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Sunday Soliloquy: If You Love Someone…Set Them Free August 9, 2009

jesse 2

Rumor has it that every time an African American baby is born, a Democrat get his wings.

My blog would not be rewarding if it didn’t tell the truth. We could not be friends if I did not look you in the eye and say exactly what is on my mind.

Can I get a shout out from my African American readers? (Elder J waves his hand)

How many of you are Democrats? (Elder J,  puts down his hand)

spineOkay, for those of you who are African American, and a Democrat please tell me how it feels to have possibly 99.9% of Americans know how you are going to vote, 99.9% of the time? How does it feel to be so predictable that no politician cares about advancing your causes anymore? Sorry, not even the black politicians.

What do you do when you are taken for granted and your man cheats on you? You lose your “shine” and he begins to court others? Women, Latinos, gays and lesbians…

He does not care about you anymore. Why should he?

You are always going to be there waiting in bed for him when he staggers home at night no matter how badly he neglects you. His dinner will always be waiting for him, warmed in the oven.

Yes, it is all your fault.

You have provided little if any contrary evidence that you are nothing more than a doormat. Step on it, brush it off, roll it up, store it in the closet for several election cycles, open the storage room, look for it beneath the old Ku Klux Klan robes Democrats would wear and there it still is…The Black VOTE. Loyal as wounded puppy kicked by its owner.

Oh sure, it snarls. Sometimes it barks about getting a spine replacement. Does it bite? Never.

The Party of Ass knows this and relies upon this unfortunate truth to do whatever it does not want to do for blacks.  Historical predictability is an invaluable partner for the Democrats.

Like a KFC fried chicken dinner, one can expect the  original recipe dark pieces of chicken. Blacks will give their thighs, legs and sweat for the DNC. In return they get a bland Styrofoam cup of mashed potatoes and a stale white guilt bread roll.  As with any relationship, there will be spats along the way.  Some customer will always come in to redeem a coupon. They will want more in the form of political positions, laws, or campaign contributions .


When Al Gore lost his bid for the presidency in 2000, it was evident that African American voters had not turned out as they should have. It was even more evident when John Kerry challenged President George Bush in 2004.  Afrocity did not vote in that election.

By that point, my enthusiasm for the political process  of voting had depleted.  It would take time for me to realize that it was not the process I loathed, it was my chosen – or I should say my pre-ordained party that contrasted with everything I believed in. Freedom from government intervention, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes.

I packed my bags and left. It was an unhappy marriage and why would I want to stay in it for another moment?

Of course the jackass begged me to stay. Threats of losing my blackness and accusations of self loathing were flung in my direction.

Nope. These donkey hoofs were made for walking.

He offered me the change he said I needed.

What was this “change” I wondered. There was a gift for me by the door. I sat down my suitcase, shook the gift to check for bombs. The gift was wrapped in transparency and had a familiar smell. Postmarked from Chicago, Illinois with Martin Luther King Jr.  and Rosa Park stamps all over it.  I opened it, and there it was. BarackObama. The same damn fried chicken dinner but this time it was “Popeyed-up” with red beans and rice. Dirty rice at that. How sweet for the jackass to include a doughy buttermilk biscuit that I could chew on for hours.  It took a heart of stone for me to turn such a lovely racially thoughtful gift away but I was far more politically advanced than the jackass had anticipated.  Suitcase in hand, I opened the door and left screaming kids  in soiled diapers grabbing at my feet and all. Having been shocked, the jackass just stood there in the doorway holding the Kool Aid drink with a straw sticking out. My lips would not touch it.   He had super-sized me for nothing.  (Donkey shrugs shoulders, sucks on straw in cup).

A video which justifies my feelings for black democrats in political positions.

(Hat tip “Racer X” from Little Green Footballs)

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61 Responses to “Sunday Soliloquy: If You Love Someone…Set Them Free”

  1. wmcb Says:

    Great stuff, afrocity. I applaud you for following your real beliefs.

