change, security, these are things which individual nation states need now to work actively in partnership with other countries to effectively resolve and I believe in president-elect Obama, Australia will have a good friend and partner.”

What Mr. Rudd really meant was: The financial crisis, climate change and security will be the key issues in ensuring global socialism. I’m all warm and fuzzy, how ‘bout ya’ll?


The following excerpts are from the website

From the front page:

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today. If we don’t act now we put the future of our planet in peril. We want Europe to lead by example, and introduce a more ambitious energy policy for the EU. We are working towards achieving a new global agreement for the post-2012 period on the basis of a 30% emissions reduction. Sustainable development can create jobs and help save the planet.”

Sounds supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, huh?

Doing a search on the keyword “Obama” I found this deeper in the bowels of the same site. This is an entire web page either dedicated to pressuring Obama into submission or depending on your take on the situation, rolling out a red (heh) carpet for him. (I left out the first paragraph which was basically a bunch of ass-kissing):

“…….Barack Obama, on whom so many hopes are pinned, is inheriting a poisoned chalice. After eight years tainted by the unilateralism of the unloved warmonger Bush, America’s economy and international reputation have taken a severe battering. The homemade financial crisis has escalated into a global recession and left the English-speaking world’s brand of capitalism looking redundant. The prolonged war in Iraq has placed a severe strain on alliances and friendships, the US budget, and inner cohesion within American society. Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo have deeply embedded themselves in the collective consciousness as symbols of US-American arrogance and double standards. Not just the US economy, but also its moral credibility, are in need of repair. Obama faces a herculean task that threatens to overwhelm even the most powerful man on the planet. He may see the attraction of a withdrawal into protectionism and isolationism. However, the task before Barack Obama, if he is to prove his ability to overcome the global challenges he faces, is that of strengthening multilateralism and re-defining America’s relations with Europe.

The tensions and divisions that the Bush administration provoked in its relations with Europe must be consigned to history, starting from today. Close political cooperation within the transatlantic partnership is the precondition for resolving the global problems facing our increasing multipolar world.

Ok. Stop. I was just going to let this go, but I just can’t. There is a north pole and a south pole. That is it. We are in a “bi-polar” world not a “multi-polar” world. If there were more than one pole the earth would stop spinning and everyone on this planet would die a slow and agonizing death. Ok..continue…

D1109US0“Amid all the prevailing Obama mania, however, Europeans must be clear about one thing: the White House’s new incumbent will increasingly be holding Europe to account and demanding greater international commitment from us. Obama’s level of serious commitment to diplomacy and human rights is something that Europeans will be able to gauge soon if the president-elect delivers on his promise and shuts down that symbol of US policy gone wrong, namely the prison camp at Guantánamo. We wait anxiously to see how Obama delivers on his Berlin promise of a “new and global partnership” with Europe….”

The EU socialists are anxious to see if Obama is going to deliver on his “Berlin promise”, referencing the now infamous speech he gave in late June, 2008 to a crowd in Berlin, Germany, which with good reason, left many Americans with an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Accentuate The Positive. Eliminate the Negative. And Blame The Rest On Bush October 13, 2009

bush_derangement_syndrome-sIt seems the media is loading up your high definition television sets with tales of Obama Derangement Syndrome which of course always leads to a secondary infection of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize…Anyone who dares to say he did not deserve it is a hater or a racist (surprised?).  Liberals do not discuss why Obama deserved the award only because he was “Not Bush” .

As a result no true vetting of the Nobel Prize nominees were encouraged. Anyone who is not Bush is okay in their book.

It is tempting for conservatives to ask the Obamabots what has dear leader accomplished during his nine months in office.

They will swallow a couple of swigs of Kool Aid…well actutallu they are sucking on ice at this point.  They tell you…”Give the man some time…He  inherited 8 years of catastrophe from George W. Bush….Let the man do his job…”

Further responses to such “negative questions”  will only prove that it pays in minutes of your life as a sane person to shut your mouth while maintaining a look of admiration as Obama speaks words of wisdom and buttery blessings from his teleprompter.  I can say that I did not vote for George W. Bush until I turn into a mermaid and the Obamatrons will never believe me.

Afrocity is now a Republican so of course she voted for George W. Bush.

No lighting a candle at the Obama shrine? No galloping through the streets of urban decay with your fiddle playing BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA HMMMM, MMMM,MMMM ?  Then it is so obvious that you are a Bush supporter.

From "Eric" at Facebook...Words cannot express the amount of moonbattery displayed in this scene.

From "Eric" at Facebook...Words cannot express the amount of moonbattery displayed in this scene.

