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Chicago: A Literal Sea of Sex Drugs and Corruption July 14, 2009

Chicago water 2

Just when you thought it was safer for the environment to drink tap water.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago water: In public reports, city silent over sex hormones and painkillers found in treated drinking water

Pharmaceutical chemicals aren’t on list of substances in water that require public notice

By Michael Hawthorne

July 14, 2009

Annual water quality reports mailed to Chicagoans this month didn’t say a word about sex hormones, painkillers or anti-cholesterol drugs, even though city officials found traces of pharmaceuticals and other unregulated substances in treated Lake Michigan water during the past year.

Like other cities, Chicago must notify the public if its drinking water contains certain regulated contaminants, including lead, pesticides and harmful bacteria.

But pharmaceutical chemicals, which have been detected in drinking water across the country, are not on that list. So Mayor Richard Daley is technically correct in stating that the “pure, fresh drinking water” pumped to 7 million people in Chicago and the suburbs “meets or exceeds all regulatory standards.”

Chicago officials didn’t start conducting their own tests until last year, after a Tribune investigation found small amounts of pharmaceuticals and other unregulated chemicals in samples of the city’s tap water.

The city collected samples of treated Lake Michigan water four times in 2008. According to results posted on the city’s Web site, the tests found small amounts of the sex hormones testosterone and progesterone; gemfibrozil, a prescription cholesterol-fighting drug; ibuprofen, an over-the-counter painkiller, and DEET, the active ingredient in bug spray.

The tests also found caffeine, nicotine and cotinine, a nicotine byproduct, all of which researchers consider to be indicators of pharmaceuticals from human waste.

Drugs end up in drinking water after people take medications and some of the residue passes through their bodies down the toilet. Conventional sewage and water treatment filters out some of the substances, or at least reduces the concentrations, but multiple studies have found that small amounts still get through.

Although treated sewage from the Chicago area drains away from Lake Michigan, more than 300 other cities put treated waste and untreated sewage overflows into the lake and its tributaries, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Chicago’s tests found tiny amounts of the antidepressant Prozac and sulfamethoxazole, an antibiotic, in untreated water collected from Lake Michigan intake cribs. But those prescription drugs weren’t found in treated water. Nor were most of the 71 other unregulated compounds the city screened for.

IL sillyThis report makes me livid. Recently I posted on the varieties “sin tax”  within our country and cited Chicago as a city that engages in using sin taxes to pad liberal politicians pockets by charging 5 cents per bottle of drinking water.  The reasoning behind this is that the disposable water bottles are bad for our environment.  Indeed those three bottles of Ice Mountain spring water that I consume  and discard in the trash everyday could be ruining our environment but I think I will continue to pay for my sins and skip the Chicago tap.

While  I am aware that studies have shown that bottled water is really no cleaner than tap water, it just looks and tastes better which makes me feel better about drinking it.  It is not surprising that Mayor Daley (D-Chicago) lied about the purity of his city’s water source. I  personally will never believe anything that comes from the lips of politicians in Illinois. As I was reading the comments to the article above, two astute readers had the following to say:

“This is related to the new Democrat universal health plan. Cut the purchases of of prescription drugs by just drinking a glass of water.”

“Maybe all these drugs in the drinking water explains why Chicagoans continue to re-elect Daley, Stroger, and the rest of the left-wingers!!”

The Strogers, like the Daleys  are an old school Chicago Democratic political family (machine).

According to Wiki, Todd Stroger:

Todd H Stroger (born January 14, 1963) is the current Cook County, Board president and former alderman for the 8th Ward in Chicago. Stroger is a member of the Democratic Party. In 2001, he was appointed to the Chicago City Council by Richard M. Daley. He is the son of the late John Stroger who served as Cook County Board president for 12 years.

Todd Stroger was the glorious architect behind Chicago’s tax increase to 10.25%.


Todd Stroger is also in the midst of a nepotism scandal for hiring his cousin Donna Dunnings as Cook County CFO.


