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Moonbat Monday: Louduous Racerium Baitidae (Race Baiters) July 27, 2009

racecardDuring the calmer days of my life, I return to my hobby of moonbat watching.  So far I have identified more than 150 new species that have cropped up since President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Often when you see a moonbat, it will just fly by without anyone noticing. The Obamabutticusphileas moonbat is one that comes to mind.  Locally abundant and prolific, they are literally everywhere.  But most moonbats are effective at letting everyone know of their presence, even if it means holding their breath until they start to turn blue…or should I say black?

There are many justifications in the list of debts this country owes to the African American community.  After all, the country especially the South was built on the sweat and free labor from slaves. There was a time when African Americans lived in fear of whites. Lynchings, segregation, and church bombings are all unfortunate memories that contribute to the phenomenon of collective trauma faced by African Americans today.

peanuts_afro-panelsfinalIn terms of generations,  the 1970’s usually serves as the demarcation line between blacks who experienced the tumultuous days of the civil rights movement and those like me who only experienced them through second hand passed down stories. Some stories are poignantly uttered from the lips of grandmother who was told to eat her meal in the alley behind a restaurant.  Other stories are diluted with whitewash in high school textbooks.


When my grandmother spoke of racism, the America we both knew and loved seemed like two quite different countries.  My life is a testament to this duality. I was never a housekeeper,  I was called a nigger only once compared to her numerous times, I sat anywhere I wanted to on the bus and ate my cheeseburgers at the Woolworths luncheonette counter.   I completed college and post graduate degrees. I enjoyed friendships with blacks, Hispanics, whites and Asians. I have dated interracially without any major incident.  Speaking for myself, I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to be born during a time when real progress was being made in America concerning unity and equality for all ethnicities, genders.  I always knew that I would live to see an African American President of the United States of America. However in the summer of 2009, racism is too much with us.

This brings me to a particular type of individual that I have decided to elevate to moonbat status. Louduous RaceriumBaitidae (Order: liberalis, Family: Obamabutticus). In layman’s terms: Race Baiters.   Of the following which is a race baiter?

  1. A black woman is called into her supervisor’s office. The supervisor explains to her that she is being placed on probation due to her frequent tardiness. She counters by citing racial discrimination due the differences in commuting times between herself, fellow minority colleagues and those who white who live closer to the workplace. The company is in a predominantly white neighborhood and all of the minority workers live far away.
  2. A single Latina mother receives her son’s report card. He has received a failing grade in English. The mother immediately confronts her son’s English teacher, who is African American  and calls him a racist who has no consideration for her son’s difficulty learning a new language.
  3. A group of white undergraduate students write a complaint to the university president.  They have found that the Asian students receive all A’s in all subjects. While the Asian students excel in science and mathematics courses, their skills in the humanities and social sciences is average. The group accuses the faculty of inflating the grades of the Asian students due to a false perception that Asians are smarter and better students than Americans.

niggaplease1The louduous racerium baitidae species of moonbat mainly inhabits the Democratic Party. They can be recognized by their ability to find racism and prejudice in every possible situation. This extends to not supporting political candidates that are of color. If you do not support the policies and administration of President  Barack Obama, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist. If you utter Barack Obama’s middle name “Hussein”, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  If you are not in favor of affirmative action, louduous racerium baitidae will call you a racist.  In the paranoid eyes of this moonbat, everyone who fails to fondle and pander to minorities, is a racist- even if you yourself are a minority.    During the 2008 Democratic primaries, PUMA’s were called racists by louduous racerium baitidae moonbats because they supported Hillary Rodham Clinton. Despite Barack Obama being named the official presidential nominee of the DNC, many PUMAs refused to support him in the presidential election.  Some PUMAs such as myself, voted for the GOP nominee Senator John McCain (R- Arizona), others voted for Green Party nominee, Cyhthia Mckinney, while many did not vote at all in protest of the treatment of women during the primaries.  Most PUMAs are women which qualifies us as minorities under the equal protection clause of the constitution. But guess what? According to louduous racerium baitidae we are all racists.