“What did YOU do to help Barack Obama?” I am often asked.

I answer , “Voted for McCain”.

As we watched Obama struggle with decisions about health care reform, beer summits, and Afghanistan, any logical person could see that the man is a mere mortal after all, and out of his depth.  It is not about George W. Bush anymore and it will not be in 2 years either. Realizing that is not negative. It is called reality and I said similar things when Bush supporters attempted to blame September 11th, 2001 on Bill Clinton.


Saturday Night Live ( SNL), a show that I girlcott for their contributions to Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome, actually criticized King Obama for the first time.

What happens next?

The skit is  analyzed by liberal media outlets with a white latex glove looking to get off on a body cavity search.

Was the skit actually factual? They ask.

Since when did Saturday Night Live warrant the attention of Fact Check .org?   More than that, the Obama negative thought police failed to fact check SNL’s skits portraying Sarah Palin as a GOP wind up doll.  I can recall plenty of SNL anti-Bush skits done by comedian Will Ferrell. Where was the CNN scrutiny then?

Very curious indeed.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Sunday Soliloquy: Chicken Soup For The Motherless Daughter’s Soul October 11, 2009

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Global Warming Protest Today in Chicago

Global Warming Protest Today in Chicago

Allergy season has left me feeling somewhat under the weather today.
I battle this pretty much all year around as I am allergic to dust, mold, and ragweed. Oh and I forgot that I am also susceptible to cat dander and I own two cats despite my constant sneezing and itching, proving that love indeed requires tolerance and Rhinocort.


Speaking of the weather, unfortunately Chicago is living up to its two season reputation. Temperatures plummeted to 30 chilly degrees last night. On cold days such as this, I warm up something to take the chill off and crank up the heat. I bought special chocolate covered marshmallows with peppermint chips to go along with my Ghiradelli white chocolate cocoa mix. A tea light candle is burning inside of my silver kitty head shaped jack o’ lantern.

I walk to my window to look at the lake. No more sailboats, instead just cold and black water.

During this reflective moment, I considered myself lucky. If this had been twenty years ago, there is a possibility  that I would have been ill with a sinus infection and sleeping in a house with no heat. The look back and laugh days was what my mother called them.  My memory took into account the stark contrast of the lovely furniture that surrounded me with the one simple bed my mother and I shared at 637 N. Central Ave.

No gas, heat no water. Now here I am decades later drinking $6 cocoa with $12 dollar marshmallows floating on top, a Persian cat, and a receipt for the $1850 of rent I just paid.

Next to my window is an original George Nelson credenza I purchased in New York City when I began collecting modern mid century furniture.  Inside the credenza is a box containing my mother’s ashes. I would not go there again. I would not take the ashes out and looks at them. That is morbid. It cures nothing.

It was always common for me to want to share everything with my mother.  There were times when I would attend a party for kids only. Knowing that we had no food at home, I would bring something back to share with her. Deviled eggs did not make for good leftovers especially wrapped in a Kleenex , stuffed in an eleven year old’s jeans pocket.  Still, she ate it and I was happy that I could share my fortune that day with her.

Now, I only wanted her to drink cocoa with me and sit by the warm fire watching the lake.  Death leaves you powerless. It is that one irreversible act.

Why us?I wondered.

Why would God take you away from me when I was not finished making you happy? I was not finished undoing all of the hard times we shared. Forgiving God has been a slow process for me. He knew how much it meant to me to make mother happy. To make her having me and not getting an abortion worth it. Just when I was prepared to give her the life she wanted, he took her.

My good fortune wasted, all that is left is cocoa, cats, marshmallows, and ashes.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Obama Wins Nobel Prize…But Did He Bring Peace To Chicago? October 9, 2009


The news of President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was met by a gloomy cold rainy morning in Chicago.

A morning again tainted by death and violence.

A mother is childless. A child is motherless.

Since January 1, 2009 nearly 50 youths have been murdered in Chicago.

Yesterday, I posted a link on my Facebook Page about a 20 year old mother of three who was shot dead on Chicago’s west side.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Young mom slain in West Side drive-by

By Pat Curry and Carlos Sadovi Chicago TribuneOctober 9, 2009

A 20-year-old mother of three was gunned down in a drive-by shooting Wednesday night on Chicago’s West Side.

The shooting of Natasha Howliet baffled her relatives, who said they could think of no reason why someone would target her.

Howliet, of the 400 block of South Lotus Avenue, was shot about 8 p.m. Wednesday in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, police said. She was standing on the sidewalk at a corner bus stop with a girlfriend and two male friends when a red vehicle went by and someone inside started shooting, police said.

