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Curator’s Corner: Barack Obama and the History of Kool Aid July 29, 2009

ka23Which came first sweetened or unsweetened Kool Aid? I am not sure because my mother always bought the sweetened kind in the canister. Sugar, being the precious commodity that it was in my home, was far too expensive to use on a powdered drink mix. In fact, I think the Kool Aid in my household was actually Wylers drink mix or Tang.  Regardless, during those days nearly every household on my block was filling up tall plastic tumblers with the green, blue or purple liquid.  Sure we loved it, couldn’t get enough of it. Was it healthy for us? Hell no but who cared? It was sweet, refreshing, cheap, easy to make in an instant and filled our tummies…Just like our 6 month old President Barack Obama.

Did you know that the history behind the Kool Aid and its inventor shares many commonalities with Barack Obama’s ascension to power?

I can just hear my readers murmuring that Afrocity has gone tinfoil on everyone.  I assure you that this is not the case.   Yesterday, I received an email from an Obama supporter who happened to be a Republican for most of his life. I will call him Carl.

Carl is a devout Mormon, a cancer survivor and also a retired military officer. His son also served in the military.  What possessed Carl to vote for Obama is beyond me. Perhaps it was due to the fact that Carl lives in Los Angeles and he was upset with Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is a slight possibility that Carl’s recent cancer diagnoses made him fearful of not being able to afford health care- so he turned to the Democrats.  It is true that Carl despises Sen.  John McCain (R-AZ)  and supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 GOP presidential primary.  Okay, I can buy that.

images64koolaidLet’s say that Carl’s  reason for voting Democrat was that he hated John McCain. He felt that McCain was a RINO and did not represent the true conservative movement.  But why then vote for Mitt Romney in the GOP primary and vote for Barack Obama in the general election? BarackObama? It is like he was snorting the same stuff as Colin Powell.

To be fair to Carl, I can attest to the fact that crazier things have happened during the 2008 election season. I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, only to support John McCain in the general election.   Yes, there is history that in terms of political candidates, voters have switched parties between the primaries and presidential election.

So Carl really is not that different from myself. However, my feelings toward my vote for John McCain today, when contrasted with Carl’s feelings for his Obama vote, are quite opposite.  I would not change my McCain vote if you gave me a million pairs of designer shoes.  In light of events of the past six months, I am proud to say “Don’t blame me. I voted for McCain.”   There is no smell of regret on my person. No purple tinged tongue or jackass hoof prints on my back. No muscle strain from my leg being pulled.  My nose is free of ACORN pollutants.   I made the right choice and I am confident that McCain would have been better for our country than Barack Obama.

This brings me back to Carl’s email. I wish I could post it here but I won’t. Instead, lets just say that Carl is wishing he had cleaned his glasses before he married his Kenyan American, Chicago way, eloquent talking bride.  Carl’s tongue has that purple tinge to it that no amount of brushing will get rid of.  His home smells like regret.

Poor Carl. What did he ever see in Barack Obama that indicated he would have made a great president? You cannot trust a man that makes so much Kool Aid.   Did you know these facts about Edwin Perkins the maker of Kool Aid?  I learned about him through this web page of the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Nebraska.

1. Kool Aid  was invented in 1927 by Nebraskan, Edwin Perkins  who was always fascinated by chemistry and enjoyed inventing things.  (Afrocity says: Barack Obama likes to invent things too. Such as phony stories about his mother and father meeting in Selma, Alabama)

2. In high school, Perkins “…sent away for a kit called “How to Become a Manufacturer.” During the following years, Perkins graduated from high school, published a weekly newspaper, did job printing, served as postmaster and set up a mail order business called “Perkins Products Co” to market the numerous products he had invented.” ( Afrocity says: Sounds like a community organizer to me.)

3.  Perkins also developed a remedy to kick the tobacco habit called “Nix-O-Tine.”  (Afrocity says: Hmmm, so he most likley was a smoker…like Obama)

4.  Before Kool Aid was distributed in powdered packets in 1927, it was first sold as a liquid concentrate and called Fruit Smack.  When shipping of the glass bottles became a problem, Perkins developed a way to extract the liquid from Fruit Smack leaving only the powder. (Afrocity says: This is similar to Obama extracting the good stuff from the DNC and leaving the powdery garbage that liberals are smoking now.)

5. “By 1931, the demand for Kool-Aid® was so strong, other items were dropped so Perkins could concentrate solely on Kool-Aid®. He moved the entire production to Chicago for more efficient distribution, to be closer to supplies and to be able to expand even further if necessary.” (Afrocity says: Interesting how Kool Aid and Obama both moved to Chicago to be closer to resources in order to expand)

6. “During the Great Depression, Perkins cut the price in half to just 5¢ a packet, a “luxury” most families could afford. Young entrepreneurs sprung up across the country setting up Kool-Aid® stands. While most of the profits were consumed by the youngsters, it was something most children enjoyed.”  (Afrocity says: A-ha!!! Setting up stands…sounds like ACORN)

7.  “Perkins introduced off-shoots of Kool-Aid® including pie fillings and ice cream mixes. These products never really took off with the public. During World War II, fruit acid and dextrose rationing prevented any expansion”  (Afrocity says: Very similar to Obamacare and the stimulus package)

suckaGet my point? When we told Carl not to drink the Kool Aid, there was solid history behind it.  Now Carl looks and sounds like this female police officer in Cambridge, MA. After Obama’s foot in mouth disease over ” Gates Gate”, now she feels Obama has played her for a fool.

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