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Moonbat Monday: Your Baby Is Not Racist, But You May Be A Moonbat September 14, 2009

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Moonbat in Training

Am I the only who feels that the presidency of Barack Obama has led to a national race baiting contest?

Just line up at the county fair like hog calling.

“You hair is so nappy that you look like a jelly donut with a Brillo pad on top”

Moonbat mom

It is Louduous RaceriumBaitidae moonbat season again: (Order: liberalis, Family: Obamabutticus). : Race Baiters.
No one is safe from being a racist, not minorities, not your Persian cat, not even your own fetus as it slumbers in the womb.  Sunday is a day that I feel the urge to run to the bookstore. Yesterday was a special treat because I had a coupon from Borders for $2 off a magazine of my choice. Great! I can get that September issue of Italian VOGUE I wanted without feeling so guilty about the US $15 price tag and 10.25% sales tax imposed upon me by the great Cook (crook ) County politicians. I need something stimulating to read while I am accidentally overdosing on aspirin before my pre-Blago court trial briefings (wink).

As I entered my local Borders, I was struck by a very amusing sight. It was not your usual bookstore scenes that make you go “ugh”.  There was no metrosexual masturbating to The Advocate in the CD section or the abusive husband yelling at his wife for taking to long to get the money out of her pocketbook. This time it was an actual magazine cover, Newsweek in fact. Stopping dead in my tracks, I squinted to make sure that what I was seeing was indeed what I thought.  It was and I sort of went “ugh”.

Recent Cover of Newsweek.

Recent Cover of Newsweek.

Abruptly, I laughed and walked away to the fashion magazine section. Seriously I did.  Why? Because I am fed up with “race in my face”.

Having your child need therapy...priceless.

Having your child need therapy...priceless.

Sure it is better to have a dialogue about race than no dialogue at all but this is getting beyond ridiculous.  I am every much against babies being implicated as racists and you should be too. Isn’t life difficult enough as it is without burdening our children with our social Obamabotic obsessions? In terms of conditioning, there is really no difference between creating a child that is hyper-uber politically and environmentally correct and anti-racists and the black family that indoctrinates their child into believing that the world is against him because of his skin color.  Is free-will still being sold at a store near you?

From the Washington City Paper

Sexist Beatdown: Racist Babies Edition

by Amanda Hess

Sep. 11, 2009

Bad news, parents: YOUR BABY IS PROBABLY A RACIST, and that means that you’ve got a whoooole lot of explaining to do. According to a Newsweek cover story, studies show that children as young as six months old “judge people based on skin color.” And children as old as six years old will refuse to accept the possibility of a black Santa—but will eventually concede that “black Santa could fill in for White Santa if he was hurt.” White people: Why are your widdle babies so racist?

a)  My kid isn’t racist: We watch Sesame Street, and there are some very, very diverse Muppets on that program.

b) SHHHH! Don’t say the R-A-C-E word around Jimmy! Everybody’s equal, Jimmy. I’ll explain that vague sentiment when you’re older.

c)  Mall Santas.

d) As Sady of Tiger Beatdown and Amanda of the Sexist discussed in this week’s edition of Sexist Beatdown: Uhh, maybe Newsweek is kind of exaggerating about the whole racist baby thing, since the real problem appears to be progressive hippie parents scared shitless about even raising the issue of race with their children. Okay, also mall Santas.

AMANDA: hey, racist baby.

SADY: hey there!

AMANDA: are you ready to discuss how modern equality-minded parents have all taken to blaming their latent racism on their impressionable young children?

SADY: ha, yes. the babies, they are all RACISTS! sort of. first of all, i think the very RACIST BABY tagline is kind of hilariously off, in that the actual “children as young as 6 months old discriminate on the basis of skin color” thing is, apparently, literally wrong. what children as young as 6 months old do is look longer at photos of people who are not the same race as their parents, according to the article. but, you know, that is not SENSATIONAL. so let’s just imply with our headline that six-month-old white babies are already full of societally determined anger and hate.

