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John Edwards You ARE The Father August 13, 2009

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Edwards Breaking News, according to some news sources it turns out that Breck Girl politician John Edwards is indeed the father of a daughter Frances mothered by his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

The National Examiner

John Edwards: Love Child Baby Daddy

August 12, 12:25 PM

The National Enquirer is reporting that a top secret DNA test has established that onetime Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards is the father of the baby daughter of his former mistress Rielle Hunter. The story says that “Multiple sources confirm the bombshell development, and reveal lawyers for the disgraced presidential candidate are privately hammering out child support payments.”

The paternity test is the latest blow to the disgraced former candidate, contradicting his impassioned denials in televised confessional on ABC’s Nightline last year. In the interview, Edwards admitted his extramarital dalliance with Hunter, but denied that he had fathered her love child.
Adding insult to injury for the woebone North Carolina politician, Rielle has apparently testified against the erstwhile US Senator and vice presidential candidate before a federal grand jury that’s invesgating possible campaign finance violations.  According to the report, Edwards may  have secretly redirected to her – and  her testimony could send him to the federal pen.

As The Enquirer previously reported, the cover-up involved alleged “hush money” paid to the baby mama as well as Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide who played the beard and dutifully claimed the baby was his. The long-running tabloid maintains that Edwards’ national finance chairman, Fred Baron, was the bagman in the deal, making cash payoffs to Rielle in a now clearly futile attempt to buy her silence.

Reports of Fox News executives high-fiving each other in the halls have not been corroborated.


Baby Frances and mom Hunter Rielle

It is laughable that Edwards had the nerve to attempt a comeback despite his infidelity. Stay in the political graveyard John Edwards.

I knew that baby looked just like you.

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