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Diversity Fatigue Friday Night Edition: Lynching Parties DNC Style July 24, 2009

lynchlawNow, now. We all know the fate of those who criticize THE ONE.

Imagine that you are taking an evening stroll. You are gleefully minding your own business when BAM, you encounter President Barack Obama. He shakes your hand. You decide to ask him a simple question like, “How do you plan on paying for universal health care.”

Seems pretty innocent.  Well it depends.

Let’s say that Obama trips up on his answer and looks pretty stupid.  The media gets a hold of the tape and Bill O’Reilly gets a chuckle out of Obama’s dumb response. Next the leftwing media idiots like Keith Olbermann name you worse person in the universe just for asking that question of THE ONE.

It was not your fault that he failed to give a plausible answer as to how he intended on paying for the health care of every American legal or illegal.  It is still your fault and the left will come to lynch you.

What happened to “Joe the Plumber” when his encounter with Barack Obama exposed the presidential candidates “spread the wealth”  philosophy?

Someone actually dug into Joe’s personal information illegally and he became demonized by liberals as a racist, and a conservative, not really a plumber.

Recently, Frank Ricci and 19 other New Haven firefighters emerged victorious in a 5-4 Supreme Court victory over the New Haven Fire Department. The case involved to a small degree Judge Sonja Sotomayor, who is a liberal and SCOTUS appointee of President Obama. The decision also traumatized many in favor of affirmative action.  What did the left do? They attempted to slander Ricci, siting his dyslexia as a means of exploitation.

Obama_Logo_MafiaAs we can see, it’s no longer about Obama anymore. You had better watch your step around anyone who is remotely in Obama’s circle of friends, neighbors, the pizza guy who delivered to him in Hyde Park.

Obama is the GODFATHER and you had had better watch it around his ‘family’ or you will get a busted kneecap.

Take a look at this Politico article which describes how the Cambridge Police Department was targeted by Obama and his goons as being McCain supporters:

President Obama walks back police criticism


…Obama’s conciliatory moves marked an abrupt shift from Friday morning, when White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs dismissed a suggestion that the backlash from police groups could be distressing to the White House, given that Obama has enjoyed a positive relationship with the law enforcement


“I think the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed McCain,” Gibbs fired back at reporters, referring to Obama’s Republican opponent in the 2008 election. “If I’m not mistaken.”

At a Cambridge press conference Friday morning featuring Crowley, union leaders said Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick had both gone after Cambridge officers’ performance without having full information about the incident involving Gates.

As this story gets increasingly messy, witnesses are emerging to give accounts of the situation that do not seem very favorable towards Gates. The Boston police may release the 911 tape which will perhaps provide some clarity.

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7 Responses to “Diversity Fatigue Friday Night Edition: Lynching Parties DNC Style”

  1. WMCB Says:

    Yes, the champions of “free speech” come down hard on anyone who dares disagree with the agenda. I saw Parks last night, and he was great!

    Afrocity, I posted this below before I saw the new thread, but if you don’t mind, I’ll repeat it here.

    I have a few words for our “post-racial” president who keeps sticking his foot in it and making himself look the fool:

    There is a whole cottage industry over race in this country, both blacks and whites, and when they say we need to “have a national conversation about race”, they mean they want us all lectured on how we all, black or white, are supposed to think and feel.

    A lecture is not a conversation, and their echo chamber is making things worse, not better.

    Let me tell them what a “conversation about race” looks like. Because first off, it doesn’t happen from some podium on a lecture circuit. It happens between real people, where we live and work side by side.

    It happened for me often when I worked night shift as a poorly paid nursing assistant at a nursing home, wiping butts all night long, along with a bunch of other mostly black or poor women. it happened while we talked about our kids, and our families, and our histories and our recipes and our crazy uncles. It happened when some mouthy old racist fart in room 214B decided he didn’t want a “n*gger” taking care of him, and I told him he could just lie there in his own shit, then, because that’s who was assigned.

    And we all laughed. And rolled our eyes, and talked about our grandparents, and how they hurt, and for me how wrong they were, and how they changed, and how the country changed.

    And if I was full of shit about something, these women told me so. And if I had no idea why a black person would think a certain thing, I asked, and they didn’t mind. And if I thought they were full of shit on something, I told them so.

    And we could do that, we could have that conversation, because we were all in the same boat, trying to make a dollar and put food on the table, and we had spent enough time wiping those old butts together to trust and respect each other. Nobody claimed a monopoly on absolute truth, or tried to guilt anybody else, or assumed we knew 100% how the world worked in terms of race, so we learned from each other.

    We weren’t afraid of each other.

    THAT, Mr. President, is a “conversation about race”, and it’s has been happening every day in this country for decades, between real people who have no political agenda, just their lives to share. And it’s done more good than all the lectures and sensitivity training and hogging of the topic by the “racism industry” ever will.

    So STFU, quit butting in, and let us talk to one another, why don’t ya.

  2. Madrigal Says:

    Hey afrocity! I have been on hiatus from interTUBzz lately.

