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Chicago: The Liberal Shop of Horrors July 10, 2009

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Chicago dead

Every American city creates history in ways that reflect its citizens and character.  Los Angeles has its mega stars and scandals such as  the OJ Simpson trials, the Manson family murders, the riots of 1992. Boston is a huge sports and university town and focuses on its historic schools and teams such as Harvard, the Red Sox and Celtics, they also have the Kennedys.

The new Chicago Sears Tower "unobstructed view boxes" from the 103rd floor. One of the safer things to get yourself into in to Chicago.

The new Chicago Sears Tower "unobstructed view boxes" from the 103rd floor. One of the safer things to get yourself into in Chicago.

Then we have Chicago, a very special city that seems to harden more everyday right before the nation’s eyes.

Despite producing our first African American president, the citizens of Chicago are somehow stubbornly resistant to the change that President Barack Obama was seeking.

Since Obama’s election, Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) was impeached for attempting to sell Obama’s senate seat, the murder rate has doubled, the retail sales tax has risen to 10.25%, hundreds of city jobs have been cut by Mayor Daley, and political scandal after scandal has rocked the news.  There is no doubt that Chicago has been in the media more than any other city this year.

New York is beginning to get jealous of its cousin the slightly less popular  “second city” who is managing to steal the media spotlight by being the troubled wild child”.  The phrase “The Chicago Way” is  uttered from the lips of Americans hailing from small Southern towns  to Alaskan igloos. All bestowing Chicago and its “way” with an unfortunately credible urban legend of political corruption and crime.

After everything we have seen and heard this year, what else could possibly go wrong in the slumlord millionaire, loyally Democrat voting “City of Big Shoulders” ? A city that surprisingly, is still in the running to host the Olympics in 2016–talk about “hit and run”. Will pay to play and drive by shootings become a new Olympic sport?

Yesterday, just when you thought it was safe to take Chicago off your Twitter updates, a new scandal arose from the grave which literally transformed Chicago into a liberal shop of horrors

Now in Chicago not only do the dead vote often, they are also making money for other people.

By Mira Oberman

CHICAGO (AFP) Grave robbers stripped at least 300 plots at a historic black cemetery outside Chicago, dumped many of the bodies and then resold the plots for a profit, officials said Thursday.

The years-long scheme was carried out by the cemetery’s manager and three gravediggers who sold the “used” graves so they could pocket the fees rather than pass them along to the Arizona-based owners.

“This was not done in a very delicate way,” Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart said at a press conference.

“They would excavate a grave, excavate the entire site and then they would proceed to dump the remains wherever they found a place to do it in the back of the cemetery.”

They would also sometimes leave the remains in the grave and “pound them down and put someone else on top,” Dart said.

It will likely take months before authorities can identify all of the bodies and restore the gravesites, Dart said, adding that efforts will be complicated by the fact that the cemetery’s records were destroyed and altered.

“We don’t know what else to tell the people, but we are horrifically sorry they have been subjected to this,” Dart said.

“We are working on making this right.”

The scheme came to light when Burr Oak Cemetery’s Arizona-based owners contacted the sheriff’s department after discovering a large discrepancy in the cemetery’s finances.

Burr Oak is one of Chicago’s oldest predominantly African-American cemeteries and is home to a number of historic figures, including Emmett Till, whose 1955 murder galvanized the civil rights movement.

Blues legend Dinah Washington and boxing champ Ezzard Charles are also buried at Burr Oak.

The gravesites that were stripped and then resold were very old and appeared not to have regular visitors, officials said.

Scores of distraught family members flooded the cemetery to check on the graves of their loved ones and try to find answers.

“There should be a special place in hell for these graveyard thieves who have done so much to hurt these families,” civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson said at the afternoon press conference.

The cemetery’s manager, Caroyln Towns, is also accused of pocketing cash from a fund she set up to build a memorial museum for Till.

Towns and grave diggers Keith Nicks, Terrence Nicks and Maurice Daily were charged with dismembering a human body.

“This crime is a whole new dimension that shows us what lengths people would go through for financial gain,” said Cook County prosecutor Anita Alvarez.

Olympics 2016, are you kidding me?

Olympics 2016, are you kidding me?

You know that some politician somewhere, somehow knew about this.

Chicago as a voting block is solidly in the Democrats camp. They need to change this. There needs to be a higher level of demand in the city for accountability and honest political dealings. Do the residents expect this? Do they care?  It is difficult to tell when they continue to vote for Democrats like zombies.

