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Moonbats For Thought September 22, 2009

Chavez brother

It is interesting that President Barack Obama knew everything there was to know about the Cambridge Police Department/Gates incident and thought it was a big enough issue facing the country that he bothered to speak out about it at a national press conference;  yet he knows nothing about ACORN receiving federal funding.

Art From Contra Obama

Art From Contra Obama

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Obama: pulling federal funding from ACORN is not important

September 21, 9:57 PMMacon County Conservative Examiner

By Robert Moon

We’ve already established that Obama owes virtually his entire career to ACORN. The ties are endless and undeniable.

This is what made it so difficult to believe him on Sunday, when he flatly dismissed questions about the notorious voter fraud

group’s latest scandal, pretending, “Frankly, it’s not really something I’ve followed closely…It’s not something I’m paying a lot of attention to.”A Democrat-controlled Congress was just politically forced to cut off all funding to the group that gave Barack Obama his start…and he was unaware? Please.

This group is a relentless source of vulnerability and bad press for this president…at a time when he cannot afford to have one more iota of either. He is not only following this story closely, he’s looking for any way he can to distance himself from ACORN…while at the same time downplaying every sleazy crime its members commit.

The problem with this, of course, is the staggering hypocrisy of it all. In Obama’s “new era of accountability,” tax cheats get to run the IRS and the Ways and Means Committee, Obama gets to blame Republicans for everything and make any claim he wants, regardless of the facts, and lifting a finger against notorious voter fraud groups like ACORN is “not the most important issue facing the country.”


Well guess what Barry? I was black before the election as well, but I wasn’t born yesterday and neither were most of the American people you are attempting to fool.

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23 Responses to “Moonbats For Thought”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Ironic, eh?

    Obama may well achieve his stated goal and bring America together – but in opposition to him and his incompetent, bungling, interfering, arrogant administration.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    It’s amazing how he blows off acorn. Acorn is of little concern but if it’s Skippy Gates that’s a different story. Skip Gates, National Concern???
    Good job on George S’s part Sunday for actually acting like somewhat of a journalist.

    I thought Obama was Black and White before he was president.. Oh yeah, he threw the white half under the bus way back in Illinois!!

  3. ARESAY Says:

    If Letterman was anything except a liberal stooge he would have asked, “But, were you red before the election?”

  4. Leah Says:

    Actually he was biracial before the election, it’s the election that made him 100% black.

  5. FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

    The world media, that used to be so very worshipful, is now starting to report negatively about Obama; not that there’s anything wrong with that. American leadership under Obama is being seen as a joke, and a very bad one at that.

    Afro, *GASP* You were black before the election?!? Who’da thunk it! 😉

  6. gs Says:

    Note to Barack: slouching is not Presidential.
    I thought he should serve a term or, better, two as governor before running for the White House. But noooo…

  7. Janis Says:

    Two men get in a pissing ego contest with one another — one professor, and one cop — and it’s Teachable Moment time.

    The organization that got him started as our first “black” president condones and enables CHILD SLAVERY … and no Teachable Moment there.

    I cannot believe that Thomas Jefferson gets crap (which he deserves IMO) for making little boys work in a nail factory and having an affair with a part-African slave … and here we have ACORN excusing and enabling child sex slavery, and there’s dead f*cking silence from the WH on it. Where’s our teachable moment now, Barky?

  8. IslandLibertarian Says:

    “William Ayers? Don’t know him. Just some guy in my neighborhood.”
    LIAR! They wasted MILLION$ of other peoples money TOGETHER on the Annenberg Challenge.

    “Rev. Wright? ‘Wasn’t listening to him, for twenty years.”
    Oh really Mr. “0”(pronounced zero)?

    “Acorn? I’m not paying attention to them. Not important.”
    U-HUH? Just a community org. glitch. No problem.

    There is a definite pattern of deception regarding “0”s (pronounced zero) past associations.

  9. kywrite Says:


    Just got banned at you-know-where! Cited the banning of some of my favorite posters (specifically you, Afrocity, and Baldilocks) as the reason for my disgust w/the site, and it took about three posts.

    So he called me a racist. %) Such a meaningless term there anymore!!!

  10. johninca Says:

    Actually the “I was black…” remark was an artful rejoinder by Obama, who knows that he can’t afford to be seen using the race card. He doesn’t want a reprise of the “cops acted stupidly” fiasco– not while Democrats still have to get through the electoral firing squad of the 2010 midterms.

  11. Peter Says:

    I’m really getting weary of Barky and his pals. Nobody seems to remember Republicans begging Colin Powell to run in ’96 but Barky is history making!

    Half of the Republican Party was hoping that Cheneey would step down in ’04 so that Condi could step into that slot, not that we didn’t like Dick Cheney but we knew he wouldn’t run in ’08.

    Not, of course, that we didn’t dodge a bullet with Powell but Condi couold kick Obambi’s backside with one of her stiletto-heeled boots tied behind her back.

    • Oh yeah–THAT would’ve been a great battle! She would’ve wiped the floor with O and then some. I didn’t always agree with what Rice did, but no doubt she is one brilliant mind!

  12. bob Says:

    Barney Frank wants to get to the bottom of ACORN by investigating the citizen journalists. Here–

    Investigate whether or not they broke some law with the taping of the damning conversations about bringing children into the country to be prostitutes, etc.

    Good ol’ Barney, he knows all about young prostitutes.

    Massachusettes must have the worst congressional delegation in the entire country, year after year, IMHO.

  13. bob Says:

    ACORN sues the young journalists.

    Heh, discovery should be interesting.

    By the way, Judge Napolitano (sp?) of Fox said the law applies only to electronic communications. At least, I believe that is what I heard him say.

  14. Maggie Says:

    New revelation has come from a book on the marriage of the Obamas. It seems that there is truth in the rumour that Bill Ayers was the ghost writer for Dreams of my Father.

    Obama is a big nothing. Of course he does not want to admit his connection to ACORN…. yet he has been behind the funding that they were going to receive through various bits of legislation such as the Porkulus and the big win that they would get from HR3200 – think the exchanges and who would benefit…..

    Obama thinks that he can keep fooling people… we will see about that.

    • afrocity Says:

      Maggie, I have been meaning to check out that book. Is it as good as they say?

      • gs Says:

        Ever since seeing this and this, I haven’t paid attention to the authorship rumors. Maybe it’s worth doing the in-depth stylometric analysis to which Peter Millican alludes in my second URL. Strong claims require strong evidence.

        Whether these claims are worth pursuing is another matter.

  15. bob Says:

    I’ve read some of that fellows analysis of Obama’s book compared to the writings of Ayers. It does seem remarkable, the same metaphors, symbols, figures of speech, turns of phrase, etc. Yup, I think he’s on to something.

    O is a remarkable b.s. artist, though.

  16. I don’t know if there is any truth to the rumor, but supposedly ACORN worked with the Latin Kings on a “project” or two. That would mean that obama was council for..?

    I’ll try and hunt that down, but for now, it was a rumor that floated around for a bit way back when.

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