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“Maybe Next Term”: Portrait of a Presidential Rookie August 25, 2009

Image From Big Fur Hat/I Own The

Image From Big Fur Hat/I Own The

I want to thank my dear reader “Bud White” for drawing to my attention, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal piece entitled, “Obama’s Summer of Discontent”

Such realistic dialogue coming from the media is refreshing is to see as it exposes the tensions between our rookie president and his supporters. Obviously I am using the term “supporters” in a broad sense.

Voters are supporters.

Corporations are supporters as many contributed money to Obama’s presidential campaign fund. Despite what our president promised during his campaign, there is now some proof surfacing that lobbyists (the dreaded “L” word) actually did have a hand in his election.

Unions are supporters and while it is unethical, the various media outlets can be construed as supporters. Only a supporter would describe a “tingling feeling” up his leg while delivering “the news” to a public audience.

In yesterday’s Autographed Letter Signed posting, I highlighted a Washington Examiner article with a somewhat similar title to that of the WSJ piece. Penned, “The thrill is gone for Obama and the media”, as if on cue, we are beginning to the media come to their senses.

With any rookie, we want him to succeed if he is on our team and even if he is not, he is still playing the same game that effects us all.

One misstep on the part of a rookie president could resonate as a tremendous loss for all Americans of all political persuasions.

You may ask why I chose to allude to Obama as a “rookie” ? Isn’t every first term president a rookie? Sure, but some are more wet behind the ears than others as noted in this aforementioned Wall Street Journal opinion piece.

Obama’s Summer of Discontent
The politics of charisma is so Third World. Americans were never going to buy into it for long.


The leader would be different things to different people. The Obama coalition was the coming together of disparate groups: the white professional liberals seeking absolution for the country in the election of an African-American man, the opponents of the Iraq war who grew more strident as the project in Iraq was taking root, the African-American community that had been invested in the Clintons and then came around out of an understandable pride in one of its own.

The last segment of the electorate to flock to the Obama banners were the blue-collar workers who delivered him Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. He was not their man. They fully knew that he didn’t share their culture. They were, by his portrait, clinging to their guns and religion, but the promise of economic help, and of protectionism, carried the day with them.

The Obama devotees were the victims of their own belief in political magic. The devotees could not make up their minds. In a newly minted U.S. senator from Illinois, they saw the embodiment of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Like Lincoln, Mr. Obama was tall and thin and from Illinois, and the historic campaign was launched out of Springfield. The oath of office was taken on the Lincoln Bible. Like FDR, he had a huge economic challenge, and he better get it done, repair and streamline the economy in his “first hundred days.” Like JFK, he was young and stylish, with a young family.

All this hero-worship before Mr. Obama met his first test of leadership. In reality, he was who he was, a Chicago politician who had done well by his opposition to the Iraq war. He had run a skillful campaign, and had met a Clinton machine that had run out of tricks and a McCain campaign that never understood the nature of the contest of 2008.

Artist Norman Rockwell's "The Rookie"

Artist Norman Rockwell's "The Rookie"

Did you know that my favorite sport is baseball?

My two favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. Being a Chicagoan makes the Cubs a likely connection for me, the Red Sox not so likely. Graduate school in Boston is what indoctrinated me into the RED SOX NATION.

Red Sox fever was contagious, I lived across the street from Fenway Park. Boston being a walking town, made for nice spring time walks down Boylston Street. On game days, the “T” was crowded, antiquated and slow.

Coming home from Harvard, I would take the red line “T” to Newberry Street and walk the rest of the way home. The sidewalks were filled with families padded with bottled water and Red Sox nation gear.

At the time, Boston had not yet captured a World Series Championship. The fans did not care, they still paid big bucks to see their team beat the “Curse of the Babino”

That year, the Red Sox and the Cubs had a lot in common. Both teams had a large number of devotees despite their comparative losing streaks. If you were either a Cubs or a Red Sox fan you were well acquainted with the “summer of discontent”.

While growing up, not only did I watch every Cubs game faithfully on the television, I also took trips to my local library to read sports magazines about baseball.

To me baseball was life and it was a game that made sense. By comparison, football was just a bunch of guys on a field who liked to pile up on each other but baseball was a mental sport. It was more civilized and a damn good way to pass three hours of time when I wanted to forget about my problems. Given that the first live Cubs game I would ever see in person would be at the old Yankee Stadium in 2005, I was a pretty loyal armchair fan as mother and I could never afford tickets to see the Cubs play at Wrigley.

My loser team was lovable and “Maybe Next Year” became my mantra.

To what extent I actually believed that the Cubs would ever win a World Series was questionable.

However, in baseball is there really distinction between reality and fantasy?

If so, does that distinction extend to the realm of politics? After all we now play fantasy baseball. Is there such a glorious beast as a fantasy president?

