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Obama Wins Nobel Prize…But Did He Bring Peace To Chicago? October 9, 2009


The news of President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was met by a gloomy cold rainy morning in Chicago.

A morning again tainted by death and violence.

A mother is childless. A child is motherless.

Since January 1, 2009 nearly 50 youths have been murdered in Chicago.

Yesterday, I posted a link on my Facebook Page about a 20 year old mother of three who was shot dead on Chicago’s west side.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Young mom slain in West Side drive-by

By Pat Curry and Carlos Sadovi Chicago TribuneOctober 9, 2009

A 20-year-old mother of three was gunned down in a drive-by shooting Wednesday night on Chicago’s West Side.

The shooting of Natasha Howliet baffled her relatives, who said they could think of no reason why someone would target her.

Howliet, of the 400 block of South Lotus Avenue, was shot about 8 p.m. Wednesday in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, police said. She was standing on the sidewalk at a corner bus stop with a girlfriend and two male friends when a red vehicle went by and someone inside started shooting, police said.

Authorities said one of the men was the intended target, and at least eight shots were fired.

Shenicka Sturghil, a cousin of Howliet, called Howliet an innocent victim.

“My cousin did nothing to nobody. … Why did they take her life like that?” Sturghil said through tears. “It’s a tragedy. She just celebrated her 3-year-old daughter’s birthday yesterday. This is awful. She bled to death.”

Howliet’s grandmother Hattie Sturghil said her granddaughter had three children, Jenia, 3, who celebrated her birthday Wednesday; another girl, Janlin, who will be 2 in November; and a boy, Janda, 6 months.

The children are in foster care, Sturghil said. Howliet was in court this week fighting to regain custody of them, she said.

Sturghil said the slain mother saw her children earlier this week. There had been a “mishap” that caused the kids to be removed from Howliet’s care, but Sturghil refused to elaborate.

Hattie Sturghil said she spoke to her granddaughter on the telephone on Tuesday and was told that the court was set to return her children to her.

Howliet recently graduated from Daley College, her grandmother said.

barack_obama_no_historyI will kindly spare you the long history of violence in Chicago. You know the story. You also know that this is the city occupied by Barack Obama before he became our leader. You have seen the cell phone video tape of 16 year old Derrion Albert being beaten to death on the Chicago streets. Did Obama actually come to Chicago to address the violence taking place in the city that gave him his political start? The community that he organized?

From the Atlanta Journal Constitition

Violence in Chicago: A call to action but by whom?

3:34 pm October 8, 2009, by Maureen Downey

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan traveled to Chicago Wednesday to talk about the rise in youth violence in that city and the brutal beating death of an honor student outside of a South Chicago high school last month.

As former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Duncan has been criticized for school closings that some allege have worsened gang violence. Critics say feuding gangs now share the same school or cross “enemy territory” to get to school, increasing opportunities for confrontations.

Honor student Derrion Albert was caught in the middle of one of those fights as he walked to his school bus and was beaten to death, a tragedy captured on a ubiquitous cell phone camera and broadcast to a shocked nation.

Holder called the boy’s death “a call to action.”

But what sort of action? What can the federal government do to quell youth violence?

“Youth violence is not a Chicago problem any more than it is a black problem, a white problem or a Hispanic problem,” said Holder.

Is it a federal problem?

About 70 students have been murdered since the start of 2007 school term, mostly in their neighborhoods on the way to or from school, according to the New York Times.

What can the schools do when the communities around them are so unsafe that students are kicked to death walking to the school bus? Isn’t this a crisis for law enforcement rather than schools?

2008 Rolling Stone Cover befitting of a rock star more than a U.S. President

2008 Rolling Stone Cover befitting of a rock star more than a U.S. President

The situation we are faced with here in Chicago is at odds with the news of Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It is at odds with all media representations of Obama the “superstar”.

In America, our unemployment rate is climbing, our dollar is falling, and our children are dying.

Oddly, this president of nine months has just been bestowed one of the world’s greatest honors.

