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Thursday Stitch n’ Bitch: Stars Should Be Seen And Not Heard July 16, 2009

Obama superstar Afrocity has been on the down low lately. I have to take my occasional breaks from the news and Obamatrons.  I recall my grandmother whispering that old saying in my ear, when I was being a bad girl usually because of my snarky mouth:

“Children should be seen and not heard”.

What does it mean exactly?

Children should be well behaved and not speak?

From opposite sides of the remote control, I decided on Tuesday night not to watch anything related to politics.  I would get back to my workout routine. Sweat pants on, iPod and bottled water in hand, I take the elevator to the gym.  Once in the room, there are two other men lifting weights and making guttural sounds. I hate working out in front of others but decided to stay when I saw that the MLB All Star Game was playing on two television sets.

I strapped my legs with the nylon and Velcro 2lbs weights, mounted the treadmill. If I walked through the 4th inning that shoudl be at least 200 calories burned. I would not have to feel guilty about the entire movie theatre sized box of Good & Plenty coated licorice candies I had consumed the day before, or the bowl of strawberry ice cream, or the pizza I had on Saturday.  Taking a a deep breath I set my speed to 4.0 and inclined the treadmill to a steep 4.5.   Although the benefits of working out are amazing, I HATE IT but my 40th birthday is approaching in a few weeks and I want to tone and lose about 5 lbs.  Damn my mother who gave me the thighs with cellulite that I have to  massage every night with Bliss’ “Fat Girl Slim” cream which contains caffeine and seaweed.  Okay I am depressed again, concentrate and watch the damn baseball game.  Nothing like a relaxing workout while watching a ballgame…Until I see Barack Obama’s face. What? @#&!@?  What is he doing on there? Can’t I watch a ballgame with seeing this man? Isn’t it enough that I have to see his face on every magazine in the checkout line? That his name crops into every conversation I have, even with my gynecologist? ARGH.

obama_era Obama is really not our president, he is a rock star. The Obamabots who voted for him fail to admit that his administration is faltering. They don’t care. They just LOVE Barack Obama. Who cares that America is going to hell.

Dick Morris had an interesting column the other day. I know, I know many of my readers do not like Dick Morris because of the things he said about Hillary Clinton but I have to admit that when it comes to Barack Obama, this Dick makes a lot of sense.

The Hill

Obama’s shifty economics

by Dick Morris

July 14, 2009

Now President Obama says in The Washington Post that he never envisioned that his stimulus package would afford quick relief to the American economy, but would do so only after it had run its two-year course. But when it was passed, Obama sang a different tune, urgently demanding its enactment to speed relief to a sagging economy. He claimed it would “create or save” 600,000 jobs. Now, even as the economy loses 450,000 jobs each month, he pretends that it is a matter of time until the stimulus kicks in.

He now justifies the stimulus package by saying it was adopted to prevent the “collapse” of the economy and the banking systems. But it was really the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), first passed under President Bush, that stopped the banks from going under. At the time of the enactment of the stimulus package, Obama never mentioned that he was counting on it to save the banks

All these shifting justifications are designed to explain why the stimulus package has totally failed to accomplish anything. Not only has it done no good. It has done significant harm by ballooning the deficit, driving up interest rates, creating doubts about the U.S. currency and fanning inflationary fears.

But Obama has paid and will continue to pay dearly for betting on his stimulus package. Because of it, the Bush recession is becoming the Obama recession much faster than it would have had he adopted a more gradual approach to solving economic problems. By jumping in immediately, as he did, in order to increase government spending and pass eight years of Democratic dreams in one day, he made the public expect a solution…

Finally, Obama has laid a trap for himself. Just as the economy is coming out of its recession — in 2010 and 2011 — and he begins to run for reelection, he is going to face massive inflation. The money supply has more than tripled since October of 2008 and is going up each week as the Fed buys Treasury bills and other securities to “monetize the debt” (i.e., give other people money so they can lend it back to the government and charge it interest for doing so). With each new infusion of cash, the problem of avoiding inflation becomes particularly severe. Obama could well lose the elections of 2012 because of the inflation his deficit has created.

I hope that Mr. Morris is correct.  Yes, that is cruel of me to say but I want a president that actually does work.  Stars should be seen on the red carpet, not the oval office. A president should be a leader, not groveling at every opportunity. A president makes things, he does break things and speaking of breaking things Mr. President, you might want to invest in a Plexiglas teleprompter.

