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Saturday Toons: The Hope and Change All You Can’t Eat Buffet September 5, 2009

obama grannyHave you ever gone to an “all you can eat buffet” ?

If you have, more than likely you were met at the restaurant door by a beaming hostess willing to give you a nice clean white dinner plate and plastic tumbler for your iced tea.

A smorgasbord of nutritional wealth awaits you.

Depending upon the cuisine, you may have a hanker for those crab rangoons and pad thai chicken; you may go ga ga over the pancakes and sticky buns; graze at the salad offerings.

So many vertically aligned food choices, so little time. Gee this is fun, buffets with bottomless deficits are the stuff liberals are made of.

It is estimated that over 50 million people have passed through the Obama “hope and change” buffet.

Mouthing “Yes we Can” to themselves as they grab that white plate and wait in line for the refreshing leadership they so craved and deserved.  They were getting hungry out there in “Bush Country”. Life was so terrible out there.

With all of the romance of yesteryear’s Camelot, Obama’s supporters want that piece of the pie they were promised.  However, amid all the shining happy liberals holding hands there is a cloud hovering over the hope and change buffet.  Famous for not keeping his promises, President Barack Obama has remarkably made the meal selection process less painstaking.

Nothing truly appetizing lies in the stainless steel food chambers. I see some grease filmed cream of arugula soup, crusty vegetable medley casserole straight from Michelle Obama’s White House garden. The menu shows an abundance of crow. It is safe to assume that the food must be good, the flies seem to think so but why is everyone just standing here?  Suddenly press secretary Robert Gibbs voice is piped in through a loud speaker, interrupting a beautiful rendition of “At Last” by house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Ahem, idio- I mean people please walk, don’t run to the buffet. In response to the great demand on President Obama by corporate hacks and lobbyists that he said would have no part in his administration, there may be a few minor delays in the food getting out to you. For ease of selection you all will be getting served a whopping huge plate of nothing.”

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat.

Food is getting so low at the hope and change buffet that Obama supporters have resorted to cannibalism. A finger was bit off the hand of a conservative this week and savagely devoured by a rabid moonbat. Image by Contra Obama.

Wow, a huge plate of nothing. Now there’s a palate pleaser. Certainly, the road to recovery will be long and hard for the millions crowded ’round the hope and change buffet.  I must say from the looks of complacency, they are all taking this pretty well. Come Oscar time, we are sure to see accolades delved out to the liberals for playing the “patience is a virtue, even tho’ it sucks”  role with such convincing authenticity.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

Hey, someone better get Rosie some food she looks pretty hungry.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Jobless Stimulus

It’s still not too late to redirect $400 billion to business tax cuts.


The recession may be over on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, but on Working Family Avenue it still has a ways to run. That’s the lesson of yesterday’s August jobs report that showed losses of 216,000, which believe it or not is the slowest monthly decline in a year and caused the White House to praise with the faint damn that the “trajectory is in the right direction.” That’s the good news.

On the other hand, the jobless rate popped up to 9.7%, the highest rate in 26 years, from 9.4%, reflecting an increase in the size of the labor force. The main concern we see going forward is the slow pace of new job creation to soak up the 7.4 million workers who have lost jobs since 2007.

There are now 26 million Americans who can’t find a full-time job. Average weekly hours remained at an abysmally low 33.1—which is putting a strain on family budgets. And the jobless rate including so-called discouraged workers, or those who have stopped looking, leapt to 16.8% from 16.3% in July. Meanwhile, the number of Americans working part-time who want full-time work increased by 278,000 to 9.1 million, which as a share of the workforce is larger than at any time since the recession of 1982. These are the workers that employers will tend to hire first as a recovery unfolds, so it is worrisome that this cohort remains so large.

None of this does much for the credibility of the Obama Administration’s stimulus spending plan, which was sold with the promise of a jobless rate this year of “below 8%” if the stimulus were passed. That was off by some three million jobs in a mere seven months. The same economists who fretted in February that $780 billion in stimulus was too small now claim that the $300 billion or so that has been spent has somehow ignited the recovery.

But a tax-cutting stimulus would have provided much more job and economic growth for the buck, and it could even now too. If the Administration really wants to fire up private job creation, how about taking the remaining $400 billion or more and using it to lower business taxes? The unspent stimulus is enough for a two-year down payment on repealing the U.S. corporate income tax, which studies show is a job and wage-increase killer.

Congress could also reconsider its July minimum-wage increase of 70 cents an hour, which almost certainly contributed to the leap in teenage unemployment to 25.5% in August. The rate was 24% in June and 23.8% in July, before the wage hike started to price low-skilled teens looking for jobs out of the workplace. Congress would be wise to suspend the increase until the overall jobless rate falls below 7%.

Of course neither of our proposals is going to happen given the current policy views in Washington, but someone has to speak up for workers who want a job, as opposed to those lucky enough to still have them.

Global Plate Warming buffet while Referencing the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that tiurkey leg when you have nothing????