Again, for Barack Obama this is another empty trophy- an accolade come all too soon without a narrative based in accomplishment or history.

It is offered as a most shocking sacrifice to his ever growing mantle following the feelings of euphoria and leg tingles one gets when the name Barack Husein Obama is mentioned.

No critics, I am not bitter.

I am not a hater.

I am not writing this piece as a Republican who voted for John McCain.

I have not authored this because I am a racist Neo-con or self-loathing African American with a mammy mentality who grew up in a household of riches.

My post today stems from a benign curiosity and the sense of shame one feels when one has been tricked into believing that a singular shred of logical thought actually exists in this world we are living in today. I am slowly coming to terms with the collective rise of myths, comic book heroes and the weak minds that continue to populate this society.

Obama_GodNelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and Barack Hussein Obama. One of these things does not belong here. Come on can you tell which one?

President Obama, you have radically reached the realm of untouchable. You can create miracles like no other.

Please pretty please give my friend “Tom” a job. He has been unemployed for two years.

I beg of you to restore peace amoung our youth in Chicago and everywhere.

What about the situation in Afghanistan? Can you fix that too?

Erase our national debt.

Just do something simple.

Do the job you were elected to do.

Keep the promises you made to those who supported you?  It should be simple?


Autographed Letter Signed,



38 Responses to “Obama Wins Nobel Prize…But Did He Bring Peace To Chicago?”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    The only bit of logic I can make from this is the Obama house of cards with hope glue was built around the world. The cards are falling down in the US but there is a delay time for the rest of the world to see what is really going on.

    • afrocity Says:

      They nominated him 2 weeks after he was inaugurated.

    • Madrigal Says:

      I agree. Unfortunately I’m afraid that they will use their 2 cynical aces in the game… when Americans start catching on to Obama fraud, the Obama marketing team will:

      1) Use the international community to increase pressure on US.

      2) under a guise of promoting racial harmony….they will provoke racial hostilities w/ increased race-baiting to eventually pit citizen against citizen.

      They have already played these cards several times but I can really see these strategies being increased in the future.

  2. HT Says:

    Cosmic joke?

    • afrocity Says:

      …and I had a cosmic cow.

      • HT Says:

        Cherish that cow – teach it bamboozling par excellence, and if it learns it’s lessons and gets the best marketing organization behind it, it too could be the president and win and thus destroy an international award. And you would be the first Mommy! Imagine the speechifying you could do.
        Sorry, my attempt at levity falls flat. I am so disgusted. I didn’t think the Nobel PP could be bought.

      • afrocity Says:

        HT, i am in shock. Numb and that is no exaggeration. I said on my facebook page:

        I don’t have children and it looks like I never will. However, if I did I would want them to know that awards are nice …when you deserve them. If you feel you have received something that you are not deserving of you respectfully and graciously say thank you and decline. Humbleness is a virtue as well as a teachable moment

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        Teachable moment. Yup, that is what this is… a teachable moment. Where are the beers in the Rose Garden again? I need around thirty to get over this.

        Al Gore tells the world of “manbearpig” and gets this award and now Obama gets it.

        At least, Jimmy Carter (for all of his failings as President) has actually done something to warrant this praise. Nevermind, the other two Presidents who received it who actually ended conflicts.

        Those campaign speeches were really good, I guess.

      • Kei Says:

        NO children? You need a legacy, as bright and intelligent as you are. No? Well, I will have my kids read your words of wisdom, keep on speakin’ and writin’ . . . . I’ll keep readin’ and passing on the truth.

        Hey, you aren’t the only center right PUMA. I have your back. Always.

  3. bydesign001 Says:

    How unsettling it is to realize that the whole damn world is drinking this guy’s flipping kool-aid. The underachiever has bamboozled them all.

    Little do they know that they are enabling a monster.

  4. Holly Says:

    I feel like the world is telling us our President is too big to fail, so in his present failures, they present an afront or a facade of accomplishment to cover his innate inability to lead. I did not vote for President Obama and for that reason I was worried about the direction he would take us, but I don’t think any of us understood just how much leadership he truly lacks. The Noble Peace Prize, to me, lost a little bit of its nobility.