Ajami continues:

…He was no FDR, and besides the history of the depression—the real history—bears little resemblance to the received narrative of the nation instantly rescued, in the course of 100 days or 200 days, by an interventionist state. The economic distress had been so deep and relentless that FDR began his second term, in 1937, with the economy still in the grip of recession.

Nor was JFK about style. He had known military service and combat, and familial loss; he had run in 1960 as a hawk committed to the nation’s victory in the Cold War. He and his rival, Richard Nixon, shared a fundamental outlook on American power and its burdens.

Now that realism about Mr. Obama has begun to sink in, these iconic figures of history had best be left alone. They can’t rescue the Obama presidency. Their magic can’t be his. Mr. Obama isn’t Lincoln with a BlackBerry. Those great personages are made by history, in the course of history, and not by the spinners or the smitten talking heads.

In His painting "The Dugout" Norman Rockwell, captures the fate of the Chicago Cubs on May 23, 1948

In His painting "The Dugout" Norman Rockwell, captures the fate of the Chicago Cubs on May 23, 1948

When we are rooting for a losing team, we place much hope in “the rookie”. The rookie will give the seasoned guys a shot in the arm via envy or a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the game. With the Cubs, my favorite rookie was pitcher Greg Maddux. In September of 1986, Maddux started for the Cubs and was the youngest pitcher in the MLB. His first outing resulted in a complete game win for the Cubs. Maddux was my hero as Cubs rookie pitcher Kerry Woods would become nearly a decade later. Is this fair to the rookie, to become the end all and be all for a team? To become the “hope and change” that they hunger for?

…Ronald Reagan, it should be recalled, had been swept into office by a wave of dissatisfaction with Jimmy Carter and his failures. At the core of the Reagan mission was the recovery of the nation’s esteem and self-regard. Reagan was an optimist. He was Hollywood glamour to be sure, but he was also Peoria, Ill. His faith in the country was boundless, and when he said it was “morning in America” he meant it; he believed in America’s miracle and had seen it in his own life, in his rise from a child of the Depression to the summit of political power.

The failure of the Carter years was, in Reagan’s view, the failure of the man at the helm and the policies he had pursued at home and abroad. At no time had Ronald Reagan believed that the American covenant had failed, that America should apologize for itself in the world beyond its shores. There was no narcissism in Reagan. It was stirring that the man who headed into the sunset of his life would bid his country farewell by reminding it that its best days were yet to come.

In contrast, there is joylessness in Mr. Obama. He is a scold, the “Yes we can!” mantra is shallow, and at any rate, it is about the coming to power of a man, and a political class, invested in its own sense of smarts and wisdom, and its right to alter the social contract of the land. In this view, the country had lost its way and the new leader and the political class arrayed around him will bring it back to the right path.

"The Three Umpires" by Norman Rockwell

"The Three Umpires" by Norman Rockwell

That being quoted, I will pose my question again.

Is it fair to the rookie to become the end all and be all for a team (country)?

I suppose the answer depends upon the rookie in question.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Maybe Next YEAR CUBBIES!!!!


Moonbat Monday: “Wee-Weed” and Other Great Speeches of Our Time August 24, 2009

DNC Brain“There’s something about August going into September — (hee ha ha lol) — where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.

-President Barack Obama, August 20, 2009

Can moonbats (family liberalis) develop the dreaded donkey hoof in mouth disease?You betcha.

Have you ever been to a library and thumbed through a copy of The Public Papers of the Presidents?  Most libraries own a complete set.

The Public Papers of the Presidents series is published by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and is the official publication of United States Presidents’ public writings, addresses, and remarks. The series has been in existence since the Hoover administration.

Most presidents such as Dwight Eisenhower have eight volumes , while others like John F. Kennedy have only three due to his untimely demise.  Usually there is a volume for each year of a president’s term. The longer the presidency, the more volumes he and hopefully someday she will have.

The exterior of each volume is cloth bound and rather stately. The name of each president is printed in gold leaf.

Ronald Reagan having a good solid eight year presidency 1981-1989 has many volumes which should contain every speech and address he ever made.  The same goes for Richard Milhous Nixon. His resignation speech is contained in the final volume of his published papers:

Published Presidential Papers of Harry S. Truman. 8 volumes.

Published Presidential Papers of Harry S. Truman. 8 volumes.

…I shall leave this office with regret at not completing my term, but with gratitude for the privilege of serving as your President for the past 51/2 years. These years have been a momentous time in the history of our Nation and the world. They have been a time of achievement in which we can all be proud, achievements that represent the shared efforts of the Administration, the Congress, and the people.But the challenges ahead are equally great, and they, too, will require the support and the efforts of the Congress and the people working in cooperation with the new Administration.

