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Mock Town Hall Mania: Hear Ye, Hear Ye My Ass August 12, 2009


Thank you President Obama for turning the town hall format of dialogue exchange into a joke.

Don’t fall for it. The politicians are not really there to listen to you.

There has been some debate over whether or not there is such an animal as political constituency influence.  If the animal does exist, what role does it play in congressional voting decisions?  We elect our congressmen and they get a ticket to Washington, DC , leaving us in the trenches.  “I will fight for you (insert name of sucker state like Pennsylvania)”.  Off  Mr. Smith goes to Washington never to be heard from again.

Now supposedly the Obama damage control machine is attempting create a facade of transparency and constituency awareness by giving voters the opportunity to speak their minds. Sounds like a good plan in theory but the problem is how can anyone speak their minds clearly and when they are out of their minds over mainstream media’s portrayal of them as being “out of their minds”?

There was a time when I wanted to attend a town hall meeting, especially during a presidential election. Now I would not attend one if you paid me- which Barack Obama would if I said nice things about him but that is another blog post.

rabbit 3The town hall meetings are a left wing set up to make conservatives look like racist morons.  On Tuesday, Arlen Specter (D-PA) was in Pennsylvania at a town hall debate.  Being the spineless former RINO now DINO that he is, Arlen Specter is shown jumping from question to question on the health care debate like a frightful little rabbit.  His constituency is portrayed as  angry rabid wolves ready to pounce and devour. Poor Arlen, look at the racist Republicans pounding him.

Don’t believe it for one minute. While the constituency is real, the impetus behind the sudden onslaught of town hall meetings is not.  The scared little bunny is not as meek as he seems.  He wants your sympathy. After all the people who voted for him are insane and unreasonable voters who actually thought they elected him to represent their values and concerns.

Deception is a tricky game. Where does a bunny hide? Some senators chose not to hold town hall meetings. Down the rabbit hole they went, on vacation during the August recess. Other bunnies decided to hide in plain sight. Sure I will hold a town hall meeting. The media will love watching the crowd churn me into mulligan stew. How dare they attack me?

As you can see Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) “recovered” from this by adopting a condescending demeanor towards her constituents.

Bottom line: stay away from the town hall meetings. It is like putting a free plunger in the middle of a highway just so all of the rabid “Joe the Plumbers” will come running for the bait- only to be hit by a semi.

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13 Responses to “Mock Town Hall Mania: Hear Ye, Hear Ye My Ass”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    I agree AC!
    I can stand a couple minutes of Olbermann.. He is the biggest whack job out there!! How can anybody listen to him? What about the effigy of Sarah Palin in W. Hollywood? That was the Liberal Death Panel! Or was that just a funny Halloween joke?

  2. What is critically important is that Americans have an open debate on healthcare reform. No matter which side of the debate you are on, it is important that the debate happen. It is a hallmark of the American system – freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech.

    The name calling and various invectives diminishes the stature of the debate. This is what freedom is all about. This is what so many have lost their lives fighting for and defending!

    The debate on health care itself must resolve three critical issues:
    1) The right of the people to decide what form of health care delivery system they want;
    2)Understanding the real cost of what they are agreeing to — and that it isn’t a cost shift and a series of hidden taxes
    3)That access is provided to people who are willing to contribute to the system in whatever large or small way they can
    4)That there is serious thought put into how we maintain and improve the delivery of care.

    To follow the health care debate and the issues of the delivery system go to

  3. hmm Says:

    what’s really entertaining are the people who think they have any input at all into the government, especially in a town hall meeting where they have absolutely no impact on the outcome.

    The only people who impact politicians are those who donate towards them. How has this ever been different?

    Blogs like this are laden with hostile jargon to act in an identical manner as those they are so critical of. Saddening, really, that in the frustration of having very little awareness of their ultimate irrelevance to government that it turns people against each other.

    Party systems are a joke, as are websites that encourage them by paying any mind to them outside of the idea that they ought to be dismantled.

    • Bellamags Says:


    • manbearpig68 Says:

      Hmm…What’s really disappointing is that there is people out there that have your attitude. There is some truth about the money but there are politicians that listen as well. People expressing their opinions through blogs is actually quite successful. Check out cable news sources and other media sources, see how much they pay attention to blogs and how that in turn is put out to millions of viewers and readers, which in turn puts pressure on politicians.

    • boldandbald Says:

      If it weren’t for blogs like this, and people showing up at town halls expressing their dissatisfaction with the health care proposal, this bill would already have been put up for a vote and passed. The outcry from the public has caused the Republicans to stand firm and a number of Democrats to rethink their support. While money talks, so do votes. These politicians know that they will not get re-elected if they support this proposal, and that is thanks to people like Afrocity. Keep up the good work, AC.

      • doppelganglander Says:

        People who say both parties are alike and who believe ordinary citizens have no impact are often just covering for their own lack of involvement. If you never take a stand, you never have to be wrong, and you can feel superior to those naive saps who put themselves out there. Just sayin’.

  4. Kathy Barkulis Says:

    Keith Olbermann on another fascist rant….don’t know if I could’ve stood another minute of that hack. Although I did laugh a few times at his phony outrage and hypocritical bullshit. I guess he’s missed the Sarah Palin effigies, and the George Bush and Dick Cheney effigies. I guess he missed Bill Ayres bombing police stations and judge’s homes. Maybe he forgot about all the arsonists in the radical left wing environmental groups….and the bombings of universities by ELF, like MSU. Oh yeah, and maybe he overlooked the riots and destruction in Watts. So far, I haven’t seen Sarah Palin throw any grenades at townhalls, and no bombings yet or shootings at townhalls. The only violence I’ve seen so far is a Black Conservative get beaten up by SEIU members sent by the Obamabots at a St. Louis townhall. Whatever, Keith.

  5. Betty Says:

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  6. doppelganglander Says:

    My representative is having a town hall meeting next Thursday. He’s a Republican, so it probably won’t be too raucous. He’s also a doctor (OB/GYN), so I expect him to have some intelligent things to say. I am planning to go just to see what sort of people turn out.

  7. In early May N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan’s staff put our request for a town hall meeting “on file” and said “we’ll be in touch” Four months later they were still singing that song.
    Sen. Hagan needed to understand she works for us. She will not control us by ignoring us. We’re in control! Therefore we are holding a Mock Town Hall Meeting Saturday August 15th. Everyone who chooses, can speak for one minute. We will video tape the entire meeting and send the DVD to Sen. Hagan. Also for the convenience of the senator’s staff we are posting the video on youtube and other internet sites.

    We will be heard.
    We will not be ignored.
    We will not be controlled.
    We will speak the truth with boldness.
    We are the voice of America.
    Get use to it!

    Mary Kay Mason
    WIlmington, NC
    Constitutional Patriots

  8. Media and politics are undergoing huge change no matter what else is happening. Not letting people like hmm or name callers or ANYONE stop you from getting involved. Apathy is no longer acceptable. Find a local candidate and back them with the effort we are putting into protest and organizing. I will never again submit to apathy.

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