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Moonbat Monday: Radio Days- FM…No Logic At All September 7, 2009

Cat moonbats

Within the dense liberal moonbat crowd, from the  radio waves, arises the smell of donkey feces and oft repeated talking points labeling any and every one against any and everything that is liberal or about President Obama as “crazy Republicans”.

Backed up against the corner of a tissue thin wall, stands the spineless moonbats of the radio and internet waves. All liberal arguments for bringing back the Fairness Doctrine should  squashed once they listen to the demagogues of so called “Progressive Radio” .

Take this clip from Ring of Fire Radio for example. “Progressive”  Mike Papantonio of Air America’s Ring of Fire talks about advertisers shunning Glenn Beck and Fox News with  Dani McClain, who serves on the executive board at the political outreach group Color of Change.

Note how the liberals are now saying that the conservatives are “race baiting”. Are you kidding me?  What was “The Cambridge Police Department Acted Stupidly”? Or “Grandmother is a typical white woman” ?

Listen to Mike Papantonio in part two of this interview where he belittles and marginalizes the Tea Party Express participation of African American conservative entertainer Lloyd Marcus…Calling him a black guy at these rallies surrounded by Republican kooks.

Moonbat burning flag

This is what happens when an African American leaves the pen of jackasses, the liberals and progressives paint us as wimps who are powerless and controlled by the Republicans. You may recall the Saturday Night Live skit which portrayed GOP chairman Michael Steele as a remote controlled robot. This is an interesting use of reverse psychology considering that the African Americans farming on liberal camp are really the ones who are castrated and rendered impotent by the social programs and obvious exploitation of the Democratic Party.

Thanks to a tip from my conservative blogger friend  Avid Editor, I learned that even I, Afrocity was mentioned on the NO AGENDA radio show with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry. What did I do to deserve such an honor?

If you listen to the broadcast (#127) from September 3, 2009 the gentlemen mention my blog around 17 minutes into the show and again at 56 or 57 minutes. They can’t remember the name of my blog until the staff brings it to their attention, then they say it is Afrocity. Obviously can not tell that I am a woman and not a man as they refer to me as black, but “He”.

Of course content written here at ALS was misquoted and taken out of context as most of these shows customarily do. The spin was that Afrocity is like a crazed right winger full of negativity for Barack Obama and my blog images are disgusting.

Fran and I on a walk 2

Francois and I on an evening walk. We are girls.........notice her pink collar...

What irked me the most was that they assumed I was a Republican because Hillary Clinton lost the primary race to Barack Obama. It has been well documented in this blog and my video, Afrocity’s reasons for becoming a Republican. Not once did I ever say I switched parties because Hillary Clinton was not the DNC 2008 presidential nominee.

Yes I voted for Hillary in 2008, but I have also said that when John McCain was announced as the GOP nominee, I had to ask myself what would I do if a situation in which both were running against each other in the general election. I liked both candidates.

In addition, I did not vote in 2004 because even then, BEFORE OBAMA, I was reconsidering my loyalty to the Democrats.  Bash me as a crazy Republican all you want, that is your right but get your facts and my gender straight.

On that note I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day…Be safe and for my friends in radio land here is a picture of Francois and I walking yesterday. Fran and I are both of the female persuasion by the way.

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16 Responses to “Moonbat Monday: Radio Days- FM…No Logic At All”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    Liberals like Papawhatever are the worst. Doesn’t he really see that he is being racist himself not understanding how any black man can have conservative beliefs.. Liberals use and abuse people for power and then throw them to the side. Like the disguise of the now popular “Community Organizer” a favorite of empty liberals. It’s a power grab!!! Obama really helped how many people in Chicago? The majority of people he “organized” are still living in the same shithole conditions they were before he was around.. Meanwhile he gets rich and moves up the political ladder and fills his pockets.. Contrast the modern day community organizer BS with somebody like Demond Wilson that really makes a change in peoples lives.. He actually sets up an operation to make a difference and change peoples lives through Restoration House. Giving ex-convicts another chance at life and helping them to be self-sufficient in the world.. He doesn’t go out and fill people full of promises and then let them hang out to dry once he gets a better opportunity..

  2. bellamags Says:

    Regarding the cackling idiots on the radio program – Just tells you how thorough they are at researching their bullshit. Your images are awesome and I have seen far more offensive imagery elsewhere. You should be flattered and happy – you famous girl!!

    • FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

      Interesting how for 8 years past some of the most vile and disgusting images and ideas were foisted on the American people, and was treated as if it were high art and innocent dissent simply because there was a hated Republican in charge.

  3. FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

    If people on the left want to classify you as a crazy Republican, Afrocity, then I am even more a bane of the libiots and Dems:

    An independent Conservative. 🙂

  4. bob Says:

    Looking at your picture, I, for one, have no trouble whatsoever figuring out your gender.

    Nice looking dog, too.

    I had a Britt

  5. bob Says:

    Dang, I had a Brittany Spanial once, when I was a kid. Didn’t come home one night. Twenty eight days later, a city worker brough him by. Had found him in a sewer when checking the manholes. He’d fallen in. Really thin, and didn’t smell so good. But he was glad to be home. And recovered fully.

  6. avideditor Says:

    thanks for the ht and the link.
    Ya what NA said is absurd. They also talk about aliens and other wacky things on that show so I would not take anything they say personally.
    Keep up the good work. I read your blog daily. 🙂 Have a great day.

  7. Rose Says:

    BEAUTIFUL pic there Afrocity! And a great read as always!

  8. John Dvorak ceased to be relevant years ago.

    Funny that he has a problem with the Photoshops on ALS but no issue co-hosting a radio show with Adam Curry, a 9/11 truther and all around conspiracy aficionado.

  9. glennmcgahee Says:

    Yep, I’d say you are a woman alright. A very pretty woman at that. And with brains too. Who woulda thunk it? I’ve been appreciating your writing for a year or so. Thanks.

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