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Moonbat Monday: The FOX Hunters October 26, 2009


For little more than a year I have been in a wonderful relationship…with FOX News.

Other’s seem to agree as FOX news makes a killing every night in the ratings.  Yes, I love Bill-O, Sean, Shep, Greta, Glenn, Megyn, Charles Krauthhammer, Tammy Bruce, and even Juan.  Am I fair and balanced in my choice of news sources?  Hell no! Frankly, I do not care.

3596619837_b090aab6ceDuring a frustrating August day in 2008, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the media coverage surrounding then presidential candidate Barack Obama, especially on cable networks CNN and MSNBC.

To be fair, my mind was already made up against Obama.   He could not have given me 1 million dollars for my vote.  All that I needed to see of him and his lack of presidential qualities I admired had been locked in since his bid for the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton.

However, it seemed clear to me that the good folks of CNN and MSNBC also were firm in their decision about the upcoming election. Campbell Brown -all bull…so biased. Keith Olberman (blech). It was all about Barry. Barry could do no wrong.  GOP VP-nominee Sarah Palin was an idiot. John McCain was a racist and so were his gun toting supporters.

Distanced logic and a commitment to telling the truth seemed to be the last thing on the minds of reporters getting tingles up their legs over THE CHOSEN ONE. That is when I chose FOX.

At first, I delighted in the absence of Obama worship. That is what brought me to FOX.   With time, it was the network’s no frills commentators, tenacity for getting at the heart of the matter and commitment  to balanced reporting that kept me with Fox.  I also appreciate the feminine aspect of the network. Beauty and brains rule, every woman with a law degree, sweet smile and the bite of a pit bull.

Remember this little tiff between Megyn Kelly and Obama Campaign guy Bill Burton?


Okay, so FOX News and Obama seem to have a bit of history. However, now that the 2008 presidential campaign is in the history books and Obama is our president, some feuds never die.

From this article in U.S. News and World Reports

White House: Fox Pushed Team Obama Over the Brink

A senior Obama adviser says White House staffers realized they’d never get a fair shake from Fox

Posted October 23, 2009

The White House’s feud with Fox News has caused an irresistible buzz in Washington, but many are wondering precisely what prompted President Obama and his advisers to go ballistic against the network.

Here’s the answer: Team Obama was pushed over the brink by a growing list of what it considered outrageous anti-Obama conduct by Fox that showed no sign of stopping. Obama’s advisers say that they seethed while Fox commentators used their shows to encourage protests against Obama’s healthcare proposals last summer. Team Obama fumed as Fox personalities tried to pressure some controversial Obama advisers to resign. White House officials

say that Fox has continued to stir the pot against Obama in a regular pattern—raising a criticism, having Republican congressional leaders comment on it, and then using those comments to keep the criticism alive.

A break point came when Fox tried to create the impression that angry anti-Obama protesters at congressional town hall meetings last summer signaled that Obama’s healthcare proposals were dying, a story line that other news organization picked up. White House officials say this was untrue, that those proposals were not dying at all.

Another break point came when Fox commentator Chris Wallace called White House officials “crybabies.” A senior Obama adviser tells U.S. News that White House staffers developed “a growing realization” that the president would never get a fair shake from Fox.

White House insiders say that, at some point, White House officials will appear again on Fox, but they will do so expecting an antagonistic atmosphere, as if they were appearing on conservative talk radio. Asked what White House insiders hope to accomplish with the feud, the adviser says, “We are not spending much time here at the White House thinking about Fox” but are focusing instead on the president’s agenda, including health care legislation, the economy, regulatory reform, Afghanistan

, and Iran. “Fox is using this to promote themselves,” the adviser says. “Our hope is simply that responsible journalists will not go chasing after Fox stories” as if these stories were legitimate.


Image from Contra

Hmmm, if the Obama administration is so “not worried about FOX news can someone explain why they are trying so hard to lock out the news station that they claim is “not a legitimate news source”?

Again the Obamabots seek to crush and destroy rather than lead by example thus giving the world precious pearls of beer sud wisdom and “teachable moments”

Desperate to stay in the game weasel Democrats who normally shy away from FOX have been cropping up on the network. This morning Florida congress woman Deb Wasserman Schultz popped up on the morning show –cheery and full of liberal bias as always.

Sunday Lanny Davis got his ass handed to him on a platter by Mike Huckabee.

I do not agree with everything Mike Huckabee stands for but I love the way he handles himself with liberals.

I love it. Mike was honest. Yes we are fair and balanced but that does not mean we drink the Kool Aid and it certainly does not mean we hide what we believe in.

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11 Responses to “Moonbat Monday: The FOX Hunters”

  1. Holly Says:

    Over the summer, Bill O’Reilly asked a rhetorical question as to why the White House attacked Fox News and said he did not understand the purpose behind the attacks. Currently people believe that this is to denigrate their coverage, so as other networks will not heed the message of Fox News as valid and newsworthy stories. I believe it extends beyond this.