Authorities said one of the men was the intended target, and at least eight shots were fired.

Shenicka Sturghil, a cousin of Howliet, called Howliet an innocent victim.

“My cousin did nothing to nobody. … Why did they take her life like that?” Sturghil said through tears. “It’s a tragedy. She just celebrated her 3-year-old daughter’s birthday yesterday. This is awful. She bled to death.”

Howliet’s grandmother Hattie Sturghil said her granddaughter had three children, Jenia, 3, who celebrated her birthday Wednesday; another girl, Janlin, who will be 2 in November; and a boy, Janda, 6 months.

The children are in foster care, Sturghil said. Howliet was in court this week fighting to regain custody of them, she said.

Sturghil said the slain mother saw her children earlier this week. There had been a “mishap” that caused the kids to be removed from Howliet’s care, but Sturghil refused to elaborate.

Hattie Sturghil said she spoke to her granddaughter on the telephone on Tuesday and was told that the court was set to return her children to her.

Howliet recently graduated from Daley College, her grandmother said.

barack_obama_no_historyI will kindly spare you the long history of violence in Chicago. You know the story. You also know that this is the city occupied by Barack Obama before he became our leader. You have seen the cell phone video tape of 16 year old Derrion Albert being beaten to death on the Chicago streets. Did Obama actually come to Chicago to address the violence taking place in the city that gave him his political start? The community that he organized?

From the Atlanta Journal Constitition

Violence in Chicago: A call to action but by whom?

3:34 pm October 8, 2009, by Maureen Downey

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan traveled to Chicago Wednesday to talk about the rise in youth violence in that city and the brutal beating death of an honor student outside of a South Chicago high school last month.

As former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Duncan has been criticized for school closings that some allege have worsened gang violence. Critics say feuding gangs now share the same school or cross “enemy territory” to get to school, increasing opportunities for confrontations.

Honor student Derrion Albert was caught in the middle of one of those fights as he walked to his school bus and was beaten to death, a tragedy captured on a ubiquitous cell phone camera and broadcast to a shocked nation.

Holder called the boy’s death “a call to action.”

But what sort of action? What can the federal government do to quell youth violence?

“Youth violence is not a Chicago problem any more than it is a black problem, a white problem or a Hispanic problem,” said Holder.

Is it a federal problem?

About 70 students have been murdered since the start of 2007 school term, mostly in their neighborhoods on the way to or from school, according to the New York Times.

What can the schools do when the communities around them are so unsafe that students are kicked to death walking to the school bus? Isn’t this a crisis for law enforcement rather than schools?

2008 Rolling Stone Cover befitting of a rock star more than a U.S. President

2008 Rolling Stone Cover befitting of a rock star more than a U.S. President

The situation we are faced with here in Chicago is at odds with the news of Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It is at odds with all media representations of Obama the “superstar”.

In America, our unemployment rate is climbing, our dollar is falling, and our children are dying.

Oddly, this president of nine months has just been bestowed one of the world’s greatest honors.

Again, for Barack Obama this is another empty trophy- an accolade come all too soon without a narrative based in accomplishment or history.

It is offered as a most shocking sacrifice to his ever growing mantle following the feelings of euphoria and leg tingles one gets when the name Barack Husein Obama is mentioned.

No critics, I am not bitter.

I am not a hater.

I am not writing this piece as a Republican who voted for John McCain.

I have not authored this because I am a racist Neo-con or self-loathing African American with a mammy mentality who grew up in a household of riches.

My post today stems from a benign curiosity and the sense of shame one feels when one has been tricked into believing that a singular shred of logical thought actually exists in this world we are living in today. I am slowly coming to terms with the collective rise of myths, comic book heroes and the weak minds that continue to populate this society.

Obama_GodNelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and Barack Hussein Obama. One of these things does not belong here. Come on can you tell which one?

President Obama, you have radically reached the realm of untouchable. You can create miracles like no other.

Please pretty please give my friend “Tom” a job. He has been unemployed for two years.

I beg of you to restore peace amoung our youth in Chicago and everywhere.

What about the situation in Afghanistan? Can you fix that too?

Erase our national debt.

Just do something simple.

Do the job you were elected to do.

Keep the promises you made to those who supported you?  It should be simple?