We have ended America’s longest war, but in the work of securing a lasting peace in the world, the goals ahead are even more far-reaching and more difficult. We must complete a structure of peace so that it will be said of this generation, our generation of Americans, by the people of all nations, not only that we ended one war but that we prevented future wars…

-President Richard Milhous Nixon ( August 8, 1974)

As an object in itself, each volume tells a story. In the photograph of the Truman papers above, notice how some volumes are larger than others. What does that mean? It is as if each volume is haunted by the events. Was Truman too busy plotting the destruction of Japan to speak that year? Did he have a tonsillectomy? What was going on? Could be nothing at all. Perhaps one during one year a president was a more prolific speaker than others.

Now fast forward to the year 2009 and President Barack H. Obama. I cannot wait to see this particular gem in volume one of his official papers:

“I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three – what I think we know separate and apart from this incident – is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact.”  –President Barack Obama (July 2009)

Scientific Proof That MoonbatsHave Suffered From Foot in Mouth Disease Since Ancient Times

Scientific Proof That Moonbats Have Suffered From Foot in Mouth Disease Since Ancient Times.

Many Obamabots claim to have admired Barack Obama because he was an eloquent speaker. He was consistently praised as  an “articulate and gifted orator”.  His election to POTUS meant that Americans would not be subjected to the embarrassment we suffered as country under the obvious illiteracy of President George W.Bush. Bush II was born in New Haven, Connecticut at Yale University Hospital but make no mistake- he was a Texan through and through. The problem for many liberals was that he sounded like one. Obama being more polished and armed with an arsenal of teleprompters should not have the same problem right? Wrong. The words may uh, uh, uh, sound pretty but whether or not they actually offer Americans the intellectual stimulation they crave is highly debatable.

teleprompterThe White House press secretary is responsible for providing the materials contained in the “public papers” for his administration. For President Obama that would be the blundering Robert Gibbs who in my opinion will without question go down in history as the worse press secretary EVER. I say this not as a Republican but as an American. Why President Obama hired and continues to retain Gibbs in his administration is beyond me. Gibbs makes a mockery out of the office of press secretary. Makes one wonder if Gibbs has something over Obama’s head and that is why he has the job. If the Obama administration’s goal is to make the White House appear glaringly inexperienced but also as transparent as a barrel of crude oil, they have succeeded.

The Washington Examiner

“The thrill is gone for Obama and the media”

By: Chris Stirewalt
August 24, 2009

There’s nothing like a summer vacation to rekindle a romance. So maybe a week on Martha’s Vineyard can bring back some of the magic between the Obama administration and the media.

Before White House press secretary Robert Gibbs left town, he tried to clarify President Barack Obama’s comment that “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.” Gibbs explained to reporters that what the president meant was that they were a bunch of bed wetters who made too much out of the implosion of the White House health care strategy.

Gibbs has grown more sardonic and patronizing as the summer wears on and Obama’s poll numbers wilt.

The press secretary has lectured reporters on the nature of their jobs — apparently to defend the administration against “misinformation” rather than asking impertinent questions like “How will you pay for it?”

When asked recently about the administration’s endless evasions on the public option, Gibbs instead opted to define a monopoly.
“If you had one place to eat lunch before you came to the briefing, do you think it would be cheap?” Gibbs demanded of CNN’s Ed Henry.

Henry should have asked Gibbs to define monopsony: a market in which one buyer is so large that it can control suppliers and ruin competitors. Henry could then explain he’d rather pay too much for the sandwich he wanted than have to eat at a government chow line opened across the street to encourage “competition.”

Gibbs is so crabby because, incredibly, the administration blames the media for the president’s problems.

It tried blaming Republicans, but the GOP is too far out of power. When the leader of the free world is complaining about a posting on the former governor of Alaska’s Facebook page, he’s got problems.

Now listen to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explanation of what President Obama meant by “wee weed up”

Yes, indeed I cannot wait to include those 4 volumes of the Presidential Papers of Barack H. Obama in my personal library. I will shelve them lovingly next to my moonbat taxonomy resources.

Autographed Letter Signed



Sunday Soliloquy: Afrocity is Politically Right of 637 N. Central Avenue August 23, 2009

Victorian Shirt-Waist

Victorian Shirt-Waist

“Late August was always characterized by an increase in anxiety for young Afrocity.”

August symbolically heralded the end of summer. I did not care if the autumnal equinox was not until September 21, for most adolescents summer was over the day one returned to school.

Summer is something of a mixed blessing when you are living in squalor.

Summer represents days of relaxation, sunshine, time with mother, more television, waking up at the crack of noon with nothing to do but live.  The darker side of summer also marked the beginning of days cooped up in an un-air conditioned bedroom with no running water or stove.  Meals were served straight from the can or cooked on our Sunbeam electric hot plate.

