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Liberal Hypocrisy Files: The Mammy Diaries October 6, 2009

mammyAh, another beautiful day in post-racial America…Where those who agree with the liberal agenda  are shining happy sheeple holding hands…but if you are not watch out. The racism boogie man will get you.

However there are racist lined clouds in the sky.

You were warned that no one is safe. Not even Afrocity.

During a recent Face Book exchange with two African American Obama supporters and a British liberal, I was called something rather disturbing.

The insult was one that will be familiar to many black Republicans. I was called a mammy.

To be fair I will give the proper context before I post her exact quote. The exchange was about the Chicago’s now failed  2016 Olympic bid and Obama’s trip to Copenhagen.

I jumped in and commented that Obama should have stayed in the U.S. .

I was then given a response that basically said how it is about time that an African American was representing (blacks) and the commenter said they feel “free”.

In turn, I responded that it was sad that she needed Obama’s election win to feel free and proud as an African American.

Her following response was this:

…there are African Americans with the “mamie” complex and “yes sir” complex-they will argue and die for their master…and yes, it was a low … Read Moreblow!! The lack of black consciousness in this country is not as common as you think (thank God) especially in the east coast..@ Afrocity-you’re a really smart woman no … Read Moredoubt…probably smarter than all of us combined (you are special…maybe you grew up with some money I presume?)…but you’re not a progressive thinker…you’re a limited thinker with a one sided message—a sound bite– you only speak from the mind not the heart! Clearly, there are whites who hate you because of your skin color…NEO CONS don’t roll with blacks. NEO CONS golf at country clubs while making business deals… and you will always be seen the as help…helping a cause that benefits the wealthy with health care and corporate jets!! good for you!! I’m not one to kiss ass… There is some deep seated issues which goes beyond the scope of politics with you…and you are projecting all the negativity from the black experience and unaware of an audience that view you in a different light than you see yourself…..

auntjemima_1The formative powers of post-racial America’s race card are also turning black republicans and conservatives into mammy dolls and Uncle Tom’s.

According to the commenter, I am

1. ignorant of the fact that white people hate me.

2. I never speak sincerely from my own heart.

3. …”roll” with NEO-CONS who don’t roll with me (?)

4. I am viewed by my fellow conservatives as “help”. In other words my Caucasian conservative friends/readers see me as their …maid…mammy, pickin’ cotton.

Like Condi Rice, Afrocity needs to go back to the Inner-City Racial Re-Education Camp

Like Condi Rice, Afrocity needs to go back to the Inner-City Racial Re-Education Camp

5. Also my readers view me in “different light” than I view myself.

negro-mammySo tell me white racist conservative readers.

How do you view Afrocity?

And please do not hold anything back.

1902 "topsy turvey doll" for self-loathing black conservatives like myself. Sometimes I like to pretend I am white you know.

1902 "topsy turvey doll" for self-loathing black conservatives like myself. Sometimes I like to pretend I am white you know. So I just lift up my skirt and presto change o' cotton balls...I am white just like that.

If you see me shining your Doc Martin combat boots, be honest and say so.

Envision me in your kitchen making chitterlin’ pineapple casserole? Speak up about it. Remove your white hoods so I can see your faces.

By all means confess your antebellum thoughts and desires. I can take it like a good slave.

Obviously I was a fool to actually believe that my conservative friends saw me as being an equal. I should have known when you failed to hand me a welfare application that you guys were all racist in your views.

How dare you praise me for uplifting myself from a childhood of reliance on government funding and homelessness!!! Why didn’t you send me an invitation to become Face Book friends with the food stamp fan club???


Autographed Letter Signed,


Oh. PS…Black male republicans don’t think you guys are off the hook either. Like yours truly, you are self-loathing black people and have an identity crisis.



51 Responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy Files: The Mammy Diaries”

  1. Well I’m glad your friend set you straight. I’ve long known that I’m nothing but a self loathing uncle Tom and it’s about time you figured it out as well. I really can’t see how or why we should be allowed to think or do anything that our benevolent white master’s won’t permit, which is why of course we are republicans instead of democrats. Please thank your friends for unveiling our poor little darky eyes to see the truth.

