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Senator Boxer’s Minority Death Match:UPDATE July 21, 2009


California Senator Barbara Boxer (D) was thrown a knock out punch by Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Harry Alford.  I have never liked Boxer before this incident and I care less for her afterward. Bravo to Harry Alford for calling Barbara Boxer out on playing the race card.

Boxer Reamed By Black Man For Racial Condescension

By Greg Hengler

July 18, 2009

Clip comes via Ed Morrissey at HotAir. Watch the National Black Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Harry Alford accuse Senator Boxer (D-CA) of playing race politics during an EPW Committee hearing on green jobs. You can almost see steam coming out of his ears.

Too bad blacks in America fails to see what Mr. Alford is probably experiencing for the first time from his so-called liberal/Democrat friends. Unfortunately, unless problems arrive on one’s doorstep, they fail to exist.

You may recall that Senator Boxer is the same woman who just a few months ago, barked at a military officer for calling her ma’am.

As I have stated in past my posts, Democrats irritate me beyond belief when they treat African Americans like children, which is not true equality. Conservatives have said this to the democratic for years.  Obviously Mr. Alford was not getting on board with the Democrats and their environmental concerns including the teachings from the  Holy Goran.  Senator Boxer like a good Democrat had to remind Mr. Alford that he is indeed black. Alford fought back by telling her that she was being a condescending racist.

UPDATE: I forgot to include the footage from Mr. Alford’s appeareance on the O’Reilly Factor


11 Responses to “Senator Boxer’s Minority Death Match:UPDATE”

  1. boldandbald Says:

    Good for Harry Alford, and good for you, AC, for pointing out the hypocrisy of Boxer’s statement. The sad parts of this are that this is not an unusual circumstance, and, most likely, African Americans in CA will vote for her again simply because she is a Democrat.

  2. She looked like she was going to cry at the end, didn’t she? LOL squirm time! Bravo Mr. Alford–the way he made his points had just the perfect strength and balance to it. Boxer should really think before she speaks (duh!).

  3. afrocity Says:

    Update: I just included footage from Alford on the O’Reilly Factor last night. He makes some interesting comments about Boxer’s views on African Americans.

  4. AfricanAgainstO Says:

    Do you think the NAACP will invite him now?

  5. jbjd Says:

    I played these clips for my black teenage son – I had previously viewed only the clip with Senator Boxer – who asked me to pause occasionally to answer his questions. I summarized that these hearings are compiling testimony for and against proposed legislation for government clean air standards. I explained, Mr. Alford represents the Black Chamber of Commerce, an organization of businesses and business professionals that compiles data from its members about job creation resulting from clean energy standards. As the result of their studies on these issues, they have come out against Ms. Boxer’s proposed legislation. I explained that to counter that opposition, Ms. Boxer brought up the support of Pew, which is a social science survey/polling organization that relies on well accepted survey and statistical analysis standards to come up with data on job creation vs. government clean energy standards. She also cited resolutions in support of the concept of clean energy from the NAACP and 100 Black Men From Atlanta, both civic organizations that were, in effect, merely stating their opinions with no factual basis. My son said, ‘This is like a circle diagram, where the only overlap between the NAACP and the Black Chamber of Commerce is the fact, they are black!’ I could not have said this better myself. (Personally, I was screaming at the screen when Ms. Boxer pointed out, the representatives from the other black groups would be “proud” to be there, just as Mr. Alford should be “proud.” Talk about white liberal paternalism personafied… She did everything but reach out and pat him on the head.)

    • Jessica In PA Says:

      And hand him a slice of watermelon.

      Liberals are a crock. They love black people so long as they stay in their place. Democrats never want the black man to succeed just the votes.

  6. WMCB Says:

    That “he’d be proud” shit galled me.

    Helloooo – like the man should be all shucks and proud to get to come to “the Big House” and even get asked to say somethin’?

    Excuse me, but Mr. Alford routinely testifies before Congress, he’s done it literally dozens of times. He’s a respected professional, who advises congress on a regular basis. He’s not there as some token to represent Boxer’s idea of “the black man”, he’s a BUSINESSMAN there to represent the BUSIINESSES of his organization, and their economic interests. And he’s right – that has nothing the hell to do with the NAACP, or whatever other group she wanted to throw in his face. Those groups have their interests, and may do good work in their area, but it had NOTHING to do with the topic under discussion, or the impact study he was there to present.

    Afrocity, this comic strip says it all:

    Oh, and Mr. Alford did a great radio interview afterward as well (scroll down to July 17th):

    • AfricanAgainstO Says:

      WMCB – thank you for the link. I am so glad to hear the full story of Mr. Alford. Loved the soldier story about the Mama part at the end.

  7. joanelle Says:

    Boxer has always been racist and I still can’t figure out why she’s still in the Senate, I can’t remember her ever adding anything of value.

  8. Tanja Says:

    My mouth dropped watching this. I kept thinking “she did not just say this” so I watched it again. I am happy that he called her out on it. She has no clue how condescending it was. Maybe she freaked out that he did not get on the “group think” bandwagon. I did not know that she opposed Rice and Thomas though until now.

    So let me get this straight if you are a poor minority she will love you. However if you are a minority who is not poor or not dependent on the government, then you are the enemy. This is the Democratic party I left and I thank god every day that I saw the light.

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