It was 1982. My place of residence was 637 N. Central Avenue in Chicago’s Austin community. It was my uncle’s 6,000 square foot, four-story Victorian home. Large, painted white, with shingles, gorgeous wood work, crown moldings.  Despite being run down, the house had its charms. There was a porch swing in desperate need of a paint job which could still swing but scratched the bottom your thighs with chipped paint and splinters if you wore shorts.  A steeple roof was a round shaped room and had tiny windows all around it.  My uncle purchased the home during the early 1970’s from an aging marijuana addicted hippie, the son of a wealthy man who never quite aspired to the same ambitions as his father. The hippie had turned the home into something of a boarding house which was quite understandable because it had 10 bedrooms.

The actual home I lived in on 637 N. Central in Chicago as it looks today. The two windows directly above the porch roof is the bedroom where I lived with my mother for 5 years. Today the home is section 8 housing.

This is the actual home I lived in on 637 N. Central Ave., in Chicago as it looks today. The two windows directly above the porch roof is the bedroom where I lived with my mother for 5 years during the 1980's. Today the home is gutted and was turned into section 8 housing.

Neglect made the home far too heavy of a burden for the hippie. The neighborhood was also getting darker by the year. My uncle got the fixer-upper for a song. Always a work in progress, the home would get sporadic attention. A kitchen updated here and there, a wall painted, a floor sanded. After some time my uncle’s wife who was blond and very Polish American wanted to return to her own neighborhood and the comfort of her parents.  They would move, leaving the home to a starving artist named Al, their dog Gypsy, and my alcoholic uncle.


Drawing from 1800's edition of Peterson Magazine

It was with passive obedience that I followed my mother to 637 N. Central after being homeless for 3 months. There was little doubt that it was better than living in the homeless shelters and depending upon the kindness and quirkiness of strangers.  However, from my perspective it was free, dirty and a place where my mother could become too comfortable (lazy).

“How long will we be staying this time?” I asked her. I needed to ask because I never knew exactly where I would be from month to month.

My two shopping bags filled with my belongings were sitting in a corner of this bedroom. The room had two windows, smelled moldy and had cob webs. The floor was wood but looked like dirt from all of the dust. Noticeable was the absence of a bed.

“Until I get back on my feet,” she answered.

(Great that means never) “Can we find an apartment in Oak Park (Illinois) like before? I don’t understand why we can’t Ronnie found a place for her kids and she was homeless like us.”

“Ronnie” was a woman that mother and I had met at the homeless shelter. She was a battered wife with two kids who escaped from her husband in the middle of the night. Leaving all of her possessions behind. She boarded a Greyhound bus to Chicago. Her family wired her money from Arkansas to place a deposit on an apartment and start a new life.  Within record time, Ronnie secured a job as a waitress and was out of the shelter in three weeks.  Ronnie, was a different kind of mother. Not better, just different. Mother and I would never be so lucky.

“I can’t find a place without a job or co-signer you know that. We can stay here just fine. Your uncle says there is a used mattress emporium on Chicago Ave., we will get something there to sleep on.  I need a place to think and rest. I could not do that in the shelter with all those chores and bible classes they made us go to.”

victorian-clipart-4I was silent.

I needed her to focus. Her clear mental state was imperative to my survival. Lately, she had not been responsive to my pleas to find a job.

Her actions were suddenly marked by a certain lack of domesticity. She no longer washed my clothing, or cared about my meals –which concerned me. The homeless shelter gave me three squares a day Now I was worried about going hungry now that we were on our own again.

Considering that I had to steal to feed us in Oak Park before we became homeless, mother lapsing into the deep state of depression which got us here in the first place would not be beyond the pale of her normal behavior.

“What will we do for water?” I asked.

The pipes had frozen and burst the winter before.

“We will have to buy it in jugs, I guess.”

She shrugged her shoulders.

This movement denoted that she was “winging it”.  “We can flush the toilet with water.”

Oh, I had not thought of that. I was only 12.

It was difficult to understand her mood. She almost seemed happy and that was a good change.  Her attitude must have caught on. I began to understand but I needed her to understand me as well.  I did not want to ever attend a Chicago Public School.  As a “CPS” virgin, my peers would smell me out like fresh meat in the dessert.

victorian-era-clothing-7I feigned a half smile- a very weak closed mouthed smile.

“Promise me we will be out of here in time for me to start school…Okay?”

She looked guilty and only nodded.

It was not a lie if “Okay Afrocity” was never uttered from her lips.

And it was a lie.

Within a few weeks time, mother would enroll me in the Chicago Public School system for the first time.

I would remain in that Victorian home on Central Ave. for nearly 5 years.

My menstrual period would start there, my breasts would grow there and my self-esteem would end there.

That house watched me put on makeup for the first time, attend high school and would hear my nighttime tears more than any other,

Dusting off her jeans which were two sizes too big because they were given to her by the shelter, mother went to leave the room. “You know this is not permanent, right? Someday we will look back on this and laugh.”