Global Plate Warming buffet while the legendary man bear pig, references the "Holy Goran" is a sure way to keep your mind off watching the door for the waiters to bring more food. Hey how did he get that turkey leg when you have nothing????

At the beginning, I knew that the hope and change buffet was a bunch of baloney. There was a huge amount of illusion going on in the Obama campaign. Illusion leads to disillusionment which hopefully leads to no reelection in 2012. This is a sensitive subject for Obama’s supporters. Afraid to admit they were taken in by the pied piper, they create distractions by charging racism. There is no racism at the hope and change buffet. None of you are being served. You can sit wherever you want, as long as you realize that all will equally get nothing in return for your support. Botch and whine stew is a perennial favorite among liberals. Your dear leader has seen to it that you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your hoped cooked culinary concoction while pussyfooting around what really matters to you and your family at the same time. President Doubtfire will promise you an eclipse on Christmas day, but I doubt you will ever need to get out your safety glasses.

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18 Responses to “Saturday Toons: The Hope and Change All You Can’t Eat Buffet”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    So many buffets look great but can be completely deceiving. Some evil bacteria sitting in there that you have no idea about.. You eat a few plates and then your running to the bathroom the rest of the day!! or even worse, end up in the hospital.. I know there’s already a lot people with their stomach’s cramping up!!

  2. afrocity Says:

    From moonbattery

  3. Kurt Says:

    What you have done here is disgusting. Besides that, it adds absolutely nothing to any serious discussion of the issues we face.

    • afrocity Says:

      Bitter are we? I guess the truth hurts Kurt. Want a tic tac?

    • manbearpig68 Says:

      I think I detect some bitterness as well. Maybe some bacteria from the buffet. Better go sit on the toilet now!! don’t want to have an accident.. Do you have different unemployment numbers to post? I would say unemployment and increasing our national debt is a pretty damn important issue..

    • FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

      “Wah, I wanna be a whiny little cry-baby!”

      At least if you had said that it would have been a lot more honest than the drivel you troweled out.

    • AfricanAgainstO Says:

      Kurt – went and checked your site and read some of your posts before I commented. You sound exactly the same as most of my friends and relatives – you will go along with anything Obama says including his flip flops. Yes compromising is great but you never compromise on your main principles. He has none and I might say you are no different.

      AC – GREAT POST – it was so disgusting I was laughing so hard.

  4. You out did your self with this one darling…

    I’m laughing so hard that I won’t even comment about Kurt!

  5. IslandLibertarian Says:

    The “Hope and Change Buffet” is like the “Democratic Luau” we have here in paradise…..there’s a major State budget deficit that could be dealt with by State workers taking a few days furlough each month…….BUT the Union says “NO!”…….so now there will be LAYOFFS! People losing their jobs, instead of just taking off a few days a month.
    That is how the “Democrat Luau” serves its patrons in Hawaii.

  6. IslandLibertarian Says:

    heard you’re banned at littlegreenfootballs……..
    you bad girl, you!

    • FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

      Being banned at lgf seems to becoming a badge of honor lately. Being a moderate is just fine in my book, but come on!

      • IslandLibertarian Says:

        Furry, did you get the stick too?
        “Are you not of the “Body”?”

      • FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

        As of a matter of fact when you said our hostess here had been banned I went back there for the first time in over a month.

        No, I had not been banned (that will probably change now that I have “ratted” out the Collective), but found the place to be even more of a pain to navigate with all the javascript crud. My FireFox refused to either quit or complete Mr. J’s script so I might as well have been banned since all I could do was answered endlessly repeated “script appears to have stopped running” message boxes.

        Honestly I can’t say I am going to miss one iota not going back. I have better things to do with my time and attention.

    • afrocity Says:

      Yes I was banned and I only went there a couple of times a month. I wasn’t even on the site when I was banned. I only went there to say hi to some choice people, other than that there was not much to miss.

      • IslandLibertarian Says:

        I was disappeared from LGF without warning myself.
        I do thank Charles for letting me post my opinions for those 2 1/2 years. But the way it’s going over there now, I’m thankful for being banned. I see the forest very clearly now.
        ‘Like your blog. Keep up the good work.

      • FurryOldGuyJeans Says:

        I’m starting to have agree with you afro, really not a lot there to miss.

        The new javascript bloated place makes my “experience” there as good as a banning. All I do is answer “script not completed” message boxes.

  7. Bellamags Says:

    I loved this post. Disgusting? absolutely not. Refreshing and truthful? yes. Keep it up. (Kurt, are you serious? – wtf did you expect?) Open your eyes dude.

  8. deseeded Says:

    I am still having trouble with that Rosie pic….it’s just a bit too perfectly rendered.

    I bet she wishes she had pubes like those all over her body.

    As for LGF: go read the most recent post’s comments. All the seriously Kurt-like users are members for less than 6 months. It’s the trend. Move liberals some place and they destroy it fast….then bitch about how it used to be so much better.

    Kinda like what the Californian liberals are doing to Colorado and what the New Hampshire people are starting to grumble about with the Massholes moving north to escape tax hell.

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