    • afrocity Says:

      Elder J, I have always thought that you resembled l a lawn jockey. Why didn’t you tell me that I looked like Buckwheat’s sister?

  2. Sean Brown Says:

    Afrocity: How do I see you? Hmmm. I see you as someone that I could sit down and chat with about just about anything: dalmations, art, and yes, politics. Do I see you as a Mammy? No. That’s just the horrid prejudice of those that commented on your exchange. I am a Conservative. I am NOT a racist. I do not like Obama’s policies. In truth, if it was Al Gore or John Kerry, I would be every bit as aggressive in my condemnation of their actions. I don’t care about race. I care about principles and Patriotism. Obama HAS none. His policies illustrate an America loathing not seen significantly since the Carter Administration.

    And don’t even get me started on Jimmah Carter and HIS racism!

    So I see you as someone it would be cool to day trip around Dublin with…or Washington, DC. You are African American…yeah, so? You are ALSO an intelligent woman who has made informed decisions on your own political belief structure and haven’t simply accepted the liberal expectation that since you are Black, you MUST be a liberal.

    And the ULTIMATE insult in that entire exchange from that liberal sheep? “maybe you grew up with some money?” What in the hell does THAT matter?! Is it easier to be an ‘Uncle Tom’ if you come from money? They point the racist finger so readily, when, in fact, THEY are the TRUE racists and the ones encouraging/reinforcing stereotypes!

    Man. These kinds of people just amaze me! Their arguments and/or personal attacks are so absolutely shallow because they get their news from Jon Stewart. Shrug them off and feel sorry for them…maybe even Pray for them.

  3. Gucci Says:

    Thank you for the new racial term “Mammy Doll” ( I only know the word “Uncle Tom”). Liberals don’t like you ’cause you’re independent thinker and immune to racial attack.

  4. TheRealKim Says:

    I envision you as a friend. Someone who has never even met me, but cared enough to ask on a regular basis how my son was and how happy she was that he was home and safe. Someone who is not afraid to speak out, a brave, beautiful and caring person.

    But the commenter stating, “You are special. . ., maybe you were born with money.” Jesus, how narrow-minded and critical!!!!! According to her, we po’ folk ain’t got no sense and jes’ ain’t special. Racism is not the biggest problem people are facing, classism is the culprit.

    I was raised poor and clawed my way out and in reading this, I am reminded of the people who tried to hold me back. So to all of those people, kiss my @ss!

    I am to p!ssed to write more.

    • afrocity Says:

      I am glad you support me and I am glad that your son is safe at home now. I look forward to those holiday pictures.

    • joanelle Says:

      Hi, Kim – I’m so glad to hear that your son is safe at home!

  5. Bellamags Says:

    Ok, I feel sad about that whole exchange between Afrocity and her FB “friend”. I feel hurt that someone who doesn’t know me can be so prejudice against me, not racist, but prejudice. She pre-judges white conservatives. She is the one who should be ashamed, not me. And as someone on your page suggested yesterday, maybe a lesson in history will open her eyes (or maybe not).

  6. I do believe you know what I think, afro. 🙂

    But for the rest of the world, I don’t see any Mammy, some piece of property. I see a very strong woman that underwent trials and tribulations to get out of the “back to the plantation” mentality that is so pervasive.

    Equal? Afro, you are much more than my equal. What you had to do to get where you are, what you suffered through, wow.

  7. BaldManMoody Says:

    Puts down his Klan hood and his Doc Martin boots. Just got ’em back from the embroiderer and the cobbler. LOL. Just kidding.

    I view you as an extremely intelligent woman that has a gift for writing and someone that based on what I have read from your writings seems to have really thought out your viewpoints and where you ended up. So yeah, if exercising your mental capacity to its fullest and evaluating all of the evidence and your life experiences led you to be Conservative, then I say embrace it.

    I hope this person just posted all of this to your Facebook wall. I really love public discourse when it gets flowed to me through my friend’s walls. NOT!

    I particularly enjoyed your writing about baseball a few weeks ago and the stories about your childhood and books from yesterday. Just haven’t had time to put it on here.