“I know,” I said lowly, resigned.  She lied to me again. I would never look back and laugh.

Sighing, I sat down on the floor. There was nothing I could do but make the best of this. At least there were no roaches, only silverfish from what I could see. No curfews like at the shelter. I took a small green Gideon bible out of my shopping bag. The shelter had given it to me. It only contained the New Testament and books of Psalms and Proverbs.  I read Psalms 23 as mother found a broom from the basement and began to clean.  Her thick black hair had become nappy from the summer sweat so she hid it under a red bandanna. The dust made her take the bandanna from her head and tie it around my mouth and nose. She did not want me to get the sneezes.  Adjacent to my left was a closet door with a full length splotchy mirror. I looked like a bandit.

victorian clothes

“I’m the bible thumping bandit,” I laughed. It would be the day’s only humorist dialogue and our collective sanity clung to that one God given moment.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Afrocity Speaks: All in the Same Boat August 21, 2009

Etching of a slave ship

Drawing of a 1860 slave ship taken from a a daguerreotype and published in Harper's Weekly (June 1860)

Like many of you, I  have been brimming over with many thoughts on the current political situation during the last several months. With an upcoming speaking engagement at a Republican event, I felt the need to give a video background of my beginnings as a conservative and also to  speak out against the phony claims of racism we have witnessed since oh say 2008.

Mainly, my taped inner dialogue surrounds one central question:

Should my being African American and a woman enjoy a privileged position in my voting decisions?

Slave ship interior

Slave ship interior

The most extreme “Afrocity is a vile race traitor” claims notwithstanding, I would like my readers to know that the solution to this question is not as simple as one would think.

A close reading of this blog will tell you that it is not always full of anti-liberal sentiment.  Poignantly exploring my political past, present and future through the lens of a forgotten child, underscores my desire to present my case for conservatism, equality and women’s rights in a way that hopefully even liberals can relate to. But how does a conservative explain themselves to a liberal? As I learned after creating this video, you don’t. Its creation seemed to get the goat of several liberal viewers as if they believed I was attempting to manipulate and convert unsuspecting watchers into right wing nuts that attack Obamacare.

slave-ship-2While this blog and video is an assessment of  my own political situation as an African American female, there are arguments posited  here that collectively effects us as AMERICANS whether we are Democrats or Republicans.

Growing up, I had witnessed my share of participation in government “help” programs.  I would think that any criticisms offered by me, stemming from my experience living through these should be valid and understandable. An accusation recently entered against me was that I received a free ride through college due to my mother’s financial situation. Did I receive a government Pell grant to attend college yes, did it cover my entire tuition NO. What did I do? I worked two jobs.  In fact I have worked since it was legally allowable for me to do so.  For what my parental figure did not do, I made up for it two times over.

While liberals love to hear sweet nothings, security blanket feel good about themselves, phrases such as “helping the unfortunate and downtrodden” , they never seem to articulate the distinction between helping and enabling.  In the Republican camp, such distinctions are made clearer especially among my fellow African American conservatives. Everyone I have encountered offers a unique experience of what it means to be of color and a conservative. Not once have I ever heard an echo of disdain for our race. Our collective response to the rising statistics of violence and teen pregnancy among African American youth is one of concern, which is not greatly different from those of our race who are Democrats.

This image is one of the earliest photographs of Africans being rescued from a slave ship by the British Royal Navy from the British National Archives.

This image is one of the earliest photographs of Africans being rescued from a slave ship by the British Royal Navy from the British National Archives.

Before any moonbat attack dropping are delineated  upon myself or other black conservatives like Michael Steele, Condeleeza Rice Thomas Sowell please bother to listen to where our conclusions on race and politics derive from.  In many of our accounts, you can hear the same tone of empathy and a desire to seek a political solution.  Without knowing that we are conservatives,  it  can hardly be argued otherwise that we are NOT BLACK.  The history and struggles of our race in America has inextricably bonded us in collective trauma that seem inescapable. Our DNA time machine puts us all on that boat.  However we should all embrace the fact that our country’s democracy and freedom of expression has rendered African American individuals with experiences and  ideologies that could not make us more different. Yes, we were all in the same boat but we are seeking to liberate and understand ourselves in a myriad of ways.

Autographed Letter Signed,



Thursday Stitch n’ Bitch: I’M TIRED OF BUSH IN MY FACE by Bellamags August 20, 2009

yarn stitchThe following article is authored by Autographed Letter Signed, guest commentator, “Bellamags”. A good friend that I met through Little Green Footballs. Please join me in welcoming her:

I am relatively new to the media driven soap opera called politics.  When Afrocity asked me to be a guest contributor on her blog, I had an idea and began writing.  The political landscape had changed so much in only two days after I began research, my original topic had become obsolete at almost the same rate as every electronics purchase I have made over the past year.