    You know, I hear President Obama in his speeches reminding us that he is the President in a repetitive fashion, but now it seems that he is reminding himself. He was elected to be President, it’s about time he acted like the President.

    • Kei Says:

      You are spot on Holly; “O!” “racked up” another bright shiny bauble that was bought (not earned) to try and distract us from his many, many failures. He’s banking on us “forgetting” about them and actually supporting him. Not me, not ever.

    • Madrigal Says:

      Holly I agree with you about the following: “the world is telling us our President is too big to fail, so in his present failures, they present a front or a facade of accomplishment…”

      The only thing I have a different take on…. is that I think they (world leaders, financial elite) never wanted him to truly lead… since it is the elites that are LEADING Obama… and using him as the bait to bamboozle everyday people–

      The elites did not want Hillary because she IS a leader & true self-made person she has worked her A$$ off for everything she’s accomplished & is smart as a tack.

      There is no way our financial elite would have wanted an independent thinker in the White house.

      So now we have an empty suit with empty awards on the wall & his empty-value advisers ….making decisions for our country. A lot of US citizens have already peered behind the wizard’s curtain. However, a lot of regular folks in the international community are still traipsing on the yellow brick road of ObamaOz… they don’t realize he is a puppet to power.

      • Holly Says:

        I do agree to an extent with everything you said, but I would add that I think Obama never intended on truly leading. By that I mean, it’s kind of like chess and he is the king peice; the king peice does nothing, but with the right people surrounding him and protecting him, in order to accomplish a shared desire of transformation…checkmate. That is why they keep throwing all of these people under the bus, in order to protect him: the king peice may not move much, but without him, the game is over. To me, that is what is in process. Exactly why Americans, not politicians, must stop them and reinforce Constitutional principles of government.

      • Madrigal Says:

        Holly, I agree with everything you added. Good points!

  5. BaldManMoody Says:

    Maybe he will resign and go head an international NGO. One can hope at least.

    I bet Bono wishes that he just said that it would be really nice to help out with all of the AIDS in Africa versus actually doing something about it.

    • HT Says:

      I’ve been a lurker since Afrocity started and have read your comments many,many times. Although we are at opposite poles – you a conservative, me a liberal, I have often half agreed with your input. so it surprised me that today, you have a whimsical side. O head an NGO? After being Pres of the U.S.? That is wishful thinking on a grand scale, but thank you for the smile.
      Looking at the multiplicity of truly dedicated people who have actually done something, other than flap their gums, even Bono didn’t deserve the honor over those who have truly dedicated themselves – life, liberty and safety – to making the world a better place. Those people could have used that $1.5Mil prize money to sustain, and/or expand their efforts. Even I, a dreaded liberal, recognize that O is a dilettante, a poseur, a christmas tree ornament. What a bleeping shame.

      • BaldManMoody Says:


        Yes, I am quite whimsical at times when not just making incoherent rants. And most of that was tongue in cheek. I can see O becoming very similar to Gore upon the end of his term with the exception that he will have been a President.

        Thanks for reading my comments, most people see the name and just immediately skip over. I am happy that you are making posts and no longer lurking.

        I have been astonished by the number of liberals that I have interacted with today that also find this to be a joke. I have one more to check in with, but he is firmly attached to the Obama kool-aid pump (despite claiming he supports Nader and wants a third party) so I hold little hope there.

        BTW – Can I say that I find Obama and the Sistine Chapel (I believe) photo to be absolute hilarious? It almost looks like he is pointing at God and mocking him.

      • Madrigal Says:

        I also found the Sistine Chapel & the “divine one” photo to be hilarious.

  6. jbjd Says:

    Coincidentally, the first thing I did after I heard the announcement at 6:00 ET, was post an article on my blog, entitled, “REST IN NOBLE PEACE, CURTIS COOPER.” And I from Boston. (But my once black-eyed cocoa colored scrumptious 3-year-old son is suddenly 17.)