    Life is F**king me up right now so no +Time+ luxury of posting these days (lost some work, car towed away today, bills crap, people I have to deal with etc…) ((no violins for me, I just can’t go on internet as much))

    Thank you for your blog, though!

    and I really like -something- important about your voice:

    you are someone at the border-line of many things… and that is partially why I’m really drawn to your life story, heart, & soul (+mind, of course!) – what you have to say is from someone being in different places, cultures.. and struggling with it.. and the real (messy) honesty of self-questioning and culture-questioning//
    Thanks & sorry I can’t post as much these days–

    Random internet geeks like myself appreciate your authentic voice in a cacophony of political memes.

  3. realwest Says:

    Hi Afrocity! Your blog never ceases to amaze me. You take some of the toughest issues of the day (or week or month or whatever) and instead of simply doing a lead into those issues written by someone else, you actually THINK and right about them yourself. And It’s pretty damn good writing too!
    When I got to this story, however, the video link was missing!
    Sorry to have to tell you that – I even tried refreshing your blog and nope, still not there!
    But the latest word from the blogosphere is that other folks who were there that night – including a Black Cop, said that Professor Gates was acting in a “highly unusual” manner and that it was Professor Gates who brought the squabble out into the public area in front of his house. Most folks seemed inclined to beleive and accept the White Cops testimony on the matter and felt that Professor Gates was in the wrong here.
    It clearly wasn’t a question of racial profiling (the actual arrest report was published in the Boston Globe, but suddenly disappeared in their second edition) but a response to a neighbor who said she saw two men trying to break into Gates house. Those who saw the original report said that Crowley was called to Gates’ home because said neighbor saw TWO people, with backpacks, trying to “jimmy” the lock or force their way into the front door. When Crowley arrived, he asked Gates, who was already inside his home, to identify himself and Gates apparently became abusive, although he did produce ID apparently and apparently satisfactory to Crowley. Then followed Crowley outside and continued a “tirade” – according to folks who’d come out to see what was going on and demanding Crowley’s name and badge number (one supposes that Gates couldn’t READ the badge number himself).
    8-5 the MSM will go after Crowley the way they did “Joe the plumber”, emboldened,no doubt by what our President said after he said he didn’t know the facts of the situation, which was to the effect that the cops were acting “stupidly”. The MSM got a HUGE boost from President Obama’s Press Secretary, Mr. Gibbs who answered a question about President Obama referring to the Cambridge Police Department Association by saying “they gave contributions to McCain.”
    I sure hope Officer Crowley is ready for the shitstorm that’s about to hit him!

  4. Marcy Says:

    And let’s not forget about the guy from the Congressional Budget Office who’s been ordered to the White House to ‘splain to Obama why he disagreed with the official cooked books on the cost of Obamacare.

    I suggest they all form a support group and rent a very large conference room for their meetings, because it appears their numbers are increasing; and with his poll numbers continuing to drop, Obama will probably begin twisting arms and breaking figurative kneecaps at an increasing rate.

  5. johninca Says:

    I think that the concept behind Affirmative Action would be just, if it consisted of remedies for those who actually suffered from discrimination. This country refused to do right for African Americans for at least a century after the end of the civil war, when southern democrats were allowed to take back the south and defeat Reconstruction. The same is true for reparations, another concept first proposed by Radical Republicans in the form of “forty acres and a mule.”

    The old south was ruled by secret societies such as Knights of the White Camelia and the Ku Klux Klan, which had clear ties to Illuminism through its chief judicial officer, Albert Pike.

  6. Marianne7 Says:

    Ok, I have heard and read both Gates and cops accounts by now, and actually, they are pretty much compatible. Several things need to be pointed out:

    1. cops need to know that the person in the house of a call of 2 men burgling is in fact the owner.

    2. Aforesaid owner is not under duress of any kind (guy hiding with gun)


    3. Owner is not going to start a small race riot by yelling on his porch about a rogue white cop.


    4. aforesaid guy yelling had just arrived home after a 36HOUR flight to find himself locked out of his house, and had to beat down his OWN door with the help of his limo driver just to get in, THEN< (icing on the cake) a cop shows up at his door to completely make his day.

    Actually, I'm thinking Gates should make a movie of this, hire Mel Brooks to direct, make his millions, and retire to the Bahamas.

  7. Marcy Says:

    Apparently, as you discussed in the first part of your post, one of the principal goals of the Democratic Party now is to utterly destroy anyone with the temerity to even inadvertently run afoul of Obama or bring into question any of his pronouncements. So now the woman who made the 911 call has received death threats, has had to hire an attorney who has stated the defense of “but I’m Hispanic” for her, and further that she was only calling because an elderly woman was concerned about the possible break-in.

    It’s pretty much a given that the elderly woman will now be targeted for abuse; the only question is whether the first woman targeted will now be spared further assassination of her character or will this just now extend to both women.

    Thank God Obama is post racial, or this might turn into a real uproar.

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