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Conservative Night Cap: Let’s Lighten Things Up A Bit July 22, 2009

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Talking points Wow, is anyone still awake after tonight’s Obamacare prime time news conference?

What the hell was that, huh?

I will speak more about the conference in Thursday’s Stitch n’ Bitch because boy do I have a lot to bitch about now that I have witnessed the absolute most awful news conference on earth.

At the moment I am somewhere between hysterical laughter and shock.

Someone pinch me, did this guy actually get elected? Has it only been six months? It feels like six years.

I need to unwind.

How does Afrocity unwind?

By watching Fox News and eating ice cream. However tonight after a lovely interview between Sean Hannity and RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, I cannot not stomach one moment of liberal sycophant Bob “please tuck your shirt tail in” Beckel.  This guy has drank the Kool Aid and now sucking air out of the cup.  He thinks that Obama is the greatest president since FDR. No matter what Obama does or says that is clearly misguided, Bob will be right there to defend him. I never thought I would say this but he is worse than  former Hannity partner, Alan Colmes. That is pretty damn bad.

Today is a day that I assume we all want to forget. I will leave you tonight with a clip of my fav conservative funny man,  ZONATION.

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6 Responses to “Conservative Night Cap: Let’s Lighten Things Up A Bit”

  1. bob Says:

    I will speak more about the conference in Thursday’s Stitch n’ Bitch because boy do I have a lot to bitch about now that I have witnessed the absolute most awful news conference on earth.

    Was it really that bad? Then I’m sorry I missed it. I used to like Eisenhower’s press conferences, cause he’d always muff them up terribly.

    With Ike I could laugh, I wasn’t being threatened with a visit from the local ‘end of life advisory committee.’

    So if Obumble stumbles it’s ok by me.

  2. WMCB Says:

    I’m going to go ahead and give my summary of the presser:

    Most ordinary folks have no idea what the man said, and STILL have no idea what the hell this healthcare bill does.

    But they know we have to hurry up and do “it” (whatever it is) right away without reading or thinking about it, because…um…Obama got some letters, and it made him sad.

    And he’s not blaming nor has he ever blamed Republicans for all that stuff he inherited that is all Bush’s fault.

    He’s pulled the economy back from the brink, but it’s still not his problem nor is anything that happens going forward his fault.

    We are going to have to sacrifice things that don’t make us healthy, and that will pay for healthcare. (huh?)

    Kids with constant throat infections won;t get their tonsils out, because doctor Obama says so.. Tough titty if it hurts, kid – suck it up and eat some ice cream.

    Take some red or blue pills and chill, man.

    Oh, and policemen are stupid.

    That, my friends, is a massive failure for Obama.

  3. My question about this is shouldn’t it be an impeachable offense for any politician to sign or vote on any bill they haven’t read and fully understand? That might take care of some of the problems.

    The real reason they need to rush this through is so it can’t be read, especially by the people who if they read and understood it would be outraged since they know from the reactions they have gotten from the parts that have leaked out people many already are.

    I think Obama just likes the sound of his own voice, that or he has a crush on teleprompter #2. I can’t catch his press conferences because I don’t like what I hear and I can read it latter if I need to get annoyed, and I really don’t think he is that good of a speaker granted he is much better at reading out loud than Bush was but that’s not saying much.

    Morgan Freeman, Winston Churchill I could listen to all day, they are very good speakers, Obama is nothing more than “I’m better than Bush as long as the telepromper is working”.

    For my thoughts on Government Health care I will repost what I wrote on The Black Commenters Blog:

    “The VA is government run health insurance, and it’s quite often terrible, long waits, most private doctors won’t take VA patients or even active duty military because the government won’t even give them enough money to cover the cost of the treatment so every time a doctor takes one they lose money since they can’t even break even. Most doctors that will take the VA insurance or Tricare (the active duty insurance), only do it because they want to help veterans or active duty members because they either have a family member who was in the military, they used to be, or they feel it is their patriotic duty. Sometime a patient can even get the treatment anywhere near them because their isn’t a military base close enough that has the facilities and there are no private doctors or hospitals that will take them (unless it’s an emergency). Now take this and expand it to the whole country, and that’s your “Free Health Care”, if the government can’t or won’t take care of veterans what are they going to do to you? Most veterans only use the VA if they have too, such as if they cannot afford private insurance or for service related disabilities or conditions that a private insurance company will not cover.”

  4. kywrite Says:

    My fave O quote to date:

    “So let me be clear: This isn’t about me. I have great health insurance, and so does every Member of Congress.”

    For a breakdown of Obamacare in tweets:

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