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And The Cheese Stands Alone August 11, 2009

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0GovtCheeseWho ever said that this  drama of becoming a president was not without consequences?  The Obama White House is now severely shaken after an immoral freak accidental group uprising against his health care. It was not supposed to be this way. In this manner I believe Obama’s first term will be something of a surprise.  Every president experiences ups and downs and should expect the  unexpected.  Wilson and FDR both dealt with world wars, Truman dropped the A-bomb,  and Kennedy had Cuba to contend with. Lyndon Johnson received his share of gray hairs over the Vietnam war.  Nixon…well that speaks for itself. Gerald Ford was nearly killed by Charles Manson Family member Squeaky  Fromme. Jimmy Carter’s presidency suffered from more than I care to list but for the sake of my argument, let’s choose the Iran hostage crises as his Waterloo.

Are you getting the picture? No presidency is guaranteed the assurance of peaceful nights free from worry. POTUS can just suck it up and accept it.  At the end of the day or should I say term, the cheese stands alone.  Sure some have it better than others.  Who had the better presidency during my lifetime? Two come to mind, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Conservatives and Democrats will each have their own opinions on which man was the better of the two but lets afford ourselves a bipartisan moment by admitting that Clinton and Reagan were really the two best presidents during the latter 20th century.

funny_cheese3That was not so bad was it? Each party is capable of producing a formidable leader who can handle his 4 year dosage of drama with wisdom and confidence.   As much as I was angry with Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair, I must confess that even as a Republican “Big Dawg” still brings a smile to my face when he is being a good boy. That incident with North Korea and journalist Laura Ling brought tears to my eyes. It also served to remind me of everything Barack Obama is not.

Here we are in month 8th of his presidency and Barack Obama has still failed to gain my trust and admiration.  From where I’m sitting, it  ain’t happening unless he really can turn water into wine.

The real miracles are not occurring because President Obama has done something great. The real miricle is that the people of America are finally seeing that he is not great. When shit hits the fan, the cheese stands alone. It can melt, stay firm, stink, ferment and virtually do anything it wants to do as POTUS but it will do it alone. No use blaming Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton or anyone else serving in the Obama administartion. That insane posse cabinet thing worked horribly for George W. Bush and it won’t work for Barry either.

He wanted to be the big cheese, so he got it.  Dear Barry it must be hard to accept that everyone will not like everything you do. Congratulations, you are now officially a real President of the United States of America.

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  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    The cheese will stand even more alone in 2010 because I think some of the mold on the side is going to get cut away soon. I just watched Specter in PA and the “un-american” people are pretty pissed off at what is going on in DC. Not just about healthcare but how politicians are working in general.

  2. Butters Says:

    Just wanted to pass this along.



    August 10, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Thanks for the afrocity blog tip … witty, intelligent and well written. Will pass it along to friends.

  3. wmcb Says:

    Amen, afrocity. It’s on his head now, and he’s never in his life had a damn thing on his head. The thin excuse of “it’s all Bush’s fault” stopped working, so now it’s become “it’s all those stupid, obstructive, too-dumb-to-do-anything-on-their-own-so-they-must-be-tools-of-someone-smarter voters” Yeah, that one’s going over real well.

  4. wmcb Says:

    As for Clinton and Reagan, I’ve heard a lot about both over the years, from various people, and one thing has always stood out to me.

    No matter whether you were for or diametrically opposed to either of their policies, there’s reason they are both still beloved by so many to this day – something other recent presidents can’t lay claim to, and I don’t think it has much to do with policies.

    Both Bill and Reagan had a very deep, very heartfelt love for this country. It wasn’t put on for effect, it wasn’t carefully managed, they both LOVED this country. And both of them had the gift of connection to the people, and never lost that sense of being “one of us”, not “one of Washington”.

    I know a lot of lefties would scream that Reagan was all fake stagecraft, and a lot of conservatives would say the same of Bill, because they can’t set aside for a moment their policy disagreements. But the truth is that the reason both are still so beloved by many, many average joes and janes is because they were both, in very different ways, real, and populist patriots to their core, not an elitist by-product of the Machine. And that had little to do with either of their ideologies or political philosophy.

    • Kei Says:

      Good point WMCB. I have said that in other ways but I think your way was great!

    • Good points on Clinton and Reagan. I obviously love the Gipper. I’m no Clinton fan, but in the years since Clinton’s presidency I’ve come to respect him much more than I did while he was in office.

      If it hadn’t been for Lewinsky, conservatives honestly wouldn’t have too much on him. He was a solidly left Democrat when he took office in 1992, but he moved very quickly to the center once he saw the negative public reaction and he governed pretty effectively from there. A Republican Congress and a Democratic President seemed to work really well. Clinton had really good economic policies that were practical and non-ideological. Nobody in Clinton’s administration would have come out in public and said “we have to keep spending money otherwise we’ll go bankrupt.”

      I’ve long been a believer that BO will have trouble bringing his approval ratings back up once they go down. I thought last summer that he was pretty far left and incapable of moving to the center (despite a highly deceptive campaign). I also really believed that he was a rather controversial and polarizing figure to a lot of people. Couple those two things with the outrageous promises and expectations he set for himself and you’ve got a real recipe for disaster once things don’t go his way. The ratings plummet b/c things are going bad and then people look a little harder at the fact that he governs from the left and is polarizing.