    Anyways, just my thoughts. I come here because I enjoy reading your blog and think you are a gifted writer. Not because I see you as a mammy supporting my cause.

    God knows our opinions differ plenty enough in other areas that I wouldn’t find support. HA!

    • afrocity Says:

      Thank you Baldman. (I finished ironing your white robes like you asked me to 😉

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        I hope you didn’t wash them with any reds. I did that last time and let’s just say the Grand Wizard was none to happy with me showing up in my pink robe. I told him I just got back from Pride and to give me a break. Ok, I will shut up and get back to work…

      • afrocity Says:

        …Well shit Bubba, you didn’t tell me to separate the white sheets from the red communism flags.

  8. RW Says:

    I see you as a someone who had a choice to go the way of the victim and take the welfare handouts or go the hard route get an education and and forge your own way.

    I think you are a good looking young lady, who will do anything and have anything you work for. I am proud of you for being strong and not letting where you came from ruin you.

    I like your take on things. I told you before I’m married to a black lady and both your views are similar. Now that I know you are on face book I have sent you a friend request.

    I’m stationed in Columbia SC. If you are ever the area, I’d like to take you out for a beer.

  9. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    This is our lot in life I guess as Black Conservatives Afro. Check this video out – Wolfe actually saying that Steel is a Token Negro – a white liberal who thinks he knows what a token black man is – “a person who does not agree with him”. I have been wating for the token negro host at MSNBC but have never seen one. They love us so much they don’t want to hire us as a host of a PrimeTime show … nough said.

  10. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    I guess the video embed did not come through – here it is

  11. smsteph Says:

    We’ve just recently befriended so I don’t know you all that personally yet. However, I’m pretty sure I don’t need to know you or your writings well in order to comment here. It’s pretty simple – Mammy? No, absolutely not!

    I’ve never really understood these black on black attacks nor how it’s okay for a white person to verbally and racially assault a black person so long as said white person is liberal and said black person is conservative.

    God. He has created man in his image. It has always been my belief that “image” does not refer to physical attributes but rather the spiritual. We have only to look at young children to see what He wants and needs of us. And that is to one day re-grasp that blessed innocence and to find love and acceptance for all. We’re born with Love and taught to hate. Giving into that hatred blackens the soul and teaching it with malicious intent is condemnation itself.

    Liberalism is all about hate. It’s the only podium they have to push their agendas. Agendas that now have one goal in common – create wide-spread, chronic dependency to ensure a larger mass of lifetime voters.

    They’ve made us cower before for fear of seeming hateful and racist or in your case a “sell out”. Even saying, “I’m not a racist” makes you racist. So arguing is futile. That’s why we’re done arguing and defending ourselves. WE are on the offense now and the pressure is on them.

    But to answer your question – How do I see you?

    As an individual who has found her individual voice based on her own individual conclusions. And strong enough in her convictions to take her critics head-on.

    I look forward to your other works!

  12. Janis Says:

    I see someone who won’t get on her knees and thank some monied white liberal with a Sierra Club bumpersticker on his Hummer for the things in her life that she damn well worked for herself.

    Funny how you were accused of worshipping the Master … the WRONG Master, perhaps? They’re like a guy whose girlfriend leaves him because he’s bad news, who can’t imagine that’s why she left and keeps telling himself she’s got someone else.

    They worship white liberals because white approval means that much to them. And when you won’t do it, they insist that you too must worship, and are simply worshipping someone else.

  13. Holly Says:

    The beauty behind Conservatism is that we shed racial and identity politics in favor of individually inspired ideas, expressions, and liberty. We are self-analytical and openly critical, not just to an opposing party, but to our own as well. We constantly turn towards inward principles and Inherent Rights rather than exterior artifices and government dowries that calculate our “worth.”

    You challenge and erode the principles absorbed by Liberal counterparts that the collective identity is the new fashion of Liberty.