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16 Responses to “Thursday Stitch n’ Bitch: Stars Should Be Seen And Not Heard”

  1. manbearpig68 Says:

    He’s Jimmy Carter reinvented with more rock star appeal. I haven’t heard any blame on Bush for a while for the economy so I think it is starting to be the Obama economy. Turning more sour everyday!!

  2. manbearpig68 Says:

    For any of you Illinois residents that can’t get enough BO. Here’s the new license plates..,illinois-barack-obama-license-plates-021309.article

    But I’m sorry to say that if you want it personalized with “Barack” or “Obama” those are gone but I bet “Hussein” is still available..

  3. WMCB Says:

    Mr. narcissist deliberately scheduled a “surprise and impromptu” speech on healthcare in the Rose Garden, that just happened to be at the exact same time as Hillary’s major foreign policy speech. Most networks started covering her, then oops, cut away quick to “Breaking News! Obama speaking in the Rose Garden!” Presidents have never done that in the past – they are very careful to not have speech conflicts with major addresses of their SOS.

    It truly cracked me up. He is such a weak, petty little soul – he cannot stand to have the camera on someone else for 5 minutes. And he is STILL scared shitless of Hillary.

    • WMCB Says:

      P.S. I know that it’s mostly Republicans on here who disagree with Hillary on lots of stuff. But c’mon, even you guys have to admit that she’s a grownup, as opposed to the pants-wetting little boy who’s so terrified of her.

      • kywrite Says:

        Wow, I did not catch that. I wonder if he’s trying to make Hillary quit, in hopes that the press will vilify her as a quitter like Sarah Palin?

        What an utter little creep. He reminds me of the bosses I’ve had in the past who tried to take the credit for my good ideas. Like Hill, I never let them get away with it!

        I did hear an interesting theory: that Hillary’s sticking it out for a set period of time, then will resign at a good-looking time because she and 0 do not see eye-to-eye on policy — then either run for Gov of NY to set herself up for another run on the Presidency, or just run for President outright.

        If this is true, we could indeed wind up with a chick-chick race: H. Clinton vs. Palin. Pretty cool.

      • kywrite Says:

        Ack – made an implication there I did not mean! “vilify her as a quitter as they have with Sarah Palin.” Sorry!

      • WMCB Says:

        kywrite, I have a secret dream that she bides her time, and waits until the absolute weakest point in his presidency, when he’s in trouble and tanking, then she WALKS. In that circumstance, it could be the death knell for him.

        I’d pay a year’s salary to see that happen. LOL! I don’t even care if she runs for prez again, I’d just like to see her knife him at his weakest.

      • afrocity Says:

        Chick/chick race?

      • kywrite Says:

        LOL! I’ve used the term “chicks” to refer to all females ever since I started reading Esther Friesner’s series “Chicks in Chainmail.” It just kinda says something for me — and it makes everyone look up a lot more than any other term.

        WMCB — she’d gain many, many good points in my book if she were to do that — and I think the Clinton Duo just might screw him over like that.

  4. afrocity Says:

    Do you guys think Hillary will run in 2012?

    • WMCB Says:

      I honestly don’t think she will run against Obama. If for some reason he decided not to seek a second term, then yes. But that’s not likely.

  5. Marcy Says:

    I’ve been a Hillary fan for many years, but I really wish she would resign as Secretary of State. I got (rightly) taken to task on another blog the other day for saying that I respected Sarah Palin more for making the decision to quit than I did Hillary for staying and being Obama’s whipping girl; but it does seem to me like she’s in an abusive relationship with him. She works hard, does a good job and, like the grown-up that she is, behaves in a respectful manner toward him; all she gets in return is a continuation of the snide, disrespectful little digs he directed toward her during the campaign (while his lackeys were savaging her).

    • joanelle Says:

      Well, that’s the difference between them (aside from her great wonkiness) She respects the office, knows protocol – he didn’t even know how to dress for his inauguration for heavens sake – he doesn’t have a clue about protocol and I don’t even think he appointed anyone to handle that. That’s why he’s been embarrassing Americans as he travels around the world doing Lord knows what.

  6. TheRealKim Says:

    Wow! The blogs are full of the question, WHAT HAS HE DONE FOR ME LATELY?

    And that would be, speechifying, photo ops and lots of travel.

  7. sstorm0730 Says:

    I hope Hillary runs against him in 2012. She can walk away from this administration with her head held high knowing that she did the best she could. I didn’t vote for her husband, but I might vote for her…

    • joanelle Says:

      I’m hearing so much negatives from those who supported him that I really wonder about a his even getting enough support from the party to make a second run.

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