Stroger has also drawn fire for perceived nepotism, such as hiring Donna Dunnings (Stroger’s cousin) as the County’s chief financial officer. Dunnings and Stroger received additional criticism when she received a $17,000 raise after she initially agreed to not accept a pay hike (in an attempt to help county finances). Dunnings stated that critics could have blocked the pay raise by submitting an amendment to the proposed budget “if they were so concerned about the salary of the first African-American female CFO”.[6] Dunnings was forced to resign her position after the press reported that she bailed out Tony Cole from jail. Tony Cole was a former Georgia basketball player and busboy who was hired by Todd Stroger to a $60,000/year Cook County position despite having an extensive felony record.

Photo and caption from Chicago Tribune:  photo by Chuck Berman / July 12, 2009) Stephanie Jackson (center) of Posen cannot find the headstone for her 4-year-old daughter, Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, who was buried in 2001 in Burr Oak Cemetery

Photo and caption from Chicago Tribune: photo by Chuck Berman / July 12, 2009) Stephanie Jackson (center) of Posen cannot find the headstone for her 4-year-old daughter, Charrhonda Tisdale Ford, who was buried in 2001 in Burr Oak Cemetery

As you can see after an enviable rise to power, Barack Obama washed his hands of Chicago political dirt only to have it recycled by his strongest supporters. Daley, Blago, Stroger. Now with the Burr Oaks Cemetery corruption scandal involving four employees who dug up the remains of hundreds in order to resell burial plots to unsuspecting mourners, Stroger is proposing that Chicagoan must pay more taxes due to the corrupt actions of others.

Chicago Breaking

Stroger warns about cost of probing Burr Oak

July 13, 2009

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger warned today about the mounting costs of investigating Burr Oak Cemetery as he ordered stepped up inspections at 28 other cemeteries in unincorporated areas.

Chicago Tribune:Tribune photo by Chuck Berman / July 12, 2009) Vera Tucker of Alsip holds a funeral program from her daughter Shawaun's funeral in 1985. Tucker said the grave site was one of the ones disturbed at Burr Oak Cemetery

Chicago Tribune:Tribune photo by Chuck Berman / July 12, 2009) Vera Tucker of Alsip holds a funeral program from her daughter Shawaun's funeral in 1985. Tucker said the grave site was one of the ones disturbed at Burr Oak Cemetery

Sheriff Tom Dart expects the cost of overtime pay alone to reach $200,000, Stroger said. County workers helping with crime-scene logistics under the Emergency Management Department also is racking up overtime, he said.

“It’s going to be very expensive,” Stroger said. “And this is why we pay taxes–so we can do things like this. . . . This is such a massive undertaking, the sheriff may even have to ask for some additional resources, and I don’t know where that’s going to come from.”

Take a look at this shocking video clip of angry loved ones demanding answers from Burr Oak Cemetery.

For the sake of these victimized people, Cook County should investigate the Burr Oak Cemetery inciden However Stroger is wrong for using the someone else’s grief as an excuse to raise taxes on the good folks of Cook County.  Stroger asks where are the additional resources coming from.  From the looks of it, the resources are not going to come from Todd Stroger.

Another Democrat Tax Cheat

Another Democrat Tax Cheat

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3 Responses to “Chicago: A Literal Sea of Sex Drugs and Corruption”

  1. This stuff about the cemetery is just terrible. Those b******* have no regard for the sacred. I hope they are caught, get locked up and never see natural sunlight again.

    About the water, geez! What the ?!?!? Afrocity, have you ever considered moving to a less complicated place? Montana, maybe Idaho? 🙂

  2. Marcy Says:

    I will admit that Chicago politicians have really refined the art of graft, but any state you pick has its share of crooks and thieves in office. The last two states I lived in had major scandals involving worker’s comp funds. How scummy do you have to be to misuse a fund for injured workers? And I now live in a state in which taxpayers were persuaded to pass a lottery provision to provide college scholarships, but a greedy bastard has been hired to run the thing for the minuscule salary of $340,000, which is even more than one of Obama’s czars makes, and he’s hired two assistants at about $200,000 each. There’ll likely never be any scholarships from this turkey, but rather it will be a severe drain on state funds in a bad economy, so we’ll probably end up with some sort of tax to support the lottery. Sigh, it’s like they’re all playing with Monopoly money.

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