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Afrocity Obey October 20, 2009

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19 Responses to “Afrocity Obey”

  1. SYD Says:

    Oh noes!

    Not Afrocity!!

    It can’t be….


  2. Modem X Says:

    AfroCity, your blog gives me hope for the future. Teaching college, I’ve encountered so many young people who cannot write cohesive sentences, much less write as beautifully as you do.

    P.S. I love your Dalmatian. We had three when I was growing up and they are a beautiful breed.

  3. IslandLibertarian Says:

    Well, imagine my surprise! All it took was a “HIP” graphic of you to make me realize that YOU, Afrocity are the “HOPE” for all of us and that YOU will lead us to the promised land.

    Forget about that other zero.

    /I “hope” you have a framed version for your home……

  4. madrigal Says:


    that is scary

    Please don’t say you love big brother.

    • madrigal Says:

      Sorry, it is just freaking me out because your picture is fused with Obameglamania graphics…


  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    I’ve never seen HOPE look so good!!

  6. HT Says:

    Afrocity, you haven’t obeyed in your entire life, you are intelligent, beautiful – did I mention intelligent. You would be a prime candidate for Pres, if you didn’t have those scary lady parts – ah yes, scary lady parts.

    • BaldManMoody Says:

      To HT –

      They freak me out enough that I will vote against them!

      Just kidding.

      • HT Says:

        You baldy ole mysognist you – you are on the list. Watch out for roaming gangs of grannies in black dresses with big purses (Monty Python reference there). I’ll be in the lead!

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        Sadly, I do not get that MP reference – they did great comedy but I never watched enough of it. I obviously came to love the Grail back when I was in junior high and I have the MP soundtrack, but I just never got to watch all the movies.

        With that said, I am afraid that I am on more lists than I care to ever imagine – but a fleet of grannies in black dresses should be feared. I hear they carry canned food to bludgeon their prey or their detractors within the large purses. Sometimes the prey is a detractor!

  7. The Hope you offer here is truly a Change we need, not the propagandizing and polarization presently being offered by Congress and this administration.

  8. Steve Says:


  9. BaldManMoody Says:

    Shepherd Ferry been helping Afrocity out?

  10. HT Says:

    Hey Baldy, I can’t respond directly, cause the nesting doesn’t go beyond 2.
    Ergo, just to torture you – wait till you’re past the Boo part.

    P.S. I didn’t realize you were such a youngun. You have a lot of life left to live. Do so, and do it well. There are too many haters in this world – we need more loving folks, and I suspect you are one of those.

  11. Oh my. How can I serve you, Mistress Afrocity? What destructive economic policies do you wish me to implement? Which blogs shall I infiltrate with inane commentary born of blind allegiance? It’s a fresh batch of kool-aid–pass it on over here. Your wish is my command! (rolf!)

  12. Umm… I like the regular picture of her a lot better… Me bad!

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