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Boston Calling:Kennedys Don’t Die August 28, 2009

Image from Contra Obama

Image from Contra Obama

It should come as no surprise that if Democrats use the race card to push their health care reform bill down citizens throats, they should have no problem using the “death card”. Even if the late Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy had done nothing in life, the liberals will certainly make sure he works his ass off in death.

From ABC News:

Key Question Is Whether Kennedy’s Death Can Rally Fellow Democrats


Aug. 26, 2009

Democrats are hoping that the memory of Sen. Ted Kennedy will revive the Democratic Party’s flagging push for health care reform.

“You’ve heard of ‘win one for the Gipper’? There is going to be an atmosphere of ‘win one for Teddy,'” Ralph G. Neas, the CEO of the liberal National Coalition on Health Care, told ABC News.

Democrats are hoping that Kennedy’s influence in death may be even stronger than it was when he was alive as they push for President Obama’s top domestic priority. Democratic officials hope that invoking Kennedy’s passion for the issue will counter slippage in support for heatlh care reform.

“Ted Kennedy’s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a statement.

Pelosi’s sentiment was echoed by former vice president Al Gore who served with Kennedy in the Senate.

“Ted would want nothing more than for his colleagues to continue his life’s work and to make real his dream of quality health care for all Americans,” said Gore.

To infuse Kennedy into the health-care debate, Democrats are planning to affix the former senator’s name to the health-care legislation that emerges from Congress.

The idea of naming the legislation for Kennedy has been quietly circulating for months but was given a new push today by Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., the only person who served with Kennedy for all his 47 years in the Senate.

“In his honor and as a tribute to his commitment to his ideals, let us stop the shouting and name calling and have a civilized debate on health care reform which I hope, when legislation has been signed into law, will bear his name for his commitment to insuring the health of every American,” Byrd said.

Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., a member of the Senate Health, Education and Labor Pensions Committee chaired by Kennedy, has been the panel’s point person on health-care reform in Kennedy’s absence. Today Dodd said that he hopes Kennedy’s death will revive a spirit of bipartisanship.

I also wanted to share a clip of the O’Reilly Factor in which Laura Ingram faces offers a debate on the use of the death card:

All of this activity on the Part of the Democrats to invoke sympathy for the health care bill using Ted Kennedy’s has also obscured the fact that the state of Massachusetts is attempting to overturn a law which would determined how Kennedy’s vacant senate seat is filled.

Image at Contra Obama

Image at Contra Obama

The Wall Street Journal

AUGUST 28, 2009

Reversal on Senate Succession Stirs Political Storm

Democrats’ Push to Let Governor Fill Kennedy’s Seat, After Demanding Special Vote in 2004, Draws Accusations of Hypocrisy


BOSTON –A Democratic push to appoint a successor to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy is sparking a political tempest in Massachusetts, infuriating Republicans and dividing Democrats who only five years ago passed a law requiring that voters decide on Senate vacancies.

On a day when members of both parties paid their respects to Mr. Kennedy, a Democratic icon who died this week of brain cancer, Republicans accused Democrats of hypocrisy. In 2004, the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature changed the law to prevent the governor from appointing an interim successor after a U.S. Senate seat becomes vacant. Instead, the new law requires that a special election be held between 145 and 165 days after the position becomes vacant.

At the time, Democratic Sen. John Kerry was running for president and Massachusetts had a Republican governor, Mitt Romney. Proponents of changing the law argued that a gubernatorial appointment was undemocratic and that only voters should decide on a replacement. Democrats also feared Mr. Romney would appoint a Republican.

Now, with Mr. Kennedy dying three years before his term was up, some Massachusetts Democrats are reversing course, calling for Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim replacement to hold office until the special election can be held. They now argue the state shouldn’t be without full Senate representation for months, especially with pressing issues such as health care before Congress.

The Massachusetts situation is the latest to erupt over filling vacant U.S. Senate seats, following particularly messy appointments in New York and Illinois.

Dear people of Massachusetts, I am begging you to not allow the reversal of your law governing how a vacant senate seat should be filled. Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, you should be genuinely troubled by this move to take the decision out of the hands of the people. Remember what happened with Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois who was impeached for attempting to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat. Remember the Caroline Kennedy situation in New York state. Caroline was clearly not up to the task (uh, uh, uh) however her inepitude did not stop her from becoming dangerously close to being appointed by Gov. David Paterson.

