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As The Bus Wheel Turns: Public Option Under The Bus August 17, 2009


While confined to the service garage for several months, the Obama “hopenchange” bus got an oil change and a new set of tires. Things can get kind of messy under there with all that road kill sticking to the tread.  For a guilty Republican pleasure, I find it plausible to find a certain satisfaction during the Obama bus kill tours.  From my perspective, I love it when some raving Obamabot gets rear ended or side swiped by the man they elected.  Usually when we think of Obama bus road kill, human beings come to mind. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Judas – Bill Richardson, John Kerry, Caroline Kennedy, his maternal grandmother “Toot” (but she gets resurrected whenever Obama finds it convenient to use her as part of a sympathy ploy.)

This is the same woman that Obama called a “typical white person’ during a 2008 interview.

Obama uses familial anecdotes copiously whenever it suits him, after he is done the road kill gets thrown back under the bus for later use.

Thus far, we have only seen people go under the Obama bus however, now the White House has extended the invitation to policies and provisions in the health care bill.

Death Panels

Death Panels

Wall Street

The Public Option Goes Over

The big fight over ObamaCare is far from finished.

AUGUST 17, 2009

So it looks as if the public option has been sent to the death panel—so to speak. Over the weekend President Obama and other White House officials throttled back their demands for a new health-care entitlement program that looked like Medicare for the middle class. Liberals are in a furor and more than a few conservatives are popping champagne corks. But dumping one of the most radical and destructive features of ObamaCare is best viewed as a tactical political retreat, not a surrender.

The Administration had to toss something overboard, considering the rising swell of voter opposition and the fact that many Democrats are getting queasy in the current health-care squall, especially in the Senate. Jettisoning the public option is supposed to quiet the public’s main worry about government control of medical decision-making—not to mention neutralizing the insurance industry’s main objection. The issue now is whether Mr. Obama’s fall-back is merely to pass the public option on the installment plan.

To pose the question is to answer it. “All I’m saying is, though, that the public option, whether we have it or we don’t have it, is not the entirety of health-care reform,” Mr. Obama said Saturday in Colorado. “This is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it.”

Yet the public option wasn’t some afterthought, or merely the obsession of Congress’s leftward fringe. A new government-run program would crowd out private insurers by undercutting them on consumer prices, courtesy of an intravenous drip of taxpayer dollars and its monopsony power to force doctors and hospitals to accept sub-market rates. As millions of people gravitated toward “free” coverage, the public option would also vastly expand federal management of the practice of medicine, shaping the treatments and care patients can receive to save on costs.

Some liberals were honest, or used to be honest, about where all this would lead. Barney Frank noted the main reason Democrats were not backing a total government takeover: “We don’t have the votes for it. I wish we did. I think if we had a good public option it would lead to single payer.” Then there’s Mr. Obama’s now famous 2003 remarks: “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health-care program. . . . But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.”

I hear that liberal moonbat Cindy Sheehan is furious with President Obama over the possible dumping of the public option in Obamacare, among other issues such as Obama’s continuenace of the Bush war policies.

Sorry "W" looks like the Obama Bus got to her first.

Sorry "W" looks like the Obama Bus got to her first.

Washington Examiner

Cindy Sheehan heads to the Vineyard; wants anti-war demonstrators to emulate health-care protesters; will anyone cover the story?

By: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent

This morning the anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan — the woman who spent so much time leading well-publicized protests outside President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas — announced that she will demonstrate next week at Martha’s Vineyard, where President Obama will be vacationing…Will Sheehan’s stay in Massachusetts attract as much attention as her time in Texas?  Probably not.  Even the left wing of the Democratic party seems unconcerned with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan these days, compared to their bitter opposition during Bush’s time in office.  It seems unlikely that reporters who paid so much attention to one woman’s crusade against the war will find much time on their newscasts or space in their paper to cover this one.

Excuse me while I laugh hysterically. The Obamacare emergency room is filled with victims of the bus. Better bring the latest issue of Ms. magazine, they may have a long wait to see the hopenchange doctor.

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12 Responses to “As The Bus Wheel Turns: Public Option Under The Bus”

  1. Great post. Curious – do you create those pictures at the top- or did you find that somewhere? It’s really good.

    We’re not completely out of the woods on this disastrous public option. I think there is going to be some infighting among the Democrats in upcoming weeks and they might still try and stuff into the house bill to appease the base. You’re right- Obama’s progressive base is feeling spurned and they are not a group that is accustomed to going down quietly. I’m sure they are excerpting enormous pressure. But I’m really curious what compromises will emerge out of this process. Whatever happens, it appears that even if a public option is stuffed into a House bill, the Senate will shoot the thing down. The big debate will now be over what form these co-ops take. If a bill is to be passed, my money is that it has to have some form of co-op in it. Depending on that form, I may or may not be able to live with it…

  2. loudmouthewishbabe Says:

    It aint over yet, imo. I don’t trust them for a minute.

