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Thursday Stitch N’ Bitch: “$5,950 Clutch” Time For Blacks During Economic Downturn July 9, 2009

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana walking in Russia with Pres. Barack Obama and First lady  Michelle (VLADIMIR RODIONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana walking in Russia with Pres. Barack Obama and First lady Michelle (VLADIMIR RODIONOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Supposedly, the great achievement of the past election was that for the first time African Americans could feel as though they finally “made it”.  A black family is now in the White House.  We see our president dining on Kobe beef and jet setting to New York, Paris, and Italy. First Lady Michelle Obama is on the cover of high fashion magazines such as Vogue. Malia and Sasha are hanging out with the cast of the Harry Potter films in London.

Then we have Michael Jackson’s recent funeral in Los Angeles. That was not to shabby, a gold casket all star guest list. The event cost the ailing city of Los Angeles millions of dollars they did not have.  Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant just picked up another NBA Championship.  Looks like it is a pretty damn good year to be an African American.  If you take a look at mainstream media, the racial  distribution of wealth and power, seems to be pretty even or getting close.  The day that an African American  First Lady who hails  from a down to earth “keeping it real” family on Chicago’s South Side can carry a $5,950 bag, is the day that I would say “Hello Black People!  You’ve arrived!”

Remember how Sarah Palin was derided during the presidential campaign when the RNC bought her a nice wardrobe to borrow for her campaign speeches and debate? This was when the Democrats boasted about Michelle Obama and her J. Crew wardrobe. Funny, I didn’t know that J. Crew sold $5,950 purses.  Funny, that the RNC actually has a surplus in their budget while the DNC is in debt.

White House denies manufacturer’s boast that First Lady carried their $5,950 bag


Thursday, July 9th 2009, 8:35 AM

Is First Lady Michelle Obama sporting a taste for ultra-expensive fashion pieces, or is she cementing her status as a savvy shopper?

Back in April she wore a pair of $540 Lanvin sneakers at a Washington food bank. Earlier this week (while strolling the wooded landscape outside of Moscow), she carried a sexy black clutch, which Italian luxury house VBH boasts is their shiny black alligator manila bag – with a retail sticker price of $5,950.

The White House flatly denies that Obama bought such a high-priced accessory, and says that she was carrying a patent clutch that retails for $875.

The First Lady, who has impressed with her chic, affordable style sense, embracing Everywoman brands like Gap and J.Crew, flashed the shiny handheld while walking with her husband, President Barack Obama, during their Monday meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his wife Svetlana.

Told that Obama’s office denied the bag was the high-end VBH clutch, Kelly Vitko, a rep for the company replied, “It’s definitely ours.

Hmmm, a retail sticker price of $5,950. That could get a few homes out of foreclosure.

Hmmm, a retail sticker price of $5,950. That could get a few homes out of foreclosure.

My what pretty playthings come with being the first black President of the United States.  I like this “post-racial” America but if the fairy tale is true, that African Americans can now live happily ever after, why the fear of losing affirmative action? And why the sudden need to claim that comments which bring to light Michael Jackson’s strange behavior are racists. Is it me or the black seem more insecure since Obama has taken the White House?

limousine_liberalThe pragmatists say that Obama’s presidency has advanced African Americans. You can say that if you take a look at black celebrities however one could get a better sense of the breadth and diversity among African Americans if you look at class rather than race. Obama, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods are all of color. They are also wealthy and in a different economic class than the majority of African Americans.

The attacks on Gov. Sarah Palin are about gender and class. The elite bureaucracy in Washington, DC includes Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites, women and men.  Over the last 48 hours, I have seen Sarah Palin called stupid, hick, uneducated, inexperienced, and “retarded”.  Palin possesses a college degree, yes it is not from an Ivy League university but it is still a college degree. Yet she is deemed “uneducated”. It is about class.

There is one critical mistake President Barack Obama is making that I believe will land him as a one term president. In allowing the left wing nut jobs in his administration to run the show; in allowing a liberal congress to pass and spend too much, too fast- Obama is headed for disaster.

It is obvious that the stimulus package is being misused and is a bust. The Democrats won’t admit this however there are signs that they are beginning to see this. Obama’s foreign apology tours are also backfiring among those who do care about our nation’s security. There are lots of people like me who would prefer for Obama to use his world renowned rhetorical skills to actually cause some good in the world rather than apologizing for past sins of the United States.

Obama blew it with the situation in Iran. Obama is blowing it with the economy. Obama and his friends see that four years can go by pretty fast,  especially when two of the years have to focus on a re-election campaign which is why he is already holding fundraisers.  He was wrong on the stimulus and now according to pollsters, Americans see Obama as the sole owner of this economic downturn.

So what do you do if you are David Axelrod, the supreme architect of Obama’s winning 2008 campaign? How do you get a president re-elected if his administration has done a poor job concerning domestic and foreign issues? What do you do when the Republicans save for several RINOs refuse to cast one vote for your liberal captain trade bills…The elephant has no part in this remember?  What do you do? You lie and you use the race card again.  What began as a historic moment for African Americans is now turning into racism still exists, affirmative action is in jeopardy, Michael Jackson is being treated unfairly by the media plus throw in abortion and gay marriage and boom Obama gets re-elected on liberal identity politics again.

The CNN network has decided to run a second part to its Black in America Documentary.  RINO Colin Powell is still saying we have a problem in the GOP with racism. You see where this narrative is going. Obama will win in 2012 with a shotty  presidential record and on the race card if we allow this continue. There are some, or many that will vote for Obama no matter what abysmal job he is doing in office.

Powell said he explained his logic in choosing Obama.  Which was what? That the GOP should go more moderate and yet you chose vote for Obama, a liberal in favor of your friend and moderate Republican John McCain. There is no logic in that.

As my friend from Little Green Footballs “Deseeded” once said “There are two kinds of voters. Smart ones and stupid ones.”

African Americans can continue to vote for these limousine liberals black or white, who do nothing for them while they are dying in Chicago by the dozens. They should still feel good about the race afterall Michelle Obama is carrying a $5,950 clutch purse.

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