ASharptonThere is a false perception that most if not all members of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species are minorities . This is simply not true.  While Caucasian members of louduous racerium baitidae tend to be diminutive when compared to those who are minorities such as the Rev. Al Sharpton (liberalis sharp-tongues racium bacteria) , there are some who are the exception to the perception. Take for instance Janeane Garofolo who is Caucasian and of the liberalis vulgarus variety. In April of 2009, Ms. Garofolo accused anyone who attended organized anti –taxation, and anti-stimulus “tea parties” of being racist homophobes.  Journalists Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC are also two Caucasians of the louduous racerium baitidae moonbat species which come to mind.

The shrieking of race baiters can normally be heard during signs of BarackObama’s dwindling approval ratings, as experienced with his recent public verbal run in with the Cambridge Police Department over an incident which did not directly involve our president.

The louduous racerium baitidae moonbat must be stopped because it feeds off residual memories from past racial trauma. This moonbat is moving all to buoyantly throughout society while failing to see the consequences of falsely accusing people of being racist.  Mostly running on nervous liberal energy and fear of losing an argument, trumped up charges of prejudice is the court of last resort for louduous racerium baitidae. Very sad indeed in light of the election of an African American president and our being blessed with a “post-racial” society.


Let’s work together to control this pesky moonbat. Speak out when you see someone being unjustly accused of racism. This “boy who cried racism” meme only turns back the clock and excerbates any credible racial tensions which reside in America today.

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18 Responses to “Moonbat Monday: Louduous Racerium Baitidae (Race Baiters)”

  1. Brilliant, I particularly like the identifications of the various moonbat phylum. I have bookmarked your fine blog, we seem to share a similar humor and perspective, as illustrated by my article “The Truth Is Out There”

  2. I swear you have one of the best blogs on the Net! Always fun and informative.

  3. WMCB Says:

    Love the Condi cartoon! What’s she doing these days, anyway?

  4. WMCB Says:

    BTW, Crowley’s fellow-officers, black and white, are having none of it. Video here:

  5. looking Says:

    Sometimes it seems that some do not want this to be a post-racial society:

    or they feel they can presume to dictate as to what certain celebrities “should ” do, not realizing that by their steady, successful example they have broken down barriers and completely changed the landscape without being the type of “good” acitivist others believe they should be:

    I believe my young nieces have it right, well, almost. Their views are not influenced by color, but by “coolness”. Their generation will break that clock if we let them.

  6. Courtney Says:

    Hey. First time reading, I really enjoyed this entry. You bring up a lot of really great points.

  7. realwest Says:

    Just another in a long string of fine essays, Afrocity! But “Let’s work together to control this pesky moonbat. Speak out when you see someone being unjustly accused of racism. This “boy who cried racism” meme only turns back the clock and excerbates any credible racial tensions which reside in America today. ” while certainly true enough and very valid, underestimates at least one particular brand of moonbat –
    liberalis sharp-tongues racium bacteria as in Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (sr. and jr.). For it is THIS PARTICULAR species which continually stirs up the anger and hate FOR MONETARY GAIN.

    Indeed, if an IRS probe (and how likely is THAT with AG Holder and President Barrack Hussenin Obama, really?) of the income received by either Jackson or Sharpton (or their lesser known copycats) Were to be conducted, the IRS would find that as “Reverands” they recieve little monetary compensation from their respect congregations (unlike, for example, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who did indeed recieve Handsome compensation from his Congregants (and the sale of his DVD’s) the IRS would find little in their repsective coffers to justify the clothing, housing and transportation of those folks.
    Other Obamabutticusphileas moonbat’s DO reflexively act as the boy who cried wolf, but they do so out of the CERTAINTY that they are correct to do so; their failure in healing the racial problems in America is reflexive and, over time, will be better understood and more easily refutable.
    But, alas, I fear that only when those same people see through and STRONGLY disavow the liberalis sharp-tongues racium bacteria – by drying up their sources of income, will we ever rid our nation of same.

  8. RW Says:

    This is a good read.. Read it and weep Dem’s.

    Chris Charles: Race(ing) for Votes: Part I
    Posted by on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 12:00:00 AM


    Conservatism stands for liberty and justice for all Americans. Conservatives believe in individual freedom. Conservatives do not force oppressive legislation upon citizens. Conservatism fights for the rights of all Americans to keep more of their hard earned money. Conservatism seeks to defend this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So, why do Democrats overwhelmingly win the minority vote? Do minorities not believe in these things? I think they do, so it must be something else that is at play here…

    Part I: A Brief History of the GOP

    Slavery was the greatest mistake this country ever made, and liberals are quick to point that fact out to people that love America. They love to call this a ‘racist nation’ that was built on the backs of slaves. These America haters fail to mention that it was conservatives who opposed slavery; it was a Republican President that signed the Emancipation Proclamation. It was conservatives and Republicans that fought for the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery once and for all. They forget that it was conservatives that passed the 14th and 15th Amendments that granted equal protection and voting rights to all citizens, regardless of color. They also don’t mention that the first blacks in Congress were Republicans all the way back in the 1860’s. It wasn’t until 1934 that Democrats elected a black man to the US House of Representatives. The GOP had the fortitude of character to do what was right, even though to do nothing would have been much easier.