I began to realize that while working 60 fruitless hours a week at my now economically challenged small business the only way I would produce a relevant article in the time frame I have available is if I kept it less current and more “general”.  Sooooooo here it is.

After the 9-11 Islamic terror attack on the World Trade Center, my eyes were opened to the blatant liberal  media bias and was informed that Fox News was the only news station that wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it.  Katie Couric was a liberal?  Who knew?  From that point on, I became a Fox news junkie and watched as much as I could.  One segment in particular peaked my interest.  Fox interviewed two gentleman from the blog article in Littlegreenfootballs after the Dan Rather “memogate” scandal.

Bush 2This memo claimed George W. Bush a liar with regards to his service in the military.  This particular blog proved that the font, Times New Roman, used in the memo was not available in 1973, the date the memo was supposedly written, falsifying the information and proving the memo a fraud.  Littlgreenfootballs now calls this the “throbbing memo” because of the flashing graphic which shows the forged memo superimposed over the “new“ memo typed by the bloggers.  I thought “how cool a couple of regular guys at home on their computers figured this out” and my curiosity about these bloggers grew from there.  I wanted to be a part of this pajama sleuth crew and joined the blog immediately.  I believe this blog is fair and has many contributors of varying political persuasions and orientations.

We have become sort of a family on the blog and many of us lizards (the pet name we have given each other) have become “friends” of sorts.  Understandably, the author of the bog has forbidden the divulgence of personal information over the blog for obvious reasons.  I am sure there are several liberal lunatics of the Michael Moore persuasion sitting at their computers watching, waiting, foaming at the mouth for some scrap of information that will give them the opportunity to pounce on one of us “eeeevil Neo-Con’s”.

My personal opinion on this: “Come and get me @x#$!! and say hello to my little friend”.

Several of us lizards decided to join a social networking site as a “safer” way to get to know one another without using the blog for personal chitchat and other less important issues.

For me, that’s when the real fun started.

Bush cross stitchI was amazed at the number of my family members and long lost friends already on this particular networking site.  Before I knew it, my friend count was way up over one hundred.  This is no magical feat, for I have friends that have friend counts over one thousand.  Some of my liberal family members have friend requested me on this site and I have accepted because I love and miss them and want to have more regular communication with them.  I am sure they had no idea my political persuasion and did not realize the level of passion I have for it.  Most of my status updates and posts on my page are political.  This is precisely the reason I joined the site.  I should have warned them.

My posts regularly reveal stupid moves the senate, congress or the Obama administration have made.  Almost immediately, I will get a comment from one of my liberal relatives such as “Did you keep such a close eye on bush?” or “I’m glad the White House terrorist, aka George Bush is not in office” or “I can understand your anger because of what we had to deal with for the past 8 years”.  The only responses I seem to receive from liberals seem to be jabs about George Bush or pointing out what a “complete failure” his presidency was. They assume my dislike for Obama’s socialistic policies somehow makes me a supporter of Bush.    I get no facts or current issue debate.  I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge caught in a continual loop with the ghost of Christmas past.  Liberals do not debate facts or present ideas that make me think.  They thrive on emotion and feelings.  As a matter of fact sometimes I wonder how I am related to these people.  Cash for Clunkers was a recent issue brought up and the only response from a liberal for why this was a good idea was “I got a new car”.  Well that’s great auntie, but what happens now?  What happens to the clunker?  What happens to the junkyards that would have been able to part our these vehicles but now have to destroy them?  What happens to the people that can’t afford a new car?  What if I LIKE my 1999 GMC truck with only 50,000 miles on it and I need a new door handle?  The local police department has warned those in my area the number one stolen vehicle are now older Dodge Caravans.  Smart criminals.  Parts for these vehicles will be at a premium in a year or two.

singer cardLiberals are selfish.   ME ME ME with no regard for what happens later or the consequences of the policies being enacted.  They get distracted by that new car smell and the shiny wheels.   You see, it’s their right to health care, new cars and LCD televisions.  The constitution gives us the right to pursue these things, not to have them.

ATTENTION ALL LIBERALS:  George Bush was not a conservative.

So quit putting Bush in my face every time I bring up another socialistic democratic policy.

He spent more money and expanded government faster than any previous president.  Since Obama ran his whole campaign as “change” from the failed policies of the Bush administration, should we not “hope” he meant what he said?

