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Saturday Toons: The Yes We Candy Man Can’t August 8, 2009


“Who can make the debt rise, sprinkle it with DNC donkey poo?

Cover everything in chocolate and make a racist out of me and you?

The Obama Candy Man can, oh the Obama candy man can…

The Obama Candy Man can cause he meets criticism with fear and makes Americans misunderstood.”

You must forgive my attempts to become an award winning lyricist but I could not help myself.  The golden tickets are all fake and the Obamabots are rising from the fields of poisoned poppies with a breakout of buyer’s remorse. The assessment of damaged egos will be far greater than we imagined.

(Afrocity puts on a huge smile)

Yesterday, I was watching Neil Cavuto on FOX NEWS. He was discussing Obama buyers remorse with a woman who openly admitted that she voted for Obama but is now disappointed in him. The woman said she felt that she was lied to and betrayed, sighting Obama’s campaign promises of change and transparency.

Stop the Tape!!!

What is oh so obvious about Obama’s supporters is their failure to do research into the life of their chosen candidate BEFORE THEY VOTED FOR HIM.

Who fell for Obama? Did you? Not I?

In terms of “Change You Can Believe In”  we had a candidate who bought his home from a criminal in a shifty real estate deal. We had  candidate who was caught embellishing stories about his past, who threw his own minister and grandmother under the bus. This was a man who lived in luxury in Chicago, while his aunt lived in Boston public housing projects. Is voting “present” change you can believe in? In terms of transparency, we had a candidate that would not release his college records, or his legislative history with the Illinois Senate.  There was evidence of Obama on tape admitting to his intentions to “spread the wealth”  and  bankrupt the coal industry.


John Kerry Loompah

John Kerry Loompah

My answer to this tragic mislead soul on the Neil Cavuto show: Lady, I am not sure what you saw but I know what I saw.  I saw what was not there. You saw what you wanted to see there. Cotton candy is spun sugar. Fluffy and white like a cloud.  Naive kids like me were suckers for a cotton candy vendor. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago always made sure they positioned that cotton candy stand right by the sea lions where young Afrocity would see it.  How would I spend my two dollar zoo allowance? I could get a balloon but it may burst on the subway ride home. An orange creamsicle  would indeed hit the spot on a sweltering August day.  There was the zoo gift shop with puzzles of monkeys and such…Or there was cotton candy- a quick sticky instant gratification that melts in your mouth and then POOF! It’s gone and so is your money.  Afrocity, decided to buy a small cherry blast ICEE in order to stay cool, and save the left over 75 cents for later on.  I had learned my lessons early. Too many popped balloons by jealous kids, tiger jigsaw puzzles I never put together, and expensive sticky lips with nothing to show for it but breaking a sweat from swatting at yellow jackets, had proved that you should buy something that does what it says its gonna do without boring you to death or causing added headaches.  On that day at the zoo it was the friendly ICEE polar bear. He was sweet and kept me cool – just like he promised.

obama wonkaIn 2008 I chose John McCain and Sarah Palin.  McCain/Palin would have put our country first. McCain would not have signed the stimulus bill, or been involved in the Gates issue even if Gates was his friend. McCain would have governed instead of ruled. McCain would have listened to the people and responded to criticism with a listening ear and not the Jackass Gestapo. Obama is a walking distraction which makes for a terrible leader. America elected a star, not a president.  Unfortunately, it is this role that President Obama relishes. He is the Candy Man who made the world feel good…at the time. Now what? We have cherry red lips and a gut ache of a debt. We have a manchild “deer in the headlights” leader who stomps his feet and pouts during at the slightest hint of criticism.

obama2WonkaThankfully, conservatives are getting the word out concerning the Obama Candy Man and his Jackass Gestapo. We are drowning out moonbats from the liberal camp. No longer are we the silent minority. Michelle Malkin made me proud on The View last week. Please listen to Michelle’s plea to hold the Obama administration and all politicians accountable.  I love the way Michelle defends herself against these Obama ditto heads. By the way, it is not Michelle’s job to fix anything. She is simply pointing out the lies and corruption in the Obama administration. Notice how the women of  The View, never address Michelle’s findings with any counter argument of substance.

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