    I’m in a little bit different boat, because neither party really appeals to me anymore. I’m a social liberal, fiscal conservative, with some libertarian concerns about govt intrusiveness – so I either have to put up with the Dems insane spending (though recently the GOP is only marginally better), or I have to swallow the whole “more moral than thou” crap from the social conservatives in the GOP, which I find JUST as intrusive into private life as some of the stuff the Dems do.

    This time around, the Dem’s absolute arrogance and contempt for the people ensures I will never, ever vote for them again until (if) that massively changes. But I don’t see anyone on the conservative front who is much of an option, either. In 2010, I will be voting to get these asshat Dems OUT, so will likely vote for a lot of R’s. But that doesn’t mean I am too enthused about it.

    *sigh* It’s tough. But if 2008 taught me anything, it’s that I will remain true to what I REALLY think, not try to contort my beliefs to fit any chosen party line. All of my votes will be compromises, for me. I’ll do my best. It’s all I can do. I don’t have a “team” to cheer for anymore. My only team is me, and my own conscience.

    Peace to you, and I’m so glad for you that you have thrown away the script and found your own voice. I respect that. You rock. 🙂

    • joanelle Says:

      wmcb – couldn’t have said it better – I too am a social liberal, fiscal conservative, however I have significant libertarian concerns about govt intrusiveness – and the video above is a perfect example of an elected official who thinks we work for him not the other way around.

      The man needs to re-read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights – my blood began to boil as I listened to him chide citizens who came to speak with him.

      This country was founded by individuals who came together for the greater good of all – not to worship at the feet of a few.

      BTW – GREAT piece Afrocity – you just keep getting better and better! Thank you.

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    This is a great post and video! Until people consider themselves Americans first, before their allegiance to a party or race, they will always be boxed in. When people stay in a box, they get used and abused. People need to think and pay attention to who is representing them!!

    • bydesign001 Says:

      You hit the nail on the head. People must learn to STEP AWAY FROM THE BOX AND OUT OF THE BOX FREE AND CLEAR. Until then, they will never be free. They will spend a lifetime sacrificing themselves and losing that part of who they really are for all the wrong reasons.

      It takes a strength and determination to call out the wrongs regardless of whether it’s a fellow Democrat, fellow Republican, one of the brothers or sisters down the street, whomever.

      Albeit, it is often not appreciated or popular as many would seek to demonize simply because they themselves chosen to sacrifice a part of themself to fit in the box to ensure that they get theirs.

      No thanks.

  3. Marianne7 Says:

    o m g. That first pic is SO… wow. I’m embarrassed to be a white mid-aged lady. Man, just lick the boots and finish it. >.<

    Any way, what I really wanted to say, before I got off-topic by the amazing pic, is that much of this is Tricky Dicky's fault. After his race-baiting to pick up white votes in the South, everyone forgot about "Bull" O'Conner, Gov. Wallace, and the rest of the Democratic establishment's track record in the south. Nixon pretty much squandered the Republican Party's cred all by himself. On the other hand, I see much of that happening now with Obama, at least among "guilt-ridden" whites. Those of us who were no so much guilt-ridden as afraid to hurt feelings are moving on. And we are a much larger group than those who are truly guilt-ridden (and ought to be? who knows?).

  4. OT, but where in the world do you get those pictures? Do you make them? The dem donkeys looking at a spine had me laughing out lout. How about a counter cartoon with elephants looking at a brain since they can’t seem to think of a coherent strategy at this time–ouch–too far? Sorry, I have no admiration for either party.

    I have given up worrying about positions and policies–they are only thrown out there to divide people and to obfuscate politicians’ real drivers. If a person running for office SEEMS to have the people’s interest in mind, s/he gets my vote. Sometimes that leaves no one to vote for.

    • afrocity Says:

      Hey now, I am an elephant 🙂

      • I am an elephant

        Long memory.

        As far as political animals go, the elephant is pretty amazing. I stop to watch those History/Discovery channel shows on wild life all the time. But the most amazing was a show I saw on circus animals (? I think that was the topic?) It showed the reunion of two elephants who had met briefly (spent about three weeks together) 20 years earlier. Then, on a random chance meet again in some situation they remembered each other. They started “talking” and shaking trunks and “dancing.” That stuff just blows me away. 20 years after a brief meeting and they remembered.