Brian M. Riedl, senior policy analyst and Grover Hermann fellow in federal budgetary affairs has summarized:

  • President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama would add another ONE TRILLION.
  • President Bush began a string of expensive financial bailouts. President Obama is accelerating that course.
  • President Bush created a Medicare drug entitlement that will cost an estimated $800 billion in its first decade.  President Obama has proposed a $634 BILLION down payment on a new government health care fund.
  • President Bush increased federal education spending 58 percent faster than inflation.  President Obama would DOUBLE it.
  • President Bush became the first president to spend 3 percent of GDP on federal anti-poverty programs.  President Obama has already increased the spending by 20 PERCENT.
  • President Bush tilted the income tax burden more toward upper-income taxpayers.  President Obama would continue that trend.
  • President Bush presided over a $2.5 trillion increase in the public debt through 2008.  Setting aside 2009 (for which Presidents Bush and Obama share responsibility for an additional $2.6 trillion in public debt), President Obama’s budget would add $4.9 trillion in public debt from the beginning of 2010 through 2016.
  • President Bush’s tax policy was his only conservative policy and saved the taxpayers 2 trillion dollars.


In the 18 months following the 2003 tax cuts, economic growth rates doubled, the stock market surged 32 percent and created almost 7 million jobs in the next two years.  This lead to a prosperous economic time until the housing bubble burst.  I remember driving to work listening to the news and hearing that the fed had raised interest rates.  (Why does the fucking government have control of that anyway?)

I had recently taken advantage of the low rates and purchased a nice house.  I thought to myself “Everything is going to stop, people are going to be to scared to by anything now.  That’s alllllllll folks.” (with the Porky Pig voice in my head, of course).  Obama has proposed raising the tax burden by $1.4 trillion abandoning the one successful Bush fiscal policy.  Combine this with double the spending and we are up shits creek with a hole in the boat, never mind the missing paddle.

Knit jokerObama is George Bush on nitros.  If Bush was a complete failure and “got this country in the financial mess it’s in”  my dear liberals, why should we continue down the same path?

If you are trying to convince me that Obama is going to be a much better president and will do much more for this country, constantly throwing Bush in my face does not turn me on.  I would much rather have a thick, juicy, prime meaty fact in my face please.

Autographed Letter Signed,


Bellamags has been a conservative since 9-11, before then I had no idea the difference between liberal and conservative.  I consider myself center on social issues and hard right on fiscal issues.  The only experience I have is from littlegreenfootballs and my life experiences owning a small business.


Liberal Moonbats Bite The Hand That Feeds Them August 19, 2009

Ah, don't you just love the smell of mango salsa marinated fish fillets, and liberalism

Ah, don't you just love the smell of mango salsa encrusted fish fillets, and liberalism?

(Salutes Comrades)

There is much to be wary of in the Odwalla carrot orange juice lately. Moonbats have become restless and are now attacking their most vital food orgasms. Whole Payche- I mean Whole Food’s

Whole foodsThe Washington Post

Whole Foods Devotees Lash Out at CEO

Customers, Angry Over His Health-Care Views, Share Feelings of Betrayal on Web

Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whole Foods aficionados who assumed the company’s management was as crunchy as the brand are feeling betrayed.

They have stormed Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere to vent their rage at John Mackey, the chief executive. In an op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal last week, he argued for health-care savings accounts and declared that health care is not an intrinsic right– ideas with a conservative bent, which made Whole Foods’ liberal customer base go ballistic.

They are even talking about a boycott. And who knows? Maybe some will have to rethink shopping at Wal-Mart. Unions once attacked the retailer’s labor and benefits policies, but Wal-Mart has become the nation’s largest purveyor of organic products and recently espoused a position on health-care reform that is widely considered progressive.

What’s wrong with this picture?

“A lot of people have been paying a premium for the Whole Foods brand for years,” said Mark Rosenthal, a playwright living in Massachusetts who founded the Boycott Whole Foods group a few days ago. It has nearly 14,000 members. “A lot of people are sad to look at this corporation and see that it is just like any other, if not worse.”

Whole Foods spokeswoman Libba Letton said that Mackey was expressing personal opinions in the op-ed and that the company has no official position on the issue. Whole Foods has sent letters to customers apologizing for any offense and created a forum on its Web site to discuss the issue.

The angry Whole Foods backlash has also sent a stream of video hatred directed at CEO John Mackey (Warning: you will need a shower and moonbat rabies shot after watching the following footage)

I have a tip...Don't shop there.

I have a tip...Don't shop there. Take the money you would spend there on organic paper products and pay for some poor woman's mammogram.

If they boycott, where will the moonbats shop for edamame and soy based yacht cleaning products? And what do they hope to accomplish? A message that boycotting is a way to hush up anyone such as Mr. Mackey who has an opinion that differs from your own? Perhaps at this moment in history when public dissent of health care reform is framed by liberals around a series of accusations alleging racism, anti-Semitism and any other term that makes one sound like a plain ol’ flea harboring bigot named Bubba, it is inevitable that the rabid  moonbats – would turn on one of their own.  Much slippage in the aisles is going on in the liberal camp, if you get my drift.