    All one has to do is look back to Obama this summer, when speaking before a “townhall” of supporters, he mocked anyone in attendance of a tea party. “If you see those peope, waving tea bags….” After his comment everyone laughed, including him, and followed with him saying that he is welcome to a “debate.” He is not, never has been, never will be. President Obama holds a disdain for the tea party goers, and Fox News is euphemism for the audience of dissent. We are the real target…Fox News is simply the easiest way of attacking us.

    Don’t you love Megyn Kelly? Brilliant.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    You would think the “Great Campaigner and Co.” would be going on Fox as much as possible to try to convince or gain some acceptance from the non-believers. I thought that was the purpose of campaigning. I guess our president just does all the campaigning around people who agree with him for the ego boost…

    Fox has the highest ratings and Obama could reach the most people on there. Really only 1/4 of Fox’s programming is opinion or commentator based shows and the rest is news.

  3. Deathknyte Says:

    Get a fair shake?

    What do they mean by that? Is FOX to act like all the other networks and only report what obama wants them to report and report it in the fashion that obama wants it? I am fairly sure that’s what they mean by “fair shake”. I wonder how he would feel if all the other networks suddenly started doing their job and reporting exactly what he is trying to do instead of sugar coating what they do have to report.

  4. Bud White Says:

    They attack Fox because Fox if effective. Remember Bill Clinton was racist, same with Geraldine Ferraro…they attacked Sarah Palin in the most misogynistic manner, Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh (now in 2nd cycle of attacks)…and now Fox. These filthy Marxists from Chicago will destroy anyone in their path.

    (Great post, AC! Got me mad!)

  5. gs Says:

    You might get a laugh by clicking on the “Fox Hunt” tile at Daryl Cagle’s cartoon site. Here’s the first page.

  6. bob Says:

    Heh, well she was good. She gave him the what for.

  7. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    Great post AC. Love Megyn Kelly and she is no conservative by any measure as is Chris Wallace – like Jake Tapper of ABC though they are good reporters.

    The White House can’t seem to differentiate between opinion shows vs news shows – shows how low their IQ is. The White House is more afraid of FOX NEWS than Iran, N. Korea, Russia, Castro brothers, the Taliban’s, … he is willing to sit down with his enemies but not American’s who disagree with him and a news station that beat up on him rightfully – no pun intended

    • “The White House can’t seem to differentiate between opinion shows vs news shows – shows how low their IQ is.”

      That sums the whole thing up. I would add that not only can they not tell the difference but they can’t take even the slightest bit of criticism. Obama is a spoiled child, if he had to deal with the things said about him that Bush had to deal with he would spend the rest of his term locked in the Oval Office crying in a corner. You can say what you want about Bush but you could throw a shoe at the guy and it wouldn’t even phase him. It’s on youtube. Bush is like a ninja, watch it and tell me I’m wrong.

      Obama comes off as an egotistical child who believes in his own hype.

      And Huckabee is hilarious.

  8. Bud White Says:

    This is one of the best pieces I’ve read recently. Obama wants to dismantle the country. Scary stuff:

  9. mainenowandthen Says:

    Got to love the blogosphere when it comes to finding independent thinkers and the same applies to the FOX new channel.

    Their broadcast personnel are first rate and they certainly do offer conflicting viewpoints – sometimes their Liberal guests goad me into shouting at the TV – but I believe that FOX is a great example of what a news presenting organization should be.

    I was happy when the competing networks made a stand against the exclusion of FOX from a “news pool” briefing (my comments are available at and forced the White House to back down. Perhaps the media is finally beginning to understand the implicit danger in unabashed toadying to the Obama crowd.

    Thanks for an insightful post.

  10. aussie Says:

    As an outsider and a recent visitor to your country, I have to say that FOX was like a breath of fresh air compared to the garbage reported on CNN. When I was there it was Michael Jackson, 24/7. Even worse, the manner in which they covered the Honduras situation was extraordinarily partisan…..

    If you want a good reason why they are being so stupid about FOX, then the answer lies in the way that FOX has done the work that no other network would do – ACORN scandal, Van Jones scandal… the other media took more than a week to catch up with these scandals.

    Only Fox has been adequately cover the T.E.A. parties around the country – at least proper coverage that does not include the snide and sneering “tea-baggers” type comment.

    On top of that the WH is incensed because the Dhimmicrats got a bit of a hiding at those town hall meetings. Again, only FOX covered the real issues whilst the rest of the media used snide remarks and distortions.

    People are a wake up to this kind of thing. Look at what Van Jones attempted with his attack on Glen Beck. That attack on Beck backfired because of a tape and a document signed by Van Jones. There was no distortion at all. Van Jones is a Communist and he has acknowledged that he is a Communist.

    However, the real issue for Obama is the ACORN scandal. He must be scared sh’tless because of his own links to ACORN and the WFP. O’Keefe and Giles did the country a great service with their undercover sting. O’Keefe is a progressive and he is not a conservative, and he is smart because he recognized that there was corruption within ACORN that is linked to the housing crisis and the economic downturn that all of us have experienced.

    Since FOX was the leader on these matters, the other media have found themselves doing catch up because they were embarrassed over these revelations. No doubt the WH wanted to isolate FOX so that the media would turn away from the real news to only report what the WH dictates. Pathetic…..

    It is very Nixonian.

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