  14. Shay Says:

    It’s nothing but an ad hominem attack, because she couldn’t respond to your points. By the way, perhaps this woman should check out the latest Hollywood fare for how white liberals view blacks, since she’s so race-focused. So sad that some folks think that the term “diversity” does not extend to ideological diversity, where we calmly and rationally debate something like whether it was wise for President Obama to go to Copenhagen (and for the record, I supported Chicago’s bid). What, free thought is now a “white” value? LOL

    Afrocity, when you’re called a “Mammy” / “Aunt Jemima” / whatever, it usually means that you correctly hit a nerve and are on the right path. Shake off the haters, and keep on stepping.

  15. Shay Says:

    How I sometimes respond to such attacks: “Your emotional rant, which merely proves that you are intellectually incapable of debating an issue without name-calling, and are also intolerant of other views. I see that you agree with my argument because you’ve brought up nothing but an emotional rant. Now, back to the topic at hand [at which point, I bring up another point on X topic]. It often drives the person crazy (folks hate being called emotional, even if they are), but they often calm down afterward…

  16. joanelle Says:

    Clearly this woman knows nothing about you.

    I see you as someone who has often reminded me of my own meager roots, and helped me find the joyous moments in them. I see you as an extremely bright, wonderfully articulate friend with a great sense of humor and deep understanding of the use of irony to make a point. I look forward to reading (or listening) to your words every day. Thank you once again 🙂

  17. Leah Says:

    I see you as a beautiful woman both inside and out.
    Someone who literally pulled herself up by her own bootstraps, be they doc martens or not.

    I would love to spend time with you, run around checking out all those wonderful antique shops.

    Sure, your skin is much darker than mine, but so what, that does not determine who you are or what you believe.

    It isn’t easy to become a caricature, your fb ‘friend’ is incapable of seeing you as an individual, you don’t fit into her boxes so she attacks.
    btw, I also noticed that in her rant, you aren’t listening to your heart. I’d much rather you keep using head. There are many situations in life where the heart should rule. Politics is not one of them.

    • afrocity Says:


      She misspoke, she meant to say I was not thinking with my skin color. There was a time when I tried to understand people like her. Now I just feel sorry for them. For people like that, we could have 50 black senators and they will never feel “free”.

  18. HT Says:

    Afrocity, I read you every day and enjoy your posts – even though I’m a dreaded liberal and I rarely comment. Delurking just to type – don’t let these types of people get your goat. They don’t know what they are talking about, and there are plenty of them on both sides of the aisle. In the final analysis, it’s how you feel about yourself, and how the people you know feel about you that matters. The rest is just bullsh%%t.
    You are a beautiful person who is blogging about issues that are important to you, and giving the rest of us a glimpse of your life. Obviously, we enjoy that glimpse, otherwise we wouldn’t keep coming back, and just as obviously, any one of us would be glad to have cheese and crackers and a long chat one on one – and offer you bed and breakfast should you come to our end of the world.
    The person who made those comments is not important, and is obviously not a secure person in herself, otherwise she would not have made those statements – and in particular, made them in a way that was intended to hurt, insult and demean.
    Frankly, she is not a liberal.
    Just as the conservatives have fundamentalists and militiamaniacs who do not define conservatives as a whole, liberals have a whole lot of baggage who do not define the core, so do not write us all off as “moonbats”. By doing so, it alienates a whole lot of people who are as appalled by your treatment as you and your conservative friends.
    All that to say, I’ll still be lurking.

    • afrocity Says:

      HT, tears are in my eyes. I thought you had left me like the other PUMA’s. I love you and please sometimes give me a sign that you are still there for me. I need that more than you will ever know.

      • HT Says:

        Leave you? Ain’t gonna happen, m’dear. Know that I visit every day and enjoy your posts and the comments immensely!

  19. Mike Says:

    Since lurking on your blog, I have viewed you as all my other Black Conservative friends, a new generation in post-racial America pointing the way to all people of color to true American liberty; directors of the new underground railroad setting minds free from the Liberal/Democrat plantation.

    Which is comforting to this “White/Conservative/Fundamentalist/Republican.” I think as long as you will live, America will live. 🙂

  20. manbearpig68 Says:

    So many great statements from your friend!!

    How does the FBF explain people like Boxter and Pelosi and all the other great liberals of our time that use Blacks? They don’t roll with blacks.. Even the Obama’s themselves don’t roll with blacks. Only if the blacks are the elite and that is the way they have always been. Don’t even start on jets, and extravagant living.

