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And The Cheese Stands Alone August 11, 2009

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0GovtCheeseWho ever said that this  drama of becoming a president was not without consequences?  The Obama White House is now severely shaken after an immoral freak accidental group uprising against his health care. It was not supposed to be this way. In this manner I believe Obama’s first term will be something of a surprise.  Every president experiences ups and downs and should expect the  unexpected.  Wilson and FDR both dealt with world wars, Truman dropped the A-bomb,  and Kennedy had Cuba to contend with. Lyndon Johnson received his share of gray hairs over the Vietnam war.  Nixon…well that speaks for itself. Gerald Ford was nearly killed by Charles Manson Family member Squeaky  Fromme. Jimmy Carter’s presidency suffered from more than I care to list but for the sake of my argument, let’s choose the Iran hostage crises as his Waterloo.

Are you getting the picture? No presidency is guaranteed the assurance of peaceful nights free from worry. POTUS can just suck it up and accept it.  At the end of the day or should I say term, the cheese stands alone.  Sure some have it better than others.  Who had the better presidency during my lifetime? Two come to mind, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Conservatives and Democrats will each have their own opinions on which man was the better of the two but lets afford ourselves a bipartisan moment by admitting that Clinton and Reagan were really the two best presidents during the latter 20th century.

funny_cheese3That was not so bad was it? Each party is capable of producing a formidable leader who can handle his 4 year dosage of drama with wisdom and confidence.   As much as I was angry with Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair, I must confess that even as a Republican “Big Dawg” still brings a smile to my face when he is being a good boy. That incident with North Korea and journalist Laura Ling brought tears to my eyes. It also served to remind me of everything Barack Obama is not.

Here we are in month 8th of his presidency and Barack Obama has still failed to gain my trust and admiration.  From where I’m sitting, it  ain’t happening unless he really can turn water into wine.

The real miracles are not occurring because President Obama has done something great. The real miricle is that the people of America are finally seeing that he is not great. When shit hits the fan, the cheese stands alone. It can melt, stay firm, stink, ferment and virtually do anything it wants to do as POTUS but it will do it alone. No use blaming Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton or anyone else serving in the Obama administartion. That insane posse cabinet thing worked horribly for George W. Bush and it won’t work for Barry either.

He wanted to be the big cheese, so he got it.  Dear Barry it must be hard to accept that everyone will not like everything you do. Congratulations, you are now officially a real President of the United States of America.

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