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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Let Them Eat Cake by Bellamags September 3, 2009

cup cake knitThis Thursday’s Stitch n’ Bitch was authored by Autographed Letter Signed guest contributor Bellamags and edited by Brooke K.

While sitting in my salon, which over the course of the last year has been empty more often than not, I sometimes look out the front windows of my shop for amusement.  The Department of Motor Vehicles is adjacent to me and always offers some sort of entertainment, whether it’s the interesting folks renewing their driver’s licenses or young teenagers nervously taking their driving tests.  Today, the parking lot is FULL, none of the patrons are mine, by the way, and there is a line snaking along the sidewalk outside of the DMV the likes of which I’ve never seen. So, I decided to hop online and Google a few key words to find a reason for the mad rush, and I came across this:

DMV Fee Hikes prompt lines, questions.

The State of Florida, strapped in this flagging economy and needing cash, decided to raise tag renewal and licensing fees. Not just 10 or 20 percent, but an average of 50% across the board and almost 100% in some cases.   Great idea, Florida; let’s squeeze the consumers for just a little bit more and give them even less money to spend at the small businesses that make up 95% of the employers in our fine state.  Hey, consumers! You’re not spending money on sales-taxable retail purchases?  Florida will get your money another way.  Welcome to the world of big government and socialism.

Most people have heard of Marie Antoinette.  My spell-check even recognizes her name and will offer me the correct alternative if there is a typo.  At the time she and her husband ruled over France, the French economy was in shambles, the people were being taxed to death without representation, and famine had taken over.


“Let them eat cake” is the now-infamous phrase that was her reply to the protests and dissatisfaction of the French population during this desperate time.  If in fact she did speak these words, it was most likely the far less bitchy version “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, which literally translates to “Let them eat funny shaped egg bread“.

knit cake

knitted black forest cake

Urban legend blames Marie Antoinette’s thoughtless and uncaring phrase, “Let them eat cake”, in response to the starving French people as one of the possible causes for the start of the French Revolution.  Debate and disagreement among historians continues over the notorious phrase associated with her, with many believing she never said it.  To-may-toe, to-mah-toe.  What matters is perception.  The Queen Marie and her husband the King continued to live a lavish lifestyle while the people of France were starving.  This did not sit well with the population prompting the French Revolution and formation of a new government to soon follow.

knit cakes 2

Knited VEGAN cup cakes at

Recently, we have been hearing about the Obamas’ much-needed vacation to the extravagant Blue Heron Farm on Martha’s Vineyard that rents for upwards of $35,000 per week. The Obamas aren’t renting the whole Blue Heron Farm, mind you, and are “paying their own way”. However, considering that Obama has been on the public payroll for a while now, technically this vacation (and all the necessary security measures that go along with it) is still being funded with our tax money.

This vacation follows his obligatory trip to Yellowstone and the dirty, dusty “typical American” Wal-Mart tour of the Grand Canyon, no doubt taken to “balance out” the lavish trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

A few weeks ago, the media reported on Michelle Obama’s $500 Lanvin tennis shoes (French designer, how apropos) she thoughtlessly wore while volunteering at a food bank.  Then we were blessed with pictures of her carrying a thousand-dollar black patent leather clutch.  A few months ago it was Barack and Michelle’s date night, complete with private jet to New York City, dinner at an exclusive restaurant and tickets to a Broadway play.

In a typical economic climate, this extravagance might seem OK.  Status quo.
Who cares, they DESERVE it.
They need to REPRESENT.
Big effing deal, right? Frankly, it pisses me off and it should piss you off. I can’t express to you the amount of anger I feel right now, sitting in my empty salon, wearing tennis shoes with holes on the bottom, carrying a modest handbag with only a vague memory of the last time I could afford to go on vacation and writing more checks to the federal and state government than to myself; all the while staring at a parking lot full of people frantically handing over their hard-earned money to the state because tomorrow the rates will double.


Knitted Cupcakes from Little Cotton Rabbits

Michelle, do you really need 22 (some reports count 26, so I have given you the benefit of the doubt) personal attendants?  I know Laura Bush had 18, but yours are costing the taxpayers almost a million dollars more than Laura’s did.  Shouldn’t you be cutting back or should we be eating cake?

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Bellamags has been a conservative since 9-11.  Before then I had no idea the difference between liberal and conservative.  I consider myself center on social issues and hard right on fiscal issues.  The only experience I have is from littlegreenfootballs and my life experiences owning a small business.