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Nothing Left To Say September 15, 2009

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14 Responses to “Nothing Left To Say”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    No different than Sara Palin is a C#@!….. But I’m sure there’s many libs that would jump all over this guy.

  2. Holly Says:

    I have a feeling this sentiment will continue to swell so long as the gay establishment is so vitriolic towards opposing opinions. Those of us who just want to live our lives like anyone else is thrown in with those of hate in the gay community…I scream, shake my head, breathe deeply and try to change that perception.

  3. Nancy Says:

    I’m so sick of this crap. I wish people would just grow up already.

  4. Dan Ortiz Says:

    That is some tee shirt. I do get whats eatin you. They say everyone is racist that disagrees with Barack O. but a guy like this is walking around in public with an offensive shirt but nothing happens.

  5. Peter Says:

    Who cares who this clown hates? Seriously.

    We have some pretty stringent laws about assault, murder, etc. We have laws about discrimination in housing and employment, education and just about everthing else I can think of. So, this clown hates gays. Too bad for him, he could learn how to dress.

    As long as we have these laws racism, sexism, homophobia , etc are private matters, doing more harm to those holding such views than the folks they hate.

    So, we have some straights hating gays, some gays hating straights, some whites hating blacks some blacks hating whites, some this hating that. So what?

    Everyone dislikes somebody. As long as it is purely a private matter it’s not important, it’s just sad.

    • madrigal Says:

      Interesting point! – I respect the concept that we all have predjudices & that’s fine as long as its kept private….course, when a person is publicizing something & trying to affect the public with subjective predujudices (statements on a t-shirt in public, for example) , it is not really such a private matter anymore is it?

      Others then also have the right to react to issues placed right in front of them (at least that is what I’ve gathered from the history our national rights as citizens).

      Also, your question (“Who cares who this clown hates?”) belies the answer —

      Obviously, *you* care enough to write an opinion on a public blog so why are you dissing other people that (just like you) have opinons about the matter?

      Otherwise, I agree about everyone being fallible & having predjudices in one way or another & (as long as people are not forcing their stuff onto others or hurting other citizens) that we all have the right to hold to our subjective & sometimes flawed human opinion and analysis…


      Anyway, the guy in the picture is definitely NOT holding to some concept of being *private* with his group hatred.

      Course, he could also just be some repressed gay guy overcompensating for his own inner sexual orientation turmoil by bashing the group he is the most afraid of…because he is due to take his rightfull place among the ranks.

      Sometimes it seems like the people that flip out the most are really just closeted in some way & subconsciously overreacting to distance themselves.

      (Just watch the last part of American Beauty to get my jist)

      • Peter Says:

        Madrigal, that poor guy in the motorized cart is no threat to anyone, that’s my point. I’m getting pretty old no and I remember when folks were flat scared of the Klu Klux Klan and when they marched, people hid. Now when the Klu Klux Klan wants to march they beg the police for protection. Otherwise the crowds would tear them apart. There are some three thousand members, nationally, of that once-feared army of nighriders.

        In California, gay marriage almost passed but of the slight majority voting agains, how many want to kill gays? Hardly any, most do not even object to civil unions.

        We are all tribal creatures, that is the way humanity has evolved. Oddly, these days our tribalism has little to do with race, creed or national origin. Before I retired I hung out with the people I worked with, mostly. They were all colors and creeds and both sexes. I did not ask about their bedroom activities and mostly they did not say.

        While there is some dangerous hatred left it is not allowed in polited society. Look where that poor guy in the picture is! A motorized buggy in Wal; Mart! There is far more prejudice in polite society against Wal Mart shoppers than agains gays, people of color or even old, bald fat guys like me.

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  7. akellett Says:

    Sorry to hijack, but FYI, I asked Charles to close my comments account at LGF yesterday after I learned that you (and others whom I admired) had been banned. It’s sad to watch him go increasingly insane day after day. Great blog–keep fighting the good fight!

    • Bellamags Says:

      Hey akellett, what was your nic on LGF? and how long did you post over there?

    • kywrite Says:

      What?!?! When did this happen?!

      I’ve been following Charles’s descent into inanity with deep sorrow as well — seems to have started when he began hating on specific commentators like Beck — but I did NOT know he banned you. I’m done, then — out of there. Man.

      • afrocity Says:

        Thanks for your support of me, Kywrite.

      • kywrite Says:

        Um, support not an issue — you’re one of the bloggers I’m following because you got some sense!

        I’ve also been thinking how fascinating your memoirs would be, with some of the stories you tell. I remember my brothers and I keeping my grandparents from shoplifting — but nothing like your story. Wow.

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