    If someone is black and thinks for themselves, they are perceived as dangerous because they could influence others that are in the Dems pocket..

    Sounds similar to when slave owners didn’t want their slaves to attain any education.

    You are way ahead of them AC and don’t let anybody change that.

  21. John Morris Says:

    Sierra Club bumper sticker is usually on a Land Rover.

  22. Peter Says:

    Let’s see, don’t have any white sheets to put on, how about those flannel sheets with the dog pictures? I don’t have any Doc Martens, I have my very old combat boots from almost four and a half decades ago, they were the ones I wore for inspections so they are still in good shape and still take a fine shine, even though they’re on their fourth of fifth sets of soles.

    How do I see Afrocity? Not as a Mammy, certainly. At first glance my reaction might be “whoa Momma, what a beautiful woman! On further note, after reading just a few things I might say, what a high class human being, sharing wonderful ideas! Still further in I’d say, what an incredibly strong person for clawing her way from a life headed straight to the wastebasket to becoming a smart, accomplished and, yes, beautiful woman.

    Somewhere along the line I noticed that your racial heritage is somewhat different than my own, for all that matters. I’m not all that sure that it does. A lifetime ago I fought and bled with young men of all kinds of backgrounds. They saved my life and I saved theirs. Too often we were not successful. For years those young men would visit me in my sleep.

    And, so, Afrocity, I have felt that same shock, No one calls me Mammy, I have been called racist, on no evidence. So, it just shows something on the part of those doing the calling. All we can do is thank them for their opinion and drive on. You, carrying the broken dreams of your mother, far further than she ever exected, me trying to make those old brothers of mine who never had the chance to see their 21st birthday.

    I see you and hope that I’ve carried their dreams half as well as you carried your Moms.

  23. People like your Facebook “friend” make a mockery of themselves, denigrating you as a “limited thinker” while parroting all the bigoted liberal talking points designed to keep you in line. The strategy is clearly to make you feel small, insignificant, and helpless without the largess and beneficence of Papa DNC. This closed-minded, emotionally and intellectually stunted cretin can’t fathom how independent thought and individualism could guide you toward valid, non-liberal political opinions. The message is that blacks are Democrats and if you don’t toe the line you’ll pay the price.

    I think Janis has it right with the loser ex-boyfriend analogy, but I would take it one step further and compare the mindset of your FB “friend” to that of an abusive ex-boyfriend. You left him because he was hurting you and now he’s gonna do his best to make you feel that you’re nothing without him, that no one else will ever love you.

    I mean, Mammy? Really?

    And to answer the question posed in the original post, here’s how I view Afrocity. She’s one of the most talented, thoughtful bloggers in today’s rightosphere and I look forward to the day when I receive my signed copy of her memoirs. Whether her politics remain conservative, stray liberal, or settle somewhere in between, I’m proud to call her my friend.

  24. I have a major problem with your post, Doc Martins are not combat boots and no one I know ever shines them including me 🙂

    Other than that, I know I have already said this before but the reason they attack you personally is because they can’t attack you mentally. They have no real argument and rather than admit defeat they must get personal. It’s sad really, they’re terrified that they might have to think for themselves, afraid to question their own beliefs and what might happen if they do. You can’t properly defend your own beliefs if you have never questioned them, held them up in the light and really studied them. You can’t truly understand your side of the argument unless you know the other side(s), and since most people don’t want to do that they have to attack people personally because they don’t know anything about the other side other than it’s supposed to be evil, stupid or racist, while their side is good, kind, caring, ect. It all really just adds up to people knowing as much about their own side as the others. Almost nothing.

    You have what many people don’t, the ability to think for yourself, individuality and true self awareness.