      If he came back in September and hit the “reset” button on health care reform and really came at this thing from the center, he could rescue himself. But he won’t. He can’t. He doesn’t know how, in my opinion.

  5. Joanelle Says:

    My, God, he’s actually going to have to “show up” and do something. Yeah, he wanted to be the big cheese alreight but it turned out to be limburger cheese!

    WMCB is right – it’s love for country that made the difference – a deep abiding love that we haven’t seen since.

    Love this post Afrocity!

  6. Rose Says:

    I’d say Clinton appeared to be a good President. He basically did no harm. (Though press conferences with foreign leaders, with reporters asking about semen on a dress certainly did not help our stature in the world.)

    Upon closer examination though, his anti-military outlook, his ignoring attacks on US soldiers and US interests, his baby-boomer lackadaisical non-response, set the stage for 9/11. No ifs ands or buts.

    In retrospect – I cannot put him in the “good President” category. But I would take him 1000 times over this new one, I would gladly have Hillary as President rather than this one – and I never though I’d hear myself say those words.

    Obama has been at war with his own people (anyone who he sees as opposition) from day one. He is not an inclusive President, he is not rising above partisanship, far from it. He is encouraging mobs to attack Wall St. execs, and then using his goons to try to silence real people who are asking questions about his ideas (and that’s all the ZEROCARE is right now, an idea, a proposal).

    He is already a disaster. By far worse than Carter. It is amazing just how bad he really is. NO one could have imagined.

  7. KEVIN Says:


  8. kywrite Says:

    Hey, Afrocity, thought I’d give you some bread to go with that tasty gubmint cheese. Obama would have grown up eating this:

    i heart oko.. erm, sweet bread

    (“Okole” is Hawaiian for “butt” or “butthole,” both the less and more rude words.)

  9. Kei Says:

    Another great post Afrocity. I am glad I found you (and I recommend you to others). Although Hillbuzz is back, and I am no longer an orphan, I still stop a couple times a day. Your blog and commenters are that good!

  10. kimberly Says:

    and Amen to that!!!
    Obama contunes to demoralize American everytime he opens his mouth

  11. johninca Says:

    Opposition to the fascist health care takeover is now 53%, with 42% in favor, according to Rasmussen.

    Obama’s plan is undeniably unpopular and Democrats will have to answer for it in 2010, after which there should be a lot less congressional Democrats.

    • Yeah – that’s awful. In light of those poll numbers, it’s amazing Pelosi can make the statement that Americans are behind this reform with a straight face… oh wait, no it’s not. That lady is so out of touch, she probably believes that.

      • johninca Says:

        Newsmax is reporting that Obama is pulling the plug on the public option. But we have to stay vigilant and on the offensive until the midterm, after which congressional Democrats (if any) can think up their fascist/socialist schemes elsewhere than Capitol Hill.

  12. bob Says:

    IMHO, Obama’s cut the cheese.

    (the devil made me say that)

  13. Butters Says:

    Remind Americans…..

    “George Washington was part of the mob!”

    “Thomas Jefferson was part of the mob!”

    “Ben Franklin was part of the mob!”

  14. Peter Says:

    Poor Barack. Never had a job in his whole life where he had any responsibility for the results. I am more and more convinced that this child in an adult’s body never wanted to be President. He wanted to be seen as President. He wanted the fancy jet and the big limo. He wanted the adoring crowds.

    Now he is discovering that only Chris Matthews cares that he can stand with his chin just so, and read glib words off a telepromper. Meanwhile he is discoving that the rest of us want results. Little things like we would like our children protected from those wildeyed Jihadis, er, persons of explosion, there are no Jihadis anymore. We want medical care for our old, not a pain pill.

    And, the poor guy only knows how to stand, casting a heroic figure.

  15. Obama wanted to be president like I want to be a Centre Forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins, the difference is the Penguins are smart enough to keep me at home on my couch drinking a beer and watching the game on TV. Obama just wants the title, power and glory, He wanted to be a senator for the same reason, that’s why he spent his time in the Illinois state Senate voting “present” while trying to get into the US Senate and his time in the US Senate trying to get elected President. It worked because people bought into his words and never looked at his record. Obama was an empty suit with an undeserved ego and a lot of shady connections and if it wasn’t for the fact that Bush screwed up a lot and even the things that wasn’t his fault he never properly defended himself against the BS accusations thrown at his to the point where the public was just sick of Republicans and just looking for a “change” Obama would have been laughed out of the primaries right behind Dennis Kucinich. Now he is an angry petulant child wondering why people don’t just do everything he want’s “because he won”, and blaming everything on Bush. Yes Bush screwed up, but it’s your job now kid, you wanted the job, you got it, it’s all you. It reminds me of a line from an old punk song:

    “Welcome to the real world, ain’t it different?”

    • One more thing, Obama has all the Ego of McArthur, but nothing to back it up. During the bombing of Corregidor McArthur would stand outside the bomb shelter yelling at the Japanese planes. When the Philippines was finally overrun his staff had to force him onto a boat to take him to Australia because he was going to die on that island with his men (his wife and child had to be forced onto the boat as well), he was going to be like the old Naval captains and go down with his ship, but they wouldn’t let him, so he said he would return and he did. Yes, the man was an arrogant bastard but he had two things going for him, when proven wrong he would except it, take responsibility and adjust and when he said he was going to do something he did.

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