Image from Contra Obama

Image from Contra Obama

Please put your political beliefs aside for a moment and challenge any move by the Massachusetts legislators to take power from your hands. America is a democracy. If the citizens of Massachusetts chose a democrat to succeed Ted Kennedy in the senate, then so be it. At least the voice of the people will be heard. The Illinois and New York examples should serve as a painful reminder that politicians have a penchant for probing beneath the surface of ethics in order to satiate their need for campaign funds. Contact your legislators and say no, storm the capital. Just do it!

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14 Responses to “Boston Calling:Kennedys Don’t Die”

  1. BaldManMoody Says:

    As a MA resident (by transplant), I am shocked at the willingness of the people up here to accept this completely partisan action for no other reason than Ted willed it. Well not really, it is MA after all. Anyways, I got to get to writing my letter to my representative immediately.

    I have listened to local talk radio for the last couple days and I think just about every transplant up here is mystified with how the Kennedys could will something completely against the very constituents they represented only to be supported in the following election.

    It truly is proof that Americans seem to crave the desire for royalty whether it be through celebrity worship or political dynasty making (Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Rockefeller, et al.)

    • afrocity Says:

      I hear that there is a protest today at the capital. I hope they make some progress.

      It is not about political parties. It is about the people.
      I would be mad about this no matter what.

  2. CapeCoddah Says:

    Hey AfroCity… right on target, as usual. Having lived in Boston yourself, you know that the people here have NO say in what the legislature does… they consistently refuse to listen to the people, and have, on several occasions refused to let the people vote on issues they know they will lose at the ballot box. (Gay marriage) They also ignore the peoples vote when they choose to if it goes against their wishes. We voted several years ago to lower the sales tax, and the legislature simply ignored it. The tax just went up again, against the will of the people to 6.1% from 5.9%. We had voted to lower it to 5.0 We have no say here, they will reverse the law, gerrymandering it yet again to fulfill their party wishes. The people of Massachusetts are persona non grata.

  3. ARESAY Says:

    Stopthepresses finds old Kennedy family friend who attempts to send America a coded message,

  4. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    Is this the same place the Boston Tea party happened – I don’t recognize it.

    • afrocity Says:

      Good point, but really do you recognize any of America anymore?

      • AfricanAgainstO Says:

        Hey – you might be called a racist for saying that – watch it. This is what bugs me though. I grew up in a Socialist country. Any of us who could flee, fled and we fled to the US and not any of the Utopian Western European countries that every liberal is in love with. Now if the US did not work, yes we went to the others but most did not take us with an open arm. I know the US is not perfect but relatively speaking it is the best country in the World for liberty, free market, education, freedom to associate, voting you mind, freedom of expression etc. That is why I get really irritated when Prez. Obama goes around and apologizes for what has happened under previous Presidents. All the US presidents in my life time have done much more good things than any of the African leaders in the African Union (dead or alive combined). So stop apologizing! It saddens me that I understand the world much better than Mr. Obama. By the way this was one of the things that irritated me about Prez. Bush also but he never went on apology tour. I better stop ranting – tired of smooth talkers – he reminds me of a vapor ware salesman

  5. Butters Says:

    Using “Ted Kennedy” to try and push the un-wanted mess called “health care” just shows how out of touch the American “elitists” are with normal Democratic party members, let alone the rest of Americans – Independent and Republican.

  6. Tag Heuer Says:

    I hear that there is a protest today at the capital. I hope they make some progress.

    It is not about political parties. It is about the people.
    I would be mad about this no matter what.;. All the best!!

  7. bob Says:

    I think they ought to all be put in rest homes, but be given compassionate care, of course, and all the operations and medicines they want. Just don’t let them do surgery on the United States of America any longer.

    Watch It And Weep

  8. Butters Says:

    Just think.


    If Obama already had his

    Ted Kennedy Health Car,

    we could all be dead by now.

  9. Good god, now they are arguing over whether or not to let the people choose their representatives? What the heck?!?!?!

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