    Anti-slavery conservatives were fought tooth and nail by the Democratic Party. The Democrats actively supported slavery; they opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution. In fact, supporting slavery was their overriding agenda at the time.

    That was a long time ago though; we shouldn’t judge the Dems on what their political ancestors did nearly 150 years ago, that would be unfair. We all make mistakes and we should all be forgiven as long as we admit our mistakes and take corrective action.

    What’s that? You mean to tell me that the DNC spent the next 100 years trying to hold black people down? I don’t believe it!

    Yes. The party of inclusion and diversity is really the party of exclusion and persecution. The party of Al Sharpton is the party of Jim Crow. The Party of the NAACP is also the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

    After Republicans defeated slavery and passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the Democratic Party went from a pro-slavery platform to an anti-black platform. For more than 100 years, the DNC fought to institutionalize racism in the form of Jim Crow laws, and other segregationist legislation. The Democratic Party and its supporters are the reason that blacks were treated as second class citizens until the late 1960’s. The founding fathers didn’t say that Rosa Parks had to sit in the back of the bus; Democrats did.

    Ok, ok, so the Democrats were a little late to recognize that black people should be afforded the inalienable rights guaranteed by our Creator and our Constitution but they supported the civil rights movement of the 1960’s right?

    Oh sorry, wrong again! Even 100 years after the Republicans ended slavery, (no thanks to Democrats) 80% of those that opposed the civil rights act of 1964 were Democrats. In stark contrast, more than 80% of GOP Congressman supported the legislation. (1)

    Given this long and sad record of being on the wrong side of history, you might expect that the Democratic Party would admit their mistakes and beg Americans (especially black Americans) for forgiveness.

    Not a chance!

    Instead the DNC simply declared that it was the party of minorities. It became their platform to use minority groups to win elections by insisting that they would fight for them. They insisted that this country was so darn racist that the only way they could be equal, really equal, was to take government handouts. They said that blacks needed help (a lot of help) if they were to be successful in this racist nation. The Democratic Party is the reason racism was so entrenched in our society, for so long.

    Over the years the Democratic Party has really changed. In the past, the Dems wanted to take everything from blacks: freedom, land, rights. Now the opposite is true, the DNC wants to give everything to blacks: jobs, housing, health care, ‘extra protections’, money, affirmative action, quotas, and so on.

    Somehow, over the last 50 years, too many blacks have bought into this notion that the Democratic Party is the party that fights for blacks. The truth is the DNC is still keeping blacks subjugated with the subtle racism of lower expectations. The Dems have substituted overt racism with a quieter form that claims to advance the standing of blacks in society but really the hand of big brother is holding black people back, keeping them from being truly free. Democrats now celebrate anytime a person of color achieves a position of high standing because that person is a minority. Conservatives celebrate all Americans that are successful regardless of color, creed, or anything else for that matter.

  9. boldandbald Says:

    There is no question that race-baiters are doing more harm than good to their cause. Certainly racism exists, and likely always will. The difference between today and the days that the older generation remembers all to well, is that it is no longer socially acceptable or, more importantly, legally acceptable. The laws in this country no longer allow discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. Does it still happen? Of course it does. And, unfortunately, louduous racerium baitidae only cause those people in our society who already bear a hatred or distrust of people different from themselves to dig themselves further into their trench of bigotry.

    The repeated false cry of “wolf” serves not only to make the villagers less likely to come out to help when there is real danger, but also causes a distrust and dislike of sheep herders in general. Is that fair? No. But it is the reality. These calls of racism tend to make even good people watch their every step for fear of stepping in a smoldering pile of anger; and often that will mean avoiding a pasture entirely, just to be safe. Once that happens we will have a self imposed form of segregation that will keep us from ever learning the truth about each other; that, in the end, there is no real difference between us as groups, but only as individuals.

