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Honey, Don’t Forget To Use Protection August 14, 2009

From The American Thinker

From The American Thinker

In case you may have noticed, my posts have been rather brief lately. I am away on business so not much time to write.

When I return to my hotel room, I do catch up on the news. At home I know which channel is which. FOX NEWS is the only news I can stomach. Here in a foreign cable channel land, Afrocity is fumbling with the remote control in an attempt to get the hell away from MSNBC. Sometimes I pause to hear Rachel Maddow say something so utterly stupid that I have to watch.  Of course she was covering the town hall meetings from the right wing nose bleed seats. On Wednesday she gave a chilling account of a loon who showed up in New Hampshire with a knife and gun in his truck during Obama’s visit. She then peppers her statements with inflammatory language like “assassination”.  This is what the right is encouraging she implies. We want someone to assasinate Barack Obama.  Shaking my head I flip to the Food Channel. Watching some chef julliene a kiwi fruit is better than watching this junk.

Did you see this headline???

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Radio Show: Conservatives ‘Want Obama to Get Shot’

Give me a break. Don’t flatter yourselves.

The media will continue to play the race card again, and again and again. Meanwhile George W. Bush was the president who was actually assaulted with deadly footwear during a foreign press conference in 2008. Karl Rove was rescued from a Code Pink citizens arrest while he was on a public stage.

To date has anyone harmed one arugula leaf on Obama’s head??? No spit balls or paper airplanes carrying cyanide powder have flown his way.  Somehow the health care debate has again turned racist.  Call President Obama a socialist and that is equivalent to the “N” word. Accusations of socialism are now racist.  You didn’t say the “N” word but you certainly were thinking it when you called Obama a socialist.


Watch this town hall meeting held Thursday night by Sean Hannity.  Notice how it is mentioned that socialism is a strong word. You should also take notice of the crazy liberal Obamabot on the left.

Overall this was a good discussion. I was proud of Hannity for doing it. He had a fair amount of Obama and McCain supporters. Excluding the crazy woman, everyone seemed to have their heads on straight. It was also nice to see the African Americans in the audience were not drinking the race Kool Aid.  It gave me some hope that citizens are beginning to wise up and open their ears to what Obama is actually saying rather than bobble head nodding at the eloquence of his words.  Is Obama watching any of this? If so, the expats from Kool Aid Mountain had better use some protection against future brainwashing attempts. Something tells me that Barack Obama is not the type that is easy to break up with.

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6 Responses to “Honey, Don’t Forget To Use Protection”

  1. doppelganglander Says:

    LOVE the condom joke!

  2. kywrite Says:

    I certainly don’t want to see Obama assassinated — but I do admit to thoughts about a pie-in-the-face prank. The reaction would be priceless.

    Unfortunately, that undignified route is probably unwise. Though not unamerican.

  3. johninca Says:

    Health care sound bite of the day, from Democrat pundit Kirsten Powers:

    “I think once you have the president having to try to convince you he is not going to kill your grandmother, you’re in trouble…”

  4. loudmouthjewishbabe Says:

    I went to a Republican townhall last weekend. There were so many people, that the small (should have booked a bigger venue)room filled past capacity fairly quickly. Neither my husband nor I were able to get seats inside, but we were outside talking to others who didn’t make it in as well. Very interesting and informative to gage others’ take on things.

    One man *of color* asked, “What will it take for the American people to see Obama represents nothing more than ‘The Chicago Way’ ?”

    Many folks who attended this event were constituents of a bluedoggie MIA, from the next door district. There have been 2 large demonstrations in 112+ degree heat at his office asking him to come out of hiding,lolol. He just has a website survey which basically leads you to agree with Obamacare.

    TV news cameras were there and to my surprise they didn’t go off the deep end or call us “unpatriotic” or anything. The bumper for the segment was titled, “A Healthy Dose of Democracy.”

    And really, no drama of any kind ensued. Sure, folks are MAD as hell, but no violence occurred. I did see a real life Code Pinker walk in front of me, but that was it.

    HOWEVER…here is the catch with the local media. Our group was portrayed as ok…it was just all the OTHER crazy lunatics who didn’t agree with Obamacare that needed mention.

    ***My take on this was that the media wanted to appear credible to local folk, and by telling the truth about the NON-doings of *this particular* townhall, folks might be inclined to believe that it was EVERYONE else in the country went nuts. Also, too many people who attended would be all over the local network for blantantly lying. ***

    Interesting how the footage of all those OTHER “disrespectfu”l folks wasn’t more than 3 seconds. I swear, I couldn’t even make out what was being said or done. Typical.

    On a hilarious note, did anyone catch the WholeFoods smackdown of Obamacare in the WSJ?

    This in turn has prompted a boycott by liberal bloggers.

  5. Swannie Says:

    I would rather see him resign …. or at the very least not re-elected ….

  6. LisaGinNZ Says:

    Thanks for posting the townhall by Hannity. It was a good debate for the most part. I enjoy your blog, keep up the great work! cheers LisaGinNZ (in Auckland, but true blue USA girl formally of Chicago)

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