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What Makes A Black American Idol? July 8, 2009

blacksDear Readers,

Forgive me as it has been a hectic few days for me.  I have been out in the world listening to many conversations about Sarah Palin, Honduras, affirmative action and being black. I was very surprised to find that many blacks are really afraid of affirmative action being abolished because of the Supreme Court’s  Ricci v. DeStaffano decision. The people I came into contact with were all like me,  well educated African Americans. It seems that they are more afraid than the blacks who could “use a little help”, the incarcerated, teenage mothers, high school dropouts.

I missed Michael Jackson’s memorial service. I was working and could not get to a TV set. I did see some footage of Rev. Al Sharpton politicizing the event by claiming that the 40-somethings were able to cross over and vote for Obama a black man, because they listened to Thriller. WTF????

I will speak more on this at length in “stitch n’ bitch”  tomorrow but in the meantime take a look at this clip from the O’reilly Factor of Bill-O going at it with a commentator about what an African American icon is or is not

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14 Responses to “What Makes A Black American Idol?”

  1. Mark Lamont Hill represents to me everything that is wrong with the collective psyche of black folks. He and so many other educators, politicians, clergy etc. or any black americans with a public platform racialize EVERYTHING. It seems that our scope of vision and range of thought can not advance beyond how “we” are treated, and/or perceived as black people.

    Black folks ridiculed, mocked, and disparaged Michael Jackson relentlessly but now that he is dead he has been magically transformed into a martyr for the advancement of “black america. ”

    I am sickened by the rampant stupidity, irrationality, small-mindedness, and racism of my people. We are setting race relations back by embracing the devisiveness of the likes of Mark Lamont Hill.

    • afrocity Says:

      Ok, I am glad someone was thinking that besides myself. I don’t know where O’Reilly found that guy. I wish someone like Larry Elder would come on instead. I have seen Dr. Hill make some really egregious comments in previous shows.

      • Edward Von Bear Says:

        Or Dr. Sowell or Dr. Walter Williams.

      • it’s not just you. You and I know just how badly the black community was NOT in favor of MJ’s weirdness. Black people generally have a low tolerance for aberrant behavior, and MJ was definitely aberrant. Hill’s comments were so contrived, and though I am no fan of O’Reilly, on this point he scores. I don’t see anything racial about saying aloud what most people thought privately: MJ was a sick man with pedophile tendencies, if not indeed an actual pedophile. Mentioning it might fall under the category of “not speaking ill of the dead,” but it certainly ain’t racist.

        And Hill’s comment about MJ being the greatest child prodigy since Mozart was laughable.

      • afrocity Says:

        Elder J, that Mozart comment was WAY over the top but what do you expect when they are comparing Obama to Abraham Lincoln?

  2. realwest Says:

    Hi Afrocity – sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get to your blog or, rather, comment on it – real life interevened!
    However, it doesn’t surprise me that people like “Rev.” Al Sharpton who make their living off the racial divide and don’t want to see racial healing here (else he might have to get a real job) have politicized Michael Jackson’s death. I’ve even hear Barry Gordy call MJ the greatest entertainer who ever lived. I’ll let that slide for now.
    My biggest concern here, is with Affirmative Action. I have no doubt that when AA was first passed, the intention was to give minorities (mostly Black Americans) a “hand up” the ladder, but my objections to it when first passed are still the same: to discriminate for or against anyone because of their race, gender, sexual preferance, religion, ethnicity or age is just morally wrong. Do I think some minorities still need some help in gaining equal opportunity (as in equal or as nearly equal as possible, education) yes I do. And no I don’t know how to do that OTHER than to change some of the culture in this country – prevalent not just among young people – that trying to get ahead in the White Man’s society (irony of ironies, white men are, statistically a minority now) that a Black person is trying to or has become an “Uncle Tom” or “Aunt Jemima”. And maybe the BEST people to help with this cultural change are entertainers. And in the Black community, Black entertainers – but you or at least I, don’t see that happening. Lord knows MJ will be remembered for a lot of things, but trying to help show people that there’s nothing wrong with getting a good education, job and working your way up, is not one of them.
    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know my thoughts – briefly stated though they may be – are on both Affirmative Action and Michael Jackson (RIP).

    • kywrite Says:

      You help by fostering excellence. You can only bring excellence about by making things competitive — an atmosphere that AA completely undermines. Like a rich daddy’s little girl, those who depend on affirmative action to get what they want know they never have to try as hard. It’s a tragic waste that so many young black, hispanic, and yes, even white people with real talent, real intelligence, real potential are never pushed to fulfill that potential. Instead, it has become desirable to belong to an “underprivileged” class so you can get preference without the work.

  3. MelMaguire Says:

    Booker T. Washington had a few things to say to race-hustlers like Sharpton, and it wasn’t nice.

    We’re talking about back in the day, when being black still meant you really were a second-class citizen. Sharpton makes me want to vomit.

  4. afrocity Says:

    Mel, I love your new avatar!

  5. manbearpig68 Says:

    This is like Dave Chappelle’s racial draft skit. AA’s claiming MJ because he really was a black man in the beginning and brought everybody together and he was greatest entertainer of all time. White people saying he wasn’t really black, bleaching his skin, having white kids, and plastic surgery to look more white.. He wanted to be white… If this discussion was taking place back with his alleged child molesting, nobody would want to claim him, each would be saying the opposite.

    I think O’Reilly doesn’t like the double standard that he is seeing by AA’s.. A regular everyday AA joe that bleached his skin and had plastic surgery for more white features and was busted for molesting kids would have been disowned a long time ago just like AA’s disown most freaks and even conservatives.

    Dr. Hill is young and very far to the left. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about most of the time.
    “We are a loyal people and we are a protective people” stands as long as you don’t veer off with any thoughts outside the box, like “I don’t think Obama is good for America”.. Unless you have sold untold millions of albums then we might listen to you.

    Not even in that case sometimes. I don’t think Jimi Hendrix was ever embraced by AA’s and he is still revered as one of the greatest guitarists ever and changed the direction of guitar playing 180 degrees and is still seen on the cover of magazines multiple times a year.

    • kywrite Says:

      Jackson answered that one himself — “it don’t matter if you’re black or white.” I just rolled my eyes when they started questioning the racial heritage of the kids — good god, does it matter? He claimed them as his and that’s enough. I imagine they’re in enough pain and grief right now without their erstwhile loser biomom running around telling everyone that their daddy wasn’t really their daddy.

      Just like with Palin’s kids — out of respect for these kids’ feelings, people should drop it. It no longer matters what Jackson did behind doors. It does, however, matter what adults do and say today. Instead of categorizing them because of skin color, would it not be a step forward if both sides embraced them?

  6. Linda Shelmandine Says:

    I am a 62 year old white woman who is just so very tired of lines being drawn in the sand. I am glad whites and non-whites are marrying and procreating at the rate they are because eventually and hopefully race will cease to be an issue. Everyone will just be a lovely latte espresso color and no one will be able to figure out whom he should hate. But where is the solution for the Democrat vs Republican rants that go on CONTINUALLY? And now that Christains have become “out-front” politically, I am finding that they are venting as much bile, rudeness and mockery as anyone else. How can this kind of behavior ever be justified? I am weary from the fighting and name-calling that goes on between people who see reality through their respectively cracked and smudged lenses. Am I making any sense? (Will I ever find my way back to this site to see if anyone feels the same way?) I’m not astute politically. I admit that. But I do believe in every man’s worth in God’s eyes. I do believe we should be tearing down barriers between people – not building them stronger. Fight! Fight! Fight! I’m tired of it.

  7. mercerd Says:

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