    AC, you call for us to “Speak out when you see someone being unjustly accused of racism.” I would also add, speak out loudly when you see genuine racism, regardless of where it comes from. That is something that louduous racerium baitidae would never do when it is one of their own that is being racist. We must be careful not to become just another version of them.

    Great post, BTW.

    • WMCB Says:

      That is a wonderful and insightful summary of the problem. Good job.

      The thing that bothers me most about all these public lectures, media brouhahas, pontificating “spokesmen for the black/white man” spouting on every screen, newspaper and blog is that it puts a chill on the one thing that WILL help race relations in this country.

      It makes us more afraid to talk honestly to each other. These circuses don’t stimulate a conversation about race relations in the lives of ordinary folks, it only makes them want to AVOID the subject, and not talk or even think about it. And that hurts us more than anything.

  10. realwest Says:

    Hey boldandbald – great comment! Truly spot on; my comment (typos and all) was simply to point out that SOME race baiters do it for the money. Period.
    Those who do it because they think it’s right will, hopefully, come around to the proper perspective by themselves.
    And, I also have to say, that we ALREADY have a form of self-imposed segregation; when Black (or Hispanic) students feel compelled to NOT do well in school or in their careers for fear of being labeled Uncle Toms or Aunt Jemima’s that itself is indeed racism. With a tad of “How dare you try to rise above US!” thrown in.

    • boldandbald Says:

      Thanks, Real. I always pay special attention to your comments. You are always “spot on.”

  11. afrocity Says:

    B&B you are so right. I am on the road today can’t post till tonight.

  12. WMCB Says:

    Another bad outcome over this is no sane non-race discussion over the powers of arresting officers.

    I myself think the arrest ITSELF was maybe marginally iffy, but not beyond the pale according to dept policy. Some think it was clearly an overstep, some think it was entirely and wholly justified.

    However, once this got blown up by Gates into a huge racial thing, we unfortunately lost any chance to have a “conversation on the proper powers of the police”, and to what degree “mouthing off and yelling” should be cause for detention. There are legitimate arguments pro and con there.

    And that’s sad, because that’s the conversation that likely MOST needed to happen from this incident, but it won’t, because now it’s buried under a mountain of racial crap.

  13. johninca Says:

    Afrocity, I am so proud of you for rejecting the race card.

    Comment 8 has it exactly right, except that the Republicans who liberated African Americans were “Radical Republicans”; they were not considered conservatives.

    For that reason the Ku Klux Klan, according to the history co-authored by founding members John Lester and D.L. Wilson, made its recruits take an oath against the “radical party,” which of course meant the Republicans.

    Also, if you read early Democrat party platforms, they were for states’ rights, strict construction of the constitution, that kind of thing.

  14. WMCB Says:

    You know, this whole “police profiling” thing just ticks me off. People “profile” all the time, black and white, because it’s common sense to do so. I live in south texas, and there are some neighborhoods where if a bunch of Latino men came walking up behind me I;d be just plain dumb not to get extra aware. That doesn’t mean I react that way to ALL latino men – it’s situational. If there is creepy serial killer stuff going down, cops (and me) start looking at white men 25-40. Because that’s who DOES that shit. They have to react to what IS, not how they want the world to be.

    I have a son in his 20’s and a few years ago he was moaning about cops stopping him all the time, or following him on the street. I told him damn right they are stopping you – LOOK at yourself. You are bagging out with the jeans, have the bling on, have the certain shoes, certain hat. Your ass is driving around with the seat almost LAID DOWN, leaning all out the window, booming those speakers and trying to look like you’re a big badass. GUESS WHAT? You try to look like a thug, people are going to assume you are a thug, especially cops!

    He bitched and moaned how that wasn’t “fair”, because he is a good kid who never did anything wrong. I said yeah, you are, but that is the way the world works – GET OVER IT.

    • WMCB Says:

      P.S. That’s not to say that I don’t think cops have ever unjustly profiled for no reason. And that needs to stop, and be called out when it happens. But to stretch that idea to insanity like many liberals do, and call every situation where they are stopping/arresting a particular type person “profiling” is just stupid. 75-year-old grandmas are not likely to be jihadist terrorists, and probably don’t need to be watched as closely in the airport as, say, that young guy from Yemen over there. Have some damn sense, people.

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