  7. joanelle Says:

    I find the committee’s actions appalling and degrading to the Nobel Prize – it has lost it’s value in my eyes – this is purely a political move.

    I thought at first it was a joke – I jsut couldn’t believe it 😯

    • afrocity Says:

      I thought it was a joke when he won the presidency.
      He will will get a Oscar for best actor and his teleprompter will win best supporting actor in a non-speaking role.

  8. afrocity Says:

    It would have made more sense if they gave it to Ted Kennedy.

    • Holly Says:

      No, the world community has invested too much capital in President Obama and if he fails, they look like fools. His indecision and poor decisions will lead to further protection from the global elite. We are suffering the consequences of politics over principles, to which, our global community seems to lack any.

    • Holly Says:

      I think it is also our Liberal European counterparts rebuking past America and Conservative America.

      When I went to the UK to visit a friend, she introduced me to some of her friends, all of whom were lovely people. As a parting gift, one of her male friends bought me a book, “Why the World Hates America.” I think this sentiment fits into the Noble committee.

  9. The juxtaposition of the breathtaking violence in Chicago and Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing short of obscene.

    • ARESAY Says:

      Well, you’ve seen over 40 years of the Democrat’s personal and social responsibility program. I believe LBJ called it the “Great Society” and you see the results of that society in Detroit, Chicago and countless other inner cities round the country. As we’ve been reminded by the Chicago school kid’s murder recently. Otherwise many people keep this “great society” out of their mind and at a safe distance.

  10. Madrigal Says:

    The “done nothing” president is now being handed an award????

    Look out, everyone…. Koolaid packets are now being sold world-wide!

    “WTF?” has been rolling around in my head all day today


  11. IslandLibertarian Says:

    ……on the same day the Saudis ask for financial aid in a “green world”……….Rod Serling, is that you?

  12. bob Says:

    I wonder about the deliberations.

    “Well, Oley, if we vote him the prize, we might tie America’s hands a little.”

    “Good idea, Ragnol, let’s do that.”

  13. bob Says:

    Al this makes a big blowup more, not less, likely.

    The dark side of the Nobel Peace Prize–

  14. The Oslo Nobel prize committee couldn’t be trying to interfere in our internal politics, now could they? Leftists don’t do that! 😉

  15. brittany Says:

    i think that they could have waited a little longer to give Obama Nobel Peace Prize. Obama was only here for about 8 -9 months so it is a bit early.I als think they should dtop with these bad comments and comics beacause he is a great guy and he tries his hardest , all we have to do is give him a chance just like what we did for Brush and look at his turn out terrible .So that is alll i have to say

  16. brittany Says:

    i messed up on some words so sorry

  17. avideditor Says:

    OT Great work on the post. I was searching for the story about how Google pulled a bunch of PUMA pages from blogger right before the election. Have any idea where I can find a good link? Keep up the good work.

  18. HT Says:

    Afrocity, “I don’t have children and it looks like I never will.”

    You sound like I did at age 30. I had lost twins (conjoined) and vowed that would never happen again. At 36, I started to rethink and I know this will shock your conservative friends, but decided I would have children – out of wedlock. I was divorced, as semi successful businesswoman, free and clear of debt, and had my own small townhome. At 38, I gave birth to my beloved daughter, and at 40 to my beloved son. I raised them on my own, while working full time – but I was fortunate – the nature of my work allowed me to work at home. Today, I have two young adults (and her boyfriend) living with me while they attend college/university. I am very proud of all of them. Don’t close the door. I think you would raise fabulous children.
    P.S. they are an expensive pain in the butkus big time, and they do go through terribly annoying times, but once they get to twenty or so, they retrieve their brains from the sewer they threw them into at 15, and become human again. believe me, it is worth it. My son was on the radio the other night – a heavy metal talk show, publicizing his CD release – and I was so gosh darned proud (even though I detest heavy metal)

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