  5. sandstone Says:


    I’ve just recently found your blog. You are terrific … BTW, LOL on how new Dem’s get their …. frankly I wish I’d said that!

  6. Awesome.

    Enjoyed the read and the video. Thank you.

  7. Kathy Barkulis Says:

    Better watch out Afro, some dude is gonna report you to the White House soon. You’ve committed the ultimate sin….you’re Black, you’re a woman, and you’re conservative. UH OH !!!! Watch out for the helicopters over your house !!! By the way, Cindy Sheehan looks like a groupie here…love that picture.

  8. Unfortunately, David Scott is my representative. Take a look at the Georgia 13th district and look at that fine example of gerrymandering.

  9. Peter Says:

    I am a dead ringer for a white boy, fave up on the Donks when they stabbed us in the Services in the back late ’60s, early ’70s.

    One thing I’m tired of is the constant repeating of the canard of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” being poised to pick up southern whites because of racism. No, he was picking up us southern whites because the Democrats had turned against the war that they started. We southern whites turned away from the Party of Bull Conners and the Kleagle Byrd, the segregationist Fullbright. We southern whites turned to the Republicans who warned us of exactly what would happen in Southeast Asia if we failed there. Funny, it’s exactly what did happen.

    So, the Donks take your votes and do nothing for you. They take women’s votes and give them nothing but abortion, they take the gays votes and give them nothing. If everyone who had Donk promises broke off in their backsides quit voting Donk, they’d have had Brother Jesse, the Acorn leadership and the board of directors of NOW voting for them. There would not be a Donk elected Dogcatcher anywhere.

  10. KT Says:

    Afrocity, I love, love, love your blog and read it daily. I became familiar with your blog after reading Booker Rising blog. Your writing is insightful and your graphics are brilliant. Keep up the good work! From a conservative, SC born, but got to TX as fast as I could, white-married-female.

    • wmcb Says:

      Hey! I’m a SC girl who’s a transplant to TX as well! 🙂

      • afrocity Says:

        You are in the dog house with me missy. I emailed you about my Texas visit next week and never heard back from you.

      • wmcb Says:

        Ack! My dot mac account had some freaky stuff going on with my spam filters last week. It’s fixed now. Send it again?

  11. bydesign001 Says:

    That white woman looks like a tic on a dog that the dog just can’t get rid of. Harsh metaphor, I know, but that’s how I see both her and Jackson whom I don’t feel sorry for. It’s the price he pays for selling out people of color and enabling those who choose to live in a box.

    Great video. Indignant elitist Democrats playing the blame game. Buffoonery is so ugly. Only the truly ignorant would think that he was doing something special.

    Tell me, did we witness reverse racism there considering he did not realize that the doctor was indeed a constituent?

  12. DarkStar Says:

    Given Mike Steele got 30% of the Black vote….

    Given Mike Huckabee has said he received 40% of the Black vote in his races….

    Given Spectre gets 20-25% of the Black vote…

    Given Ken Blackwell, until his last race, claimed he received 50% of the Black vote…

    Where does 99.9% come from?

    Given the recent racist comments coming from the Republican party with the kicker coming when a person who laughed at racist comments, then wins the Young Republican chair, as a Black Republican, I have to ask who needs to set whom free?

    • Plantsmantx Says:

      Be careful, now- you won’t get many head-rubs asking questions like that:). Before you know it, they’ll stop thinking of you as “one of the good ones”.

  13. jbjd Says:

    True story. When I was in college, I was one of two students chosen to join students from around the country on a trip to D.C., to visit Congress. So, there we were, hundreds of us, seated on the front steps of the capitol building, awaiting the arrival of our ‘keynote’ speaker, JJ. I dislike the man. And while we waited, I ticked off the reasons, with explanations, to everyone around me: Operation PUSH finances; MLK, Jr. assassination; “Hymies” from “Hymietown”… Then, the limousine showed up, and out jumped JJ. The crowd was all excited, hooting and howling and extending their hands for a shake, while JJ jogged up those massive stairs, searching for a foothold among the seated crowd. Then suddenly, there he was next to me, hovering over and reaching out his hand to take mine, still resting on my lap. And he not only shook my hand, he gave me a hand sandwich, smiling and expression his appreciation that I was there. My fellow students were speechless. (We had no cell phone cameras then; God forbid THAT photo had followed me around for the rest of my life…)

  14. jbjd Says:

    Sorry, that’s unclear; 2 (two) students from student government from our school joined… (I stayed up all night writing my blog; afrocity, I don’t know how you do this, day in, day out… By the way, you are on my blog roll.)

