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They Shoot Jackasses, Don’t They? July 22, 2009

Donkey CliffI told them that electing Barack Obama as president was not without consequences.  For most of this year, we have seen the mainstream media dancing on the freshly dug grave of the Republican Party. Imagine Chris Matthews and Nancy Pelosi happily shoveling dirt.  “Let’s make it 12 feet deep, rather than 6 – just to be certain that the elephant bastards don’t rise from the dead.”  Some Democrats were nice enough to send phony sympathy cards.

Dear GOP,

Sorry for your loss. We are really concerned about the direction you are taking. Are you OK? Do you need anything? How unfortunate that you missed that bipartisan congressional talk on unified health care.  We  invited you (cough) really we did.  Thought we heard a faint knock on the door. Was that you?

Your Pal,  the DNC

The media attempt to show concern over the Republican Party served as cover for their efforts to destroy it. The success of Barack Obama and the Democrats were pursued through rose coloring events and what I call “collective media-nesia”. Stories such as the Air Force One photo op fiasco in New York City, Obama’s sketchy firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin, and Nancy Pelosi’s obvious lies about the CIA and torture briefings somehow got lost in the shuffle of important news about Obama’s first Easter egg roll, and Michelle Obama’s wonderful attire. Obama’s popularity soared and there was no end in sight to liberal rule.

suicideMany of these sign-offs on the Republican Party were unfortunately met with infighting. Elephant against RINO. Arlen Spector (D-PA) made an ass of himself literally. Olympia Snow (R-Maine) froze her fellow, more conservative Republicans out. Rush Limbaugh was crowned the “leader of the Republican Party, who wanted Obama to fail”.  Bobby Jindal went down in flames during a GOP response to an Obama address.  Sex scandals in Nevada, Gov. Mark Sanford’s (R-SC) adulterous involvement with an Argentine spicy tomato, Sarah Palin’s resignation. What more could happen to the Grand Old Party?

Well not much.  There is a point where the only place to go is up.  If there is one thing I learned when I was a liberal, it was never underestimate the GOP. You kick them down, they come back stronger than ever.  Liberal success is usually based on superficial victories, nothing that stands the test of time. So you elected the first African American President of the United States.

Big Whoop.

So you passed the stimulus bill.

Want a cookie?

assThese are the victories that would send Nancy Pelosi and her company of jackasses into a state of liberal euphoria.  But remember Stephen King’s novel The Shining? While the ghouls of the Overlook Hotel were dancing there was something they had forgot and the hotel blows up.

A Kodak moment rarely shows what is going on in reality.  This is one reason why I endured the many months of liberal gloating with reserve.  Any liberal victory is often short-lived because they have a way of fucking up like no one else.  Like Kennedy, Johnson,  Carter and Clinton, they usually leave office in death or shame.  They are like the alcoholic that gets it together with a three month sober chip and a relieved spouse, only to lose the job because they were caught smoking weed in boys room.

So I was never worried about the Republican Party.

Obama’s poll numbers are down. He is not a centrist and slap my black bottom, I even overheard several African Americans discussing his failure to help blacks.  It was difficult for me to resist the temptation of asking them, when did Barack Obama ever help anyone besides himself? Was he a centrist as a senator?  No.  The Democrats habits will always be associated with spending in excess, class warfare, cutting valuable defense programs  and taxing the balls off every man.  That blue state blood runs in their veins.  Obama and the liberals can buy 2,000,ooo yoga mats with stimulus money and they will never channel their inner centrist.

The only Democrat who came close was William Jefferson Clinton and that was after he was diluted by a Republican Congress and enlisted the help of Dick Morris.  Now Dick Morris is showing how that grave the Democrats were digging for the Republicans, may actually be useful for their own corpse. Death by suicide.


July 22, 2009

Are the Dems Suicidal?
by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

If the Democrats obey Obama’s commands and pass health-care reform legislation by the August recess, they will be committing partisan suicide, akin to lemmings going over the cliff en mass. Obama’s insistence that we completely make over our health-care system — and that we do it two weeks after the first bill was marked up in the first committee — is too arrogant by half. It smacks of the same kind of overreaching as doomed FDR’s second term in 1937 after his landslide victory in 1936, when he proposed to pack the Supreme Court to reverse their anti-New Deal rulings…

The more word gets around about what the bill contemplates, the firmer opposition is going to become. That’s why Obama wants to push it through now, while he still has some popularity left.

…There are some votes that live on and on. They don’t go away. People remember. From the time Bush Sr. passed the Kuwait resolution for military action against Saddam Hussein until Bush Jr.’s Iraq War began to go south in 2004, the gold standard for an appropriate attitude on national defense and security policy was how one voted on the Kuwait war resolution.

Can’t say we didn’t warn him.

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5 Responses to “They Shoot Jackasses, Don’t They?”

  1. Kei Says:


    I wanted to say hello and that I enjoy your writing.
    I have lurked here for a while and finally decided to post.

    I have read you over at TC but I followed a link over from Booker Rising and have been visiting ever since. I am one of the Hillbuzz “orphans”.

  2. Marcy Says:

    One of the nice things about being old (and according to Glenn Beck’s reporting of Obama’s intentions, I better enjoy it while I still can) is that you don’t pay too much attention when one political party, with the aid of the media, declares the death of the other party. You are right about the Democrats, but unfortunately the same can be said of too many Republicans — Newt Gingrich, Bob Livingston (does anyone even remember him?) and the newest one on the list, Sanford. The old saying about power is obviously too correct — then they all start believing their own PR, and it all goes downhill from there. Maybe it should be a requirement that every public officeholder read “Ozymandias” ( every morning before breakfast, and in the meantime, I’m going to start referring to the President as Obamazymandias.

    I’m going to vote Republican (even if they run a slate of potted plants) for the foreseeable future, not because they are such a great alternative to the monstrous awfulness of the Democrats, but in the hope they will be able to bring a halt to come of said monstrous awfulness.

    And how could you leave Susan Collins off your list of worthless Republicans?

  3. bob Says:

    Right about now, I’d vote for a potted plant, too.

    It wouldn’t call me in for a discussion about ‘end of life issues’.

    The older people are getting ticked, and scared too.

    Democrats get older too, though they seem to have forgotten that fact of life.

    Dick Morris is right. This is a blunder.

  4. boldandbald Says:

    Mark Twain once wrote “It has been reported that I was seriously ill–it was another man; dying–it was another man; dead–the other man again…” (This is the real, often misquoted version of ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.’) It would seem that ‘the other man’ is actually the Democratic Party. Though, again, those reports may be greatly exaggerated as well. If they do commit political suicide by passing this bill without Republican support, then there is no doubt that they will feel the results in 2010. However, the collective memory of the American voter seems to be very short. In 1994 the people expressed their displeasure with the Democrats by pruning them from the legislative branch; but then, in 1996, they failed to cut off the Executive branch. Hopefully the American voter will not make that mistake again.

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