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Monday Night Powder Puff Football: Hillary Clinton on Greta Van Susteren July 20, 2009

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Hillary statute This is simply a plug for tonight’s “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren (Fox News 10PM EST). Greta will air her one on one interview with Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  In mentioning this, I would like to praise Greta who is an amazing reporter, fair and balanced, she gets the best interviews. I will never forget the way Greta showed Sarah Palin and her family in a way that no other reporter was brave enough to do.  Sarah was a human being and not the monster dimwit she was portrayed as during the Katie Couric interview.  Greta got to the heart of the Palin family and for that I will always be a loyal fan of  “On the Record“.

Since Obama’s inauguration I must be honest that I have been worried about Hillary Clinton.  Something seems not quite right. I cannot put my finger on it exactly…She seems uncomfortable, stifled, and out of place.  My feeling has always been that Hilliary made a grave mistake when she campaigned for Barack Obama and subsequently took him up on his offer for SOS.  Lots of PUMAs disagreed with me explaining that Hillary would makes a kick ass SOS.  I have never doubted that however, bording a bus with Barry has it’s downside.  Anyone who goes for a swim with him drowns in quicksand.

1. I would not trust Barack Obama with a bag of scorpions.

2.Obama is not a team player.  He dilutes power, not distributes it.

3. If Obama’s first term is  a major Jimmy Carter-esque fiasco which  it looks like it is shaping up to be,  Hillary would be in a better position to run for the presidency while NOT being an actual part of his administration.

I am not the only one who sees trouble in “Barryhood”. There are others who contend that Hillary’s run as Secretary of State is getting off to a less than successful start.  Ever so professional, Hillary meets such criticism by demonstrating her familiar rock solid rhetorical punch.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clinton: reports of my demise premature


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Thursday she is comfortable in her position as President Barack Obama’s top diplomat and has been consistently involved in foreign policy decisions.

“I broke my elbow, not my larynx,” she said, referring to the fractured elbow that kept her out of the limelight for a month.

Speaking with reporters at the State Department after meetings with the foreign ministers of Canada and Mexico, Clinton delivered the line with a straight face, seeming miffed at widespread speculation that she has lost influence in the Obama administration.

“I have been consistantly involved in the shaping and implementation of our foreign policy and I am off to India and Thailand tonight,” Clinton said stonily. She added that when she returns from the week-long, around-the-world trip she will have a full slate of meetings and other travel.

In recent weeks, foreign policy analysts and experts have questioned Clinton’s influence with Obama, noting that the president himself, as well as Vice President Joe Biden and others have taken on increasing diplomatic responsibilities. Her absence due to the elbow injury _ which forced her to curtail her normally vigorous schedule, compounded that speculation.

After returning to the public eye Wednesday with a widely publicized speech, Clinton said she did not pay much attention to the rumors and that her relationships with the White House and Obama himself are fine.

“I am just going to do the work and make a contribution,” she said. “I feel very honored and positive about my working relationship with the White House and my personal relationship with President Obama.

It is this quality for hard and fast answers that makes me love Hillary Clinton. It is the  very same quality that I would advise Sarah Palin to take notes on.  Please do not take this as criticism against Sarah Palin. I love every bit of Sarah Palin for who she is. There is a difference between changing and tweaking. Palin’s self-confidence understandably, eroded a bit after the election and I believe watching Hillary in action could be the confidence booster she needs.

Concerning Hillary and her performance within the Obama administration, I am still a skeptic despite her brilliant rebuttable.

We will see if I change my mind after tonight’s  Greta interview.

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10 Responses to “Monday Night Powder Puff Football: Hillary Clinton on Greta Van Susteren”

  1. Here’s one point in favor of Hill’s move to get on the bus: IF she had remained a Senator, she would be either blamed for being divisive (if not agreeing with O) or blamed by we the people for screwing up the economy (which Congress happens to be doing very well right now).

    There was no upside to her staying in the Senate. She sort of had no choice, IMO. And SOS was the perfect position, somewhat outside the orbit of O.

    She has incredible perseverance and strength. It sounds goofy, but sometimes when I have a situation, I do think ‘how would Hillary handle this?’ I’d like to be as strong as she.

    Thanks for the heads up–looking forward to Greta’s interview!

  2. I wonder too about HRC’s decision. I posted about it today ( in fact. Did you see the AT article?and I agree with you that Palin could learn some things from HRC about both handling media and highlighting ones competence, which is something HRC never was hammered for.

    I retain some hope that her presence at state can keep our foreign policy from going completely off the rails.

  3. While the Secretary of State certainly has an advisory role, foreign policy decisions ultimately rest with the POTUS and the SOS is expected to carry out the president’s foreign policy agenda. That’s why I think we’re seeing Hillary looking “uncomfortable, stifled, and out of place.” Her beliefs about international affairs don’t always jibe with Obama’s.

    I expect that a public split on foreign policy would be far more damaging to Obama than HRC, and could even position her to challenge Obama in 2012. But I’m no strategy expert – I just like to see women in politics freed from their muzzles.

  4. boldandbald Says:

    I disagree that Hillary would have been hurt by remaining a Senator. Had she stayed there she could have positioned herself as an opposing factor to the Obama/Pelosi/Reid faction, and really shown herself to be the ‘moderate’ that she is always claiming to be. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really believe that she is a moderate, but had she stayed she could have proven us non-believers wrong. Instead, by accepting the SOS position she makes it nearly impossible to extricate herself from Obama. How is she going to claim that her foreign policy ideas are different from Obama’s? It will be impossible to differentiate between what she advised behind closed doors and what she was against. As SOS she cannot come out publicly against the President, and would actually have to carry out his policies even when she disagrees. How does she later say that she opposed a policy when there is video of her actually carrying it out? There will continue to be an assumption by those, like myself, who believe that, while she says she is moderate, the truth is that she is just as liberal as the Obama/Pelosi/Reid crowd. Prior to her acceptance of the SOS position she could at least point to her support of the war on terror to claim that she is not in line with them on foreign policy. How does she do that now? There is no reason now to believe that she is anything other than another ‘toe-the-line Democrat’.

    Sorry AC, that is just how I see it.

  5. Quantum Leap Says:

    Hillary is a democrat and would not oppose another democrat no matter what. Stop imagining things. Hillary is very partisan and does not like Republicans in the very least. She has no love for Republicans and that includes Sarah Palin. I won’t vote for Hillary anymore but I will vote for Palin cause I’m sick of the shet.
    If she looks uncomfortable it’s prolly because of a few reasons. She’s still in elbow pain, she knows how incompetent the barf bag is and she is trying to train him AND do her job at the same time, and the threats around the world are increasing since barf bag the weak one took up residency at the people’s white house. We warned you all.
    Besides, barfy is not any help to her in the least and she still has much work to do to bring the state dept up to standards. But he is not and help, just a hinderance. May God prevail. There is only one God and barfy ain’t it.

  6. joanelle Says:

    Great post Afrocity – you said: “She seems uncomfortable, stifled, and out of place”
    Of course she’s out of place – she was supposed to be president and we have a guy who can’t get out of his own way sitting in her office (when he’s there.)

    My belief all along was that she would do a year or so as SOS and then jump ship explaining that she just doesn’t agree with the direction the current administration is taking.

    Then in 2012 she’ll run against him and we’ll have Hill back on the Hill! 🙂

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