  25. Kathy Barkulis Says:

    Afro, your Facebook Friend is just someone who has not had enough life experience yet to critically think about her own existence. She takes the easy path, she goes along to get along, follows the status quo. And probably nothing has ever happened in her life to turn on the light bulb in her brain. I feel sorry for her, because she continues to be shackled to the old and tired liberal lies. She continues the victimhood because it’s the easy thing to do.
    You, on the other hand, are someone who has examined your life. You’ve interpreted your experiences and you’ve asked yourself questions. You’ve challenged yourself. Most people cannot or will not do that, because it’s too hard and it’s too scary to give up the comfort and acceptance of your peers. I guess what I want to say is you have emotionally evolved, and she hasn’t. She needs to think a lot more for herself, but sadly she’s probably not smart enough for that. Keep rockin’ AC !

  26. mainenowandthen Says:

    Self-loathing is a standout Liberal trait, scarcely something that someone who is successful because of her hard work and talent should ever be concerned with. I, too, visit your site because I view you as a talented writer who has a fine gift of expression coupled with the courage to represent yourself as you see fit.

    I’m white, conservative and hell, even old. Retired military, too. Still, I am all of those things but they don’t sum me up for those who know me.

    We might not agree with everything under the sun, but I like your style and will continue to be a fan.

  27. So she presumes you ‘grew up with some money’ and says you never ‘speak from the heart’? This actually made me laugh. She’s obviously NEVER read your blog. She’s shallow–way more mouth than wisdom. These people are a dime a dozen (and come in every shade/gender/category available).

    Afrocity, you are nobody’s fool. You are solid, smart, tolerant and kind. Keep it all moving forward–don’t let the windbags blow you off course!

  28. John Morris Says:

    As a Glenn Beck listener, I just want to tell people that pink robes sometimes happen after the giant red swastika runs in the wash.

  29. Hon, I can’t really add a whole lot to what has already been said by others.

    Now you know why I do so little with facebook. What that person said was so wrong on so many levels it is pathetic…

    I for one am very proud of you.

    Sua Sponte you wonderful woman!

  30. Carolinagirl Says:

    I have monitored your blog for a while now and am a huge fan! Please know that you are very talented and highly respected. The color of skin is irrevelant!!! Hang tough!

  31. LJSNAustin Says:

    Me, PUMA, leave you, Afrocity? NEVER. I see you as someone with whom I became instant and life-long friends. All the political affiliations and skin coloring in the world will not change how I feel about you.

  32. Kei Says:

    I see you as one of my heroes. You are strong and self confident; you speak your mind. This PUMA is stickin’ around (though not as vocal lately, school is killing me!).

  33. valorie Says:

    I just think you are awesome, AfroCity! I wish only good things for you. Who knows, maybe some day you will be on the ballot and be able to share your political philosophy with millions!!!

  34. Dave Says:

    Afrocity, you have a clarity of understand and writing that is refreshing due to what I consider rational common sense… something that will continue to be lacking on the left.

  35. gs Says:

    How do I view Afrocity?

    Gentlewoman and scholar. Independent and strong-minded. Aware and observant. Determined and tenacious. Intelligent. Compassionate but clear-eyed.

    Blessed with the visual and verbal expository gifts of a practicing artist, e.g. a set designer or author of narrative prose.
    Af, it’s too bad that those bozos annoyed you, but you might have constructively influenced people who listened but didn’t speak up.

    If the situation happens again, a Shakespeare character’s response bears keeping in mind:

    You have done that you should be sorry for.
    There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats,
    For I am arm’d so strong in honesty
    That they pass by me as the idle wind,
    Which I respect not.

  36. kywrite Says:

    You’re one of the people I’ve found online that actually give me hope that the two sides can be bridged, at least in some places. Also, you’re a person whose clothing collection I would probably drool over, since I’m an overt conservative but closet hippie, in the sartorial sense.

    But I think there’s an error in one of your captions. That topsy-turvy doll — isn’t that the sort of thing white liberals carry around when they want to pretend they’re black on the inside? 😉

  37. Deathknyte Says:

    I see you as a smart black lady I would like to know better that lives in Chicago.

  38. michelina Says:

    You don’t know me, I’ve always been a fan, remember you from DAY one at RD and all the troubles you had when you first started your blog.

    Glad I Found you again. I have always admired your talent
    and your courage.

    Peace and Love to you.

    Sorry for the late post, been catching up on Pumashere, it’s
    been a terrible time for me.

    A puma who stands with you.

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