  15. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    Bookmarked this one! Loved the funny cartoon and the accompanying blog. So who hired the doc in the video astroturfers?

  16. bob Says:

    Afrocity might be reported to the House Un-Obama Activities Committee for stuff like this.

    Great article.

  17. Great blog. I am shouting, “Let my people go”, to the spineless democrat party.

  18. johninca Says:

    According to Alveda King, the MLK family was Republican. MLK Jr. relates in his autobiography that African Americans turned pro-Democrat in 1960, after Dr. King Jr. was arrested. Candidate JFK made a telephone call in support of King, while Nixon declined to do so.

    Nixon was not so much a conservative as a cynic who used conservative rhetoric to appeal to what he called the silent majority. Nixon opened up Red China to big business (lib-dems could not have gotten away with that in 1972) and entrusted foreign policy to Henry Kissinger, one of the all time great New World Order masterminds.

  19. meeee2 Says:

    After so many decades of being Democrat, I no longer relate to that party. I also don’t relate to the Republicans. It feels like I don’t even have a country because of it.

    That an elected official from any district in this country would use such disdain in his voice when talking to an American saddens me more than I can say.

    • sandstone Says:


      I know the feeling.

      I have since begun to call myself a recovering Democrat. I’m ashamed to be associated with the radical Dem’s today … I can never call myself a conservative, or Republican … I am too independent to be classified or fit easily into any niche … I have decided that it is best to simply say I am an American who believes in …. fill in the blank.

  20. What a disaster!! That video is my representative. David Scott represents my district. I’m glad you posted this- I’d never seen this. Man- what a train wreck! Needless to say, I voted against this guy after I’d studied up on him and realized he was way out of touch with my views. This type of thing needs to get around. I’ll bet 80% of folks in this district have no idea this happened.

    Anyway – plan to be in front of his office on August 22nd, at noon (or thereabouts). Peacefully. But I’ll be there nonetheless…

  21. Chris Dashiell Says:

    There’s a reason why blacks don’t vote Republican. The Republicans have done nothing to help them, and they’ve been practicing a racist electoral strategy for the last 40 years.
    It’s not as if the Democrats have done enough, but the alternative is horrible.

    • afrocity Says:

      As a black Republican I can tell you that U do need anyone to do anything for me. That is the problem. If you are a truly free you would not look to a political party to help you.

      Enjoy the plantation my friend.

      • Dan Says:

        Sing it brother!

        I’m proud to vote Republican – the party that will do nothing for me whatsoever!

        When are the rest of these fools gonna wake up!?

      • Plantsmantx Says:

        …the rise (not really) of the militant Uncle Toms, LOL.

    • Chris- curious if you think Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, and Michael Steele (among others) have been good foot-sargeants in the great Republican racist electoral strategy during that time period?

      I agree with afrocity here on setting someone free. I volunteered this summer at a Christian ministry where I live that gave limited financial assistance and basic counseling to “working poor” individuals that had gotten in over their heads in debt either because of a crisis or because of bad decision making. It was a rewarding experience and I will continue to do it. But it was also enlightening. I witnessed first-hand how government programs intended to “help” really do give people a sense of false comfort that can have the affect of perpetuating rather than ending poverty. The person I counseled benefited from these programs, but rather than take the savings that these programs offered her to pay for college or to better her circumstances, she consistently used them to buy things she didn’t need, etc. I couldn’t help but think if the government programs had a time limit to them, that she would have been forced to be more wise with her time, money, and talent. It was a little frustrating for me, b/c as a counselor I think she did benefit from our program. But I worried how long-term the lessons would be.