AMANDA: bad but, importantly, it is also The Longer Gaze at People Who Are Not the Race of Their Parents That Shall Not Be Named. since the main parenting tactic unearthed in this story is: as long as I never mention race or racism, my child will come out unracist. to the point that some ostensibly nonracist parents DROPPED OUT OF THE STUDY when they found out they would be forced to discuss race with their children. “not under my roof.”

SADY: yeah, exactly. and the result, apparently, IS that the four and five-year-olds end up with pretty fucked-up ideas about race..

AMANDA: and also, hilariously, report that they think their parents are racists, too

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13 Responses to “Moonbat Monday: Your Baby Is Not Racist, But You May Be A Moonbat”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    I have noticed a lot dogs lately that are racist and sexist as well. Maybe Time or some other hard hitting magazine can cover that problem next..

  2. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    On of my nieces is picky who she gets close to in the family. We are all black though with varying degree of skin tone. So I guess she is a racist towards others in our family. On another note every morning when I drop off my son to preschool he cries – for some reason this white little blonde blue eye girl always comes and comforts him and hugs him – maybe Amanda needs to interview this 4 year old to see how she was cured of her racism.

  3. Marianne7 Says:

    Hey! Pets can be racist. Well, at least sexist. I have a cat that took 2 years to even allow my husband to pat him. >>
    sexist pig-cat. sort of like a pig-dog.

  4. People are weird. Of course kids notice differences. Duh!! And of course kids prefer those who are most like them. Duh!! That doesn’t mean they’re racists

    • Are all babies racist, or just the little white ones?

      to jump off on what BC said, kids gravitate towards their parents, so naturally they would gravitate towards people who most resemble their parents first and close family second.

      Also the part in the article they talk about babies looking at pictures longer of people of other races sounds like a giant stretch to call them racist for it. They are probably looking at it longer because the person is more obviously different from their parents – the people they spend most of their time with – so it is interesting because the person in the picture looks different hence the longer looks.

      Truthfully by the time you start saying babies are racist the word has lost all real meaning and you might as well start calling food that wasn’t cooked right racist.

      “That cake was so racist”

      “You’re right I did think it was a bit stale”

  5. ARESAY Says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse. Check out Newsweek’s new cover story. Here,

    • I had a cat who hated gays, every time one of my friends came over she had to sit on his lap or follow him around the house. It sounds really innocent but he was allergic to cats and she was a Maine Coon so all she was was 20 pounds of hair and perfect for taking down people with allergies. At least she wasn’t racist though…

  6. bob Says:

    Mariane 7 is on to something. I think all cats are sexist. Take this last one we adopted for instance. I’ve bent over backwards to be nice to the little scoundrel, but he won’t cuddle up with me, oh no. Heads to my wife’s arms every time. And I’m the one paid his vet bills. Seems like all the cats we’ve had have been the same way. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  7. Maggie Says:

    Yeah, how true about the cats…. my cat does not like my husband…. hisses at him nearly every time…. now I wonder why that would be…. must be sexist? Nah….. it is because he treats her badly…. She also hisses at other men….

    Now the thing is that my dog that passed away, she also had these same sexist traits (hey she did teach Skittles the ways of the world), she would also growl at some men… she was discerning and if she growled it was a warning sign… ha ha…

    Really the absurdity of these writers is something to behold… they are just too foolish for words. Babies and children do not discriminate, they are innocents. It is the adults that are responsible for making these rather ridiculous suggestions about our children….

  8. SYD Says:

    Babies as young as two days old have been shown to prefer their mother’s voices. SEXISTS!

    And if they prefer the pictures of those who are “GOOD THING?”

    Such silliness in “science” nowadays.

    • SYD Says:

      Ooops…. my editor is acting up. Should say… “if they prefer the pictures of those who are *different* isn’t that a GOOD THING?

  9. Concerned Says:

    I guess Newsweek’s color line must be really in the red. Next article: Is you dog/cat racist? Better yet, tune in for a 12 part series on… (whatever will boost the bottom line)

    We are all born prejudice. Our parent(s) will ‘instill’ within us what the right response shoud be …or else!.

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