Oh BTW and I have used the term Obamacare, so I am officially far, far, far, far to the right.  I was just saying to my possum Wilbur that it sho’ is mighty fine weather we been havin’ up yonder in Chee-caw-go. I think in a short spell, I will take me a walk up to that thare Whole Foods an git me some sasafrass bark and hemp granola.

Autographed Letter Signed,

Afrocity (hiccup)


Misogyny Alert: MILF Toast Served From The Patriarch’s Den

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canadian_cougar_posterIf you are a woman over 35 years of age you are a cougar whether you like it or not. The proliferation of single women in their late 30’s and 40’s have sparked a new smear campaign brought to you by the patriarchy.

Cougar women are the latest installment of a revived misogynistic sensation since Obama was elected.

Because after all every woman over 35 wants to get laid by a sexually immature 25 year old guy that will give us money for a cab ride home from his dorm room or mother’s basement.  I find the “cougar” phenomenon particularly cruel because it targets two kinds of women. Those who have every right to pursue happiness by getting on with their lives after a losing a spouse to death or divorce, or women who have spent a great deal of their 20’s cultivating a professional career.

Using the cougar as a metaphor, to describe old women on the prowl, hunting for fresh (young) meat is not only offensive but it is also contradictory to modern day treatment of older men who “hunt” younger women in search of a “shopping spree” at H&M in exchange for her un-cellulited buttocks and dim bulb adoration.  What comes out of this male constructed sexual vocabulary of cougar, MILF (mom’s I would like to fuck), Demi-chicks- is an assault on women born in the 60’s and 70’s.  It negates the female constructed positive images of women in their 40’s such as Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and others who stunningly prove that 40 is the new 30.  Women please do not embrace this cougar meme. It is not empowering.

MILFDefinition of COUGAR according to Urban Dictionary or “dick-a-pedia” in this case:

1. Cougar

An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man. The cougar can be anyone from an overly surgically altered wind tunnel victim, to an absolute sad and bloated old horn-meister, to a real hottie or milf. Cougars are gaining in popularity — particularly the true hotties — as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together.

“That cougar I met last night, showed me shit I didn’t know existed, I’m goin back for more.”

2.     Cougar

(see also hunt, prowl, corner, pounce). Noun. A 35+ year old female who is on the “hunt” for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. The cougar can frequently be seen in a padded bra, cleavage exposed, propped up against a swanky bar in San Francisco (or other cities)waiting, watching, calculating; gearing up to sink her claws into an innocent young and strapping buck who happens to cross her path. “Man is cougar’s number one prey”

Millions of them. More famously, Demi and Ashton, Naomi Watts and Heath Ledger, Joan Collins and her hubby, Cameron and Justin, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.

3. Cougar

A Cougar is a female, usually between thirty and fifty years-old, who enjoys the sexual company of younger men.

Cougars are only usually interested in men under the age of twenty-five. Also, Cougars are non-committal, choosing to move from mate to mate without ever settling down. It is not uncommon for the same Cougar to attack (sleep with) many different men in the same group of friends. Furthermore, Cougars are older and more practiced in the ways of snaring a mate so they will rarely broadcast their intentions to sleep with you until you are already in her Jetta, headed for the condo she just bought. It is this elusive behavior that earns her the name “Cougar.”

“Hey Jerry, I’m about to go buy this girl a drink, want to come along? I think she has a friend next to her”

“Naw, theres a cougar in the corner that seems to be stalking me, I’m going to hold out for her”

milfs-saggy-demotivational-posterIf you are dating in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, establish yourself as women with standards, who share a common desire for QUALITY companionship now matter what the prospect’s age.  Your 30’s and 40’s often signal the height of your careers, personal freedom and confidence. Do not let men shape the way you feel about yourselves, especially young keg floating men who you can bet your Prada thong will never call themselves cougars once they turn 35 year old summer intern skirt chasers.

The patriarchy will do anything to keep the self-esteem of a woman down.  Since the 1980’s women have become more assertive and independent when juxtaposed by the obvious decline of the male hairline, bank account and ego, you can expect that MILF and Cougar are the verbal assault tools of an oppressive and envious comb over patriarcy and possibly a generation of younger women who unfortunately take feminism ten steps back.

They voted in overwhelming amounts for Barack Obama, remember. They wore tee shirts claiming  that “Sarah Palin Is A CUNT”.

Violence against women has been on the rise as well as open verbal criticism concerning our parenting decisions, intelligence and sexual identities.  Respond to derogatory labeling with negative feedback. During every decade, there is a moment of testing that we all must endure as feminists. Recently many of us have failed that test. Leave it to the patriarchy to crystallize our every wrinkle in time, unless we chip away piece by piece, we will never be free to be the girls who just want to have fun.

Autographed Letter Signed,