      I am all for helping people, but I think it goes back to the old adage- it is better to teach someone to fish than to hand them a fish. If you’re a politican, though, the opposite is true. It’s better that you are the one handing people the fish, because that way they’ll keep voting for you. Sounds to me Chris prefers the politicians way of thinking about this.

  22. arnold Says:

    Jesse Taylor at is obviously displeased with this post, but I’m sure the traffic spike makes his criticism hurt a little less.

  23. angulimala Says:

    There is plenty of race-huckstering in both parties. You think the GOP and Conservatives don’t pander to paranoid whites?

  24. DarkStar Says:

    It seems to me that you are on a plantation if you get point out racism in “the other party” and then put your head in the sand about racism in “your party.”

    So, what Black GOP Republicans like to point out the racist history of Dems but wrote or said nothing about the racist activity coming out of my Republican party the past few months, including the election of a person who laughed at a racist comment to chair the Young Republicans?

    • Kathy Barkulis Says:

      Look, there is a systematic problem with a party that uses the downtrodden-racial and economic-to get their votes. This is what the Democrat Party does. They have no vested interest in racial or economic harmony because then they have no ability to get votes. It doesn’t take a genius to see that their platform of “helping minorities and the poor” by giving them handouts only serves to keep them down and dependant. It keeps them on the plantation for a lifetime. They fan the flames of disparity in order to maintain their power over them. If you want to believe that the Democrat Party has the best interests of the poor and minorities in mind, then go ahead and keep living in that false realm of reality. That is what they’re hoping you will do. In fact, they’re counting on it.

      • DarkStar Says:

        The problem with such rhetoric is, it boosts the false idea that Blacks are helpless, dependent, and not a functioning part of society. To be blunt, it helps propagate racial ill will.

        Poverty Rate

        Blacks below the poverty level:
        2005: 24.7%
        1966: 41.8%
        1959: 55.1%

        Educational Attainment

        High school +: 80%
        Some college +: 44.7%
        Bachelors +: 17.3

        High school graduate: 28.5%
        4 years college: 2.3%
        5 years+ college: 1.3%

      • DarkStar Says:

        Of Black people enrolled in college, not the overall rate of Black people enrolled, just of those enrolled in college:

        U.S. College Enrollment Rates, 2005

        Black Women 18-24: 37%
        Black Men 18-24: 28%

        White Women 18-24: 46%
        White Men 18-24: 39%

      • DarkStar Says:

        Survey of Business Owners – Black-Owned Firms: 2002


        In 2002, there were 1.2 million black-owned firms in the U.S., employing nearly 754 thousand persons and generating nearly $89 billion in business revenues. These black-owned firms accounted for 5.2 percent of all nonfarm businesses in the U.S., 0.7 percent of their employment, and 0.4 percent of their receipts.

        The 2002 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) defines black-owned businesses as firms in which African Americans own 51 percent or more of the stock or equity of the business. The data in this report were collected as part of the 2002 Economic Census from a large sample of all nonfarm businesses filing 2002 tax forms as individual proprietorships, partnerships, or any type of corporation, and with receipts of $1,000 or more.


        In 2002, nearly 4-in-10 black-owned firms operated in health care and social assistance, and other services, such as personal services, and repair and maintenance, where they owned 9.7 percent of all such businesses in the U.S.

        Retail trade, and health care and social assistance accounted for 28.7 percent of all black-owned business revenue. Fifty-four percent of the retail trade revenue was concentrated in motor vehicle and parts dealers. Table A (xls 18 kb) shows the industries accounting for the largest receipts for black-owned firms.

      • DarkStar Says:

        All of this occurred during Blacks being primarily Democrats.

        Do those stats spell out dependency?

        And, once again, I am a Black Republican, but I’m not going to lie and state there is no racial ill will in my party. Black Dems don’t even say that about the Dems.

  25. Kathy Barkulis Says:

    DarkStar: All of this happened IN SPITE OF the Democrat Party platform ! Your stats prove my point. People succeed because they have the personal will and fortitude to succeed. They don’t need big daddy to succeed. All they need is personal ambition and the desire to succeed. You cannot convince me you are a Republican. You can say it all you want, and you’ve said it several times by the way, but your words do not prove it.