Autographed Letter Signed,



Thursday Kitchen Bitch: The Mammy Diaries Go Live!!! October 8, 2009

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

This Thursday’s bitch is a “vlog” post from my good ol’ kitchen. It is my response to the charge that I am  possessed of mammy mentality because I am a black conservative.  You will recall that in Tuesdays Autographed Letter Signed post I posted the entire quote which accused me of such behavior. I received a tremendous amount of support from my readers. For that I thank you all for taking the time from your neo-con activities at the country club to post at ALS.  On a serious note, I want you all to know that it is you that keeps me going during a time when it seems almost impossible to speak with anyone about politics without being chastised as an”Obama hater”, mammy, Auntie Tom, self-loathing of my skin color.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Thank you for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me. The one thing I have learned since becoming a conservative is that my GOP buddies are more tolerant of my dissenting views on the pro-life movement and support of gay marriage than my liberal friends are of my stance against Obamacare. I also want to give a special thank you to those of you who are PUMA’s. We began as Hillary supporters. We have since gone in separate directions. I went right but I love you all who have never left ;-).

Autographed Letter Signed,


PS. Yes my audio and video are not in sync. This always happens on You tube but never when I load the videos elsewhere. Sorry about that.


Liberal Hypocrisy Files: The Mammy Diaries October 6, 2009

mammyAh, another beautiful day in post-racial America…Where those who agree with the liberal agenda  are shining happy sheeple holding hands…but if you are not watch out. The racism boogie man will get you.

However there are racist lined clouds in the sky.

You were warned that no one is safe. Not even Afrocity.

During a recent Face Book exchange with two African American Obama supporters and a British liberal, I was called something rather disturbing.

The insult was one that will be familiar to many black Republicans. I was called a mammy.

To be fair I will give the proper context before I post her exact quote. The exchange was about the Chicago’s now failed  2016 Olympic bid and Obama’s trip to Copenhagen.

I jumped in and commented that Obama should have stayed in the U.S. .

I was then given a response that basically said how it is about time that an African American was representing (blacks) and the commenter said they feel “free”.

In turn, I responded that it was sad that she needed Obama’s election win to feel free and proud as an African American.

Her following response was this:

…there are African Americans with the “mamie” complex and “yes sir” complex-they will argue and die for their master…and yes, it was a low … Read Moreblow!! The lack of black consciousness in this country is not as common as you think (thank God) especially in the east coast..@ Afrocity-you’re a really smart woman no … Read Moredoubt…probably smarter than all of us combined (you are special…maybe you grew up with some money I presume?)…but you’re not a progressive thinker…you’re a limited thinker with a one sided message—a sound bite– you only speak from the mind not the heart! Clearly, there are whites who hate you because of your skin color…NEO CONS don’t roll with blacks. NEO CONS golf at country clubs while making business deals… and you will always be seen the as help…helping a cause that benefits the wealthy with health care and corporate jets!! good for you!! I’m not one to kiss ass… There is some deep seated issues which goes beyond the scope of politics with you…and you are projecting all the negativity from the black experience and unaware of an audience that view you in a different light than you see yourself…..

auntjemima_1The formative powers of post-racial America’s race card are also turning black republicans and conservatives into mammy dolls and Uncle Tom’s.

According to the commenter, I am

1. ignorant of the fact that white people hate me.

2. I never speak sincerely from my own heart.

3. …”roll” with NEO-CONS who don’t roll with me (?)

4. I am viewed by my fellow conservatives as “help”. In other words my Caucasian conservative friends/readers see me as their …maid…mammy, pickin’ cotton.

Like Condi Rice, Afrocity needs to go back to the Inner-City Racial Re-Education Camp

Like Condi Rice, Afrocity needs to go back to the Inner-City Racial Re-Education Camp

5. Also my readers view me in “different light” than I view myself.

negro-mammySo tell me white racist conservative readers.

How do you view Afrocity?

And please do not hold anything back.

1902 "topsy turvey doll" for self-loathing black conservatives like myself. Sometimes I like to pretend I am white you know.

1902 "topsy turvey doll" for self-loathing black conservatives like myself. Sometimes I like to pretend I am white you know. So I just lift up my skirt and presto change o' cotton balls...I am white just like that.

If you see me shining your Doc Martin combat boots, be honest and say so.

Envision me in your kitchen making chitterlin’ pineapple casserole? Speak up about it. Remove your white hoods so I can see your faces.

By all means confess your antebellum thoughts and desires. I can take it like a good slave.

Obviously I was a fool to actually believe that my conservative friends saw me as being an equal. I should have known when you failed to hand me a welfare application that you guys were all racist in your views.

How dare you praise me for uplifting myself from a childhood of reliance on government funding and homelessness!!! Why didn’t you send me an invitation to become Face Book friends with the food stamp fan club???


Autographed Letter Signed,


Oh. PS…Black male republicans don’t think you guys are off the hook either. Like yours truly, you are self-loathing black people and have an identity crisis.