How ironic that the city that thrust the changeling Obama into the presidency with all his promises of a new and better life, higher standards of living for all but the rich and conservative, seems somehow immune to the hopium pipes they were smoking.  Crickets from Barack Obama on the problematic and troubling accounts that seem to pile up from his former home base like dead bodies.

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14 Responses to “Chicago: The Liberal Shop of Horrors”

  1. Glynis Says:

    I hope that someone with more resources than me can find out why the owner of Burr Oak Cemetary, Melvin Bryant, has the same surname as the man that murdered Emmitt Till, Roy Bryant, are they related? What is really going on. Once this all comes to light all hell is going to break loose. This is stomach renching that anyone would do this and if the owner is a relative of Roy Bryant the the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…. Whats really going on?????

  2. This is terrible. God bless the poor souls who have been disturbed. You can’t even rest in peace these days. I don’t think ‘the Chicago Way’ is anything to be proud of. It’s sort of got the same cool factor as a Che Guevera t-shirt–until you find out what it really stands for. Bad karma, Chicago. For shame!

    • afrocity Says:

      But the citizens wear the Chicago Way T-shirts with pride. The new Johnny Depp movie Public Enemy in which he plays John Dillinger is set in Chicago. Dillinger was killed here. Al Capone is also from here. Corruption is in the city’s blood.

  3. bob Says:

    Fight ‘corruption’ in Chicago.

    Embrace cremation.

    I have.

    It’s in my ‘living will’ and disposal instructions. (I trust my wife)

    Embraced by all, this would put an end to such sordid behavior.

    • Marcy Says:

      My husband and I plan to be cremated, but you obviously have forgotten the scandal at the crematorium in Georgia. Ain’t nobody safe.

      • afrocity Says:

        This is true…I did not think about that. Cremation is better for the environment. Sometimes I see old graves from the 18th century and wonder of anyone ever visits. It is sad.

  4. bob Says:

    That view box is neat. Though I’d probably get vertigo.

  5. bob Says:

    Off topic, but folks should check out the article about John Holdren, Obama’s ‘science advisor’, at ZombieTimes.

    Scary stuff.

    • kywrite Says:

      I read that just before I came here — here’s the link. Creepy.

      The problem is, if we went after all the people with issues that Obama’s putting into official and semi-official positions, we’d be chasing our tails forever. It’s part of his Master Plan to obfuscate what he’s really doing, I think.

      Beware of what’s going to happen in the 2010 elections — you notice the stimulus money is like 90% timed to be spent in June-July 2010? That means people will suddenly get jobs, the economy will “recover” all just in time for the elections — and then just after the elections, the really bad inflation will hit, too late to vote out the bastards that caused it.

      BTW, you notice that Reps Frank and Weiner (still makes me giggle) are pushing Fannie Mae to lower lending standards AGAIN??? It’s like shotgun politics — put so much crazy stuff out there that no one can focus on what’s important — voting the bastards out.

      Theory I just developed: Obama etal are actually trying to collapse the economy so things they want done can be done — creating a crisis that “won’t go to waste.” You can do that the same way Reagan collapsed the Soviets — through forcing such high spending that it just can no longer be sustained. R. did it with an arms race, Obama’s doing it by “rescuing” the economy. I’m thinking something akin to the Cloward-Piven Strategy that the Black Panthers and others subscribed to in the 1960s.


      BTW, y’all see what Michelle Obama wore to see the Pope? All I can say is — W — T — F ????

      I mean, did she think she was supposed to dress like a nun or something? Confusion. It’s kinda embarassing, IMO.


      Erm, maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today. . .

      • soupcity Says:

        Oh my, that pic sent me over the edge! Even my long suffering catholic mom never went to church looking like that, she did however make us wear white gloves every sunday.

        Great post afrocity, how on earth did those graverobbers think they could get away with this? Soul-less they are.

  6. The view box is probably my greatest nightmare. At least it was until I heard about people’s family members “disappearing” from the cemetery. How will Daley cover this one up?

  7. Jackie Says:

    I have many family members at Burr Oak. This very hard and hurtful.

    • afrocity Says:

      I hope you have been able to locate your loved ones. Have you been assured of their whereabouts?

  8. bob Says:

    My God, you’re right Kywrite. Michelle looks to be off to the Nunnery.

    The Republic is SAVED!

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