    There is a new game in town and it’s called the Co-op, a wonderful word that has been focused grouped to death.

    Howard Dean let the cat out of the bag of a possible bait and switch technique that will allow the Senators to vote on the co-op (60+ votes, including some gullible Reps)? on the floor, then during the conference committee, reinsert it back in during the final merging process.

    “I would not vote for a *final* bill without the public option.”

    Meanwhile this is interesting:

    And this:

    • There are some Democratic senators that support versions of co-ops that have virtually no government involvement, limited government funding, etc. that I don’t necessarily like, but I could live with. But then again, there are others who support a “co-op” plan that sounds an awful lot like a public option.

      Interesting point on the trial balloon…

  3. wmcb Says:

    Whether one agrees or disagrees that passing out ponies is something the govt ought to be doing, it is still hilarious to see the truth dawning on the Bots:

    “What?? We are NOT getting a pony?”

    They are just now figuring out that Teh One played the left and their pitiful $5 donations for fools. About time. Honey, I could have told the “progressives” from day one that they didn’t have deep enough pockets to interest the Shyster From Chicago for more than 5 minutes. Fools.

    • I don’t know that the progressives really have much hope in this contry politically, to be honest. Obama was probably thing they could ever dream of, and now he’s waffling all over the place on this issue of the public option and on so many others. He reads the polls every week- he knows these far-left views aren’t flying. I just hope he’s smart enough to finally put his foot down definitely and say no to this public option.

  4. johninca Says:

    Dear Afrocity, I was waiting for the inevitable post about the great health care fiasco, in order to give my own version…

    How to Create a National Health Care Debacle

    1. Write a thousand page bill giving government control of all facets of health care.

    2. Deny angrily that the bill constitutes government run health care.

    3. Scoff at the very idea of reading the bill.

    4. Pass an amendment excluding coverage for abortion; then vote down the amendment on the second ballot.

    5. Campaign against the insurance companies’ windfall profits, and then order individuals to buy insurance under penalty of additional taxes.

    6. Imply that oponents of the plan are Nazis, or constitute a “mob.”

    7. Imply that insurance companies are behind the mobs of protesters.

    8. Let the president drop hints that there will be tough choices to make about end of life care.

    9. Let public outrage reach the point where the president has to deny that he intends to kill or euthanize grandma.

    10. Let CBO score cost of the plan at a trillion dollars.

    11. Make the president insist that the plan will not increase the deficit by a dime, and must be passed in order to cut escalating health care costs.

    12. Hint to single payer supporters that the bill will lead to single payer.

    13. Give millions to the ad firm from the presidential campaign to promote the bill.

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    It’s great to see bus rolling strong! Hopefully the ride keeps getting rougher the farther it travels!

  6. Great photoshop! I’m also curious about the artist.

    I agree with loudmouthbabe. It ain’t over, just a new marketing strategy. Keep fighting!

    Oh, nice death panels & another great post!

  7. bob Says:

    What I want to know is, who writes these damnable bills that nobody in Congress ever reads? Are they just sitting on some shelf somewhere, brought out when the political winds change a little? Or, are there congressional elves lurking around, working through the night, writing this stuff up?

    Really, who writes the bills?

    There’s got to be a creative hand somewhere. Whose hand is it?

    Like others have said, nice death panels. Look for them in your local nursing home if this bill passes.

    • wmcb Says:

      Lawyers for the various industry lobbyists actually write the bills. What, you thought our “representatives” actually did it? Nah, they are too busy raising money to get re-elected.

      Congresspersons might still write, or have their staff write, insignificant bills. But anything big and sweeping and important gets written by the lobbyists themselves. No, I am not joking or being snide. That’s how it’s done.

      We need some big time reformers in office, whether D or R. Forget deficit hawks, or this or that ideology. We need more ETHICS hawks. Until we get our govt back from the lobbyists and lawyers, this crap is not going to get any better.

  8. Joanelle Says:

    Thanks, Afrocity, it will be interesting to see how this plays out, now that the bots are putting the clues together.

    It’s going to get really ugly when they finally get it.

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