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Thursday Kitchen Bitch: The Mammy Diaries Go Live!!! October 8, 2009

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

Vintage advertisement for "Swerl Soap". Notice the "mammy" cookie jar in the background ...must be a Republic household.

This Thursday’s bitch is a “vlog” post from my good ol’ kitchen. It is my response to the charge that I am  possessed of mammy mentality because I am a black conservative.  You will recall that in Tuesdays Autographed Letter Signed post I posted the entire quote which accused me of such behavior. I received a tremendous amount of support from my readers. For that I thank you all for taking the time from your neo-con activities at the country club to post at ALS.  On a serious note, I want you all to know that it is you that keeps me going during a time when it seems almost impossible to speak with anyone about politics without being chastised as an”Obama hater”, mammy, Auntie Tom, self-loathing of my skin color.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Actress Hattie McDaniel portrays "Mammy" with Vivien Leigh's Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Hattie McDaniel pictured here first black performer to win an Academy Award. She won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

Thank you for accepting me as I am and not trying to change me. The one thing I have learned since becoming a conservative is that my GOP buddies are more tolerant of my dissenting views on the pro-life movement and support of gay marriage than my liberal friends are of my stance against Obamacare. I also want to give a special thank you to those of you who are PUMA’s. We began as Hillary supporters. We have since gone in separate directions. I went right but I love you all who have never left ;-).

Autographed Letter Signed,


PS. Yes my audio and video are not in sync. This always happens on You tube but never when I load the videos elsewhere. Sorry about that.


15 Responses to “Thursday Kitchen Bitch: The Mammy Diaries Go Live!!!”

  1. Afrocity darling, never give up your freedom and liberty to be yourself. Political correctness is surrendering those to the will of others. Stand tall, be proud of what you are, and what you have accomplished.

    You rock!

    Keep that Sua Sponte attitude lady. You have earned it.

  2. Holly Says:

    What I love about your words is that it seems you never need someone to validate you or your self-worth; self-empowerment is underrated.

    Wishing you continued strength.

    P.S. I suppose in the end all of us Conservatives are traitors to something through the vantage point of the extreme left: blacks traitors to their skin color, gays to their community, women to their gender, Christians to their intellect, etc. The only traitorous act we can really commit, is giving in.

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  4. joanelle Says:

    That’s it? That’s it? That was a great deal of information in a little bit of time. You are so focused, lady! Thank you – again!!!

  5. Madrigal Says:

    Afrocity, you are so awesome!! I love reading your posts & I’m glad you let me come hang out on your blog from time to time, even though I identify as an Independent-lefty (& probably often make statements that might rankle some folks here). I’m glad that, despite being a conservative blog, that you nonetheless leave a space for people from various political backgrounds.

    Your voice is important & authentic… as a PUMA-supporter, I’m glad to listen to your stories. Sometimes I agree….sometimes not but I always value that you speak out with a thoughtful & original narrative. I think you are looking for truth under all the political hubris & we are all lucky you choose to share about your personal & political history.

    As, always you strike me as kind & brave & intelligent person.

    Cheers & don’t let the mud-slingers get you down!

    • BaldManMoody Says:

      When wife slings you mud, make a mud pie.

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        HA! or when life slings you mud. Freudian slip. My wife doesn’t sling mud at me anyways. She just hands me the 3 week old which I really enjoy.

      • Madrigal Says:

        ha, ha… Freudian slip indeed!

        How about when life slings mud…make a mud pie & then slice a big piece & serve it back to the mud slinging instigators?! 😉

        I know that philosophy is a bit more on the order of the ol’ biblical “eye for an eye” concept…& not very peacenik of me but so be it.

        I just wish I could have commented on the previous post when Afrocity 1st brought up the whole Mammy name-calling. My initial short term conclusion:
        Afro is cool.
        They are jerky kool-aid propagandists.
        Anyway, congratulations, BMM…on your 3 week old! 🙂

  6. mainenowandthen Says:

    It is helpful to know that conservatives come in all shapes, sizes and colors – political parties, too. My best male friend is a lifetime Democratic, but we see things pretty much the same way.

    It is very nice to have a blog to go to that is well-written and contains a strong measure of common sense. There are a growing number of these, it seems, and yours is one of the best.

    Keep the faith.

  7. HT Says:

    M’dear, you are so far removed from the caricature of a “Mammy”, it’s ludicrous that anyone could call you that – It boggles the mind. Well done – hope you sent the video to your facebook detractor – with no explanation other than “nice knowing you”. Life is too short to waste on regrets – take it from one who has intimate knowledge of the toll it takes.
    P.S. See, I really do check you out every day. Now I’ll go back to lurking.

  8. RealChange Says:

    Conservative, liberal, democrat, republican, independent, apolitical…No matter the label, we are all one in this wonderful happenstance of life. And you, Afrocity, are one of the liveliest!!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing self with us.

  9. Pam C. Says:

    God bless you, Afrocity. I am a white woman married to an African-American man who has voted Democrat all his life, as his family has, etc. I have tried for years to show him that true conservatism is truly empowering and that you don’t have to be a Democrat just because of race. He is a successful professional and doesn’t adhere to a single liberal belief, so I can’t for the life of me figure out why he votes democratic. This past election, he refuses to tell me who he voted for, so I have hope that he finally saw the light, but who knows? I will say, that, though he likes to play devil’s advocate with me when engaging in political discussions, he also is quite willing to criticize Obama and thinks it is ridiculous that he won the Nobel prize. So maybe there’s hope?!!! Do you have any suggestions on how to show him that a growing number of African-Americans are seeing things from a new perspective?



  10. Once again other people telling you what you must be. Idiots, all.

  11. Bornearth Says:

    I’m so glad I found this site and saw your vlog. Its refreshing to see someone who defines themself and is free enough to think for themselves and express their opinions without fear. I love it.

  12. window fans Says:

    Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

    Greetings from Tim. 🙂

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