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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Those Who Can’t Do, Teach July 30, 2009

From Hope N' Change Cartoons

From Hope N' Change Cartoons

This may sound somewhat negative and unsociable but f I were Sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department, I would not have taken President Obama up on his offer to have a beer at the White House.

I would not allow myself to be exploited by The One. Everything is a media photo op for Barry Boy and I would not have any part of it. If anything, I feel that Crowley could have made a strong statement by having Obama leave his comfort zone and coming to speak to the Cambridge Police Department.  That would have been a teachable moment. Instead Crowley will be wined and dined by the man who said he behaved “stupidly” and cowardly refused to offer a formal apology.

We all know that Obama made a gigantic mess of this situation. We all know that a certain party involved overreacted.  So why are they the ones who get to deliver a “teachable moment”? This is hypocrisy at it’s best.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lucia Whalen, the woman who actually made the 911 call about Professor Gates home being broken into,  is being harassed on the daily basis.

But of course she was not invited to the White House keg party. Geeze what does a woman have to do to get a drink around here? Grow a penis?

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19 Responses to “Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: Those Who Can’t Do, Teach”

  1. WMCB Says:

    I read that Crowley will not be going alone to the beerfest. He is taking a police union rep and his attorney with him.

    Methinks Crowley is not so stupid as Obama thinks.

    Meanwhile, the reviled “racist” 911 caller is going back to work her job and get on with life, as women so often do.

    • jbjd Says:

      The first thing I said when BO issued the invitation, before OC accepted, was, if he accepts, he had better take his union rep with him…

  2. RW Says:

    Afrocity would love to have a beer, wine, cocktail with you anytime you are in South Carolina. Keep up the great work.

  3. Marcy Says:

    Sgt. Crowley is in a no win situation. If he had refused, I’m sure that would have been considered additional evidence of the racism of which he has been falsely accused. This is just another one of those unpleasant ostensibly voluntary command performances that we all have to participate in at one time or another, with the added unpleasantness that further advancement in his chosen career may be at stake now that the scarlet “R” has been pinned to his chest. I understand there is also the additional little twist to the knife in his back that he is having to pay his own way down there to attend Obamafest.

    • So Crowley had to pay his way? Maybe O spent too much on his date nights and has to be careful with his cash for awhile.

      I wish Crowley would have stipulated the meeting be in private (away from cameras). Now we have that dopey buddy picture of the ‘regular guys’ sharing beers. The O has to bleeping put his meddling fingers into everything to project and protect that holy image.

      Kudos to you, Afrocity, for pointing out Ms. Whalen gets nada!

      • afrocity Says:

        I did not know that he had to pay his own way. That is horrible. I would not have spent one dime.

    • meeee2 Says:

      Crowley couldn’t very well refuse….he’s the one who suggested they all get together for a beer.

  4. WMCB Says:

    Y’all have to see this. It’s hilarious. Press Sec. Gibbsy furiously backpedals on what, exactly, the president intends to “teach” us. Too funny!

  5. TheAnti-partyParty Says:

    This is the only place I could find a copy of the letter that Sgt. Lashley sent to Obamafest. You’ll have to put up with a little Wolf Blitzer, but the letter is great.

    If only I knew how to embed stuff like WMCB does. Sigh.


  6. kywrite Says:

    I wouldn’t have gone either. That said, did y’all see the presser Crowley gave immediately afterward?

    He made Obama look like a barely-educated fool — and the Gibber look even worse. Crowley was articulate, calm, patient, and was smart enough not to comment on things he oughtn’t comment on. He also didn’t dodge any questions that I could see. I want HIM in office somewhere. What a pro!

    • Here’s the video, for anyone who wants to watch. I keep wondering if the mention of koolaid at 2:53 has any significance. A little snark?

      • afrocity Says:

        I heard that Kool Aid remark and thought the same thing. It was hilarious.

      • Ann Says:

        This guy is really savy. Not only did he reference the koolaid drinkers, but he referenced the teabaggers as well with the iced tea.

  7. afrocity Says:

    I saw the outcome. It was a waste of time.

  8. jbjd Says:

    Here is an interview between Sargent Leon Lashley, the black officer standing in front of the porch when Gates was in handcuffs; and CNN.

    Here is a link to Sargent Lashley’s letter to OC, asking him to pass on his sentiments to BO, sans Blitzer.

    Here is a sample from that letter.

    In closing, I would simply like to ask that Mr. Gates deeply reflect on the events that have unfolded since July 16 and ask himself the following questions:

    ‘What can I do to help heal the rift caused by some of my actions?; What responsibility do I bear for what occurred on July 16, 2009? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the damage done to the reputations of two respected Police Officers?’

    I knew Leon many years ago, when he was new to the force. He was a good man then; and, based on what I see, nothing has changed.

  9. bob Says:

    What’s with the beer stuff? Biden’s a drunk, and needs whiskey, surely the Professor doesn’t drink beer, and Obama the metrosexual must have fine wine. Is this just pandering to a cop?

  10. astra14 Says:

    My heart goes out to Mrs. Whalen.

  11. meeee2 Says:

    A colleague wrote a letter to Gates. So well written and thought out. I wonder how much damage he’s done to his reputation over the incident.

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