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Liberal Hypocrisy Files: All You Nasty Boys October 2, 2009

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By placing his recent bout with an extortionist on nighttime television, for all of his viewers to laugh at, talk show host David Letterman has officially reached sub-bottom feeder status.

It is quite disturbing how a fascinating account of workplace affairs have suddenly become joke material.  Still more disturbing is the fact that this womanizing jerk receives thunderous applause after his admission.

From Contra Obama

From Contra Obama

From the NY Daily News:

After news of extortion plot, David Letterman fans forgive affairs; disgusted by blackmailer

“We love Letterman no matter what he does. He brings us joy. I watch him every night,” said Ali Hamoudeh, 34, an engineer from the upper West Side. “He’s still hilarious.”

On the whole, said fans, Dave can do no wrong because he’s just so funny. “He gives laughter to us all. I don’t care about his private life,” said Henry Garfield, 21, a student from Deal, N.J.


October 2, 2009

Dave Letterman’s a little randy and that’s just dandy with his fans.

It’s the guy who tried to extort $2 million from their favorite laughmeister who should be ashamed of himself, they said.

Kelli Lageschulte, 20, a graphic design student from Iowa, was among a crowd of people trying to get “Late Show” tickets at the Ed Sullivan Theater last night. She found a few giggles in Dave’s admission he had affairs with several female staffers.

“I wonder if he told jokes while they were having sex,” she said with a grin. “He is, after all, very funny. Anyway, everybody’s doing it.”

A more serious Harry Turner, a 45-year-old radio technician from Australia, said, “I’m not shocked, not these days. Everybody has their bones in the closet. His wife will be his biggest judge.”

Of the alleged extortionist, Turner shrugged and said, “He deserves whatever he gets.”

Bill Sheft, a veteran Letterman writer, defended his boss. “I love him. I’ve worked for him for more than 18 years and I just love him,” he said of Letterman.

As for the accused blackmailer, he said: “The man’s been arrested and that’s a good thing.”

An unidentified employee of the show in his 20s suggested the revelations were old news to insiders. “I couldn’t believe my ears when [Letterman] said it. It happened. I’m surprised it didn’t come out earlier.”

Letterman’s music director Paul Schaffer wouldn’t say anything. He ran from reporters and pulled off in his car.

Kristi and Eric Getsfred from Louisville, Ken., were split in their reactions. “He admitted it, girls? Plural?” asked Kristi. “You think he’d be smarter and find ways not to get extorted.”

But Eric 44, tipped his hat to Letterman. “I feel different about Dave; he looks younger in my eyes. He’s got some mojo now.”

His wife whacked him in the arm over the remark.

“He’s married and he has a kid. That’s the awful part,” said Dana van Woert, 20, of Des Moines, Iowa. “But I won’t judge, he’s still my David.”

“What a player,” said Caroline Uribe, 35, a hairstylist from Tarrytown. “David Letterman is a pimp. I’m not really surprised.”

Afrocity's advice to David Letterman

Afrocity's advice to David Letterman


12 Responses to “Liberal Hypocrisy Files: All You Nasty Boys”

  1. I guess Letterman was just trying to emulate his hero, William Jefferson Clinton.

  2. garnette Says:

    Why are women allowing men to get away with this behavior? From excusing Roman Polanski’s child molestation behavior because he makes great films to now excusing Letterman’s sexual harassment behavior because he is a funny guy. It is sad for the women who paved the paths so that women today would not have to think of this behavior as acceptable. What is even sadder to me is that many of the women excusing these behaviors are the ones who used to say that a woman’s body was her own and that a man did not have the right to touch it if she said no. Sadly, they are either being silent or speaking out for the men not the victims.

    • Janis Says:

      “Why are women allowing men to get away with this behavior?”

      Garnette, I’ve been putting my insides through a blender for a year and a half trying to make sense of this, and I can only come up with one answer: they are terrified that if they don’t cut slack for men, they’ll never find husbands. Ugly, simple, but true.

  3. glennmcgahee Says:

    No mentions of the itty bitty problem called sexual harrassment. Yea, the Letterman Show is good for the resume. Would hate for a future employer to hear your not a team player.

  4. BaldManMoody Says:

    Or it could have all been consensual.

    • Marcy Says:

      Yeah, and Barack Obama might really be the Messiah. Letterman is an obnoxious, unattractive horse’s ass so I can’t really see a large number of women wanting to have sex with him without some coercion being involved.

      Last night on Greta van Susteren’s show, she discussed Letterman and then later had an interview on in which Jewel told of her sad experience after rebuffing sexual advances from an employer who then refused to pay her the wages she was owed. She became homeless, had to live in her car, developed some very serious health problems and almost died. This is really an ugly thing to do to women, and guys who do it usually pick the most vulnerable to harass. If Jewel had had a couple of kids to support, she might not have been able to say no and walk away from the job.

      • BaldManMoody Says:

        Bill Clinton was not really a looker either unless you like large bulbous noses and a look of alcoholic haze. It is power and celebrity that would get either of these men where they are – not saying it was right, but I am saying that it could have been consensual.

  5. Marcy Says:

    We disagree about Clinton, but that’s not really the point. Sleeping with someone because of their power, money or celebrity is more prostitution than a consensual relationship. Letterman on a personal level has nothing to attract a woman; actually less than nothing because his horse’s ass attitude is a minus. He might have been able to find one or two masochistic females to sleep with, but whole groups of female employees — no way. And what about the women who declined the honor of being one of his comfort women? I’m sure that did great things for their career.

  6. Peter Says:

    It’s funny. I remember a whole slew of Naval Aviators busted and pitched out of the Navy for actly like horny men with (mostly) very willing women. And the women who were not willing managed to get out with their virtue intact. the were (shudder) propositioned, though. Somehow that is something a single pilot cannot do while it’s just fine for a married Democrat.

    I remember Senator Packwood pitched out of office after making clumsy passes but taking “no” for an answer.

    I reckon the sexual harrassment rules are vastly different for Republicans or warriors than they are for pencil necked dweebs. I wouldn’t know.

    The rules are still more different for me. My wife is very territorial. and she’s got a .38.

    • BaldManMoody Says:

      My wife is armed with a knife and a blender. Plus she has a street cred coming from Ecuador (Lorena Bobbitt was from there).

  7. Marcy Says:

    Nobody is arguing any of this is fine. And the willingness of the woman mauled by the aviators was only in their sick little minds.
    For Letterman (who is a Democrat) to argue that all this was just a little innocent consensual fun between adults is ludicrous. He was in a position of power over these women and is one of the most repulsive people ever to exist. It is simply not credible that they all were so smitten with him that they were overcome with passion and had an affair with him. If they were seeking to advance their careers, it was a simple business transaction. If they felt threatened with retaliation and were in a position they felt unable to say no, it was coercion.

  8. sstorm0730 Says:

    This just reinforces David Letterman’s obvious disrepect for the female of the species. First, he trashes Sarah Palin’s daughter…oh, but he “apologized”. Yeah, right. Now his high school boy’s locker room way of dealing with infidelity and, potentially, sexual harrassment…sorry, I’m not laughing.

    I’m sure his wife isn’t either.

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