  26. DarkStar Says:

    All of this happened IN SPITE OF the Democrat Party platform !

    Correct, so how is it that Blacks are dependent and waiting on Big Daddy? How is it Blacks being Democrats leads to Blacks being dependent?

    You cannot convince me you are a Republican

    There is a problem when a Republican disagrees with Republicans and then is said to “not be a Republican” or being a “RINO” and the problem is with the person making the accusation.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Blacks are said to be “independent thinkers” only when in the Republican party and only when we agree 100% with Republicans or at least, keep our mouths shut. That sounds like the Dem plantation to me.

  27. Kathy Barkulis Says:

    DarkStar: My point is NOT that Blacks and/or the poor are inherently dependant on the Democrats. But rather, my point is that the Democrats only succeed if they keep them dependant on them. So therefore, they paint them as victims, as people needing help from the government in order to succeed and/or survive, and thus they keep them in a perpetual state of poverty and oppression. It’s an age-old ploy of the Democrat Party and frankly, it needs to stop. It may have worked 40 years ago, even 30 years ago….but it’s no longer productive. It has now become counter-productive for the poor and minorities to continue to get ahead if they adhere to these age-old power grabs from the Democrat Party. They need to cut the chains, get out on their own, and prove that they have much more value than the Democrat Party gives them credit for. And once again, Darkstar, for someone who is a Republican, you are continuing to defend the Democrats’ ideology and brainwashing.

    By the way, I would never say that there are no racists in the Republican Party. I am only saying that the ideology of Republicans is far more helpful to the poor and minorities than the Democrat ideology.

    • DarkStar Says:

      But rather, my point is that the Democrats only succeed if they keep them dependant on them.

      They succeeded the last election but the majority of Blacks, who voted so much in favor of Dems, are not poor.

      So therefore, they paint them as victims, as people needing help from the government in order to succeed and/or survive,

      Meanwhile public Republicans and conservatives paint Blacks as poor, less than worthy of ANY position obtained, on welfare, pushing out babies, and criminal minded. Except when talking against affirmative action, then they mention a little bit of the positive but then say most Blacks aren’t capable.

      Darkstar, for someone who is a Republican, you are continuing to defend the Democrats’ ideology and brainwashing.

      I haven’t defended one thing the Dems have done. I’ve pointed out that Republicans are just as guilty of doing it. I’ve also pointed out the falicy of using the rhetoric you use because it is inaccurate and most Black Dems hearing it view it as garbage. Then, you want to turn around and blame THEM for being insulted by the rhetoric coming from the Republican side, my side.

      Most Blacks are Dem. Most Blacks are not poor. How can you then say, without it being perceived as an insult, that the Dem party wants to keep Blacks in poverty?

      • afrocity Says:

        Poverty takes on more definitions than the financial and material sense. One can be emotionally and spiritually bankrupt as well.

        Think of who said “This is what happens to black men in the United States”

        Someone should have responded “What? That they become famous professors at Ivy League institutions, that they have their face on Microsoft Encarta?”

        When one cannot see their strengths and accomplishments for the chandelier(racism) in the ceiling that surely must fall on them–they are enslaved and in poverty.

  28. DarkStar Says:

    Poverty takes on more definitions than the financial and material sense. One can be emotionally and spiritually bankrupt as well.

    The overwhelming use of poverty is financial. And when the other contexts are used, emotional and spiritually are always used as modifiers.

    Let’s be real about spiritual bankruptcy. If you go by premarital sex rates, Blacks and whites are spiritually bankrupt, with most having premarital sex by the time they are 21.

    When one cannot see their strengths and accomplishments for the chandelier(racism) in the ceiling that surely must fall on them–they are enslaved and in poverty.

    When you cannot see your strengths and accomplishments, regardless of reason, there is enslavement. I’ve said that FOR YEARS. And it doesn’t matter if there is an R or D by the name, NEITHER sees the strengths and accomplishments, for the most part.

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